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Sep 5, 2011, 12:20 AM
Deus Ex: Human Revolution has only been out on store shelves for a couple weeks, but that doesn't mean the gameplay stops there.

Eidos Montreal has announced the first set of DLC for the game, "Missing Link." In it, our leading man Adam Jensen, has been kidnapped aboard a cargo ship, where he will uncover even more in a conspiracy he never would have expected.

"Missing Link" will include several features such as new story elements, new environments, new characters to interact with, as well...Read more... (http://pc.rpgsite.net/news/1217-the-missing-link-in-deus-ex-human-revolution)

More... (http://pc.rpgsite.net/news/1217-the-missing-link-in-deus-ex-human-revolution)