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Nov 11, 2011, 01:20 AM

Well, it seems like the hackers finally snagged some prized game. Earlier today, prominent digital distribution service Steam*was hacked following an attack on the Steam Users’ Forums. News of this hack was released in a statement by Valve head Gabe Newell via the Steam service itself.

The statement covers what happened to the forums as well as what they currently know about the situation. According to Newell, the hackers gained access to a database full of sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers.

So far, there are no records of compromised Steam accounts or unauthorized credit card use. Newell still advises users to watch their account and credit card activity carefully. “We are still investigating,” he states.

The statement ends with assurance that the forums will be up soon and that Newell is “…truly sorry this happened.” All Steam users can do now is keep tabs on their accounts and cards until more is revealed.

In light of the past hacking scares within the industry, such a timely and efficiently delivered update takes at least some of the sting off of this development.

I’ll leave here the full address as it appeared when I logged into Steam today.


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