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Oct 25, 2011, 08:20 PM
http://www.thegamingvault.com/uploads/2011/10/igf.jpg (http://www.thegamingvault.com/2011/10/14th-annual-independent-games-festival-recieves-568-entrants/igf/)The Independent Games Festival, the largest and longest running indie games festival, saw a record-breaking 45% increase (http://indiegames.com/2011/10/2012_independent_games_festiva_1.html) in entries to their main competition over last year. This year, mobile devices are eligible for their own category and prizes and the amount of entries on mobile peripherals alone doubled from previous years.

“The continued growth of both the Independent Games Festival and of independent games as a cultural force is incredibly heartening,” said festival chairman Brandon Boyer. “The diversity — and the plain overwhelming number — of entries in the festival this year is proof positive that we’re in the midst of a true renaissance in games history.”*

Check out all 568 entrants on their website (http://www.igf.com/php-bin/entries2012.php). Notable entrants include (Four Letter Word) (http://www.igf.com/php-bin/entry2012.php?id=373) from VVVVVV developer Terry Cavanagh,**Super T.I.M.E. Force (http://www.igf.com/php-bin/entry2012.php?id=583) from Sword & Sworcery EP developer Capy, and Vlambeer’s Ridiculous Fishing (http://www.igf.com/php-bin/entry2012.php?id=371).

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