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This is a walkthrough for Final Fantasy 6. It is The Mynocks Guide to FFIII and I take no credit for it. This walkthrough has been divided into two sections by me.

(1) Solitary Island
You wake up as Celes on a small island. It seems you and Cid are the only ones there. Leave the house and go south to the beach. Catch the fish and return to Cid. You can save Cid from dying by feeding him the fast-moving fish or kill him by feeding him the slow-moving fish (or just not feeding him). If Cid dies then Celes will go throw herself off a cliff, else Cid will just show her the raft and the following about the seagull won't happen. The seagull will nurse her back to health. Return to the house and read the letter next to the bed. Follow its instructions by going down the stairway hidden in the lefthand wall. There you'll find a raft. Examine it and you're on your way to Albrook. Don't forget to equip yourself.Note : Check the tips section for more information about how to save Cid.

(2) Albrook
Party: Celes
A man was here looking for his friends. He said he was going north, to Tzen. Ok, so go to Tzen.

(3) Tzen
Party: Celes
Chests (in house): 2 Monster-in-a-box(Pm Stalker), Magicite, Drainer, HyperWrist, Tincture, Pearl Rod, Heal Rod Espers: Sraphim (if you didn't buy it in the World of Balance) As you walk up the stairs to enter the town, the "Light of Judgment" hits the town. Go to the back of town to where Sabin is holding up a house. If you don't have a Jewel Ring go to the Relic Shop and buy one. Equip it and enter the house. You have 6 minutes to save the kid and get out. So save the kid and the get as many treasures as you can leaving yourself enough time to get out. Avoid two chests: the one next to the stairs going down and the one to the left of the kid. When you get out safely, Sabin will join you. If you didn't buy the Sraphim Esper in the World of Balance, you can now for 10 GP. Leave town and go to the far east to Mobliz.

(4) Mobliz
Party: Celes, Sabin
Items: Check barrel next to far left house for Fenix Down
BOSS: Phunbaba
Espers: Fenrir
Go into the house the kid enters and then down stairs. Here you find Terra. After the flashback, leave the cave and Phunbaba attacks the village. Terra tries fighting it but is defeated easily. It's up to Celes and Sabin. After scaring it away Terra won't go with you but a kid will give you the Esper Fenrir. Now leave town and head northwest to Nikeah.

(5) Nikeah
Enter the Cafe and talk to everyone. Go out and follow the thieves onto the ship. Now go back into town and talk to Gerad (across from the Armor Shop). Follow him. You're now on your way to South Figaro.

(6) South Figaro
Items: if you didn't get the items in the barrels and boxes in the World of Balance, then search them now to get: Fenix Down, Elixir, Tent, Remedy, X-Potion Go to the Cafe. Go into the door marked Inn and straight through to Gerad's room. After talking to Gerad (AKA Edgar) the thieves will leave town. When you're done shopping head west to the Cave of Figaro.

(7) Cave of Figaro
Chests: Hero Ring, Ether, X-Potion (if you haven't gotten them yet) As you enter you'll find Sigfried. He says to wait there but don't listen to him. There is nothing new in this part of the cave since the lst time you were here so just keep going until you reach the thieves. Follow their example and jump onto the turtle. This part of the cave is new to you but all the chests have been looted already, however in the second section you can go up to where you'll find Siegfried messing around with a chest and when you approach he runs off. If you continue going you'll reach the basement of Figaro Castle.

(8) Basement of Figaro Castle
Chests: Gravity Rod, Crystal Helm, Ether, X-Potion, Regal Crown Item: Search statue in treasure room for Soul Sabre BOSS: Tentacles Go up the stairs and then continue straight down the other stairs. Keep going down. Eventually you'll reach a room with 3 doors and 4 chests. The right door is where you enter this room. The left door leads upstairs to a chest and the middles door leads to Edgar (er... Gerad). Talk to Gerad and he'll finally admit he's Edgar. He then joins your party, just in time to fight 4 Tentacles. When you've beat it, go into the back room and search the statue in the center of the room for Soul Sabre. Now turn around and back track your way out of the castle. As you're going up the stairs the old guy near the exit will bring the castle to the surface. You can go upstairs and do some shopping. When you're ready to go return to the old man and have him take you to Kohlingen.

(9) Kohlingen
Party: Celes, Sabin, Edgar
Enter the Inn/Cafe. Here you'll find Setzer, who'll join your party. When you're ready, head west to Darill's Tomb.

(10)Darill's Tomb
Party: Celes, Sabin, Edgar, Setzer
Chests: Crystal Mail, Czarina Gown, Exp.Egg, Genji Helmet, Man Eater, Monster-in-a-box(Presenter)
Additional items: Presenter gives you Dragon Claw
BOSS: Dullahan
Go down to Basement 2. First go left and down. Grab the chest and go north thru the doorway. Press the switch in the turtle pond. Then go back to the room with the stairs going up and the chest in the middle. Walk down until all you can see is your head, then walk right, through the wall. Go up to the treasure chest when you can't go any further and you can get Exp.Egg. Return the way you came, go up the stairs, and then go north through the door and then east as far as you can. Go up thru the door and examine the gravestone. Go up and press the switch and then go south and grab the treasure. Return north and then go west and south thru the indentation. Jump on the turtle and it'll take you across the water. When you get off press the switch then go south. Examine the four gravestones:
Now go north past the room with the turtle on your right and into the big room where you started Basement 2. Go west and north thru the door. Examine the gravestone and carve in the following order:
"The World Is Square" backwards. This tells you where the Exp.Egg is (just in case you didn't read above ;) Now return to the room with the turtle on your right and hop on it. You're now in a room with a save spot and 2 chests. The left one is a monster-in-a-box. Defeat the Presenter and you get Dragon Claw. Once you get the treasures go up and examine the big statue. This will cause Dullahan to attack. After you defeat it a passage will open up in the back, enter it and you've got yourself a new airship. Now you can go get Sabin his most powerful Blitz at Duncan's House (it's where 5 trees make a plus (+) sign just below some mountains. His house is the center tree).

(22)Duncan's House
Party: Include Sabin
Make sure you have Sabin in your party. As you enter the house Duncan will come out and teach Sabin the Bum Rush blitz.

Items: Lola's Letter (Rare item)
Go to Lola's house and talk to her. Read the letter she places on the desk. Now go out and talk to the carrier pigeon. Go outside and go where the pigeon went (which is Zozo).

Items: Rust-Rid is here (Rare item)
Go over and talk to the guy in front of the building marked Inn. Buy the Rust-Rid from him for 1000 GP. Now enter the building marked Cafe and climb until you reach the door that is rusted shut. You can now enter it and go to Mt. Zozo.

(12)Mt. Zozo
Chests: Red Cap, Ice Shld, Thunder Shld, Aegis Shld, Gold Hairpin, Machinery Manual, Book of Secrets
Additional items: Storm Drgn gives you Force Armor
BOSS: Storm Drgn (**DRAGON #1**)
The 1st section is straight forward, just walk around getting treasure. At the end of the 1st section you'll find two exits. The left one gets you more treasure and the right one continues onward. Eventually you'll find Cyan. After you have control again return to where you found Cyan and get the key to the locked chest. Now return to the save spot and then go over and step on the switch. This will release the Storm Drgn. After you beat it you'll get Force Armor. Only 7 more dragons to go. Now back track your way out of the cave (or use the warp stone/spell). Once you're out return to the airship and head towards the cave in the Veldt.

(13)Cave in the Veldt
Chests: Rage Ring, Monster-in-a-box(Allo Ver), Striker
Additional items: Allo Ver gives you Tiger Fangs
BOSS: SrBehemoth (Gray and Pink)
When you defeat Allo Ver you get Tiger Fangs. In that wall you walked thru to get to the monster-in-a-box, you can also go down in a spot to reach another section of the cave. Follow the path and eventually you'll reach a door with a switch to the right of it. Pull the switch and go through the path it opens. Continue following this path and eventually you'll find Shadow (or Relm if you abandoned Shadow back on the Floating Island). As you're examining his wounds you're attacked by a SrBehemoth. After defeating the SrBehemoths you'll take Shadow (or Relm) to Thamasa.

Go to the Inn and rest. When you wake up return to Shadow and check up on him. How return to the airship, reduce your party to 3 members, and go back to the Veldt. You'll see more of Shadow (or Relm) later.

Party: 3 members
Wander around until Gau joins you. Now return to the small island you started at. If you return to Thamasa you'll find out that Shadow has gone to the Colosseum (that is if Shadow is still alive). If you take Sabin and Gau to the shack located on the big island north of the Veldt, you'll learn more about Gau's past.

(1) Solitary Island
Espers: Palidor
Go to the beach where you caught the fish for Cid. Here you'll find the Esper Palidor. Return to the airship and go to the Colosseum.

Here you'll find some information. You can also fight monsters one-on-one for prizes. Bet the Striker (found in the cave in the Veldt) and you'll fight Shadow. He'll join you after the fight. When you're done playing around in the Colosseum return to the airship and go to Jidoor.

Chests [in the house]: Moogle Suit, Relic Ring, 2000 GP, Potion, Ether, Remedy
Additional items: search Gestahl's portrait twice = Royal Letter (Rare item)
BOSS: Chadarnook
Esper: Starlet
You can bid in the auction house if you didn't before going to the Floating Island (see section called The Auction House for more). Enter the big house at the north part of town. Try going up the stairs. You'll be pushed back and a book will appear on the desk. Read it. Go to the light next to the stairs and push A to turn it on. Examine the picture of Emperor Gestahl twice and you'll receive information. Examine the picture of the flowers and you'll be attacked by some Nightshade. Now examine the picture of a lovely lady. This time you'll be attacked by Dahlings. Kill them and enter the door that appears. Examine the picture of a chair and you'll be attacked by Souldancer and some Wild Cats. The left door leads to a chest. After getting the chest go through the right door. You'll come to some "revolving doors". In the little pathway behind the doors there is a hidden chest. The middle and right doors take you back to the room with a picture of a chair. Obviously the left door is the right way to go :) Keep going and you'll come to a room with some floating chests. Walk underneath them and they'll fall (and you'll get attacked). Examine the picture of armor and you'll have to fight Still Life. Enter the door that appears when you defeat it. You're now in a room with a save spot and 2 doors. The left one takes you back a few rooms. The right one leads to a big room where you find Owzer and Relm. Talk to Owzer and you'll find out what happened and will be asked to defeat Chadarnook, the monster in the painting. After you defeat it you can get the Esper Starlet by examining the book case and Relm will join you. Now exit the town and add Cyan to your party (if he's not already in it). Go back to Maranda and talk to Lola. Examine the letter on the desk and Cyan will switch it with another one. Now return to Mobliz.

(4) Mobliz
Items: Examine the pot in the cave where Terra & Katarin are for Ether
BOSS: Phunbaba
Go down to the cave where you first found Terra. All the kids say Katarin is missing. Exit the house and go to the house to the left of it. Here you'll find Duane. Notice where the dog went. There's a secret passage behind the bookshelf. Here you'll find Terra and Katarin. While you're down there, Phunbaba will return. You'll have to defeat him again. Return to the surface and you'll face it. After defeating it, Terra is back in your party. The characters that Phunbaba blew away are on the airship. Return to the airship and go either fight Doom Gaze or go to the Fanatics' Tower.

Fight Doom Gaze
BOSS: Doom Gaze
Esper: Bahamut
At this point it may be a good idea to fight Doom Gaze. Fly around the map and eventually he'll attack you. He escapes after a while but the next time you meet with it, its hps will not have regenerated. So if you continue to run into it, eventually you'll kill it. And when you do the Esper Bahamut is yours. You may want to fly around until you defeat it. It's worth it to get Bahamut.

(20)Fanatics' Tower
Before you enter put Relm in your party. Now enter the tower. Relm will get Strago's attention and he'll join you. Don't actually try going up the tower yet, you`ll have your chance later. For now return to the airship and go to the center of where the mountains form a star (north of Tzen). Push B to descend.

(17) Phoenix Cave
Party: 2 groups with 4 members each
Chests: Wing Edge, Warp Stone, Ribbon, Dragon Horn
BOSS: Red Dragon (**DRAGON #2**)
Have your first group (G1) enter the cave and step on the switch. Now switch to your other group (G2) and have them enter the path that opened. At the top of the stairs go left and try to get the chest. You'll fall down a level. Go south and up the stairs. Step on the switch and get the chest. Go east past the stairs and down to a switch. Change to G1 and enter the passage that opens when G2 stepped on the switch. Step on the switch that you come to as you go north. Switch back to G2 and go north past where the spikes were, and then right until you come to another switch. Step on it and switch back to G1 again. The chest is empty but go down and you should find a hidden room thru the wall containing a chest with a warp stone in it. After you get it return to where you were and go down the stairs. Go left and step on the switch (the chest is empty). Now turn around and go the opposite way. Keep going past the chest (this one's empty too). When you come to a dead end switch to G2. Go left, past the spikes, and down the stairs. Go right onto the bridge and jump across on the little stones. Turn around and go back on the top set of stones. Don't worry about the chest (it's empty). Press the switch and change to G1. Have G1 go up thru the spot that just opened and then around and back down to a switch. Step on the switch and then change to G2. Go up and step on the switch you find. Switch back to G1 again and go up, across the spot where the spikes were, and the down. Jump from stone to stone. Keep doing this and eventually you'll reach a stairway leading up. Go up it and pull the switch you find. Now go down as far as you can a switch back to G2. Go left and step on the switch. Switch back to G1 and go down where you'll find the Red Dragon. You can fight it now or wait until later. Take G2 and go down and left. Follow this path and you'll come to where the lava was cooled off. Walk out and get the chest in the center (this one isn't empty :) then go over to the left side and go up. Follow this path until you can't go any farther and switch to G1. Go and step on the top switch. Now have G2 jump across the stones that appeared and then have them go down and step on one of the switches then switch groups and have them step on the other switch. Take you strongest group and go fight the Red Dragon (if you haven't already) and then after you kill it have the other group go down and you'll find Locke. You'll now automatically return to Kohlingen.

NOTE: If for some reason you return to the Phoenix Cave you can instantly return to the airship by going to where you found Locke.

Here you can press to the right and you'll hop over some rocks to a platform where you'll find the transporter (it looks like a red save spot).

(9) Kohlingen Items: X-Potion, Fenix Down, X-Ether, Elixir, Flame Shld, ValiantKnife Espers: Phoenix Here you'll receive the Esper Phoenix plus all the stuff that was in the chests that you found empty: X-Potion, Fenix Down, X-Ether, Elixir, Flame Shld, and ValiantKnife. Now it's on to Narshe.

Chests: Gauntlet, X-Ether, Monster-in-a-box(Pugs)
Additional items: Cursed Shld, Moogle Charm, Pugs may leave Minerva, possibly the Ragnarok sword (depends on your choice), and possibly a Ribbon, a Pod Bracelet, and an Elixir (depends on if you already got the chests or not previously)
BOSS: Ice Dragon (**DRAGON #3**), Tritoch, Umaro
Espers: Ragnarok, Tritoch, Terrato
As you enter Lone Wolf come out and tell you some stuff. Almost all the buildings are locked. If you have Locke he can open them. Go to the house with no markings and have Locke get you in. Inside you'll find a man in bed who'll give you Cursed Shld. Equip this shield to someone. It may be a pain for a while, but in 255 battles it'll all be worth it. (Being equipped for 255 fights removes the curse and changes the shield into the Paladin Shld which teaches the Ultima spell [a Ribbon must be equipped to the person using the shield in order to uncurse it. It would make sense to have it equipped any way because it counteracts all the bad effects of the Cursed Shld -- except Condemned, but, hey, you can't have everything :) ]. Go to the Weapon Shop and have Locke get you in. In the back room you'll find and old man. Talk to him. He'll give you a choice of either getting the Esper Ragnarok or making it into a sword. Tough choice: the sword is VERY powerful (and can be bet in the Colosseum for an even more powerful sword) but the Esper teaches you the most powerful spell in the game - Ultima. Once you've decided (I'd go for the Esper) enter the mines thru the secret passage Locke showed you or thru the entrance behind Arvis' house, and then go to the Moogle Cave where you'll find Mog waiting to join you. Once he's out of the way, search the wall behind him for the Moogle Charm [also in this cave is a chest that may contain a Ribbon if you didn't get the Rune Sword that was in it in the World of Balance]. If you explore the cave some more you'll find two other chests (the 1st two chests that Terra found in the beginning of the game). If you haven't gotten them yet, they'll contain a Pod Bracelet and an Elixir.Return to the airship and add Mog to your party. Now go back into Narshe and go north to the mines where you first saw Umaro (straight back from the entrance of town). Once inside the mines take a right, and continue following that path until you reach the Ice Dragon. You may want to go past the dragon to the save spot before fighting it. After defeating it continue north to the frozen Esper Tritoch. You'll have to fight it before you can have it. Now go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. You'll land in a new area of the mines. Wander around and you'll be able to find 3 chests. The monster-in-a-box sometimes leaves Minerva armor. When you come to a switch, pass it up, cross the bridge and pull that switch. When you fall down search the skull carving and you'll get the Esper Terrato. Then Umaro will come down and attack you. When you defeat him and if Mog is in your party, he'll join you. If you follow him out you'll end up just below the spot where you first saw Umaro. Enter the mines to your left. Follow that path and you're on your way out. Once you're out of Narshe go to Triangle Island.

(19)Triangle Island
Wander around until you get attacked. The only monster on the island is the ZoneEater. If you kill it it's worth 1000 xp, but in order to continue you must have all four of your characters get engulfed, so just sit there. Once you get engulfed you'll be in a cave.

(19)Cave in Triangle Island
Chests: Ether, Red Jacket, Genji Armor, Magical Brsh, FakeMustache, Zephyr Cape, Hero Ring, Tack Star, Thunder Shld To get out go north and step into the light. To get Gogo go down and left. Push A to jump from bridge to bridge but try not to touch the little green guys because they'll knock you down (get knocked down at least once for some treasure). Once past the save spot you'll come to a room with a moving wall. If you get caught by the wall you die. To get past it, stop behind the first chest and go as soon as you can move. Do the same for the second chest. For the third chest go down from it and then when you can move go up and get the chest then quickly come back down again. After that spot you come to a room with open chests. Press A to jump onto a chest and then across. When you can, jump across to the switch, now you can reach a treasure on the left side of the room. When you're ready go thru the door. Here you'll find Gogo the copycat. He'll join you. To get out you can either backtrack or use a warp stone/spell. Next stop...Fanatics' Tower.

(20)Fanatic's Tower
Party: I suggest taking Umaro, Gogo and your two best magic users. Chests: Safety Bit, Air Anchor, Genji Shld, Stunner, Force Armor, Gem Box Additional items: Pearl Lance BOSS: White Dragon (**DRAGON #4**), MagiMaster If you use Gogo make sure to add the Fight (yes Fight, not Magic) command to his list. If you use Mog you can equip him with the Moogle Charm and put him in the lead for an easy time getting up the tower. If you cast Bserk on your party they'll attack with weapons and you can save your mps for healing and stuff. If you don't have Life3 then equip the Esper that teaches it and keep fighting until you learn it (you can beat the boss of the tower without Life3 but it takes a LONG time or a shit load of hps). Each level has a doorway (there are four levels plus the roof). In the first level door go to the right of the chest and press A. When you leave you'll see another door below you. Inside is an Air Anchor. The third level door leads to the White Dragon. You get Pearl Lance when you defeat it. Once on the roof get the Gem Box and equip it to someone (the one with the best spells). Now, if you have Life3 (or Rasp, Bserk, and the Fenrir Epser equipped to do it the long way) then exit the room,if not wander around the room and battle monsters until you get it (make sure the Esper equipped teaches it). When you've got Life3 exit the room and try to leave. You'll be stopped by the MagiMaster. After you defeat him you have to climb back down the tower (this is the time you'll want Mog in the lead with the Moogle Charm). Now go to Doma Castle.

(21)Doma Castle
Party: Cyan and 3 others
Chest: X-Potion, Fenix Down, Beads, Ether
Items: Search a pot near the sleeping room for Remedy Search the clock in the room next to the sleeping room for Elixir
Make sure you have Cyan in your party. Go to the room to the right of the throne room for treasure. Enter the door south of this room and follow the path until you reach a door which leads to a couple more chests. Now return to the hall leading to the throne room. Go south from the throne room door and then into the right door. Search the pot then go left and enter the second door you come to. Get the chest and then go back and enter the door you passed up. Take a nap. You will now enter Cyan's Soul.

(21)Cyan's Soul
Party: the party you took to Doma Castle minus Cyan
Chests: Genji Glove, Lump of metal, Flame Shld, X-Potion, Ice Shld
BOSS: The 3 Dream Stooges, Wrexsoul
Espers: Alexandr
You start out with one of the 3 characters in a weird dreamworld. Head left and enter the right door and then the next right door. Now you can go down and get another of your characters back. Now enter the door, go right and enter that door. Now go left again and this time enter the left door. Go down and get your remaining character. Enter the door. Now enter the top door, then the door on the right, and then the only door there. Now go right and enter the door. Go down and try entering the door. Larry, Curly, and Moe will attack. Enter the door and you'll find yourself on a train. Go left into the train car. In the second car pull the switch twice as you enter and get the treasure. Now go to the far left of the car and get the Lump of Metal from the chest. Return right, to the open chest that moves. Push A and you'll put the Metal into the chest allowing you to get by it and get the chest in the back. Now go left and pull the switch, notice which chests close. Continue left into the next car. Notice there is a chest just to the left of the entrance on the other side of the couch. There are 4 switches. To continue use them in the following order (they are numbered 1 to 4, from right to left): 1, 2, 1, 3. Now you can reach switch #4. Before pulling it, close the chests so they match the set-up in the previous car:
Once you have the chests set up like above, pull the switch and the wall will open allowing you to go on to the next car. Enter the engine room and then attempt to exit. You'll find yourself in some mines. Go down and follow the path until you re-enter the cave. As soon as you enter the cave turn around and exit. You'll end up in a new spot. Trying to cross the bridge you'll fall and end up in the sleeping chambers of Doma Castle. Before going to the throne room where Wrexsoul awaits take some time to explore. There are 3 little scenes that deal with Cyan's life that you can see: one in the room to the right of the throne room ('I loveth thee'), one on left side of the castle (fencing lesson), and one on the right side of the castle (fishing). Go to the throne room where you'll find Wrexsoul. After defeating Wrexsoul Cyan will rejoin your party capable of using all 8 SwdTechs and you'll wake up back in the sleeping chambers. Go to the throne room and you'll find the Esper Alexandr.

(7) Figaro Castle
Party: who ever you want
Enter the castle and go down the stairs to you left. Talk to the guy and have him take you back to Figaro. On the way you'll get stuck. Stop and explore. Go up the stairs and then down the other ones. In the back of the far right jail cell is a doorway. Enter it and you'll be on your way to the Ancient Castle.

(23)Cave to Ancient Castle
Chests: Ether, Wing Edge, Doom Darts, monster-in-a-box(Master Pug), Magicite, X-Potion
Additional items: Gradeus
When you defeat the Master Pug (monster-in-a-box) you'll receive Gradeus. Once you reach a room with a stairway going down into a hole, get the two chests in that room then go down the stairs, past the save spot and up some stairs. You're now at the Ancient Castle.

(23)Ancient Castle
Chests: Blizzard Orb, Gold Hairpin, Punisher, Monster-in-a-box(KatanaSoul)
Items: search a bucket for X-Ether
Additional items: Offering,Scimitar
BOSS: Blue Dragon (**DRAGON #5**)
Espers: Odin, Raiden
Go straight into the castle until you reach the statue of Odin. Examine it and you'll get the Esper Odin. Stand on the right throne and walk five steps down. Press A and a secret passage will open. In the secret room you'll find a statue of a girl and the Blue Dragon. Defeat the dragon then examine the statue. This will change the Esper Odin into the Esper Raiden. Once you've visited all four rooms that go off from the throne room (one on the left, one on the right, one to the north, plus the secret one) then return outside. A couple steps to the right of the stairs is a door. Enter and get the chest. Now enter one of the doors to the left of the stairs. When you defeat the monster-in-a-box(KatanaSoul) you get Offering. Now return to Figaro castle by going back the way you came and have the guy continue your journey to Figaro. Once you get there talk to him again and have him take you back to Kohlingen so you can get your airship. Now go to Thamasa.

Party: include Strago and Relm
As you enter you'll find out that Gungho is hurt. You find out that Hidon did it and that Gungho wants you to avenge him. Now go to Ebot's Rock (called Eboshi Rock on the map).

(24)Ebot's Rock
Chests: all the chests contain Coral
BOSS: Hidon
As you enter step on the switch to be transported. North of where you appear is a Coral eating treasure chest. Wander around the cave, stepping on switches to get around, and pick up coral from the chests. If you end up back at the coral eating chest, feed it. If you've fed it enough he'll let you thru. If not go get more coral. Once it lets you thru go straight north and you'll find Hidon. Kill the Hidonites and Hidon will cast Grand Train (Strago's most powerful Lore). After you beat Hidon you'll return to Thamasa to brag to Gungho. Now go to the Opera House.

NOTE: To make Hidon reset all you have to do is talk to Gungho a few times.

(25)Opera House
BOSS: Dirt Drgn (**DRAGON #6**)
Additional Items: Dirt Drgn may leave a Magus Rod
Equip as many characters in your party as you can with Gaia stuff. If you have some on each character it'll make life much easier for you. Go to the balcony and talk to Impressario. You'll learn there is a dragon on the stage. Go northeast to where the stage master and 4 switches are. The rightmost switch won't do anything. The leftmost switch barks and the one right next to that turns the lights off. Pulling the only one left will cause you to fall to the stage where you'll have to fight the Dirt Drgn. To see your character jump on the heads of the audience go back to the switches after you defeat the dragon and pull the one that drops you to the stage. Next and final stop -- Kefka's Tower.

(26)Kefka's Tower
Party: 3 groups of 4
Chests: Coronet, Fixed Dice, Minerva, 2 Tack Stars, Force Shld, Force Armor Ribbon (x2), Red Cap, Nutkin Suit, Gauntlet, Hero Ring, Aegis Shld, Megalixir, Rainbow Brsh
Additional items: Crystal Orb, Muscle Belt, Sky Render, Excalibur, AuraLance
BOSS: Atma, Gold Dragon (**DRAGON #7**), Inferno,Skull Drgn (**DRAGON #8**), Doom, Goddess, Guardian, Poltrgiest, Kefka
Espers: If you killed all 8 dragons you get Crusader

Note: When you find the chest with the Hero Ring in it search the south wall to find a secret passage to a room where a chest is that contains an Aegis Shld.

Your 3 groups will land in 3 different areas of the tower. Each group will be designated as follows: G1 will be the group that landed on the left side of the tower, G2 will be the group in the middle, and G3 will be the group on the right. You start as G1. G1: Go around to your right and get the chest then enter the little hatchway to your left. Continue on this path until you come to a dead end. You should see a switch and a chest on the other side of the room.

G2: When you have to choose between going up and down, go up first and get the treasure then go down. Going down will lead to a prison. In the far left cell you'll find Atma. Defeat it and it'll change into a save spot. Now go down out of the prison and continue on that path until you have to choose between two pipes. Don't go in the rightmost pipe, it'll just take you back before the prison. Enter the left pipe. Before you enter the hatchway that you find, go to your far left to get a chest. Enter the hatchway, step on the switch and get the chest, then go back up and enter the door to you right. Keep going staight and you'll reach the Gold Dragon. After defeating it you get the Crystal Orb. Now continue you journey. When you reach a room with a switch, stand on it and switch groups.

G3: First enter the hatchway that is next to the chest to get two more chests then come back and enter the other hatchway. Continue on that path and you'll eventually reach a save spot. A few more steps and you'll get attacked by Inferno, Striker, and Rough (a big ol' monster and it claws). Once you've defeated them continue on your journey. When you get to a chest with a glowing thing on it, examine it to open up a passage that your other group will need to get past. Then keep going and you'll reach the Skull Drgn. When you defeat it you'll get the Muscle Belt. If you've killed the other 7 dragons, you'll also receive the Esper Crusader. Keep going and you'll end up on the other side of the room you left G2 in. Stand on the switch.

G1: You are no longer at a dead end. Follow the path and you'll eventually reach the room your other two groups are in. Continue straight and then, after you reach the switch, pick a side to go on (it doesn't matter which). For illustrative purposes I'm gonna say go left. Now go down. Move G2 off the switch and then push the weight off the edge. Now go back inside and stand on the switch.

G2: Enter the main doorway and do what G1 did, except on the right side.

G3: Go in through the main door and step on the switch. This will open up a pathway. Go south and step on the platform to open up a couple other pathways.

G1: Go down and out to where you pushed the weight off. To your left there is a door. Enter the door and go straight where you'll find Doom. When you beat it you'll get Sky Render and there will be a save spot there. Now enter the pipe to the north and stand on the switch.

G2: Go down and out to where you pushed the weight off. To your right is a door. Enter the door and go straight where you'll find Goddess. When you beat it you'll get Excalibur and there will be a save spot there. Enter the door and step on the switch.

G3: Go north and you'll be attacked by Guardian (remember it? this time you can beat it thought :) When you defeat it a save spot will be there. Go north through the door, then to the left and down through another door. Search the wall below and to the right of you to find a Ribbon. Now go up and battle Poltrgeist. Defeating it will get you the AuraLance. Go north and drop down the hole. Step on the switch and it's time for the final multi-battle showdown. Put your characters in the order you want them to fight. The first 4 in your list will fight 1st. If anyone of those 4 are dead at the end of any of the stages of the last fight the next characters in line will replace them. This goes on until all 4 fighting members die or you beat the game.

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