View Full Version : TGV: Valve employee spotted wearing Half-Life 3 shirt, probably trolling

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Dec 3, 2011, 03:50 AM

Let’s be honest—it’s easy to make shirts with whatever you want on them in any color you like. Which is precisely why it’s so easy to troll people, especially if you work for a certain company.

Uber Entertainment (https://twitter.com/#!/UberEnt)‘s Chandana Ekanayake (https://twitter.com/#!/Ekanaut) recently spotted (https://twitter.com/#!/Ekanaut/status/142476850931834880%20) a Valve employee sporting a Half-Life 3 shirt at a local game event in . He snapped a picture of it, which you can view below the cut.


Personal belief? That Valve employee is SO trolling. And trolling hard. Everyone knows Valve can’t count to three (http://nerdapproved.com/gaming/valve-cant-count-to-three-image/).

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