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Sep 12, 2011, 02:00 PM
Square Enix have confirmed that their latest Final Fantasy release, Type-0 - previously known as Final Fantasy Agito XIII - will get a simultaneous digital launch allowing Japanese gamers to download the game direct from the PlayStation Network to their PSP machines.

The digital release will be priced at 6480 yen and will probably be a pretty sizable download to your machine as the UMD version of the game is so large it's been stretched to two discs.

If having physical copies are more yo...Read more... (http://psp.rpgsite.net/news/1237-final-fantasy-type0-to-get-a-download-version)

More... (http://psp.rpgsite.net/news/1237-final-fantasy-type0-to-get-a-download-version)