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*After Seymour finishes cleaning house*

Datto: Do you really need leave?

Retty: You could just take it easy for a while.

Wakka: I need to rejoin Yuna on her journey.

Wakka: I can't afford to take it easy.

Datta: But......

Wakka: Heyy! Chin up, you guys!

Wakka: The Blitzball season's just gotten started!

Wakka: What's with the long faces!

Wakka: So, then, take care of yourselves.

Wakka: I sure will.

Players: Got it......

Wakka: I can't hear you!

Players: Got it!

*Back with Yuna*

Yuna: Everything okay?

Wakka: Just feeling a little weak, that's all.

Wakka: I've kept you waiting, Yuna. It was thoughtless of me.

Wakka: I am now dedicated to being your Guard.

Yuna: Well, Wakka, such a change......

Yuna: Thank you so much.

Wakka: It is I who should be saying that, thank you so very much.

*Turning to Lulu*

Wakka: Um... How did all those monsters get here?

Lulu: No idea.

Lulu: I'm really unsure where they arrived from.

Lulu: High priest Maika is safe now, thanks to Seymour's appearance.

Lulu: Is that what you wanted to know?

Yuna: Seymour's Summoned Beast was amazing......

*Fade to black, Tidus confronts Auron*

Tidus: Don't you get it! It's all your fault!

Tidus: Sin sucked me in! Then it threw me out here in Spira!

Tidus: I can't return to Zanarkand! Everything! Everyone! All of it!

Tidus: It's your fault, all of it!

*Brief fade to black*

Tidus: Just who are you?

Tidus: Do you know...... about my father?

Auron: Yes.

Tidus: And you know Yuna's father too?

Auron: That's correct.

Tidus: What is all this! It's absurd!

Auron: What's absurd about it.

Auron: Jecto, Braska, and I. The three of us defeated Sin, 10 years ago.

Auron: Afterwards I crossed over to Zanarkand alone......

Auron: And watched over your childhood.

Auron: To one day take you to Spira.

Tidus: But why me?

Auron: Jecto requested it.

Tidus: My father is alive?

Auron: I might tell you that he is "alive."

Tidus: Huh?

Auron: But he is no longer in the shape of a person.

Auron: Thus......

Auron: In that sense, his consciousness is truly still alive.

Auron: When you came in contact with him, you too should have been able to feel him.

Tidus: No way......

Auron: It is true, Sin is Jecto.

Tidus: Crazy! That's what this is!

Tidus: It's stupid!

Auron: I will show you the truth.

Auron: You can get mad, you can cry, but you will understand.

Auron: Come with me.

Tidus: And if I say no?

Auron: Then your story will end.

Tidus: And what's wrong with that!

Auron: I see...... if that's how it must be.

Auron: Do as you like. Whether you come or not, the choice is yours.

Tidus: The choice is stupid!

Tidus: You say to do as I like!

Tidus: You say the choice is mine!

Tidus: But it wasn't my choice to just stay where I was!

Tidus: I can't believe you'd say that it was!

Auron: You seem unhappy. Or else, uneasy?

Auron: It's okay.

Tidus: Auron?

Tidus: Can I ever return to Zanarkand?

Auron: First, Jecto.

Auron: I am going to be a Guard for Yuna. You should come too.

*Tidus and Auron head to meet the rest of the group, up the stairs right of the cafe*

Wakka: Should we leave them here?

Lulu: Is he with Auron? Surely he is.

Yuna: But...... Will he be able to return to Zanarkand?

Wakka: Either way, it'll only make him sad.

Yuna: They're still in the city. I should go find them!

Yuna: Oh?

Wakka: Ah!

Yuna: Auron as well?

Auron: Yuna.

Yuna: Yes?

Auron: I would like to serve you as a Guard for the time being.

Yuna: Oh?

Wakka: Are you serious!?

Auron: If it's any trouble...

Yuna: No!

Yuna: Right, everyone, it's okay, right?

Wakka: Of course. No complaints from me!

Lulu: But, why?

Auron: A promise to Braska.

Yuna: My father...... wanted it......

Yuna: Thank you so much, for coming with us!

Auron: And also...... let's take him along.

Tidus: ......Thanks

Auron: This was a promise to Jecto.

Yuna: How is Jecto fairing?

Auron: I do not know. I have not seen him these past 10 years.

Yuna: Oh...... I see.

Auron: We can see him eventually.

Yuna: I hope so! I'm looking forward to it.

Auron: Tell me where we are going after this.

Auron: Where is the next temple?

Yuna: Hey, come here a sec.

*Tidus goes to see Yuna*

Yuna: Hey look here!

Tidus: You can do it, good job.

Yuna: You look down.

Tidus:'s nothin'.

Yuna: Wanna shout?

Tidus: It's not like that, really.

Yuna: You know...

Yuna: It might be a little strange for me to say, but......

Yuna: Summoners and their Guards are called Spira's Light of Hope.

Yuna: People put so much on us.

Yuna: So when I feel like I'm going to collapse, or just feel down......

Yuna: Want me to show you?

Tidus: Okay. But...... I have a hunch.

Yuna: Okay, try making a happy face!

Tidus: Huh?

Yuna: Do it!

Tidus: What a strange thing to try doing!

Yuna: Next! Try laughing as hard as you can!

Tidus: Wha!?

Yuna: Yes, try it.

*Tidus forces a laugh*

Yuna: Not like that......

*They both do it*

Yuna: How silly......

Tidus: It's your fault!

Yuna: Yes...... Thank you.

Yuna: When I'm laughing...... I want to continue my journey.

Tidus: Ah.

Yuna: So if you're ever in trouble, just use your finger whistle.

Yuna: And then...... I'll fly right over.

Tidus: Shall we go?

Yuna: Okay

Tidus: What're you guys lookin' at!

Wakka: You two were acting so weird, we started to get a little worried!

Yuna: We're alright!

Yuna: Anyway!

Yuna: I think we should set out for the Djose Temple!

Yuna: I'm glad to have all of you as my Guards!

*The party heads out for Djose on the Mi'ihen Highway*
(Note: At the new Level 2 Save Spheres, your options now include Save, Blitzball Stadium, and Cancel.)

*At the statue on the left*

Old Man: This is a statue of Lord Mi'ihen.

Old Man: 800 years ago, he founded an organization, later expanded into the Suppression Corps.

Old Man: In several years, Mi'ihen's organization had expanded across Spira......

Old Man: But the priests of Ebon feared they would rebel against the temples.

Old Man: To reassure them, Lord Mi'ihen had this highway built.

Old Man: Lord Mi'ihen's act pleased the priests greatly. Henceforth, the organization was officially recognized by the temples.

Old Man: They furthmore bestowed the title Suppression Corps on the organization. Since then, the Suppression Corps went by their Ebon name......

Old Man: Things have been improving ever since.

*In the first battle starting out*

Tidus: Heh! Here's a wimpy-lookin' one!

Auron: You might have trouble takin' this one.

Tidus: Don't make fun of me, these guys are easy!

*Tidus strikes*

Tidus: But I-!?

*Auron strikes, and kills*

Wakka: Man, Auron is great!

Tidus: Damn showoff.

*Note: this is a demonstration of the Piercing boost on Auron's weapon*

*A little farther up the street, the old man approaches the party again*

Old Man: What do you think these old ruins are?

Tidus: ......A former city?

Old Man: Yes, the ruins of an ancient city.

Old Man: Traveling among them, I see them as a reminder of how great Sin's power has become.

Old Man: We must be like worms in comparison to it.

Yuna: But I also think only a human can defeat it.

Old Man: A good answer, and very reassuring, young Summoner.

Old Man: I apologize for not introducing myself earlier. I am Meichen.

Meichen: Yes, I remember...... in the history of Spira, you are taking the journey of knowledge.

Meichen: Journeying far and wide in your studies, but a spiritual quest as well.

Meichen: Everywhere, people's smiling faces are artificial. They suddenly vanish when they hear Sin's name.

Meichen: Young Summoner, please make our people's smiles eternal.

Yuna: I will.

*Further up, some Chocobo riders appear*

Woman: Is this a Summoner's group?

Yuna: Yes, I am Yuna.

Woman: Lucille, of the Djose Suppression Corps' Chocobo Cavalry.

Woman 2: And I am Elma. We patrol the highway.

Lucille: The frequent, very large monsters in this area like to aim for Chocobos.

Lucille: So always take care if you're using them.

Yuna: I understand, thank you for the advice.

Lucille: Well, just doing our job.

Elma: We wish you a safe journey.

Tidus: Very large monsters......

Tidus: Why don't we get rid of em?

Auron: Why?

Tidus: 'cause everyone's worried about it?

Auron: Everyone is worried about it......

Tidus: What is it?

Auron: Jecto often said the same thing too.

Auron: Because of him, Braska and I were always buried in troubles.

*Up the road further, off to the right*

Woman: Oh, is this a Summoner's company?

Yuna: Are you a Summoner as well?

Woman: I am Velgemine. And you are?

Yuna: My name is Yuna.

Velgemine: Ah, I have heard of you, the Great Summoner's daughter.

Velgemine: I have seen you before, but you still seem to be a novice.

Yuna: Yes, well......

Velgemine: Want to train together?

Velgemine: One of my Summoned Beasts and one of your Summoned Beasts against each other.

Velgemine: A one-on-one battle.

Velgemine: Want to see how you would fair?
* - Fight
- Don't

Yuna: Let's try it.

Velgemine: Alright. But before we begin......

Velgemine: Don't hold back with your Summoned Beast...... Come at me.

*In combat*

Velgemine: Show me how you communicate with your Summoned Beast.

[Text box]
"The Summoned Beast's stats increase as the Summoner grows. The same Ifrit that you can summon may have different strengths from another person's summon."

"Since this Ifrit has high HP and Attack, it is possible to lose in this fight. Be sure to use the Summoned Beast's commands [Defend] and [Store] when you fight."

"If you choose [Defend], your Overdrive Gauge will not rise, but you will receive much less damage. If you choose [Store], damage increases but the Gauge rises much faster."

"On enemies that deal large amounts of damage, [Defend] is a good option. This Ifrit will both [Attack] and use his [Meteor Strike]. This next turn will be his [Meteor Strike], so try using [Defend]."

*After defeating Ifrit*

Velgemine: I think that's enough.

*The battle ends*

Velgemine: Great things are possible, despite youth. I had not thought so before now.

Velgemine: Please take this, your prize.

[Received Echo Ring]

Velgemine: You have a good head on your shoulders.

Velgemine: Perhaps you can even kill Sin, if you continue your studies.

Yuna: Yes!

Yuna: But, I might have been able to defeat you, but Sin......

Velgemine: I am quite a challenge.

Velgemine: No...... what I should have said was, I was quite a challenge once.

Yuna: Oh, well......

Velgemine: Well, Yuna. Till we meet again.

*Further still up the road is a mother and her daughter*

Woman: Milady Summoner!

Girl: Melady Summner?

Yuna: Yes. My name is Yuna.

Girl: Hikuri.

Yuna: Why, hello, Hikuri.

Hikuri: Are you going to bring peace?

Yuna: Yep, just give me a little time.

Hikuri: Okay!

Woman: We will wait patiently for you to bring peace.

Yuna: Be strong till then.

Woman: Thank you so very much, to her Guards as well.

*After they walk off*

Tidus: What do they mean by bringing peace?

Lulu: The peace they speak of is the time when Sin is gone.

Lulu: From the time the Summoner defeats Sin, until the time the next Sin appears.

Yuna: Sin is...... reborn.

Tidus: I see!

Tidus: Pretty strange, as I see it.

Tidus: Your father defeated Sin 10 years ago, right?

Tidus: So why is Sin still around after all? Hmm.

Tidus: But maybe...... Sin knew it would be reborn......

Yuna: But that would make it useless to defeat Sin...... so... don't say thing like that.

"Even if I was a little short......
It wasn't that I was afraid of Sin. I could sleep peacefully every day......
But I could not change the way things are either. And that caused key moments like this......
So I stopped saying it was useless......
But I still remember what she said back then."

*Along the highway, Tidus finds Rutes and Gatta*

Gatta: I saw your game! I was very impressed!

Rutes: Well played, Wakka.

Elma: What are you idling around for?

Gatta: Well...... um... this is the Summoner's group......

Lucille: It's good that you have time to spare, but readying for the operation requires every second.

Lucille: Got it?

Rutes: Yes! My apologies, sir!

Lucille: A good reply.

Rutes: See, a humble and obedient reply makes everything go smoothly.

Gatta: I see......

Rutes: Yuna.

Rutes: We were expelled from the temple, but......

Rutes: We are always trying to help you. And that's not about to change.

Yuna: Well, thank you, Rutes, Gatta.

Yuna: But, as things are now, if you really want to help me you should return to Beside......

Gatta: We need to hurry up, sir!

In the chest up the road: Eye drops x3

*The group approaches a building along the road*

Auron: Let us rest here.

Wakka: But isn't this place run by the Al Bhed?

Auron: Is that a problem?

Wakka: They don't obey the teachings... and back in Luca......

Wakka: They even kidnapped Yuna.

Auron: Because her Guards were not with her.

Yuna: Auron, you should be careful, Wakka's health hasn't been......

Wakka: I am just fine!

Auron: Well I am tired.

*They head inside*

Tidus: I can't go to sleep yet.


Tidus: Oh, wow......

"I had seen it in Kilika, but never like this. The quiet, gentle setting sun."

Tidus: Whatcha up to?

Yuna: So beautiful......

Tidus: That it is.

Yuna: Scenes like this, in a peaceful world...

Yuna: If I smile and laugh a little every day, things will be alright......

Tidus: So after we've defeated Sin, what's next?

Yuna: A new Sin will be reborn, right?

Tidus: And if it does, we can just defeat it again and everything'll be fine.

Yuna: If we can do that...... things will be fine.

Tidus: And if not you, then another Summoner can take care of it.

Tidus: But, why makes Sin come back like that?

Yuna: Because it punishes humans.

Yuna: Until our sins are forgiven, Sin will never disappear.

Tidus: Until our sins are forgiven?

Yuna: Mmhmm......

Tidus: Whaddya mean by "sins"?

Tidus: Ah, using machines to make life easier for us... But, then, is that really an evil thing to do?

Yuna: It's strange......

Tidus: Hmm?

Yuna: That's how I always thought of it when I was little......

Yuna: I thought, this is bad, that is bad, but... really...... I don't know.

Yuna: There are so many things I don't know.

Tidus: Well, then, we can fix that.

Tidus: A Summoner should not do such things.

Tidus: How was that, was it like that?

Yuna: Stop that, that's so mean!

*Tidus and Yuna stand up to stretch*

Tidus: You know

Tidus: During a match, if I'm not totally focused on the game, I can't even move.

Yuna: Yeah.

Tidus: Like... Look, there's a cute girl in the front row, fifth seat from the right!

Tidus: Or, where would go on a date? If I'm distracted like that, we're gonna lose.

Tidus: But, I see you distracted about what's going to happen later too.

Tidus: I guess it's okay to think about what comes after defeating Sin, if it doesn't distract you.

Yuna: ......I guess so.

Tidus: But hey, how do you defeat such a humongous thing?

Yuna: The Ultimate Summon.

Yuna: The only power strong enough to defeat Sin, the Ultimate Summon.

Yuna: The purpose of my journey as a Summoner is to gain that power.

Yuna: The Prayer Child for the Ultimate Summon is in the far north, waiting for Summoners.

Yuna: At the ends of the earth, Zanarkand.

Tidus: Zanarkand!?

Auron: You are mistaken. It was wiped out 1000 years ago and only ruins of the city remain.

Tidus: Are there really still ruins?

Yuna: That's what I've heard......

Auron: You can see it for yourself, if you doubt me.

Auron: But we should go inside soon, Yuna.

*Auron departs*

Yuna: Can we go to Zanarkand together?

Tidus: Sure...... let's go.

Tidus: We should go to Zanarkand, and see it for ourselves.

"I hoped it would not be my Zanarkand."

*The next morning, as Tidus is coming downstairs*

Boy: You're a Guard, right? You could probably use this, I think.

[Got Lv.1 Key Sphere!]

Boy: I know how to use this on the Sphere Monitor. Have you seen it already?
* - Seen it
- Haven't seen it

Boy: Well, okay then.

*On the way out of the building*


Tidus: Huh?

Man: Oh, this will not do.

Man: That is how we say "Excuse me" in Al Bhed.

Tidus: Are you an Al Bhed?

Man: I am Lin. I am the owner of this store.


Lin: That is how we say "Nice to meet you."

Tidus: Well, "MAGIREYAGISE" to you too.

Lin: Hmm, if you're interested......

Lin: There are Al Bhed Language Tutorial books available here and there throughout Spira.

Lin: Find these, and you can easily become an Al Bhed master.

Lin: Since we've just met, I'll give you one volume.

Lin: But don't be upset, this is only a small part of the language, you know.

[Got Al Bhed Language Dictionary 8]

Tidus: Ah...... well, the Al Bhed seem to be very nice people, from what I've seen.


Woman outside: Aah! Someone help me! The.. the chocobos are..!

Auron: Hey, let's go. We can handle this monster.

Lin: Oh, thank you in advance! Take these as well!

[Got 2 Megapotions!]

Tidus: Huh?

*Tidus goes outside*

Lulu: Let's go to the Chocobo stable.

*On your way out, however, a Chocobo-clutching monster appears*

(Note: If he pushes you off the side, you won't rescue the Chocobos)

*After defeating the boss*

Lin: For all your troubles, would you like to ride the Chocobos?

Lin: You defeated the monster for us, so this time, I'll let you ride as much as you want for free.

Lin: When you'd like to go, just come speak with this young lady.

Girl: Thank you so much for saving them.

*When Tidus speaks to the girl*

Girl: Thanks again! This one's on the house.
* - Let's ride
- Let's not
- How do you ride?


On the way: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 9

*As they reach the end of the road, the group sees your old friends, Donna and Bartelow, speaking with a guard*

Donna: I told you not to say that. I am a Summoner!

Guard: I am very sorry, but please try to understand!

Donna: Can't you see that you're holding up a Summoner's journey?

Guard: I am very sorry, but there can be no exceptions!

Donna: I don't much like your tone!

In the chest: High Potion x2

*At the cart on the brick road, the party finds Rutes and Gatta*

Gatta: Gatta and Rutes, from Beside.

Rutes: This one is the last of the bait.

Guard: What a job, bringing him so far. You're cleared.

Gatta: You'll have to show me Blitzball later!

Rutes: We're getting ready to go defeat Sin, though, so in a little bit.

*Rutes and Gatta head off with their cart, and Tidus tries to go through*

Guard: I'm sorry, but this road is blocked.

Guard: Are you a Summoner and her Guards? I'm sorry about all this holdup.
- Don't worry about it
* - What's this "operation"?

Guard: What, you haven't heard......

Guard: Captured Sin Kokeras from all over and being taken through here.

Guard: You think Sin will appear when we bring all the Kokeras together?

Guard: We're hoping to use this to our advantage to lure Sin out.

*The group heads back into the main area to find Seymour approaching*

Seymour: A pleasure to see you again, Miss Yuna.

Yuna: Y..yes it is!

Seymour: How are things? You seem to be having trouble.

Yuna: Well, actually......

Seymour: Indeed.

Guard: Waiting here as ordered. We will lead you to the operational headquarters.

Seymour: But before, I have a request.

Guard: Sir! What is it?

Seymour: Please take the Summoner Yuna and her Guards as well.

Guard: I understand, but Lord Seymour......

Seymour: It won't be any trouble. I will take responsibility for it.

Guard: Understood, sir. They are approved for passage.

Seymour: There you go.

Yuna: Th...thank you so much.

Lulu: Let's get going, Yuna.

Yuna: Alright!

Tidus: That show-off......

Wakka: He's no show-off. He's the real thing.

*After going through the gate*

Guard: Priest Seymour Guado approaching!

Seymour: You, the brave Suppression Corps, gathered from all across Spira

Seymour: Believe in your chosen path, and fight without regret.

Seymour: I and the priests of Ebon are here to bear witness to your brave fight.

Troops: Yes, sir!

Wakka: What's he talkin' about?

Wakka: Why is Seymour working with the Suppression Corps?

Wakka: Doesn't that operation using those Al Bhed's machines? Doesn't it go against all the teachings?

Yuna: It may go against the teachings, but I think it is for the greater good.

Yuna: Seymour thinks so as well. So we should give our support.

Wakka: But, Lulu!

Lulu: ......and what's wrong with that?

Auron: Why not ask him for yourself?

Seymour: I thought I saw you here, Auron. I am honored by your presence.

Seymour: I certainly hope we can have time to talk. About these past 10 years......

Auron: I am Yuna's Guard now. I don't have that kind of time.

Seymour: That's too bad......

Seymour: It must be reassuring to have Auron as a Guard.

Yuna: Y..yes, it is!

Seymour: Yet, somehow you still seem nervous.

Wakka: Um...excuse me...

Wakka: Lord Seymour......

Wakka: Why is it that you have come to this place?

Seymour: You needn't be so formal.

Wakka: Um, well, isn't it wrong to be part of an operation that goes against Ebon teachings?

Seymour: That's...... quite correct, actually.

Seymour: However......

Seymour: Both the Suppression Corps and the Al Bhed tribe are striving for peace in Spira.

Seymour: In combining their honest intentions, we have devised Operation: Mi'ihen.

Seymour: It is true that it goes against Ebon's teachings, but their intentions are genuine.

Seymour: The priests of Ebon are not involved, and they are free to live in Spira as they chooose......

Seymour: But they have the unbridled support of Seymour Guado behind them.

Wakka: But the Al Bhed's machines are awful things.

Seymour: Maybe they're not so bad after all.

Wakka: What kind of message is it for a high priest to be saying such things!

Seymour: Then you never heard it.

Wakka: You're serious!

"I didn't like Seymour from the moment I first saw him. But this time I found myself agreeing with what he said."

*Further along, a soldier runs up to the group*

Crasco: You're Lady Yuna and her Guards, right?

Yuna: Yes.

Crasco: This way to operational headquarters.

Crasco: Seymour asked that you come as well.

Yuna: ......Okay.

Crasco: The headquarters is this way, along the path.

Crasco: I apologize for the inconvenience, but you should take the detour to avoid the launch preparations.

Around a corner near the final lift: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 10

*After winding along the path some ways, Tidus spies Gatta and Rutes*

Gatta: What do you mean just you! Please let me fight on the front as well!

Rutes: The decision is done.

Gatta: When will you stop treating me like a child!

Gatta: If you'd let me be on the front I could finally prove myself!

Rutes: Protecting the base is an important job as well.

Gatta: The whole reason I left Beside was to fight Sin!

Rutes: I realize that, but this is an order. Now go get ready.

Gatta: But sir!

*Tidus approaches Rutes*

Rutes: Did you receive clearance to be here?

Tidus: Gatta looked pretty upset.

Wakka: Fortune smiles on those that must fight, right?

Wakka: But, why even fight at all? The Al Bhed machines are gonna do all the work.

Rutes: I hear you, but there is a need to fight......

Rutes: To hold out, until those machines are done and readied for action.

Wakka: Bah!

Wakka: Baaaaaaah!

Rutes: Wakka......

Rutes: Since we may never get the chance to speak again......

Rutes: I must apologize to you for something.

Lulu: Rutes, stop!!

Wakka: What is it?

Rutes: It was I...... who convinced your brother to join the Suppression Corps.

Rutes: I am sorry.

Tidus: Wakka! Calm down, Wakka!

Wakka: He used to say, let's play Blitzball together...... if we win just one match......

Wakka: When we win, I'll ask Lulu to marry me......

Wakka: Then one day, he decided to join the Suppression Corps.

Rutes: But to be together with the woman I love......

Rutes: I will fight and push away Sin to be with her.

Rutes: He said those things as well.

Wakka: Lulu, you knew?

Lulu: I found out...... before we left on this journey.

Rutes: Heh...... Lulu's punch hit home as well.

*Lucille approaches*

Lucille: Anyone assigned to the front line, meet on the shore immediately!

Rutes: Well, it's time.

Wakka: Rutes! Don't die out there.

Rutes: Because it's worthless to fight?

Wakka: Behind you all the way!!

Yuna: Don't, Rutes. Don't go.

Rutes: Yuna, thank you.

Auron: Let him pass.

Auron: You have chosen the Summoner's path......

Auron: This man has chosen in the same way. Don't hold him back.

"Why Yuna chose her path......
I finally understood it a long... long while later."

*Tidus and the party regroup and move out onto the summit. Wakka approaches one of the cannons*

Wakka: Stupid things!

Wakka: Ow......!?

Tidus: He really hates them......

Lulu: It was Chap......

Lulu: He left the sword Wakka gave him on the island.

Lulu: And chose to use an Al Bhed machine weapon instead.

Wakka: Don't talk about that!

Wakka: I hate any machines that go against the teachings!

*Farther along, the party can see the entire encampment*

Wakka: Tch...... this'll never work.

Yuna: Stop that.

Yuna: I don't think it's a reckless operation, and I don't think it goes against the teachings.

Yuna: I think both the Suppression Corps and the Al Bhed...... are quite noble.

Yuna: They're all putting aside differences in order to defeat Sin.

Yuna: And that is something that should never change.

Yuna: Don't you think?

Wakka: Heh, whatever.

Wakka: But, I don't see any machines. They're not going against the teachings!

Lucille: This way, Lady Summoner.

Lucille: The headquarters is through there. The priest Kinock is waiting for you.

Yuna: Kinock is here too?

Lucille: Yes, please hurry to him.

*On the way in, the party finds Gatta*

Gatta: The battle will begin soon.

Gatta: Remember to get ready.

Wakka: Hey hey, are you calling us careless~

Gatta: Of course not!

Gatta: I came here because I wanted to fight Sin!

Gatta: But now I'm... aw damn it!

Auron: If you want to get noticed......

Gatta: Eh?

Auron: You can start by being quiet after doing your job.

*The party enters the headquarters*

Man: Ah......

Man: Seymour told me you had come, but I never thought I'd see you again.

Man: It's been a while, Auron! About 10 years?

Man: Hahaha......

Lulu: He is one of Ebon's four high priests, Wen Kinock.

Lulu: Commander of Ebon's military and in charge of the Suppression Corps.

Gatta: All preparations for the operation are completed, sir.

Kinock: Understood. Dismissed.

Gatta: Yes, sir!

Kinock: Well then, Auron. What have you been doing these past 10 years?

Auron: The operation is beginning. We can discuss it later.

Kinock: This mission is doomed anyway.

Kinock: Short but sweet, but we can let them dream.

Tidus: That's horrible!

Seymour: Kinock.

Kinock: Ah, it's starting.

Auron: That was a priest......

Kinock: I heard you, Auron.

Kinock: These past 10 years have been busy. Tell me, what have you been doing?

Auron: Fulfilling a promise to a friend...... but it's not over yet.

Kinock: Then tell me one thing. Did you see Zanarkand?

Yuna: Whatever this is...... it sounds bad.

Man: Is everything all right?

Man: The Al Bhed tribe is outside, ready and waiting for the order to begin the operation.

Man: You may not be safe here, however, and monsters may arrive.

Man: When are ready for battle, please tell me.

*When you speak to the man*

Man: Are you ready for battle?
- Not yet.
* - Ready.

Man: Kinock, if you please.

Yuna: Will Sin come?

Man: It will surely come, to take back its Kokeras.

Man: It won't be able to hold back, when we make its Kokera shriek.

Auron: Even if you didn't, Sin would come......

"Sin is my father.
I remember Auron telling me......"

*The operation begins, and after a short time, a monster lands and attacks*

*During the battle*

If you hit the middle section: 
Tidus: Those claws are in the way!

Partway through:
[The head is moving strangely!]
Auron: Now it begins...... attack the head!

*After the boss is defeated, Sin appears*

Lucille: Let's go!

Man: Attack!

Lucille: Charge!

Auron: This way!!

*Boom. After which, Yuna sees Seymour fighting another of the Kokera*

Seymour: Might I a hand, Miss Yuna?

Yuna: O..okay.

*After the battle*

Yuna: Where is everyone!?

*The battle with Sin concludes, and Tidus wakes up on the shore*

Tidus: Ugh......

*Tidus finds Gatta*

Gatta: What have we done......

Gatta: Wha...... have......

Gatta: What have we done!?

Tidus: What the hell are you!!

*Fade white*

Yuna: Everyone, stand back! I will summon!

Seymour: It's useless.

Seymour: There's nothing you can do now.

Yuna: But I want to do something!

Seymour: Miss Yuna!

*Deep in the sea*

"I didn't understand, myself, why I chased after Sin.
I wasn't thinking straight...... and when I did, I had already started chasing.
My anger at Sin, my desire to go home......
About Zanarkand...... about my father......"

*Tidus enters a dream*

Jecto: What is it?

Tidus: You hate to practice, so you should retire.

Jecto: That's a selfish thing to say.

Jecto: I'm special, you see.

Tidus: You're always drinking, so you should stop.

Jecto: I can stop drinking whenever I want.

Tidus: So stop it now.

Jecto: What's that?

Tidus: You said you can stop, right?

Jecto: Heh, I will tomorrow.

Tidus: But why not today?

Jecto: If I say tomorrow then I mean tomorrow!

Jecto: Whyy are you crying...... just for sympathy, I bet.

"I could...... sense my father there.
But it couldn't be......
Could this be Sin's poisons......could it?

I wonder how many are dead.
Yuna will dance for those that died.
How many times...... will Yuna dance that sad dance?
As long as Sin exists, will Yuna continue to dance......
I think...... that's what I believed."

Auron: You couldn't go back.

Tidus: Huh?

Auron: So many stories have ended.

Auron: But......

Auron: Your story will continue.

Tidus: Oh......

"But I...... couldn't return home."

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