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*Tidus finds the group in front of Seymour's residence*

Yuna: I have come here to see Seymour.

Auron: Yuna!

Auron: What happened with Jiskal is the Guado's problem. You need not worry about it.

Tidus: Hey Lulu...

Lulu: What is it?

Tidus: What do you think about Yuna getting married?

Lulu: As long as the journey continues, then either way is fine.

Tidus: That's it?

Tidus: Doesn't it even matter if she has feelings for Seymour or not?

Lulu: People marry for many different reasons.

Tidus: What do you mean?

Lulu: A marriage does not need those kinds of feelings.

Lulu: She is doing it to defeat Sin, and bring joy to the people of Spira.

Lulu: She is doing it to give the people some good news for once.

Lulu: To Yuna, it's worth it.

Lulu: Everyone makes their own needs.

Lulu: And if you have those needs, what difference do those feelings make?

Tidus: ......I see.

Tidus: But I don't understand it.

*Tidus finds Lulu again*

Lulu: You know......

Lulu: If Yuna does marry, even I......

Tidus: Oh, you mean from before?

Lulu: Yes.

Lulu: If Yuna does get married, it should be someone she loves.

Tidus: Yes, exactly!!

Lulu: But......

Lulu: If Yuna said she wanted to marry someone she loves......

Lulu: I would oppose it.

Tidus: Huh?

Tidus: But you just said the opposite of that.

Lulu: I know.

*Tidus speaks with Lulu again*

Tidus: Hey......

Lulu: We don't need to talk about this anymore.

Tidus: Why's that?

Lulu: was nothing. Just forget it.

Tidus: Sneaky......

Lulu: You'll understand, someday.

Lulu: I don't want to have to say it.

Lulu: Maybe it's none of my business, but don't fall in love with Yuna.
- I know.
* - I want to try anyway.
- How about with you?

Lulu: I see......

Lulu: However......

Lulu: Put away those feelings, till the journey is over.

*Tidus enters the left tunnel*

Shelinda: Oh, it's you?

Shelinda: Aren't you with the Lady Summoner?

Tidus: Yes, she's at Seymour's house, though.

Shelinda: The priest Seymour, no, Lord Seymour, right?

Tidus: Oh, well yes, that's the one.

Shelinda: That's good.

Shelinda: But Lord Seymour has already left.

Tidus: Seriously?

Shelinda: He's headed out for the [Macalania Temple].

Shelinda: Since he is the head priest there.

Tidus: Oh, I've gotta go tell everyone.

*Inside the residence*

Yuna: Lord Jiskal...... are you trying to tell me something?

Rikku: Yunaa, let's get going!

Tidus: Seymour's already gone to the Mallacania Temple.

Wakka: That's Macalania Temple.

Tidus: Right right.

Wakka: ......get it right.

Wakka: Is that how it'd be like if the priests never said it?

Rikku: I didn't think they made you say is so fast.

Wakka: Ah, that's quite right.

Auron: Yuna...... did anything happen?

Yuna:, nothing.

Auron: You're a bad liar.

Yuna: Really, nothing happened.

Yuna: So, let's go!

*The group heads out to cross the Thunder Plains, to the Macalania Temple*

Rikku: Ohhh...... here we are......

Rikku: Kyaaa!?

Tidus: What kinda place is this!

Lulu: There are lightning towers standing along the way.

Lulu: They're here to catch the thunder as it appears.

Wakka: So we should stick close to them as we head north.

Lulu: We'll be in danger if we get too far out in the open.

Rikku: Kyaaaaaa!?

Rikku: Couldn't we just go back to Guadosalam for a little bit?

Auron: We've been there long enough.

Rikku: Okay fine...... let's just go!

[Moving through the Thunder Plains]

"Thunder rains down on Tidus while he's on the Thunder Plains."

"You never know when the thunder is going to strike. But you're in the most danger out in the open."

"Be quick and run to the safety of the lightning towers, as the thunder won't hit you there."

"If you are unlucky enough to be caught in the open and the thunder strikes, You can press [Circle Button] to avoid it."

"Press the [Circle Button] right as the thunder becomes visible, and you will succeed in avoiding it."

"Furthermore, it's good advice to consider walking the whole ways while pressing [Circle]."

"Well then, safe journey......"

*Partway through the field, the party stops for a moment*

Wakka: Ohhh! Look how close it is! Ahahahahaha!!

Lulu: Let's hurry up.

Wakka: Yeah yeah.

Rikku: hehehehe......

Wakka: Hmm? What was that?

Rikku: hehehehe......

Tidus: What're you going "hehehehe......" for, are you okay?

Rikku: Iiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?

Rikku: Stop it!

Rikku: Stop it! Stop the thunder!!

Rikku: Can't we please stop over there! Please? Please?

Rikku: The thunder isn't going to stop, so we'd best press on.

Rikku: I know, but...! That's no reason not to!

Tidus: That's true, whaddya say?

Rikku: Pleeeease! Stay heeere!

Rikku: The thunder will stop! Let's just stay for a little bit, okay? Please!

Rikku: And I'm even begging you like this......

Rikku: Cruel...... so cruel...... and heartless......

Rikku: Maybe you guys are just playing around?

Auron: We've no choice, let's stop. At least it'll quiet her down.

*They enter the inn*

Yuna: I am...... a little tired......

Yuna: Are there any rooms available?

Woman: Oh, Lady Summoner, please, just down that way.

Yuna: Thank you.

Wakka: Hey, Yuna?

Lulu: She didn't look tired.

(From speaking to the woman)
- Rest
- Buy equipment
- Buy items
- Nothing

*Tidus tries to console Rikku*

Tidus: Is it really that scary?

Rikku: When I was little, a monster attacked while I was playing in the sea.

Rikku: My brother and I defeated the monster, but......

Rikku: Kyaa!!

Rikku: But in the confusion my brother accidentally hit me with magic!

Rikku: Thunder magic, and it went Bam bam bam bam bam BAM!

Tidus: Ohh......

Rikku: Ever since then, I've just hated thunder......

Lulu: But it was an effective strategy.

Lulu: Monsters in the water are weak against that kind of magic attack.

Rikku: Oh! That's what my brother said!

Lulu: Then can't you remember it?

Rikku: Kyaaaa!

Lulu: This is hopeless.

Lin: Hello everyone, welcome to my travel lodge.

Lin: Oh?

Rikku: Shhh!

Lin: Hmm.

*Tidus speaks to Lin*

Lin: How are your Al Bhed studies coming?
* - Still coming along
- I quit.

Lin: That's splendid.

Lin: In that case, please take this book, to further advance your studies.

[Got Al Bhed Language Dictionary 14!]

Lin: By the way......

Lin: Could... that gentleman be Auron?
* - Yep, it is
- Sorry, it's not

Lin: Just as I thought.

Lin: I suspected it was him ever since I saw him at my Mi'ihen Highway store.

Lin: Auron!

Lin: Don't you remember me?

Lin: It was 10 years ago...... at the start of Lord Braska's peacetime.

Lin: Yes, I am in your debt.

Lin: Forget about it.

Lin: I see you still bear your wound from that time.

Lin: I was surprised you had departed so quickly the following morning.

Lin: An ordinary man couldn't even have walked with an injury such as that.

Auron: It was bad indeed...... but don't talk about it.

Lin: As you wish.

*Tidus heads into the back area*

Tidus: Huh?

Tidus: Whaa!?

Yuna: Wh..what is it?

Tidus: U..umm... well.. I was just passing by, and......

Tidus: I'm sorry. That was awful...... of me.

Tidus: Oh! Hey!

Tidus: Wasn't that Jiskal, the Guado, just now?

Yuna: ......yeah.

Yuna: It was his last will... To be given...... to his son.

Tidus: That'd be Seymour, right?

Tidus: But why even bother being polite with me, you know?

Yuna: I'm sorry......

Tidus: Huh?

Wakka: Whaaaaddya doin' in here!

Tidus: Yuna was just actin' weird!

Wakka: Oh I get what you're sayin'.

Wakka: You're just waitin' for the right moment to propose to her yourself.

Tidus: Ow ow ow ow!

Tidus: I got it! I got it! I'm waiting! It hurts!!

*The next morning, Tidus goes to Rikku*

Rikku: The thunder hasn't stopped yet......

Auron: There was no point in wishing for it.

Rikku: Kyaa!

Auron: You can wait your whole life if you want.

Rikku: I knowww that......

Rikku: But!

Rikku: You don't have to be so mean like that!

Rikku: That isn't the way to make somebody feel better!

Rikku: So I'm still not gonna stop worrying about it!

Rikku: Don't you get it at all!

Rikku: Hey! You listening to me?

Rikku: Oooh, I'm not giving up!

Rikku: Grrrr......

Rikku: I'm not giving up!

*After traveling further in the plains*

Yuna: Everyone...... just a second.

Wakka: What's wrong?

Yuna: There's something I want to tell you.

Lulu: Here?

Rikku: Couldn't it wait till the end, before we get crispy fried?

Yuna: I want to say it now!

Auron: Let's hear it over there.

"I had a bad feeling about this."

Yuna: I'm going to get married.

Lulu: As I thought......

Rikku: [gasp]

Wakka: Wh..why? Did something change your mind?

Yuna: I'm doing it for Spira...... for Ebon......

Yuna: I thought it would be the best thing to do.

Auron: That's not a reason.

Lulu: Perhaps, but......

Lulu: Does this have anything to do with Lord Jiskal?

Tidus: Oh! That sphere!

Auron: it to me.

Yuna: ......I can't.

Yuna: First I have to talk to Seymour about it.

Yuna: I'm really sorry, but this is......

Yuna: It's a personal problem.

Wakka: Pretty cold...

Auron: as you like.

Yuna: I'm sorry.

Auron: I heard you the first time.

Yuna: I won't quit the journey.

Auron: That's good...... if it actually happens.

Tidus: Just a second, Auron.

Tidus: Isn't the important thing that the journey continue afterwards!

Auron: Of course.

Auron: Even if she decides not to fight Sin......

Auron: It's the Summoner's decision to make.

Auron: It's the Summoner's right, whichever she chooses.

Tidus: But I mean......

Wakka: Just one question, Yuna.

Wakka: What if you can't convince Seymour?

Wakka: Wouldn't the marriage turn sour?

Yuna: ......I don't know.

Yuna: But I think I'll still have the willpower.

Wakka: O..okay.

Rikku: Yuna......

Rikku: Be quiet!

Rikku: Willpower is just to tell him...... I'm sorry.

Yuna: It's okay...... I'll be alright.

"What is 'I'm sorry,' what is 'I'll be alright'......
What is 'willpower,' what is 'decision'......
I didn't know.
My thoughts drifted away from the others and began wondering.
When my thoughts drifted away from them...... I was all alone in Spira.
This feeling of total loneliness was heart-breaking."

Auron: In any case, for now we should make for the Macalania Temple.

Auron: Yuna can find Seymour there and settle things to their liking.

Auron: The Guards will wait for her to come to a decision regarding the journey. 

Auron: Alright.

*Making their way out of the Thunder Plains, the group enters the Macalania Forest*

Auron: Are you worried about Yuna?

Tidus: It's hard to worry anymore.

Tidus: What are you going to do?

Auron: To think about things simply......

Auron: Agreeing to marry is only one piece......

Auron: I intend to have a word with Seymour.

Tidus: To say what?

Auron: Well.

Tidus: Need a hand with it?

Auron:'s a faint hope anyway. Seymour thinks he is an actor.

Tidus: I know that, but we can't do anything else?

Auron: Yuna won't want that.

Tidus: Mm yeah......

Tidus: But I don't get it, doesn't she have any faith in us?

Auron: It's the other way.

Auron: She doesn't want to involve us. She is determined to settle this by herself.

Tidus: Yes, I agree.

Tidus: But that's the whole reason for us to worry.

Tidus: We just need to make sure she knows it.

Auron: That's the kind of girl she is.

Auron: Full of sincerity and passionately headstrong...... she is not used to relying on others.

Tidus: You know her well.

Auron: Yuna is easy to understand.

Tidus: Hahaha......

Tidus: I'm sure she is.

Auron: Someday your turn as a Guard will come.

Auron: When that time comes, you will see for yourself.

*Tidus catches up to the group*

Rikku: You're late!

Tidus: Don't worry!

"I had somehow calmed down.
Yuna's marriage wouldn't be kind of thing I imagined it to be......
Yes, she would see to it her journey contined.
I think that's how she believes it will be.
But what am I saying......
She's probably resolved herself that this is how it's going to be."

Tidus: Yuna, shall we go?

*The group begins moving through Macalania Forest, stumbling eventually on Bartelow*

Bartelow: Heeey!

Bartelow: Did you happen to see Donna around here?

Tidus: Donna? Haven't seen her.

Wakka: What's the matter?

Bartelow: We've been lost since we entered the forest......

Bartelow: Damn it! Where could she have gone!?

Auron: Calm yourself.

Bartelow: But! If something should happen to her......

Auron: Running about screaming uselessness won't fix anything.

Auron: Have faith in Donna's safety, and you can search with all your power.

Bartelow: But sir!!

Auron: With her Guard running about, what's a Summoner to do?

Bartelow: You're right......

Auron: Can we be of help?

Bartelow: No, I am alright doing it alone!

Bartelow: Auron, thank you so very much.

Wakka: What is it?

Rikku: Oh, I just thought I'd add something, but he's okay.

*On their way through, they encounter an odd creature with a harp*

Birdman: The butterfly that changes like the colors of the rainbow shall lead weary travelers to hidden secrets......

[Butterfly Hunting in Macalania Forest]

"When you approach that color-changing butterfly there, many red butterflies and blue butterflies will appear."

"After, if a person approaches a red butterfly a monster is called forth, but if you find all 7 blue butterflies......?"

"The butterflies will disappear before long, however. So carefully avoid the red ones and try to find the blue ones."

Prize: MP Sphere

On the path near Owaka: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 15

*After coming out at the end*

Auron: Wait a moment.

Auron: If I remember...... it's around here.

Tidus: What is?

Auron: Something I want to show you.

Yuna: But, Auron......

Auron: It's right here.

*Inside the clearing*

Tidus: This is......

Tidus: This isn't just normal water, is it?

Auron: It is the water where spheres come from.

Auron: It blocks off a person's thoughts, freezing them in its power.

Wakka: What the!?

Auron: The monster thrives on wherever you focus your thoughts.

*After the battle*

[Found the Jecto Sphere!]

Wakka: That thing must be ancient. Probably doesn't work anymore.

Auron: Jecto left that sphere behind 10 years ago.

Auron: Take a look.

Tidus: O..okay.


Auron: What're you filming for!

Jecto: I dunno, figured it's gonna be a long journey.

Jecto: Probbly gonna see plenty of unusual stuff.

Jecto: So I'll record all of it in this sphere here......

Jecto: But don't show it to my wife or kid.

Auron: This journey is not a game!

Jecto: But Braska...

Jecto: We're even going with our Summoner here to fight Sin......

Jecto: Besides we're sneakin' out at night, tryin' to keep from being seen.

Braska: That's right.

Braska: Our farewell would have been such an event, we couldn't risk weakening our resolve.

Jecto: No way that'd have happened......

Jecto: Well, when ya come back here they'll be in an uproar.

Jecto: There'll be a huge parade for the hero that defeated Sin!

Braska: We should be going. It will be daybreak soon.

*Scene change*

Braska: Auron, over here real fast.

Braska: Okay, that's good.

Jecto: What's with the attitude, ya ol' stick in the mud!

Auron: Quiet.

Jecto: Hey Braska, you should get in it too. It'll make a great present for lil Yuna.

Braska: ......good idea.

Auron: Lord Braska......

Auron: We don't have time to be doing this all the time!

Jecto: What's the rush?

Auron: I'll show you what the hurry is on a journey like this!

Braska: Auron!

Tidus: What the...... it looks like you guys were having fun.

Rikku: Keep going, see if there's any more.

Jecto: Hey.

Jecto: If you're seeing this......

Jecto: Then you've come to Spira, same as me.

Jecto: I dunno how to get back, but don't start cryin' on me.

Jecto: Well, I know how ya feel wantin' to cry, I can't do nothing about it either.

Jecto: But you can't just go cryin' whenever yer not sure of things.

Jecto: 'cause you're still my boy, got it?

Jecto: Err...... That is......

Jecto: That's it, that's all there is.

Jecto: Anyhow......

Jecto: Take care of yerself...... that's all.

Jecto: Later.

Tidus: He started acting serious at the end. But I'm not very convinced.

Auron: He wasn't acting.

Auron: By that time, he had already made his decision.

Tidus: Decision?

Auron: Jecto was......

Auron: He was always looking for a way to get back to his home in Zanarkand.

Auron: We left the sphere in this scenic location, so that if I returned, I could show it to you.

Auron: But we continued the journey, went throughout Spira, fought for Braska's goal......

Auron: And so, before we were even ready to continue, Jecto's feelings had begun to change.

Auron: But he had already decided to fight Sin alongside Braska.

Tidus: And he gave up trying to come home......?

Auron: That was what he had to resign himself to.

"For some reason, I understood.
My father......
He couldn't find a way back to Zanarkand, so he had to resign himself.
I so wanted to go home, but unable to, I too resigned myself.
Something I don't think I could have done before this.
Even if I was still looking for a way back......
I don't think I could have broken off with the group partway through."

Tidus: Well then, let's get going!

"Resigning myself...... it was a feeling that changed my approach towards everything."

[Jecto Sphere]

"There are spheres hidden around Spira by Jecto's group on their journey 10 years ago. If you defeat the sphere's keeper, you can break the seal on the sphere. Try looking for them!"

[Learned Auron's Overdrive "Falling Star"!]

*Auron stops Tidus on his way out*

Auron: Hey.

Tidus: What's up?

Auron: Jecto loved you.

Tidus: Aw don't start saying things like that.

Auron: But he said he just didn't know how to show his love.

Tidus: I could see that in the message he left.

Auron: I was just supposed to tell you.

Tidus: Well, okay then.

Tidus: Thanks.

*The group heads north out of the forest and into a frozen wasteland, where Crasco is tending his Chocobo*

Crasco: Oh, hello.

Crasco: Would you take a look at this.

Crasco: I'm the only one who ever takes care of him.

Crasco: Oh, don't worry, it's okay, the armor kindof itches, doesn't it?

Crasco: Ah, there we go.

Tidus: He can understand you?

Crasco: Oh yeah, he lets you know how he's feeling.

Crasco: Maybe he could even be the start of a new cavalry for us.

Crasco: I mean, what else could I be doing beside that?
- Chocobo cavalry
* - Chocobo breeder

Crasco: Yes, that's just what I had hoped to do......

Crasco: But.. I'll have to do some serious thinking about it......

Left of Owaka: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 16

*Ready to head out, the party departs from the lodge*

Twamell: Why, Lady Yuna, I was just coming to find you.

Twamell: We were hoping to receive your answer sometime soon......

Twamell: It is a little unexpected, as a matter of fact.

Twamell: But as Seymour could not be here himself, I have come on his behalf......

Yuna: That is alright.

Yuna: But.. I would like to ask one thing.

Twamell: Whatever you'd like.

Yuna: I would like to continue my journey even after being married.

Yuna: Would Seymour be willing to allow it?

Twamell: But of course......

Twamell: Seymour wishes you to be able to do just that.

Yuna: Let's go to him.

Twamell: Then......

Twamell: As is customary for the Guado

Twamell: I'd ask that the rest of you just wait here a short time.

Twamell: We shall send an envoy for you before long.

Yuna: Is that......

Auron: A Summoner can always trust in her Guards. Do as you like.

Yuna: Alright.

Auron: This is bad.

Auron: It is just as you said.

Tidus: Yuna!

Yuna: Got it!

Rikku: Wha!!

Wakka: It's the Al Bhed!

*Down the hill*

Auron: We'll handle this.

Twamell: We're in your debt!

Twamell: Lady Yuna!?

(Note: in subsequent texts, dialogue with * before the name indicates that the character is speaking Al Bhed, which means not all of it may be understood by Tidus)

*Man: Rikku!!

*Man: You GYAmaNUUHAra with these guys!

*Man: No more GIuGE magic, and Summoned Beasts too!

Rikku: Ehh!?

Tidus: Talk to them!

Rikku: They're trying to seal away magic and Summoned Beasts!

*Man: Get TSU!

*Battle commences*

"[Al Bhed Sealer] sealed away Magic and Summons!"

When you destroy the Sealer: Wakka: Lulu! Now use your magic!

*After the battle*

Twamell: Lady Yuna!

*Man: Rikku!!

*Man: GISHI tell UH your father!

*Rikku: I'm KISHIHA a Guard for Yuna!

*Rikku: Yuna is GAGyoZU! We all NHABE take care of UGAgyoZU!

*Man: But GOHATTSU KI doesn't HA!

Rikku: I told him I had become a Guard.

Rikku: But... I don't think he cared.

Wakka: Since when did you know how to speak Al Bhed?

Wakka: Eh?

Rikku: Because I'm from the Al Bhed tribe, my brother and I.

Wakka: ......and you knew this?

Wakka: And you kept quiet about it.

Lulu: That angers you?

Wakka: Just pathetic......

Wakka: I've been traveling with one of these Al Bhed heretics.

Rikku: We are not heretics!

Wakka: And yet you freely use the machines forbidden by Ebon!

Wakka: Don't you get it?

Wakka: Sin wouldn't even be here if people like you didn't use those machines!

Rikku: How do you know that? Show me the proof!

Wakka: The Ebon teachings! Their lessons are proof enough!

Rikku: Oh don't start with that!

Rikku: The teeeachings, the teachings!

Rikku: Can't you think with your own brain for once!

Wakka: Fine, I'll explain!

Wakka: Why is it that Sin exists?

Rikku: I...... I don't know.

Wakka: Pfft!

Wakka: That's just because you don't know the teachings of Ebon.

Rikku: But!

Rikku: Just quoting the teachings is like not thinking for yourself!

Rikku: And then nothing would ever change from how it is now!

Wakka: There's nothing wrong with things not changing!

Rikku: Then there's nothing wrong with Sin reviving either.

Rikku: Who knows, maybe someday you might be able to stop it.

Wakka: When we have atoned for our sins, Sin will not revive.

Rikku: But what do you do to atone!

Wakka: When you follow and live by the teachings, someday you can atone!

Rikku: Geez...... this is getting nowhere.

Auron: Rikku!

Auron: Can you operate this?

Wakka: You're gonna ride that thing?

Wakka: No.. Auron couldn't be an Al Bhed as well.

Tidus: What's wrong with you, Wakka.

Wakka: What's that?

Tidus: I knew Rikku was Al Bhed, but you didn't need to get so upset.

Tidus: I thought you two were friends til just now!

Wakka: But, you don't......

Tidus: There are lots of things I don't get about Spira......

Tidus: Absolutely nothing about what kind of people the Al Bhed are......

Tidus: But Rikku a great person, I think.

Tidus: Rikku is just Rikku.

Wakka: Lulu......

Lulu: This is a good opportunity to get to know the Al Bhed. Don't you think?

Wakka: Pft!

Auron: Let him be.

Auron: He's just having trouble accepting it.

Rikku: ......sorry.

Lulu: You didn't do anything.

Tidus: Anyways, let's go!

Rikku: Can you drive it?

Tidus: We gotta keep up with Kimahri!

*The group zooms away*

Tidus: Pretty chilly, huh.

Rikku: Haha......

Rikku: He really seemed to hate us.

Rikku: It makes me want to cry......

Tidus: Ri..Rikku!?

Rikku: What is it?

Rikku: Don't worry! I've gotten used to it!

Rikku: Hey! Do I look like Yuna?

Tidus: Huh?

Rikku: 'cause my aunt was Yuna's mother.

Tidus: Eh?

Tidus: What? So the two of you are cousins!?

Rikku: Yep.

Tidus: I got it! Is that why you became Yuna's Guard?

Rikku: It's not just that I want to protect Yuna.

Tidus: Huh?

Rikku: We'd like to be able to protect all the Summoners.

Rikku: Summoners......

Rikku: How do you say......

Rikku: They seem to sacrifice themselves for Spira's sake.

Tidus: They do, huh?

Rikku: Yeah!

Tidus: Rikku?

Rikku: Yeaah?

Tidus: What do you mean by sacrifice?

Rikku: ......well, the journey is hard, isn't it?

Rikku: They've gotta have a lot of willpower, you know.

Tidus: Yeah, I see what you mean.

Tidus: And Yuna seems ready to just about anything and everything for it.

Tidus: So I'm willing to everything I can do to help her.

Tidus: Is that how it is for you too, now that you're a Guard?

Rikku: ......yes.

Tidus: Talking about all this sacrifice, I feel sorry for poor Yuna.

Tidus: Ri..Rikku!?

Rikku: ......we'll be alright.

*The party leaves the speeders and approach the Macalania Temple*

Man: Halt!

Man: Al Bhed are not allowed to enter here.

Auron: This girl is a Guard for Yuna.

Man: An Al Bhed...... a Guard? I cannot believe it.

Rikku: I want to protect Yuna. I won't let anyone change my mind.

Auron: So it goes. A Guard cannot be held back from his duty.

Man: S..seems I have no choice.

*Inside the temple*

Shelinda: Oh! You're finally here!

Shelinda: Miss Yuna is really going to get married!

Shelinda: You can't tease me about it anymore.

Tidus: Nothin's gonna stop it after all.

Shelinda: You're not happy about it?

Tidus: Well, I'm not sure, myself.

Tidus: So, um..

Tidus: Anybody know where Yuna's at?

Shelinda: Miss Yuna is......

Shelinda: She's gone inside with Seymour, to face the Hall of Trials.

*At the stairs*

Woman: It's Lord Jiskal!!

Woman: The sphere Lady Yuna brought......

*Inside the antechamber*

Auron: This new situation with Yuna is... worrisome.

Jiskal: I am here to speak the truth that has been hidden away.

Jiskal: Thus I swear on the honor of the Guado.

Jiskal: Listen well, for it concerns my son, Seymour.

Jiskal: Whatever it is he is thinking, I do not know.

Jiskal: I only know that it is a dark flame indeed that burns in his heart.

Jiskal: He has used the Ebon, used the Guado, and used the Summoner as well......

Jiskal: As it is...... he shall bring down calamity throughout Spira on any that would oppose him......

Jiskal: Indeed soon...... I shall be dead. Through a wound from my own child, dead.

Jiskal: ......I must accept my fate.

Jiskal: It is through my own foolishness, that he could have inflicted...... such suffering on me.

Jiskal: I could not protect him and his mother from the ways of the world.

Jiskal: Thus, I must accept this death, this fate that has befallen me......

Jiskal: However...... this is what I see.

Jiskal: You must stop Seymour. My son...... I beg of you..

Auron: So this is how it is.

Rikku: Will Yuna be okay?

Auron: A very serious question......

Wakka: Where're you going!?

Tidus: Seymour is too dangerous, that's clear enough!

Wakka: But he's still a priest of Ebon.

Tidus: Ngaaa! Then stay here if you want!

Lulu: Come on, Wakka. We'll ask him ourselves.

Wakka: Oh what are we doing......

*On the way inside the back area*

Auron: Kimahri has been waiting here. Let's go on ahead.

Tidus: Got it!

Auron: You must... put aside your past opinions of him.

Auron: And be resolute.

Wakka: Hahaha...... I am ready to accept whatever we find.......

Lulu: If we have misjudged the man...... we'll have no other choice......!

*In the next room*

Tidus: Seymour!

Seymour: Keep silent, Miss Yuna is occupied with the Prayer Child.

Tidus: Why don't you shut up!

Tidus: Yuna!

Yuna: What is all this!?

Tidus: We saw the sphere with Jiskal!

Auron: ......he killed him.

Seymour: And what of it?

Seymour: Could it be....... you knew as well, Miss Yuna?

Seymour: Then, why accept my proposal?

Yuna: I......

Yuna: I came here to stop you.

Seymour: Indeed......

Seymour: You came to judge me?

Seymour: How unfortunate.

Seymour: I see......

Seymour: The proud spirit of the Guards, ever to sacrifice their lives to protect the Summoner.

Seymour: A magnificent quality.

Seymour: Fine then. In that case, let's see you make your sacrifice!

Yuna: Seymour.

Yuna: My Guards are my dearest of friends.

Yuna: If it is your will to condemn them to death, then I shall fight you as well.

Tidus: Right!

Wakka: Oh Seymour!!

Seymour: Choose your side.

*Battle begins*

Trigger Command: Speak

*Speaking, with Tidus*

Tidus: I've never been able to stand the sight of you.

Seymour: Oh, well my sincerest apologies.

Tidus: Don't mock me!

[Tidus' Attack raised!]

*Speaking, with Yuna*

Yuna: You are not evil... but I'll fight you!

Seymour: Splendid, you are truly beautiful when you are so driven.

[Yuna's Magic Defense raised!]

*Speaking, with Wakka*

Wakka: Seymour, you are a priest, what are you doing?

Seymour: .........

Wakka: What is going on here...?

[Wakka's Magic Defense raised!]

*After defeating Seymour*

Seymour: Now that you know of my intentions...... come forth, Anima!

*When Anima is defeated*

[Seymour has returned Anima!]

Seymour: It seems you have the power to withstand Anima.

*After the battle ends*

Seymour: And...... now you'll show me mercy?

Twamell: Oh my...... Lord Seymour!?

Twamell: What has happened to him!

Wakka: I... I am......

Tidus: Don't worry, Wakka.

Tidus: We tried to reason with him.

Twamell: What the! It was you!

Auron: Yuna, send him off.

Twamell: Do not touch him!

Twamell: I shall not allow such treachery near him.

Yuna: Treachery......

Wakka: No...... this is the end.

Tidus: Now just a second!

Tidus: Seymour was in the wrong!

Tidus: If we just explain that to them, I'm sure they will understand!

Auron: That might not be wise......

Auron: In any case, we should leave.

*Please name your new Summon: Shiva*

*On your way out, the walkway collapses*

Tidus: Geez, what a pain!

Tidus: Wha!?

*Now you must complete another sphere-based puzzle to exit the shrine. The bluish spheres are Macalania Spheres, pale green is Sealing, and the pinkish sphere is the Destruction Sphere*
Special Item: Luck Sphere

*After leaving the puzzle area*


Auron: Allow to explain.

Twamell: Tell your explanations to the other priests.

Auron: What do you mean?

Twamell: Before he was a priest of Ebon, Seymour was the head of the Guado.

Tidus: You're saying...... we killed him?

Twamell: Seymour would never forgive us if we let you leave here freely.

Rikku: Wait a minute!

Rikku: If you just look at that sphere you'll understand!

Twamell: You mean this sphere?

Twamell: Problems of the Guado tribe are for the Guado to settle.

Kimahri: Stand down!

Auron: Run!

*The party flees through the ice land. After the subsequent boss battle...*

"A gift from Ebon.
If I followed the teachings of Ebon, perhaps those words might mean something.
It was painful to think about what happened,
But we were all still together, and we were safe."

*Tidus speaks to Lulu*

Lulu: I think this is beneath the ice of the lake.
* - Maybe...
- I don't know.

Lulu: See, look. The underside of the Macalania Temple.

Lulu: Quite a fall we took, don't you think?

*Tidus speaks to Rikku*

Rikku: Yuna'll be alright, she's still breathing and all.

Rikku: What about Lulu and Wakka?

Tidus: I'm waiting for a chance to speak to Wakka, he looks pretty upset.

Tidus: And Lulu...... she never changes.

Rikku: It must be nice, huh? Being such a mature grown-up.

Tidus: Hmmm..

Rikku: Maybe I'll be able to too in 5-6 years or so.

Tidus: Sooo, Kimahri, where to from here?

Rikku: Don't just stop talkin' to me!

Kimahri: We cannot just climb out.

Rikku: Kimahri!

Kimahri: Only those who truly wish to change are those who do change, in the end.

Rikku: Err..?

Tidus: I think he means, if you want to be like Lulu, it'll take lots of hard work.

Rikku: Ah! I got it!

Kimahri: It is fine for Rikku to be the way she is.

Rikku: Oooh..?

Rikku: Oh!

Rikku: So there's no point in trying hard in vain!?

Rikku: Kimahri!

Tidus: Ahahaha!

Wakka: What are you guys doing laughing over here!?

Yuna: Uhn......

Tidus: Oh!

Yuna: I was going to ask Seymour about Lord Jiskal.

Yuna: And let the temple judge him innocent or guilty......

Lulu: So now the marriage is off?

Yuna: I guess, if it can't be helped.

Tidus: What did Seymour say to you?

Yuna: He wouldn't tell me anything.

Yuna: Eventually I wondered what I was even doing there.

Yuna: But from the beginning I thought if I had discussed it with everyone......

Auron: That's enough.

Auron: It's useless to discuss what didn't happen.

Rikku: You don't hafta talk like that, you know!

Auron: Does listening to Yuna's wouldas and shouldas make you happy?

Rikku: You don't have to talk like that......

Auron: If you can't decide, then here is what you do.

Auron: You continue your journey.

Yuna: Yes.

Yuna: But...... won't I need the approval of the temples?

Auron: The growth of a Summoner is through contact with the Prayer Child.

Auron: Not through the temples' approval or the teachings.

Auron: If you are sure of heart......

Auron: Then I don't care if we oppose the temples.

Rikku: You'd really say that??
Tidus: Whoa!

Lulu: Auron!

Wakka: I'm with him.

Wakka: If our crime cannot be atoned for.

Wakka: Really......

Wakka: I never really liked Seymour much.

Wakka: Ever since what happened in Operation: Mi'ihen.

Wakka: No way we could just stand by after he killed Lord Jiskal.

Wakka: 'cause then, after that, probably he'd just...

Wakka: Just have killed us next!

Lulu: But still, a crime is a crime. We should still face judgement.

Yuna: Let's go to [Bevelle].

Yuna: We can explain our situation to the priest Maika at the [Holy Bevelle Shrine].

Yuna: Don't you think so?

Wakka: I agree.

Yuna: Auron......

Auron: Say what you wish.

Yuna: Will you come with us?

Auron: My presence may only worsen things.

Tidus: Okay then!

Tidus: Things can get confusing when talking with Auron.

Rikku: That's true.

Rikku: Just like when Kimahri was talking and did the same thing.

Auron: Just don't forget what I said about my coming.

Tidus: If we're all together, then no one gets left behind!

Tidus: Right?

Rikku: Right!

Yuna: ......thank you.

Tidus: Eh?

Rikku: What happened to together......

Tidus: Hehe......

Wakka: Pretty optimistic, considering our situation, you know.

Wakka: Is it boldness, or just naivite...

Lulu: Don't get too worked up over it. Why not just calm down and listen to the singing?

*Tidus approaches Yuna*

Tidus: Is that song coming from the temple?

Yuna: Yes, it's a gift from Ebon to calm your soul.

*Tidus speaks to Auron*

Auron: Jecto used to sing this song too.

Tidus: Ah, he did..

Tidus: Haha...... he was terrible at it!

Auron: You didn't do any better.

Tidus: You heard me!?

Tidus: Wha!? I didn't know someone was listening.

Auron: Hearing your song used to remind me of Spira.

Tidus: Yeah...... so, you came to Zanarkand from Spira, I guess.

Tidus: Weren't you homesick?

Auron: Well then.

Tidus: So, how did you get to Zanarkand?

Tidus: Sin?

Tidus: I guess...... so.

"That settled it.
It's Sin that connects Spira and Zanarkand.
That means... if we defeat Sin, I can't return to home."

*Back in the main area*

Rikku: What's that?

Lulu: Listen, the song has stopped.

Yuna: Wha!

Wakka: What the heck's going on!?

Auron: It's here!

Yuna: Sin!?

Wakka: Huh!?
Rikku: Eh!?

Lulu: Watch out for the poison!

"It was then.
That Sin was my father......
It had taken a long time, but I was finally believing."

Tidus: Could he...... have heard the song?

Tidus: Now what would happen......

Tidus: Zanarkand......?

Tidus: Aha...... so you remember?

Tidus: Maybe that's too much, you are Sin, after all.

Tidus: I...... I said I'd grow up.

Tidus: I understand.

Tidus: I want to finish this.

Tidus: And somehow, I did.

*Tidus wakes up in an oasis*

Tidus: Where am I this time......

Tidus: Hmm, did he let me go?

Tidus: Maybe I've been quiet for too long.

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