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Sep 5, 2011, 07:00 AM
Square-Enix has finally lifted the veil on the much anticipated Dragon Quest X.

http://www.uffsite.net/includes/image.php?game=236&file=dxlogo.png&thumb=1&watermark=1 (http://media.rpgsite.net/images/236/dxlogo.png)

Officially titled "Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online," the game will actually be a MMORPG, which is a first for the series. Unlike past games, it's also being developed in-house by Square-Enix, complete with opening videos by their Visual Works studio.

The game is still, unsurprisingly for the Wii, but a Wii U version will also be made available...Read more... (http://wii.rpgsite.net/news/1220-dragon-quest-x-online-confirmed-for-wii-and-wii-u)

More... (http://wii.rpgsite.net/news/1220-dragon-quest-x-online-confirmed-for-wii-and-wii-u)