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The FF Community loses a great

July 25, 2012

The FF community is run by the fans, but what it's really about is the games. We try not to focus too often on the people running the sites; this is about the love got those incredible pieces of software and the feeling they give, not what fans of built. In some cases, though, it just has to be said.

I was very sad today to learn that Tebian, founder of Final Fantasy Radio has passed away. FF Radio is simple in both content and execution. It doesn't see the need to be over-the-top with design or content or anything else - it just aimed to provide a place for lovers of FF's music to congregate, offering up the music to listen to without providing illegal downloads, building a community around respectful enjoyment of FF and Square Enix's music.

That was to Tebian's credit, because his simplicity led to success, building a community of people who loved him and his site as much as the music they came to listen to. It's no surprise his channel has over 2.8 million views.

My interactions with Tebian were limited and were many years ago. When UFFSite was kicking off Sound Test, our own video game music radio, Tebian served as a motivator and inspiration. He was never cold at the idea of having a new site on the scene, though - he embraced it, giving us advice to help get us started. He was always a complete gent, and that's the most you can ask for in a man. This was back in 2005 - he was one of the 'old guard' of community leaders - and all this time on, he was still at it - right until the end.

His impact on many corners of the FF community has been massive, and he'll be missed by many of us, including us here at UFFSite. Our thoughts go out to Tebian's friends and family.