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*Tidus wakes up in Port Kilika and heads outside*

Datto: Finally woke up, huh!? Wakka is waiting for you!

*Tidus follows Datto to where Wakka is*
In pub near Wakka: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 4

Wakka: Oh, you're here.

Wakka: Beside Island players!

Wakka: We're going to the temple from here, for the Beside Island victory prayer!

Wakka: The Kilika temple is where the Great Summoner Orhaland lives.

Wakka: Orhaland was an expert Blitzball player in his youth.

Tidus: Wakka.

Wakka: Hmm?

Tidus: The victory prayer is great and all, but...... is it right?

Wakka: Is it wrong for us to be in good spirits for the game?

Tidus: But at a time like this...

Wakka: Even more, because of times like this.

Wakka: Players push themselves to their limits in the game, and the crowd cheers them on.

Wakka: It's only then, in the game, that they can forget their troubles.

Wakka: So that's why we shouldn't forget about Blitzball, even in these hard times.

Wakka: That's what I think.

Tidus: I see......

Wakka: Let's make it a good game, whaddya say!

Wakka: Huh?

Tidus: Yes!

Wakka: The temple is just through that forest. Okay let's go!

*Tidus follows Wakka off the docks and into the forest, where Yuma, Lulu, and Kimahri are waiting*

Wakka: What's wrong?

Lulu: It's Yuna. She wants you to come with us.

Yuna: I mean...... can't he become a Guard too, please?

Wakka: What are you saying? You're joking, Yuna

Wakka: He may be good at Blitzball, but he's just a beginner when it comes to monsters.

Yuna: It's alright if he's not a Guard, but I want him closeby at least......

Tidus: What's that? What do you mean?

Yuna: Well...... I mean......

Lulu: In any case we should proceed to the temple. Can we discuss this later?

Yuna: I'm sorry about all this.

Tidus: I accept your apology...... but I don't really know what for.

Yuna: ......I am sorry.

*During the first battle in the forest*

Lulu: !

Lulu: Kimahri! Want to try out your Dragon Sword?

Tidus: What's Dragun Sord?

Lulu: It was originally a technique to drain your enemy and restore yourself.

Lulu: But the Lonzo tribe adapted it to also make the enemy's skill their own.

Tidus: Sounds great!

*Try out Kimahri's Dragon Sword by learning Seed Shooter from the enemy*

In forest: Researcher, Magic Sphere x2, Luck Sphere

*The party finds its way through the forest, finally stopping at a bridge on the main path*

Gatta: None shall pass!

Rutes: That monster is Ochu, master of this forest.

Rutes: He is too ferocious for the Suppression Corps to handle, so you'd better leave to avoid a futile battle.

*After the futile battle*

Gatta: Amazing!

Rutes: You...... you did it. But I'd expected nothing less from a Summoner and her Guards.

Gatta: Sir! We cannot be outdone.

Rutes: Of course. We won't be outdone.

Gatta: Here come~ the young soldiers~ of the Suppression Corps~

Gatta: We will defeat Sin~ And impress all the cute girls~~

From Rutes: Elixir

*Just out of the forest*

Wakka: Hehehe......

Wakka: These steps... These stones steps have a long history.

Wakka: When the great Orhaland was in the service, this is where he would run!

Island players: Hehehe......

Tidus: A race, huh?

Tidus: Think you'll beat me, huh?

Island players: Hehehe......

Wakka: Yuna, if you please.

Yuna: Get set!

Wakka: Eh!? What the!?

*After climbing the stairs*

Datto: Bad news!!

Wakka: Hurry! Get up here! It's a Sin Kokera!

(During the battle, if you attack the boss before he opens, your party suggests you try using magic instead, but not before you destroy limbs.)

*After the battle*

Tidus: We're alright!

Wakka: Hahaha...... That wasn't good. But I'm glad I called to you.

Tidus: Being a Guard is tough!

Wakka: I'd still like to see some real skill from you in battle, though.

Tidus: Hey, lay off...

Tidus: By the way, what is a Sin Kokera?

Lulu: It flies off of Sin's body and becomes a monster that gets left behind.

Wakka: If they're ignored, Sin'll return, so we always exterminate them.

"I think I have real skill in battle, I just wish I could tell Wakka......
But now, trying to become one of Yuna's Guards, I think I should start using my head a little more."

*Further up the stairs*

Wakka: Oh hey...... Tell me. Are there any monsters in Zanarkand?

Tidus: Not very many. It'd cause a big uproar if there were.

Tidus: And I thought you didn't believe what I said about Zanarkand.

Wakka: Well... I've been thinking about it.

Wakka: If a person was injured inside Sin, and didn't die......

Wakka: What's to say it's power couldn't throw you 1000 years back, or more...

Wakka: And then, suddenly, one day you just unexpectedly return home......

Lulu: Always deceiving yourself, aren't you.

Lulu: You're only making up ways to delude yourself, to feel better.

Lulu: Sin didn't throw Chap anywhere.

Lulu: It crushed him and left his body on the shores of Djose.

Lulu: Your brother...... has not come back a second time.

Lulu: And I'll tell you this as well.

Lulu: No matter how much you want it, no one can become a replacement for Chap.

Lulu: There is no replacement for Jecto either......

Lulu: Just like there is not even a replacement for Lord Braska.

Lulu: Thinking like that...... can only sadden you.

Wakka: If only I could find a replacement for him......

Wakka: Well, there are other things to worry about, don't mind me.

"There's something between Wakka and Lulu about this guy, Chap......
Yes, this is a complex situation that I don't right understand......
I had a hunch about it, but the whole topic was one ugly customer."

*Nearing the temple, some groovy guys approach the party*

Wakka: Are you guys here to give a victory prayer to Orhaland?

Man: A prayer?

Man: We are the invincible Luca Goers! We don't need any prayers!

Wakka: Then whaaat are you doing here?

Man: We were praying for some stronger competition.

Man: Is your battle cry still "Try with all your might"?

Man: With that kind of thinking, your defeat this year is a certainty.

Tidus: This time we're gonna win!

Man: Ohhh... gonna win, gonna win. Anyone can talk the talk!

Wakka: See you in the game!

Tidus: If only to beat those guys...

Yuna: Do you know that team?

Tidus: I despise stupid people like that...... It reminds me of my father.

Yuna: But Jecto is a nice and friendly man.

Tidus: It's a different person, I told you.

"It's been more than 10 years......
Now, thinking about my father, I'm filled with confusion."

*They enter the temple, and Tidus nears Wakka, who is praying*

Wakka: Great Orhaland...... Give me strength......
* - Pray
- Watch from here

*A woman enters from the back room*

Woman: Are you a Summoner as well?

Yuna: My name is Yuna, from the island of Beside.

Woman: I'm Donna.

Donna: You're from a long line of Summoners, the daughter of the Great Summoner Braska, yes?

Donna: My, my, my......

Donna: Are all these people your Guards? It's senseless to have such groups.

Donna: Lord Braska only has two Guards, I believe.

Donna: Guards are quality over quantity. Relying on numbers is thoughtless.

Donna: That's why I only have one Guard. Right, Bartelow?

Yuna: The number of Guards you have is the number of people you can trust.

Yuna: The ones who are willing to give their lives to keep you safe.

Yuna: So I'm glad to have this many Guards.

Yuna: I think it pleases my father as well.

Yuna: But that doesn't mean I think your reasoning is wrong.

Yuna: So please...... Miss Donna, please don't speak that way about us.

Donna: You do as you like. We're leaving, Bartelow.

Yuna: [sigh]......

"Guards, willing to give their lives to keep the Summoners safe.
Can I become someone like that?"

Tidus: What're you laughing at?

*The party heads to the back chamber*

Wakka: The Prayer Child is here, just below us. Okay, let's go!

Tidus: Preying Chyld?

Lulu: Before that is the Hall of Trials, but we have prepared. Right, Kimahri, Wakka?

Yuna: Please lead on.

*Kimahri shoves Tidus off the lift*

Tidus: What's that for!

Lulu: You are not a Guard.

Yuna: We'll return as fast as we can. Just wait here, okay?

Tidus: Just don't take a whole day again, you know?

*Tidus waits, and eventually Donna and Bartelow arrive*

Donna: Where's Yuna?

Donna: What are you doing here, then?

Tidus: Since I'm not a Guard, I'm not allowed to go in, right?

Donna: Hmmmm, you're not a Guard?

Tidus: Wh,what the!

Tidus: Lemme go!

Tidus: What are you doing!

Donna: Payback.

Tidus: Huh?

Tidus: Oh, this is not good.

*When the lift stops, Tidus approaches the door*

+ - Proceed in
- Wait here

Tidus: Except for Guards, No Trespassing...

Tidus: But if I've come this far, what's the difference?

*This Hall of Trials is very similar to the one on Beside. Take a sphere, insert a sphere. The flaming spheres are Kilika Spheres and, like before, the greenish sphere is the Sealing Sphere, and the reddish sphere is the Destruction Sphere, which conceals a special item*
Special item: Fire God's Gauntlet

*Once through the Hall of Trials, Tidus approaches the party*

Wakka: Hey hey hey!

Tidus: But Donna and that muscle head made me......

Lulu: Probably trying to get back at Yuna.

Tidus: How do you mean...... getting back?

Wakka: Possibly being banned from the temple.

*Speaking with Wakka*

Wakka: Just keep quiet.

Tidus: What's inside there?

Wakka: The Prayer Child is here.

Tidus: Aha, right, you said that before.

Lulu: In order to defeat Sin, people improve themselves by offering their lives.

Lulu: As Ebon once did when he lived, they remove their spirits from their bodies......

Tidus: Eh?

Lulu: They can seal it in the statue of the Prayer Child, and life for all time......

Lulu: The spirit of the Prayer Child reveals itself for the Summoner.

Lulu: Those...... are the Summoned Beasts.

Tidus: Inside this room?

Tidus: W..what is Yuna doing in there?

Wakka: Pleading desperately for the strength to defeat Sin.

*Speaking with Lulu*

Lulu: Only the Summoner is permitted beyond here.

Tidus: The Guards too?

Wakka: Yes, by law.

*Shortly afterwards, the door opens, and Yuna emerges*

"That time, everyone was being silent.
I could hear a song down there, a song I knew from when I was young.
I thought...... this was proof that Zanarkand and Spira were connected somewhere.
These thoughts gathering inside me suddenly strengthened my desire to return home.
I tried to block off my heart...... But there was nothing I could do."

*Please name your new Summoned Beast, Ifrit*

*On the way out of the temple, the people clamor around Yuna, and Tidus remembers back in Zanarkand*

"I should have held back my feelings about Zanarkand.
But they swelled up...... they came pouring out, my face burning with emotion."

Yuna: Are you okay?

Tidus: I don't know.... if I am.

Yuna: What is it you want to do?

Tidus: ......I want to scream.

Tidus: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

*Tidus and co. make their way back to the boat*
* - Board the ship
- Not yet

Wakka: Alright, next stop Luca!

Wakka: When we arrive, the games will be starting immediately. So rest up on the boat ride!

*Map displays going from Beside to Port Kilika to Luca*

*With everyone relaxing on the boat, Tidus approaches the group standing around Yuna*

Tidus: Whaaatcha guys talking about?

Bickson: You look kinda familiar.

Grobb: Ah, that's him. Didn't we meet him in Kilika?

Bickson: Oh?

Grobb: The guy, from Beside Island. Babbling about "we're gonna win"?

Bickson: Oh yeah...... that moron, wasn't it

Yuna: What an awful thing to say.

Bickson: But it's the truth.

Bickson: Unless Beside got better all of a sudden.

Tidus: I joined 'em, so they are!

Yuna: Yes, they are!

Yuna: This guy was the Ace for the Zanarkand team!

Bickson: Ha! So he's from such an amaaazing place, huh.

Grobb: I didn't know they had teams down in the ruins.

Yuna: They're not ruins, it'a great and wonderful city!

Tidus: Well, um.. err.. I came in contact with Sin's poison an......

Yuna: It really does exist.

Bickson: The Summoner's talkin' nonsense.

*They head off, and Tidus nears Yuna*

Tidus: What's wrong? Was it something that upset you?

Yuna: Those people were being rude, and besides......

Yuna: I do think your Zanarkand is really out there somewhere.

Tidus: Why is that?

Yuna: Because Jecto told me. I always longed for it.

Yuna: I wanted to go there someday.

Yuna: Wouldn't it be nice, be able to go home?

Tidus: Yeah.

"'Come with me?' I wanted to say.
Thinking about why I didn't say it...... I wish I had."

*Tidus heads up the stairs to the upper deck*

Lulu: Well I am going to say it anyhow.

Lulu: I think it is irresponsible.

Wakka: But it's okay, there is a friend of his in Luca.

Lulu: And if he is not?

Wakka: Then, if he were to join another team......

Wakka: But, how many times did I tell you on Beside that it's okay?

Lulu: My point is...... will you stop after this?

Wakka: Why should I?

Lulu: He wants to be a Guard for Yuna.

Wakka: Hmm...... yes, that could be a problem.

Lulu: But just who's problem is it?

Wakka: It's mine!

Wakka: It's mine......

*Leaving Wakka and Lulu, Tidus walks forward and sees a Blitzball on the deck*

Jecto: Doncha remember what your old dad taught you?

Jecto: But I'll only show ya one last time, okay

Jecto: That shot's done like this!

Jecto: Maybe ya can't do it.

Jecto: But doncha worry too much about that.

Jecto: Yer not the only one that can't do it.

Jecto: In fact I'm the only one that can, 'cause I'm special.

[Jecto Shot Challenge]

"Tidus' memories of trying to do the Jecto Shot that day haunt him. Help him to do the Jecto Shot, so he can shake off the memories by conquering it."

"For example, when the memories come out at the upper left, please the [Up-Left+Circle] buttons."
"When they come out above, press [Up+Circle]."
"And lower left, it is [Down-Left+Circle]."
"When they come out in the middle, release the control stick, and press the [Circle] button."
"Try practicing it."

"Got it? For real this time."
"Good luck in defeating Jecto."

*Assuming you successfully do the Jecto Shot*

Tidus: Not that special.

Wakka: Awesome! What was that move called?

Tidus: I forget the name. But anyone can do it with a little practice.

Wakka: Show me it to me one more time?

*Tidus sees Yuna and starts the move again. Afterwards, he goes over to her*

Yuna: That was the Jecto Shot, wasn't it?

Tidus: How'dyou know that?

Yuna: Jecto showed it to me when I was little.

Yuna: It's official name is "Great Jecto Shot #3"...... right?

Tidus: What a stupid name that is.

Tidus: There's not even really a #1 or #2!

Tidus: You'd think there'd have to be a #1 and #2 for there to be a #3.

Tidus: I didn't just figure that out tonight. Every night I went to the stadium it's what I thought.

Tidus: I mean, it can't just BE like that......

Tidus: Man, my stomach's rumbling.

Tidus: My father's alive?

Yuna: I don't know.

Yuna: But Jecto was a Guard for my father......

Tidus: The one that's famous?

Yuna: Yes.

Yuna: But, so, if something had happened to him, I think I would hear word of it.

Tidus: Hmmm...

Yuna: So, what will you do...... if you see him?

Tidus: See the man I thought died 10 years ago? Hmm.. right now......

Tidus: What would I do......

Tidus: I'd hit him as hard as I could.

Tidus: Because of him, my mom and I had such a hard life......

Tidus: Because of his fame, I was always......

Tidus: You can understand, can't you?

Tidus: Your father is famous as well, right?

Tidus: Everyone, the whole world seems to know who you are.

Tidus: Isn't that right?

Yuna: There were times when my father's name felt like a burden, but......

Tidus: Really?

Yuna: But there were other times, when I was proud to have him as a father.

Tidus: Well, your father and my father are very different people.

Yuna: I feel sorry for him.

Tidus: And me?

Yuna: Even sorrier for you.

Wakka: Show it to me one more time, eh!

"I didn't think my father would come to Luca.
He always hated to watch other people play.
However, something was stirring in me. I couldn't make the feeling go away.
Time to worry about the game! But no matter what I said to divert the anxiety, it didn't help."

*The ship arrives at Luca*

Announcer: The day all Spira's Blitzball freaks have been waiting for is here!

Announcer: The season opens today with the big tournament!

Announcer: This year, the tournament is being sponsored by the Ebon temple.

Announcer: Commemorating the continuing 50 year reign of the high priest Yo Maika.

Announcer: And here we have the participating teams making an appearance as they leave the ship together!

Announcer: Here..... at Port #2.

Announcer: From the island of Kilika, the Kilika Beasts!

Announcer: A team drawing from the same stream as the Great Summoner Orhaland.

Announcer: Their homes on Kilika island were recently attacked by Sin......

Announcer: But their fans are still cheering them on to victory!

Announcer: Looks like they might just do it!

Announcer: And continuing on......

Announcer: Ohhh! There is the legendary Beside Island team!

Announcer: Absolutely the worst! A team that has somehow never won a game!

Announcer: They're back again to continue their record-setting 23 year losing streak!

Announcer: But admirably, year after year mysterious fans still seem to come back!

Commentator: Take my advice, if they don't wanna get hurt, they should just go back to the island.

Announcer: Alrighty then.

Announcer: Well, next! The next one's coming! Up now is......

Announcer: Here they are ladies and gentlemen! Our heroes, the Luca Goers!

Announcer: With power, speed, and technique! Teamwork and fair play!

Announcer: They put all these together to make the greatest team in this city's history!

Commentator: These words don't even come close to describing this, the ultimate team.

Commentator: Their conquests last year at this tournament just further color this great team into a legend!

Announcer: Yes, exactly! Watch them as they stand for the crowd!

Announcer: It's as though the whole city is giving their blessing to the Goers!

Announcer: The people, they know! Our heroes that will seize the day!

Announcer: Yes, they are the Luca Goers!

Wakka: Well, it's like this every year.

*Tidus grabs a megaphone and climbs up*

Tidus: Stop flatterin' yourselves!

Tidus: You may be smilin' real big right now!

Tidus: But this year the victory is going straight to Beside Island!

Wakka: This big talker! You're just gonna make us look bad.

Datto: But we actually stood out!

Retty: They had you up on the sphere!

Teammates: He did? Yes, he did......

Man: High priest Maika is arriving!

Woman: Right now!?

Man: Let's hurry to Port #3!

Tidus: What's going on?

Yuna: The high priest Maika is arriving.

Tidus: High preest maika?

Lulu: The high priest Maika is the most influential member of the Ebon people.

Lulu: He is here from the Holy Bevelle Shrine to watch the games. They're meant to commemorate his continuing 50 year reign.

Tidus: 50 years!? Isn't it about time for him to retire??

Wakka: Hey! Watch your language.

Yuna: Why don't we go see him too?

*The party follows the crowd off to the right*

Tidus: I can't seee.

Wakka: Shhhh.

Spectator: He's from the Guado tribe...

Female spectator: Who is he?

Spectator: Could it be.. the sage, Seymour!?

Maika: A most splendid welcome. Accept my most sincere thanks.

Maika: Arise, Seymour.

Maika: And turn to face the people.

Maika: This young man......

Maika: is come from a far away land, the orphan son of Jiskal Guado.

Maika: Already wise indeed, he has been ordained an official priest of Ebon.

Seymour: My name is Seymour Guado. I graciously accept this, the rank of priest.

Seymour: While he was still alive, my father, Jiskal, wished to extend the warmest friendship from the Guado tribe.

Seymour: It was his wish to forge this relationship together. Now that he is gone, it is my charge to carry out.

Wakka: Hey, you need to do it too!

Wakka: It's almost game time......!

Wakka: Okay! Time for the pre-game meeting!

[Would you like to save here?]
- Yes
- No

*In the locker room*

Teammates: [sigh]......

Tidus: Where's Wakka?

Datto: The tournament drawing!

Retty: Last year, he drew the Goers for the first match......

Josh: And the year before that, and the before that......

Kippa: Well, we'd just lose no matter what he drew......

Datto: Wakka!

Wakka: Our first opponents are the Al Bhed Sikes! And after that...... we're set!

Wakka: We drew lucky in the pool this time. After only 2 wins...... Victory!!

Wakka: Don't rush out yet! Let's stick with the plan and look at the rules first!

Blitzball Tutorial

*Position yourself on the [Overhead Map].
*Use [Triangle] to change operating modes (Auto or Manual).
*Change to Auto when you want to Defend.

Action Commands
*Use [Square] to bring up the Action Commands.
*The commands you can use are Pass, Shoot, and Dribble.
*Dribbling does nothing.

*A player's ability to Pass is indicated by his [PS].
*Your PS changes depending on the distance of the Pass.
*If your PS reaches 0, the pass will fail.

*A player's ability to Shoot is indicated by his [ST].
*Your ST changes depending on your distance from the goal.
*The keeper's (approx.) CA subtracts from your ST.
*If your ST reaches 0, the shot will fail.

Spending HP
*The HP of the player with the ball gradually drops.
*The HP of players without the ball gradually recovers.
*Passing and Shooting require HP.
*If you have no HP, your Passing and Shooting abilities are halved.

*Encounters occur when other players block your way.
*The opposing player's CU is subtracts from your Passing and Shooting abilities.
*Two or more opposing players can block, to increase their chances.

Breaking Through
*Choosing to [Break Through] allows you to withstand your opponent's tackle.
*Your opponent's AT is subtracted from your player's PH.
*If you successfully break through, you can again try to move.

*If you want to learn your opponent's techniques, start by marking that player.
*When the [CAPTURE] mark appears, quickly press the [Circle button].
*If your teammate's LV is high, Capturing can lower it.

Review the Parameters
*[HP] (Ability to Move)
-Lowered by moving
-Lowered by Passing and Shooting
-Raises when you don't have the ball
-With no HP, Passing and Shooting abilities are halved

*[PH] (Physical)
-Power to withstand opponent's tackle
-(Affected by: AT)

*[PS] (Ability to Pass)
-Pass ability
-The greater the value, the farther you can Pass
-(Affected by: CU)

*[ST] (Ability to Shoot)
-Shoot ability
-The greater the value, the farther away you can Shoot from
-(Affected by: CU, CA)

*[AT] (Attack Power)
-Ability to tackle
-(Affected by: PH)

*[CU] (Ability to intercept)
-Ability to intercept Passes and Shots
-(Affected by: PS, ST)

*[CA] (Keeper's ability to save)
-How well the keeper can save on a shot
-(Affected by: ST)

Status Effects
-If you have the ball, your HP drops faster
-Even without the ball, your HP does not recover

-You cannot move

-All your abilities are halved

-Blitzball Abilities are learned by Capturing them from other players during matches. You don't start with any.
-You must be at level 3 to begin learning abilities, but you can always go back and do it.

Game Modes
* League games
-A set of 10, 3-point matches.
-If your team is losing, you can press the [Triangle button] to give up

-2-3 matches
-If your team is losing, you can press the [Triangle button] to give up

-You don't gain experience here, but you can capture new abilities
-If your team is losing, you can press the [Triangle button] to give up.

End Tutorial

*After the tutorial, Yuna and Lulu enter*

Yuna: Listen!

Yuna: Someone said they saw Auron in the cafe.

Tidus: Auron!?

Yuna: That's right, Auron! Let's go say Hi!

*Tidus gets up to leave*

Wakka: Hey, hey hey hey hey hey! The Game is About To Start.

Wakka:'ll hurry back, right?

Tidus: Not to worry.

Wakka: O..okay!

Tidus: Hey, Wakka, Wakka?

Tidus: It's alright.

Tidus: Don't worry, it'll be okay.

Tidus: Just relax...... It's okay to feel nervous.

*Outside the locker room*

Yuna: Maybe we can get some word about Jecto as well.

Tidus: Eh? What for?

Yuna: Auron is also a Guard for my father.

Yuna: So I think he'd know something about Jecto.

Yuna: Let's go real fast!

"The Auron that Yuna is talking about and the one I met in Zanarkand...
It might be a different person...... But I didn't think so.
I don't know how...... But I knew. It's him."

*Down the hallway a bit, Tidus runs into some Al Bhed*

Man 1: Summoner RAYAGA


Tidus: Oh!

Tidus: Are you the Al Bhed Sikes?

Tidus: I helped out some Al Bhed a while back.

Tidus: A girl named Rikku brought food for me.

Tidus: You... don't.. understand me, huh......

Tidus: Well, as I was saying......

Tidus: After I met Rikku, I did some work for her.

Tidus: So... see you in first game.

Items around dock area: Phoenix Down, 600 gil, Flood Lance (for Kimahri)
In the room opposite the locker room: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 6, High Potion x2

*Tidus heads off. After a time, he catches up with Yuna again*

Yuna: I'm very sorry, please let me through.

Yuna: Okay, let's go.

Tidus: Tons of people, huh...

Yuna: It'll be hard if we get separated.

Tidus: Yuna!

Yuna: Aah!?

Yuna: Wh..what?

Tidus: In Zanarkand, when we play Blitzball, we go like this to support each other.

Tidus: You can do it too. Just put your fingers like this......

Yuna: Um...... like this?

Tidus: Not like that, like this.

Tidus: There, now blow as hard as you can.

Yuna: It's not working.

Tidus: Just practice!

Yuna: I will.

Tidus: It can be a good signal if we ever get separated.

Tidus: I'll hear it and fly right over.

Tidus: So until you can do it, let's stick together, okay?

Yuna: Got it.

On the floor of the Luca theater building: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 7

*They proceed right, towards the cafe*

Tidus: Wow there's so many people...

Yuna: Luca is the second biggest city in Spira.

Tidus: I think that's someplace I'd like to see as well, besides Kilika and Beside.

Yuna: That city's...... not big anymore.

Yuna: People flocked to the city, and it glowed with life......

Tidus: Sin?

Tidus: Is this city safe?

Yuna: It's the same here, but this city has a stadium, you know?

Yuna: Because of it, the Suppression Corps risk their lives to drive Sin away.

Tidus: Because of the stadium?

Yuna: As long as Blitzball matches do not become too advanced, it's okay to enjoy them.

Yuna: There aren't many fun things to do here in Spira.

Tidus: My lord..!? And that's our job as the players, isn't it

Yuna: That's right.

Yuna: But wasn't it the same way in Zanarkand?

Tidus: This place is all mixed up. There it was packed with huge buildings.

Yuna: It certainly sounds amazing... Just thinking about it makes my head spin.

Yuna: Let's look for Auron!

*Tidus and Yuna enter the cafe*

Tidus: Doesn't seem to be here.

Yuna: Let's try asking around!

*Some Lonzo males approach Kimahri*

Lonzo 1: Why so quiet, Kimahri? Haven't seen ol' Enkeh in 10 years so why don't you answer me.

Enkeh: Did you forget Enkeh? Or your older brother, Biran?

Biran: Don't blame him, Enkeh. Kimahri is just a small Lonzo.

Biran: He is short. His face cannot see. Biran and Enkeh don't understand.

Enkeh: Ahahahaha!

Enkeh: The ingrate, he's forgotten his Lonzo brothers! His horn has stunted instead of matured!

Enkeh: Biran will teach you, Kimahri, and make you a strong Lonzo.

Biran: You have gone too far.

Tidus: What did he mean?

Enkeh: Ahahahaha!

Enkeh: Ughe!?

Man: The game's starting! Outside, take your fight outside!

Tidus: This is bad!

Maika: Today, on this glorious day, players from all over Spira have gathered.

Maika: They are here to compete fair and square, with their long-trained skill and technique.

Maika: Whomever shows the skill to be champion, their victory shall not be a mystery.

Maika: I do not know which of you it shall be. But when the time comes, our praises be to you.

Maika: We praise the glory of the victor. Should we not then praise the good fight of the defeated?

Maika: So for all the players, pray for a good fight.

*Back in the cafe*

Tidus: Kimahri! Yuna's gone!

Lulu: What have you two been doing!

Tidus: Eh?

Lulu: Yuna has been kidnapped by the Al Bhed Sikes.

Lulu: They said they would only return her safely if they won the first match.

Tidus: Why those......

Lulu: But since the criminals are only players, I don't think they will harm her......

Lulu: If there is a chance, however, we need go save her.

Tidus: I'm going too!

Tidus: It's okay!

Tidus: They could still lose on purpose to a team with 23 straight losses.

Tidus: Who knows what a team saying stuff like that will do.

Lulu: Wakka and the team would probably say the same thing.

Lulu: He would say that no one knows what will happen in the game, so please forgive us.

Lulu: The Al Bhed ship is docked at Port #4.

Lulu: Let's board it.

*Tidus, Lulu and Kimahri head towards the dock and are attacked by some mechanical creatures*

Tidus: Wha!? What are these guys!?

Lulu: They are ancient machines unearthed by the Al Bhed.

Lulu: It's alright, though. Thunder magic can defeat them.

*On their way, they see Wakka and the team play Blitzball on the monitor*

Announcer: Beside Island's defense is desperately trying to hold onto their tie game.

Announcer: Ohhhhh! That looked like it hurt!

Commentator: But the referree didn't call a foul. And Wakka looks to be reaching his limits.

Tidus: Come on! You can do it.

Lulu: But he won't last much longer. He's always like that.

Tidus: This is gonna be close...

Lulu: Let's go.

*As they approach, the ship begins to pull away*

Lulu: Get onboard.

*Once onboard, the party finds a surprise waiting for them*

*In battle*

Tidus: Maybe we can use this crane!

Trigger Command: Crane

*When you first use the command*

Tidus: What the, start!

Lulu: Could it be out of power?

*Find a way to "recharge" the crane and use it on the boss*

*On the third time trying the crane unsuccessfully*

Tidus: Ah! Lulu, your Thunder magic! Maybe that will start it!

*After the battle, Yuna emerges from the ship*

Lulu: Were you afraid?

Yuna: Just a little.

*turning to Tidus*

Yuna: What is it?

Tidus: Right after I got to Spira, I was rescued by the Al Bhed tribe.

Tidus: They brought me to their ship and gave me food.

Tidus: I though that ship resemble this one... but... it's a little different.

Tidus: And everyone got hurt, I think......

Yuna: Did something happen?

Tidus: Sin appeared near the ship.

Tidus: I survived, but I don't know what happened to the ship.

Yuna: There...... wasn't a man named Cid onboard, was there?

Tidus: I really don't know...... since I couldn't understand anything they said.

Yuna: Alright......

Tidus: You know him?

Yuna: I've never met him before, but......

Tidus: Hmmm

Tidus: Wait?

Tidus: Are you from the Al Bhed tribe?

Yuna: My mother was, so...

Yuna: Cid is my mother's brother.

Yuna: When my mother married, she cut her ties with the tribe.

Yuna: But she always said I should speak to him if ever I was in trouble......

Tidus: Well that's comforting......

Lulu: Do not discuss Yuna's origins with Wakka.

Lulu: He is quite prejudiced against the Al Bhed tribe.

Tidus: Oh no!

Tidus: I forgot about Wakka!

Lulu: I said not to tell Wakka!

Yuna: No, the match!!

Lulu: Oh!?

*Back at the game*

Announcer: Ohh! Only 30 seconds left! Beside is going for an all-out offensive!

Announcer: Long pass from Retty!!

Announcer: He's got it!

Announcer: Oh!

Announcer: Ohhhh!!

Announcer: He shoots!!

Announcer: Goooooooooal!!

Announcer: Beside Island wins 3-2 in a miraculous victory!!

Tidus: We won!!

Yuna: They did it! They're moving on!!

Lulu: It's good that they won, but without much style.

Lulu: If Chap was there, he would have done it perfectly till the end.

Tidus: What's that? What made you say that all of a sudden?

Lulu: ......all of a sudden?

Tidus: I can't become a replacement for Chap.

Tidus: Just like you said to Wakka.

Tidus: But to Wakka, I am a replacement for him......

Lulu: If you keep saying that, I'll be angry.

*back in the locker room*

Datto: Are you okay, Wakka?

Retty: As soon as the game was over, he collapsed......

Josh: And we have the Goers next......

Tidus: Sorry I kept you waiting.

Datto: Miss Yuna!

Retty: You're alright!?

Yuna: I worried you......

Yuna: I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!

Wakka: Those Al Bhed jerks make me so mad...

Tidus: Well, things are okay now.

Wakka: I don't want anything to do with them, all they do is cause trouble.

*After this, the group heads outside, and Tidus heads back in to get ready for the game*

Wakka: The finals are getting ready to start. It's time to start warming up.

Wakka: Can you do it?

Tidus: You got it!

Wakka: Great!

Wakka: I'm only gonna say a couple things right now.

Wakka: Once the finals are over......

Wakka: I am... retiring.

Wakka: This tournament will be my last, but it was destined to be all along.

Wakka: Regardless of the outcome, I'm through whether we win or lose.

Wakka: But......

Wakka: Isn't it about time for our victory?

Players: Yes!

Botts: I still going to be on the bench?

Wakka: I'm the one on the bench. I leave the finals up to you, Tidus.

Wakka: We came here for total victory! Let's show those Luca Goers!

Tidus: Let's move!!

Players: Okay!

*Wakka and Lulu are alone*

Lulu: I saw you faint, before.

Wakka: Pfft...... about time I took notice of it......

Lulu: You're...... gonna be fine.


Tidus: What do we say on Beside Island!?

Players: Victory!!

Botts: For Wakka.

*The game is about to start*

Announcer: Well! Here we are at the climax!

Announcer: Soon, and very soon! The finals are about to begin!

On the wall: "Boyhood memories, Beside Island Captain Wakka"

Announcer: And now we want to know, Who will it be!

Announcer: Who will walk away from this match the winner?

Announcer: Will it be the invincible Luca Goers who come out victorious......

Announcer: Or the forever defeated team, Beside Island!!

Commentator: I think the numbers speak for themselves.

*The players approach each other before the game begins*

Announcer: Ohh! A brief quarrel before things start!

Announcer: What an insult to Beside that must be!

*The blitzball match begins. If your first half goes as badly as mine, at half-time...*

Wakka: You've got to stop the Goers.

Players: Got it!

Tidus: And me?

Wakka: You get the ball! If you can break free from them, try to shoot!

Datto: We'll stop the Goers!

Players: Yes!

Tidus: I'll get the shot in!

Wakka: Alright! Let's go!

*Partway through the second half*

Announcer: There is a call has started going through the crowd, getting louder.

Announcer: The whole stadium is calling for Wakka!

Announcer: What's that!? What is that player doing?

Announcer: Is he throwing in the towel? He's leaving the Sphere Pool!

"I felt a little sad, but......
This was Wakka and his team's big game."

Announcer: Eh? What's this? The whole crowd is rising up!

Announcer: What is this!? It's Wakka!! Looks like he has recovered!!

Announcer: The team welcomes the newcomer!

*After you win the Blitzball game (Note: This may take more than once, and I don't think the overall outcome is different)*

Announcer: I can't believe it! A new legend has been born in Blitzball history!!

[Would you like to save here?]
- Yes
- No

*Some unexpected arrivals appear in the Blitzball Sphere, and Tidus and Wakka fight their way out*

Lulu: What is happening!?

*Scene change to Auron, who defeats a monster right as Tidus and Wakka approach*

Wakka: Auron!
Tidus: Auron!

Tidus: You...... you know him?

Wakka: Yes, he's an excellent Guard.

*But before much conversation can occur, they are surrounded by monsters*

Tidus: What is all this!?

*Things in the stadium, however, are quickly and unexpectedly settled*

[Would you like to save here?]
- Yes
- No

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