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*Tidus wakes up floating face down*

Tidus: Rikku!?

Tidus: Ow!?

Tidus: A blitzball!?

Man on the beach: Youu okayy??

Tidus: People!!

*Tidus kicks the blitzball*

Man: Wow.......

*Tidus swims ashore and speaks with the people*

Tidus: Hey! Sorry about that!

Man: Could you...... show me that 1 more time?

"I was glad. I thought that this time I was really okay."


Man: You're no amateur. What team you play for?

Tidus: The Zanarkand Abes!

People: Zanarkand? What was that? Zanarkand Abes......

Man: ......Where you from?

Tidus: Whoops! Nothin'!

Tidus: I got too close to Sin, so I'm a little messed up, you know

Tidus: I don't know where I came from or even where I'm at now......

Man: You were in Sin's poison......

Man: But you survived.

Man: It's a gift from Ebon.

Man: Back to training!

Man: I'm Wakka. I'm coaching these players here in the Beside Inlet.

Wakka: What's the matter, hungry?

Wakka: Come on! Less' go to the village, get somethin' to eat there.

*Tidus follows after Wakka*

"Wakka seemed to be a nice enough guy, but... I don't really think he believed me."

Tidus: So... Zanarkand was destroyed 1000 years ago, huh?

Tidus: All that's left is ruins... right?

Wakka: Long ago in Spira, there were many huge cities. Machine-filled metropolises alive all through the night.

Wakka: Everyone relied on these machines, living only for the pleasures of life.

Wakka: And now...... behold.

Wakka: Sin arrived without warning and destroyed the machine cities.

Wakka: Zanarkand too, of course.

Wakka: But all that happened 1000 years ago....... Just like you said.

Wakka: Sin used it's power to smite the people.

Wakka: Indeed it did......

Wakka: It angers me, because of those people we have to endure hardships today.

Wakka: It's important that people nowadays repent for their sins.

Wakka: I understand that, of course, but sometimes I just think it can't be done......

"I remembered what Rikku had said...
No way they could both be lying to me."

Wakka: Hahaha! But, I laughed when you said Zanarkand Abes.

Wakka: Who know, maybe a team like that really did exist.

Wakka: With such an easygoing life though, they couldn't have been that good.

Wakka: But don't let it get ou down, you know

"Wakka's enthusiasm cheered me up, I was happy.
But I was still thinking......
It all started with Sin. If I find Sin again......
Maybe then I could go back to Zanarkand.
Until that day, however, I should stop worrying about when and where I am.
It was hard to stop worrying, but it made things a little easier.
Only...... a little easier."

Swimming to the left: Antidote x2
Swimming to the right: Moonmyth Seal
Also various potions and gil from the players.

*Tidus follows Wakka*

Wakka: Hey! This way!

*Farther along*

Tidus: What is this place?

Tidus: Whaddya doing!

On the way: Phoenix Down, Potion, Antidote

*Tidus and Wakka swim through the canyon*

Wakka: Hehehehe......

Tidus: Leggo of me!

Wakka: Say the passwooord!

Tidus: What if I join your team!

Wakka: Wha!?

Wakka: Teams from all over Spira are attending a huge tournament soon, with some big name players!

Wakka: And with such a big tournament, there's gotta be someone there who knows you!

Wakka: Then maybe you'll be able to return to your old life and team?

Wakka: Well, no use worryin' about it. So whaddya say? Eh? Eh!

Tidus: Alright.

Wakka: Thank youu! Just until the tournament!

"There's some connection between Blitzball and Sin, Zanarkand and Spira.
Were they ever not?"

*Tidus and Wakka get out of the water and walk down a path*

Wakka: Down there's where I was born, started playing Blitzball at age 5.

Wakka: At 13 I started coming to Beside Inlet...... And became a player 10 years ago.

Wakka: But in all 10 years, we've never won the tournament once.

Wakka: So after ending in a tie last year, I'm thinking maybe it's time to retire.

*They continue walking*

Wakka: I've also been thinking about retiring because I've started a new job.

Wakka: But since it takes time away, I've really been thinking about it.

Tidus: 10 years and no wins, huh...

Wakka: We almost did 1 time last year.

Wakka: Then I lost my concentration in the toughest part of the match.

Tidus: Making excuses, huh?

Wakka: That's cold.

Tidus: And you want to win for sure next time, is that it?

Tidus: What's your battle cry?

Wakka: Well it didn't work very well, but if we play a good game, then it did.

Wakka: But since it didn't really do much for us, I've thought about dropping it.

Tidus: If you hear someone say "Battle cry?" you answer "Victory!"

Tidus: That's what you have to do if you want to win.

Wakka: Alright...... Victory.

*In agreement, Tidus and Wakka set off for the village*

*On the way down*

Man 1: Oh, the guy who came from the sea.

Man 2: There are lots of monsters along this road, so be very careful.

Man 1: Something might've saved you when you encountered Sin, but you can still get hurt around here!

Tidus: Who's that?

Wakka: Rutes and Gatta, of the Suppression Corps.

Tidus: Eh? Supreshin Core?

Wakka: Don't tell me you forgot what those are too?

Wakka: Sorry about that. I get emotional and overreact.

Tidus: Okay.

Tidus: But instead of that, use that to jump into action in the game!

Wakka: Got it.

Wakka: But anyway, the deputies always stay at the Barracks.

*Continuing on, Tidus and Wakka enter the village*

Wakka: This is Beside Village.

Tidus: Is there any... food?

Wakka: We can eat in that house and relax for a while.

Wakka: What else...

Wakka: The [Barracks] are over there, if you wanna try asking Rutes and Gatta anything.

Wakka: Ohhh yeah

Wakka: Come over here.

Tidus: What is it?

Wakka: How much of the Prayer do you remember?
- None, I forgot it.
* - Never heard of it.

"I've never prayed before, so of course I wouldn't know anything about it."

Wakka: You just forgot, huh...... Anyway, I'll show you, okay.

Wakka: Got it?

Wakka: Alright! Good job.

Wakka: Just in case you go by the [Summoner Temple].

"When I was a Blitzball player, this was something we did for good luck and victory."

In the left chest: Phoenix Down
In the 3 chests down the path: Potion x2, 400 gil, High Potion
Near the woman in the Barracks: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 2

*In the Barracks, near Rutes and Gatta*

Gatta: So, Sin attacked you? Is that what happened?

Tidus: Pretty much.

Gatta: Then is Sin nearby the island?

Gatta: Could it be hiding?

Tidus: Sure it could!

Rutes: If it does come near, it might very well attack the island.

Rutes: However...... we have no reason to suspect that.

Tidus: I'm sorry, but I don't remember a thing.

Tidus: I just came to tell the Suppression Corps about Sin, in case you didn't know.

Gatta: Are you joking?

Rutes: The Sin poison......

Rutes: Gatta, tell him.

Gatta: Yes, sir!

Gatta: The Suppression Corps was formed to combat Sin.

Gatta: Branches exist throughout Spira, recruiting any willing to aid the cause.

Gatta: The Suppression Corps, originally called the Crimson Slayers, was created by the Great Lord Mi'ihen 800 years ago.

Gatta: In later years, the corps expanded and changed its name, henceforth continuing to combat Sin.

Tidus: Combating Sin for 800 years...... And Sin couldn't be beaten?

Gatta: Um......

Rutes: The Suppression Corps could, but for Sin's ever changing course......

Rutes: But that is a valid limitation. Perhaps we can never defeat Sin.

Rutes: The job of the Suppression Corps is to protect the temple, roads, town and its people from Sin.

Tidus: So who is going to defeat Sin?

Gatta: ......Can Sin's poison have this terrible an affect?

Rutes: No, but this is quite terrible.

Rutes: It would be simple to show you, but it would be better for you to remember on your own.

Rutes: Go to the temple, and offer up prayers. You will surely remember everything then.

*In the Temple*

" was something, truly
Truly something from a world I did not know."

*Approaching the statue of Braska*

Priest: Lord Braska was able to become a Summoner in only 10 years.

Priest: In the end, a sacred statue was erected in this temple.

Tidus: What's a "Sumner"?

Tidus: Um, I.. have.. been in contact with Sin's poisons!

"No matter how many times I tried to speak the same way, I always came across a little strange...... it made me lonely."

Priest: Summoners...... protect us, the people of Ebon, with a mysterious art.

Priest: A chosen Summoner muster up all their will to call forth sacred creatures, the Summoned Beasts. 

Priest: The Summoned Beast appear and answers their prayers, a great gift from Ebon.

"In short
They are giving thanks to these guys who did something really great."

*Tidus goes to see Wakka in his hut*

Wakka: Sorry, no food yet.

Wakka: Wanna take a nap before going on?
* - Sure
- I'm fine

*Tidus lays down to sleep, at which time...*

Priest: I think you should come and see what is going on.

Wakka: Uhn...... I thought things were okay......

Priest: However, things are already......

*Tidus enteres a dream*

Priest: However, things are already......

Voice: Just give it one day......

Woman: Can you go find out what is going on?

Man: Yes, but I was told they are already out looking.

Woman: Thank you.

(Young) Tidus: Those guys didn't have to bring me back.

Woman: But you could have died.

(Young) Tidus: That would have been fine.

Woman: Is that......

Woman: Is that because you don't like your father?

Woman: If you had died, you could never tell me that you dislike him.

*Tidus wakes up*

Tidus: Wakka?

*Tidus enters the temple*

Tidus: Did something happen?

Wakka: The Summoner has not returned from her trials.

Tidus: Eh?

Wakka: No, the young Summoner is always on time.

Tidus: Eh?

Wakka: Inside there is the Hall of Trials, and young Summoner was inside there praying.

Wakka: She was offering her prayers to become a true Summoner...... don't you remember?

Tidus: Someone needs to go inside and bring her out, that I understand.

Wakka: Just give it one more day.

Tidus: Aren't you...... worried about herlife?

Wakka: At this moment...... n--

Tidus: Why won't you go save her!

Wakka: She has excellent Guards, and there's also the law......

Tidus: If that's how it is, then so what! If she dies, it's all over anyway!

Priest: Do not break the laws!

Tidus: Who cares!

"Suddenly...... my mind went calm."

[Hall of Trials]
"Those who seek the mysteries of Ebon must decipher the correct path to the Prayer Child's Room. Press the [Circle Button] at suspicious places and the way will open."

*Across the room*
"A mysterious [Seal] is shining."

*To the right*
"The same Seal has appeared."
* - Try touching it
- Nothing

*Down the stairs*
"This place seems to contain a sphere."
"In the Sealing Sphere lies the power to open the way to the Prayer Child's Room."
"In the Destruction Sphere lies the power to open the way to a hidden item."
"Also you will need the [Beside Sphere]."

"Got the Sealing Sphere."
"You can only carry one Sphere at a time."

*At the first door*
"The door is closed."
"It looks like you can insert a Sphere in the hole."
* - Insert the Sphere.
- Nothing

*At the first door again*
"The Sealing Sphere is inserted."
* - Take the Sphere.
- Nothing

*Around the corner*
"It looks like you can insert a Sphere in the hole."
* - Insert the Sphere.
- Nothing

[Et cetera]

Inside: Destruction Sphere
Inside the generator room: Beside Sphere
Hidden Item: Wise Rod

*When you have completed the trial...*

Wakka: Hey!

Wakka: What's gotten into you?

Wakka: No way

Wakka: No one is allowed here except the Summoner, the young Summoner, and her Guards.

Wakka: You should remember it's against the law.

Tidus: But you're okay?

Wakka: I am considered a Guard.

Tidus: A Guard...?

Wakka: The Summoner journeys to offer prayers at the temples throughout Spira.

Wakka: The Guards protect them on those journeys.

Wakka: Of the Guards already inside......

Wakka: One is likely anger quickly, and I'm not sure what the other will think.

Wakka: From here we should probably go together.

Wakka: Well, let's go.

*Tidus and Wakka proceed*

Woman: Why have you come? Did you worry for us?

Wakka: No.. well, you see......

Wakka: See, I told you they'd be angry.

Tidus: Is the Sumner all right?

Woman: ...Who are you?

*Cue beautiful FMV*

Girl: I did it! I became a Summoner!

*Fade to black, resuming with everyone exiting*

"Well that was a surprise.
I thought the Summoner'd be an old man."

*Tidus exits the temple and heads into the village*

Wakka: Over here!

Tidus: Wha!? Huh!? What the!?

Wakka: Watch this!

Tidus: I'm watchin', geez!

Wakka: Good!

Girl: Yes.

*The girl performs a summon*

" was an overwhelming event.
What I saw was even a little scary...... whatever it was.
She had mysterious gracefulness about her, I could sense it."

*Please name this summon (Valfor)*

"One more thing
We first met and spoke that night.
I didn't understand it at the time, but that was a very special night.
For everyone...... For me......"

*Flash forward to that night*

Wakka: At this year's tournament, with him on the team, we'll win no matter what.

Wakka: Now, his memory is a little fuzzy, and he says strange things sometimes, but don't worry about that.

Wakka: Well, say hi.

Tidus: Nice to meet you all.

Tidus: So, what's your battle cry?

Inlet players: Fight with all your might!

Wakka: Our battle cry has changed!

Wakka: The new cry is Victory!

Wakka: We'll bring the Crystal Victory Cup back to this island!

Wakka: And we're going to win our next match! And beat down the next team!

Wakka: Victory can be ours! It's that simple!

Players: ......Victory?

Players: Victory! Victory! Victo-Victo-Victory!

*The celebrating begins and Tidus wanders over to visit see the Summoner*

Old woman 1: Lawbreaker!

Old woman 2: Do not approach the Lady Summoner!

Little girl: You can't come!

Old woman 1: Miss Yuna, please don't go!

Girl: But it's my fault he did what he did.

*The girl approaches Tidus*

Girl: I'm Yuna.

Yuna: Thank you for what you did earlier.

Tidus: Oh, going to rescue you?

Tidus: But, wasn't what I did wrong? I didn't really think it through.

Yuna: It's alright, I had been reckless.

Tidus: Um, I saw the Summoned Beast, it was amazing!

Yuna: Really?

Yuna: Do you think I can become a Great Summoner?

Little Girl: Miss Yuna, come talk to me some!

Yuna: So... see you tomorrow?

Tidus: Tomorrow?

Yuna: We're leaving on the same ship tomorrow.

Tidus: Oh, is that so?

Yuna: We can speak more there.

Yuna: You can tell me about Zanarkand.

Wakka: Pretty cute, eh?
* - Yeah
- Didn't like her

Wakka: You'll start to like her, you know

Tidus: That ain't gonna happen, I'm sure.

Tidus: What would those people have to say if I started liking her?

Wakka: That's pretty unlikely, you're right.

Wakka: Well, you can't get any sleep until I get the bed ready.

*Tidus walks over to see Wakka*

Wakka: Hmm? Ready for bed?
* - Yeah
- I not tired yet

Wakka: Hmm, that's fine.

*Tidus heads to bed, and begins to dream*

Tidus: The ship hasn't come.

Yuna: If it doesn't come soon, we won't be able to find everyone.

Tidus: Is it really...... okay?

Yuna: Take me...... to Zanarkand.

Rikku: Hey youuu!

Rikku: You said you'd travel with meee!

Tidus: Oh!? Oh! Well, um......

Rikku: If you don't like Yuna, why don't you say it?

Yuna: Is that so......

Rikku: So! You'll come travel with me!

Jecto: What're you doin'!

Jecto: Can't figure out which one ta choose? You're 1000 years early!

Jecto: Ohh are you startin' that up again?

Jecto: Cryin', cryin', always cryin'. Look he's cryyyin'!

Tidus: I hate you.

Jecto: I can't hear youu.

Yuna: Try saying it again, louder this time.

Tidus: I hate you!

Jecto: Eh?

Rikku: You can do it!

Yuna: You can do it!

*Tidus wakes up*

Tidus: I HATE YOU!!

Woman's voice: He's already dead!

Lulu: I admit he looks a bit like Chap, even I thought so at first.

Lulu: But regardless of the resemblence, he is no substitute for Chap.

Lulu: You may not understand me now, but can you not see what I am saying is for the best?

Wakka: But...... even he's been worried.

Lulu: Another excuse?

Wakka: Come on......

Lulu: Come on? But? ...I'm tired of listening to this.

*Wakka comes inside the hut*

Tidus: Pretty scary..

Tidus: Um... who's Chap?

Wakka: My younger brother. You... look like him a little.

Tidus: He's dead?

Wakka: He entered the Suppression Corps, but last year, they attacked Sin...... and he didn't make it.

Wakka: I knew it, even on the day of the tournament.

Tidus: Oh.... that's...

Wakka: I became a Guard so that I could fight Sin.

Tidus: For revenge?

Wakka: That's probably it...

Wakka: It laughable. Which matters more now, revenge for my brother or Blitzball?

Wakka: Well, after this next tournament, I can put all my attention into being a Guard.

Wakka: To do that, I almost tried using you...... I'm sorry.

Tidus: I don't care about that, I'm still going to help you.

Tidus: When I met you, you really saved me.

Tidus: So what I'm saying it...... Thank you, Wakka.

Wakka: Aw come on, stop that!

*The night ends, and the next morning, Tidus wakes up and goes outside*

Wakka: Mornin', sleepyhead

Wakka: Thought you could use this.

Tidus: Oh wow...... are you sure?

Wakka: Sure, it's yours!

Lulu: Wasn't that Chap's?

Wakka: It's alright, he won't use it anymore.

Wakka: Yuna's running late..

Tidus: Isn't she going on the same ship? Will she be okay out there?

Wakka: She came to this village 10 years ago, during the peacetime started by Lord Braska.

Tidus: Peecetime?

Wakka: Since then she has been like a little sister to Lulu and me.

Wakka: It was during those days that she became a young Summoner......

Wakka: And today, she's starting her journey as a Summoner.

Lulu: We are, all of us, beginning our journey together.

*Yuna steps outside*

Lulu: That might be too much to bring, dear.

Yuna: Oh, it's nothing really, just gifts for the people who care for the temples!

Wakka: You don't really need to be bringing gifts, do you?

Yuna: I guess... you're right.

Wakka: Okay! We're off!

*The party begins their journey*

*What follows is really a series of tutorial battles designed to introduce you to various aspects of the game, so they will be appropriately presented here*

- Tutorial Battle 1 -

Wakka: We've got company......

Wakka: He'll be a good warm-up. Try out that sword.

*Tidus does so*

Tidus: Piece of cake!

Wakka: Ohh, you did! You're fast as well!

Wakka: You need it, if you want to be a Guard!

Wakka: This guy flyin', leave him to me.

*Wakka does a ranged attack with his Blitzball on the bird*

- Tutorial Battle 2 -

Wakka: Troublemakers like this show up sometimes.

Tidus: He doesn't look very tough!

*Tidus ineffectively beats on the blob*

Wakka: See what I mean? We're gonna need some magic for this guy.

Wakka: We should hit him with the element of magic he's weakest against.

Tidus: Majick? Ellement?

Wakka: I'll let our resident black wizard tell you about it.

Wakka: Lulu, if you please!

Lulu: You must not know anything... Be more careful in the future.

[About the Elements]

"The relationship between magic and monsters is the [Elements]. The four types of elements in this world are Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Water. Within them, Fire and Ice, Thunder and Water are opposites."

Lulu: For a Fire-Element monster, you use Ice-Element magic......

Lulu: On the other hand, an Ice-Element creature is weak against Fire-Element magic.

Lulu: Understand?

Tidus: I understand Fire and Ice, but what about Thunder and Water?

Lulu: The relation between Thunder and Water is the same as Fire and Ice.

Lulu: That enemy is water-based, so his weakness is...... Got it?

*Hit the enemy with whatever you think is best*

*After the battle, a brief cut-scene takes place*

Lulu: Taking one last look?

Tidus: We'd better get goin'!

Wakka: Hold on for just a second.

Tidus: Huh?

Wakka: You ready?

Yuna: Yes.

Tidus: Wh..what?

*at the prayer site on the right*

Wakka: It's an old custom. Before leaving the island, we come to this site to silently pray.

Wakka: That day, Chap didn't come here. 'said he didn't have time before the boat left.

* - Pray.
- Nothing

Wakka: Ah, excellent!

*They continue on, and Tidus is quickly engaged by Yuna's 3rd Guard*

*After the fight*

Wakka: That's enough!

Tidus: What's his problem!

Lulu: He is Kimahri Lonzo... a Lonzo tribe youth. He was just practicing his technique.

Tidus: And how was I supposed to know that?

Wakka: He's one of Yuna's Guards as well.

Tidus: Eh?

Yuna: He is extremely reserved, so sometimes we can't understand him either.

Yuna: But ever since I was little he was always there to protect me.

Tidus: Uh huh......

- Tutorial Battle 3 -

Tidus: Leave the flying ones to you, right Wakka?

Wakka: Well m..maybe not......

Wakka: I know! I bet Yuna can do it!

[Changing During Battle]

"Press the L1 Button during battle. You can switch a character with another that is not in battle. The character that you have bring in can go right into the action."

*Change Tidus out for Yuna*

Wakka: Now it's a whole new fight!

Lulu: Show us the results of your hard work. You can do it!

Yuna: Yes!


"During battle, select the [Summon] command and Yuna will call forth a Summoned Beast to aid in battle. Only Yuna has the special power of the [Summon] command, so have her use it often."

"A Summoned Beast's HP drops as it takes damage. If its HP reaches 0, it is removed from battle. Then you will be unable to summon it again for some time. A Summoned Beast's HP is restored at Save Spheres."

*Have Yuna summon Valfor and defeat the enemy*

- Tutorial Battle 4 -

Wakka: It's you again!

Wakka: Right! I'm gonna get you this time.

Wakka: I'll put you in the [dark] with my Tech!

*Use Wakka's Blind Attack on the enemy*

*Moving on, the party arrives at the dock and boards the ship*

Yuna: Farewell......

*Image of map leading from Beside to Port Kilika*

*After some antics with Tidus, on deck, he approaches Wakka*

Wakka: Sorry I didn't explain all this to you before, but...

Wakka: We're heading to that island there, Kilika.

Wakka: We'll change ships there before continuing to Luca.

Wakka: But before that, Yuna will pray at the island's temple, so I must guard her.

Wakka: We're also going to pray for our team's sure victory, so should come too.

Lulu: That's a silly plan.

Wakka: Better than no plan, right?

Tidus: Don't look at me!

*Tidus enters the lower decks*

Man: Oh! What exquisite attire.

Man: Ugh, they are extremely dirty. Not even fit to be sold.

Man: You don't seem to got any money either......

Man: Okay that's it, this is my spot.

Tidus: What's your problem?

Man: I am the 23 year old Owaka store.

Tidus: Owaka store?

Man: don't know it. Hmm, who else doesn't know...

*Owaka is a beggar, feel free to give him money if you would like*

At the door, just past Owaka: "Engine Room is written here."


Tidus: Wha.. what the heck is that!?

Woman: What do you mean?

Tidus: This place...... What IS this?

Woman: The Engine Room. Didn't you see it written on the door?

Tidus: But, what are these birds for?

Woman: It's not unusual. It's Chocobo-powered.

Tidus: Chocobo? You mean these birds?

Woman: What's that! You've never seen a Chocobo before?

Woman: My my... Where are you from, I thought the whole world knew what a Chocobo was.

Tidus: This again.....

"Since arriving on Spira, this kind of surprise was almost an everyday thing."

In the Engine Room: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 3

*Back topside, at the group near Yuna*

Man 1: So she's part of the Summoner's great family...

Man 2: Yes, she's Lord Braska's daughter.

Man 1: Oh wow......

Tidus: Lord Braska's daughter?

*With this revelation, Tidus steps back to talk to Wakka*

Tidus: Yuna's father is famous?

Wakka: She's the daughter of the Great Summoner, Lord Braska. Did you see his statue in the temple?

Wakka: 10 years ago, Lord Braska defeated Sin.

Wakka: So Yuna comes from a long line of Summoners.

Tidus: Poor Yuna... must be tough on her having a famous father.

Lulu: I wouldn't count on that getting through.

Tidus: I'll keep that in mind, Lulu.

*The crowd disperses, and Tidus approaches Yuna. After a moment...*

Yuna: The wind feels good...

*Apparently the wind feels very good*

Yuna: So, you were a Blitzball player? In Zanarkand.

Tidus: Did Wakka tell you that?

Tidus: And I thought that guy didn't believe a thing I said.

Yuna: I believe it.

Yuna: In Zanarkand......

Yuna: The city is filled with lights all night long, and there's a huge stadium......

Yuna: They hold Blitzball games there, packed with spectators.

Tidus: How do you know that!?

Yuna: A man named Jecto, a Guard for my father, told me.

Tidus: ......My father was also named Jecto.

Yuna: Amazing!

Yuna: I knew from the moment we met, you must surely be a gift from Ebon!

Tidus: It might seem like him, but it's not.

Yuna: Why do you say that?

Tidus: My dead. 10 years ago, in the Zanarkand Sea.

Yuna: Is that so...?

Tidus: One day, he went to the sea to train... and... never came home.

Tidus: He just disappeared.

Yuna: That was the day Jecto came to Spira!

(Tidus: That can'..}

Yuna: Because I first met him 10 years 95 days ago!

Yuna: My father had just set off on a journey, I remember it well.

Yuna: That's almost the same time, right?

Tidus: But, how do you think I came here?

Yuna: You are here now, though.

*Things are interrupted by a sudden crash*

Man on the deck: Siiiiiiin!

Wakka: That's suicide!

Wakka: That isn't gonna hurt it! You'll pull the ship into the sea!

Man 1: Sin's headed for Kilika! Don't listen to what that guy says!

Man 2: Our families are in Kilika! Please forgive me, Lady Yuna!

Man 2: Wait!

Man 1: Here goes.

*Battles ensue, and partway through...*
(Note: the below dialogue varies slightly depending on the party. I had Tidus, Lulu, and Kimahri)

Tidus: Where're these guys coming from!?

Lulu: That fin! That's the source!

[Enemy Distance]

"Because Sin's dorsal fin is far away, it is out of the range of swords and other melee weapons. However, you can attack this kind of enemy with things like magic and Wakka's ball (Attack)."

*After the battle, further events ensue, and Tidus again begin narrating out of the darkness*

"I realized that I went into Sin when it attacked Zanarkand, and that's how I came to Spira.
So I had been hoping that if I found Sin once more I would be able to go back."

Yuna: I will defeat Sin. I must, without fail.

"What a foolish thing to consider......
On that day, at that moment, beneath the blaze of the setting sun......
I realized...
I would never be able to just return from this world I didn't know.
This was my unescapable reality. At last, I understood."

*The ship finally docks at Kilika*

Yuna: My name is Yuna, the Summoner. I come from the temple at Beside.

Woman: Oh, great Summoner!

Yuna: If there is no other Summoner, may I help with the Farplane Send-off?

Man: Oh thank heavens!

Woman: I was afraid that my family would turn into demons......

Yuna: Which way is it?

*Yuna follows the villagers*

Wakka: We're going to survey the damage to the village. They'll need help, I'm sure...

*Tidus follows Yuna's group off to the left and approaches what seems to be a ceremony beginning*

Tidus: What is a "Farplane Send-off?" What are they about to do?

Lulu: You sound less like you forgot and more like you never knew anything in the first place.

Lulu: The departed souls... wander.

Lulu: Death is so terrible a thing to them that they refuse to acknowledge it.

Lulu: While still wanting to live, they covet those that still live.

Lulu: Their envy for the living...

Lulu: Eventually, these feelings turn into deep jealousy and regret.

Lulu: The spirits of the dead then remain in Spira, become demons regretting their lives, and attack the living.

Lulu: You understand?

Lulu: For that reason, we perform the Farplane Send-off, to give the lost souls their slumber.

Tidus: And that is the Summoner's duty as well?

*Yuna performs the Farplane Send-off*

Tidus: must be hard, as a Summoner.

Lulu: It is the path she has chosen. No matter what comes, she will face it.

Lulu: All we can do is watch over her.

Lulu: Until the end comes.

Tidus: Until the end comes...?

Tidus: What do you mean, the end!?

Lulu: Until we defeat Sin.

Yuna: Did I do it well?

Lulu: A very good job, for your first time.

Lulu: Surely they could all go to the Farplane, but... next time try not to cry.

"If only there was no next time...
All these people killed by Sin...... The Farplane Send-off performed by Yuna......
And the people who watch over her.
A mysterious... somehow frightening ritual.
I didn't ever want to see it again."

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