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*Tidus walks down the shoreline and sees Auron talking with Kinock*

Auron: Well, that didn't last long.

Auron: Satisfied?

Kinock: What do you mean by that?

Auron: All of the heretic soldiers perished, but the gentle priest survived.

Kinock: [sigh]......

Kinock: You weren't like this in the old days.

*They part, and Seymour approaches Yuna*

Seymour: Such a long face, you have.

Seymour: But without times like these, Miss Yuna, we cannot become stronger.

Seymour: When these things happen, it's best just to let the sadness flow through you.

Seymour: However, you are a Summoner. You give hope to the people.

Seymour: Until Sin is defeated, you cannot voice your feelings. But I understand your pain well.

Yuna: Yes...... but it will be hard.

Seymour: Are you uncertain of yourself?

Seymour: Then allow me to be your support, just as Zeion supported Yunalesca.

Seymour: So it shall be, from now on, whereever we meet.

*Tidus nears Auron*

Auron: Sin is Jecto.

Tidus: At first, I...... didn't really believe it.

Tidus: But even now, it's just unbelievable.

Auron: Sin is Jecto, he came here to see you.

Tidus: You're saying he killed all these people just to see me?

Auron: That is Sin.

Auron: He came here to show himself to you.

Auron: Do you understand why?

Tidus: Never. I'll never understand.

Auron: So that you would kill him.

Auron: As long as he is Sin, Jecto will be forced to go on killing.

Auron: He wants you to put a stop to it.

Tidus: Quit toying with me.

Tidus: How is understanding something like that going to do anything?

Auron: Heh......

Tidus: Hey we're not done yet! You're running away!

Auron: Same as you.

*On their way out, Kimahri speaks to Tidus*

Yuna: Hurry up, you two!

Tidus: Well she sure seems happy......

Kimahri: She pushes herself, trying to be cheerful, when times are hard.

Kimahri: Just like now, times are very hard.

Tidus: How do we make her feel better?

Kimahri: If her Guards are worried, it is even harder for her.

Kimahri: You should remember that as well.

Tidus: Tried making a happy face when you're worried?

Kimahri: Kimahri will try it.

Tidus: Just a little one?

On the way: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 11

*Down the road some ways*

Tidus: So, which way to Zanarkand?

Wakka: Still a long ways.

Lulu: We need go down the Moonflow, then Guadosalam of the Guado tribe.

Lulu: After that, we cross the Thunder Plains, then the temple at Macalania......

Tidus: Uwa......

Yuna: But before that, I am going to pray at the [Djose Temple].

Tidus: Then on to Zanarkand! ......right?

Yuna: But I want to visit as many temples as possible, and visit their Prayer Childs.

Wakka: So goes the life of a Summoner.

Wakka: To be able to withstand the Ultimate Summon, both body and heart must be trained.

Tidus: Sounds pretty tough, Yuna.

Yuna: But with all of your help, it'll be fine.

*As Tidus heads to the Temple*

Auron: Hey, kid.

Tidus: Me?

Auron: Who else?

Tidus: Whaaat is it, sir?

Auron: Don't tell Yuna about Jecto and Sin.

Tidus: Huh?

Auron: Their connection.

Auron: If she knew, she would start being reserved towards you and Jecto.

Auron: And that could be problematic.

Tidus: I see...... alright.

Tidus: But no one would believe me, even if I told them.

Auron: Yuna would believe you.

Tidus: Oh...... that's true.

Tidus: But then, what was the point of even telling me about it?

Tidus: How did you think I'd react?

Auron: Because I was afraid you might start crying when you did find out.

Tidus: I ain't gonna cry!

Auron: I had heard you were quite the crybaby.

"When I was little...... I was.
But now...... Oh..."

Tidus: Hey!

Tidus: That doesn't mean I believe it!

*Tidus reaches a set of bridges, and Yuna is talking to Lucille*

Lucille: Lady Yuna, we are glad you are all safe.

Yuna: You as well...... it is a gift from Ebon.

Lucile: We barely escaped death, but war always courts destruction.

Elma: This chick is the only surviving Chocobo.

Crasco: I guess we can't call ourselves the Chocobo Cavalry anymore......

Lucille: We were party to a battle that went against the teachings, so things should be this way.

Lucille: We can never again see those who died there.

*At the temple*

Tidus: Is that the Djose Temple?

*Tidus approaches Yuna*

Tidus: Oh wow......

Lulu: Those are Mushroom Thunder Rocks. They only open when a Summoner approaches the Prayer Child.

Wakka: Hmm, maybe another Summoner is already here...

Yuna: Who could it be?

Tidus: Donna, maybe.

Yuna: I can't let her get ahead of me, can I?

Tidus: Got it! Let's go!

*Just outside the temple sits Gatta*

Gatta: Rutes is...... He's......

Wakka: Gone?

Gatta: I..I'm...... I'm all alone, torn in two......

Wakka: That idiot!

Gatta: What am I going to do now...

Gatta: I can't just go back to Beside...

*As you join the group in the temple, another group emerges*

Man: Pardon me, but might I ask your name?

Yuna: My name is Yuna, I have journeyed here from Beside.

Man: But of course......

Man: The daughter of Lord Braska. You have traces of your father in you.

Yuna: You...... you know my father?

Man: Oh no, I have not met him personally.

Man: Oh, my apologies. I am Isarl.

Isarl: I'm a Summoner, like yourself.

Boy: I'm Posse. Nice to meet you!

Man 2: I am Marouda.

Marouda: We are Guards for our older brother here.

Isarl: I have long admired Lord Braska, ever since I was a child.

Isarl: I'd always say, "Someday I want to be a Great Summoner like Lord Braska!"

Isarl: Surely you have inherited some of your father's great skill.

Isarl: I'm certain you will be able to defeat Sin.

Yuna: Oh no...... I..... I've only just become a Summoner.

Isarl: Of course, and you are already about to overtake me in the journey.

Isarl: Everyone in a competition to be the first to defeat Sin.

Yuna: But even I wouldn't fail at it.

Marouda: Brother!

Isarl: Well, Yuna. I wish you the best of luck inside.

Yuna: Thanks!

*Tidus climbs the stairs to the back area*

Isarl: Excuse me!

Tidus: What's up?

Isarl: Are you one of Yuna's Guards?

Isarl: Marouda just heard something strange your group might want to know.

Marouda: I heard it from the Suppression Corps' group.

Marouda: A lot of Summoners have been going missing in this parts while on their journeys.

Isarl: It's been too many to blame the monsters for it.

Marouda: I'm not sure how accurate it is, but at any rate, you guys should be careful as well.

Marouda: If Summoners are going missing, then what good are the Guards doing?

Posse: What what? Whatcha talkin' about?

Marouda: About how level-headed a Guard must be.

Posse: I'm totally level-headed! Right, bro?

Isarl: Be very careful.

Tidus: Got it.

Isarl: Posse!

Posse: What is it, bro?

Isarl: Let's be going.

Posse: Okay, let's go!

Posse: See you later!

*At the top of the stairs*

Priest: Inside here is the Hall of Trials. Are you completely prepared?
* - Yes
- No


Wakka: Right, all guards here now.

Yuna: Please lead on.

Wakka: Well, shall we go?

*By now this kind of puzzle should be quite familiar. In case you are wondering, the greenish spheres are called Djose Spheres, but nearly everything else is the same.*
Special Item: Magic Power Sphere

*After climbing the stairs at the end, Yuna enters the back area and an old friend arrives*

Donna: Oh, it's you again, is it?

Donna: So many of you, same as always.

Donna: What is it, Bartelow? Something to say to that guy?

Bartelow: You're...... Auron.

Auron: What if I am.

Bartelow: Could I...... shake your hand?

Bartelow: Auron...... no, MISTER Auron!

Bartelow: I became a Guard to be like you!

Bartelow: Oh thank you so much! I..I'm so excited!!

Wakka: People sure revere Guards that protected Great Summoner Braska.

Lulu: But there are limits to how far some know-it-alls can go.

Tidus: Uwa......

Donna: That's enough, Bartelow! Get back over here!

Tidus: Such a hard life...

*As you step into the corridor, Yuna emerges*

Donna: Did your great father take this long too?

Donna: You have such an absurd number of Guards, from friends to the great Auron.

Donna: Are you going to try to recruit Lord Seymour as well?

Donna: "Lord Braska's Daughter" is quite a title, but you're hardly worthy.

Yuna: My father...... doesn't affect me.

Yuna: I became a Summoner and have come on the journey all myself.

Donna: Oh, well that's nice.

Donna: But before you say such righteous things, shouldn't you start off on your own two feet?

Donna: If you just rely on your Guards, you won't make it when times get rough.

*Please name your new Summon, Ixion*

*Tidus wakes up the next morning, and finds Gatta inside the temple*

Gatta: Even... if I return to Beside... Rutes won't be there......

Tidus: I understand...... it can be hard to fight alone.

Gatta: I've all but withdrawn from the Suppression Corps.

Gatta: I'll be leaving soon as well.

*Tidus finds Yuna sleeping in the back room*

Woman: She was hard at work through daybreak.

Woman: Taking care of the sick, the Farplane Send-off......

Tidus: Hmmm...... well, you think maybe we should let her sleep a little more?

Yuna: Ooh......

Tidus: Oh.......

Tidus: Mornin'.

Yuna: Wha......morning?

Tidus: It's alright.

Yuna: But, it's morning already!?

Yuna: I'm sorry!!

Yuna: I need just a little bit to get ready, we can go in just a second!

Tidus: I said it's no problem, it's okay.


Wakka: Hey there, sleepyhead!

Yuna: I'm so sorry!

Yuna: I'm sorry.

Lulu: If we were not in a hurry, it would be acceptable, but such oversleeping...

Wakka: A Summoner should really have better sleeping habits.

Yuna: You could've woke me up...

Lulu: You should watch your tongue. But it seems your mouth is still asleep.

Yuna: What's with you today, everyone's being so mean.

Yuna: Oh! Auron too!

Auron: Well, if our Summoner is finally awake, let's head out.

"It had been a long time...... since I heard everyone laugh.
But I could see why they were doing it.
Except for me...... they weren't really laughing.
I wondered, did they ever really laugh at all?"

*On the way out, they encounter Lucille*

Lucille: Swift travels to you.

Lucille: You were working all through the night, Lady Yuna...... are you alright?

Yuna: Thank you for your concern, but I got plenty of rest.

Yuna: Are you departing as well?

Lucille: Yes, we are heading north across the Moonflow. We are hoping to locate some new chocobos.

Elma: When we find some new chocobos, we will rebuild the cavalry!

Tidus: Eh? Just one's not enough?

Crasco: Caaaaaptaaaaain! Wait for meeee!

Elma: What're you doing! Get over here!!

Crasco: But... yeah... finding chocobos can be nearly impossible......

Lucille: Best of luck to you, Yuna. Elma, Crasco, let's go!

Elma: Yes, sir!

Crasco: Eh? Let's rest a little more......

Elma: No more freeloading!

*Back at the fork in the road*

Tidus: Where to, next?

Lulu: We cross the [Moonflow].

Tidus: Got it!

Tidus: On to the Fantom Streem!

*Down the road, Kimahri's tribesmen turn up again*

Biran: Look. It looks like Kimahri's friends.

Tidus: Where are they?

Biran: He is chasing the Summoner somewhere. Little one, got no horn!

Enkeh: Got no horn! Got no horn!

Kimahri: You came only to insult Kimahri?

Biran: No. We came to warn little Kimahri.

Enkeh: When the Summoners go away, they do not return.

Biran: It is your Summoner's turn next.

Enkeh: Poor Kimahri! If you lose your horn, you lose your Summoner!

Biran: Pitiful Kimahri! Scream and cry all by yourself!

Tidus: Those guys sure seem to hold a grudge, don't they?

Tidus: But their just all talk, right?

Kimahri: Kimahri will end it someday.

Tidus: I'll give you a hand on it.

Kimahri: It is for Kimahri alone.

Tidus: O......okay.

Wakka: Yes, it's Kimahri's problem.

Wakka: We should just be silent and let it be.

Lulu: But we are concerned for you.

Wakka: The Lonzo tribes' problems are settled by Lonzos.

Wakka: Who are we to interfere with their customs?

Lulu: Yes, but they said Yuna would be going away.

Auron: She is not going to just vanish.

Tidus: Well, if the Guards do their job right, it'll be fine.

Wakka: Ah!

Lulu: Well put.

Tidus: Uh huh!

*Up the path, the party runs across little Velgemine the Summoner again*

Velgemine: I have been waiting.

Velgemine: I hear you took part in Operation: Mi'ihen.

Velgemine: So, the outcome was due to the uselessness of the machine?

Velgemine: Defeating Sin should be left to a Summoner.

Yuna: That's true, but I have not studied enough......

Velgemine: We can spar again if you'd like.

Velgemine: Summoned Beast combat training. What do you think? Fight me?
* - Fight
- Don't

Yuna: Yes, please.

Velgemine: Then stand back. But, before we begin......

Velgemine: I have healed your Summoned Beasts. Well...... let us start.

*In battle*

Velgemine: Call upon the Summoned Beast of your choice.

Velgemine: Just how strong are you? We shall see.

[Text-box mid-battle]
"Pay attention to the [Haste] spell cast by this Ixion. Do you know why Yuna's Ixion cannot cast this spell?"

"By using the [Learn] menu command, your Summoned Beasts can acquire new abilities. For example, if Valfor learns [Cure], he can regain his HP while fighting."

*After Velgemine's Ixion is defeated*

Velgemine: Alright, that's enough.

Velgemine: Impressive, you have beaten me.

Velgemine: You have my blessing on your journey.

[Got 2 Dragon Scales!]

[Got Summoner's Heart!]

*Learning Tutorial*

"Since you got the [Summoner's Heart]"

"You can now teach your Summoned Beast new abilities."

"Choose [Learn]"

"Then choose the Summoned Beast you want to teach the ability to."

"A list of the abilities available to your chosen Summoned Beast appears."

"Also, the item that will be consumed to teach your Summoned Beast is displayed on the right."

"The left number is your current quantity of that item."

"The right number is the quantity remaining after teaching. Your items will be decreased when you teach your Summoned Beast."

"Already learned abilities are also listed."

[!] You have already learned this ability.

"Abilities that you do not have the necessary items for will also appear in Grey."

[!] Missing an item.

"And you cannot choose it."

"When you choose the ability you want your Summoned Beast to learn"

"You must be completely sure you want to do this."

"When you choose [Yes], your Summoned Beast will learn the ability."

[!] Valfor has learned [Fira]!

"Your Summoned Beasts can learn the same abilities as your characters..."

"But there are some abilities they cannot learn."

"This is the end of the Learning Tutorial."

Velgemine: I look forward to our next meeting. So long, Yuna.

*Further up, the group emerges into a clearing*

Tidus: Wha......

Lulu: This is the Moonflow.

Tidus: Ohh......

Yuna: They're called Moonflow Flowers.

Yuna: At night, they say the Moonflow bugs come out.

Lulu: They glow in the river, and from a boat, look like a sea of stars.

Tidus: Wow......

Tidus: Oh! That's it!

Auron: We can't wait till nightfall.

Tidus: Well, when we've defeated we'll come back!

Wakka: If we don't hurry up, the Shippauf'll be sold out.

Tidus: Shippauf? Some kind of boat?

*Further up the path, Tidus spots a very large beast*

Tidus: Whoah! Wow!

Wakka: That's a Shippauf.

Tidus: Oh wow, I wanna ride it!

Wakka: Okay then! Let's get ready to go, then we ride!

*Tidus finds Lucille arguing with the Shippauf trainer*

Trainer: No, no, nooo. Eet is iimpossible.

Lucille: Please, is there anything I can do!

Trainer: Nooo means Nooo...

Tidus: What's up?

Elma: This guy's saying the chocobo can't ride on the Shippauf!

Tidus: Ahh, it IS pretty big......

Elma: He could just stand up the whole way!

Crasco: But even so, it still might be too tough......

Elma: What's that? What do you suggest we do with him?

Crasco: No no, I didn't mean......

Lucille: It's hopeless. We're going to have to forget about the Shippauf.

Lucille: Maybe we can find a way across by walking.

Elma: Aye aye, sir!

Crasco: But we might never make it across!

Lucille: If we can't find a way, we'll make one.

Crasco: That's insane......

Elma: I'm with the captain!

"If we can't find a way, we'll make one...
A pretty ambitious way to start out.
Captain Lucille is doing alright."

*When you are ready to leave, speak to the blue trainer left of the Shippauf*

Trainer: Waaant to ride a Shippauf?
- Nooooot yet
* - Ready for battle, let's ride!

Trainer: Wanna take a riiiide?

Trainer: Shippauf headin' ouuut!


Wakka: Hey.

Tidus: Hmm?

Wakka: Take a look.

Tidus: What is it?

Tidus: Wha!

Tidus: A sunken city!

Wakka: A machine city from more than 1000 years ago.

Wakka: Many bridges were built on this river, with the city sitting atop them.

Lulu: But the bridges collapsed beneath the city's weight, and it came to rest at the bottom of the river.

Wakka: There's a lesson in that.

Tidus: A lesson?

Wakka: Yeah.

Wakka: What does it mean that they built a city on a river?

Tidus: Umm...... there was a lot of water so it was the convenient thing to do?

Wakka: Mmm, nope. That's not it.

Wakka: With this feat...... they wanted to test the limits of their power.

Tidus: Oh, I see.

Wakka: It's a teaching of Ebon.

Wakka: Those with power should not exercise their limits.

Wakka: Because if it was not restricted, we would think it limitless.

Tidus: But aren't we using some technology already?

Tidus: Like the stadium...... right?

Lulu: The temples approved it.

Lulu: They say, this machine is acceptable, that machine is unacceptable... and so on.

Tidus: What kinds of technology are unacceptable?

Wakka: You saw Operation: Mi'ihen, didn't you? Those kinds of machines.

Lulu: Because they only create war.

Tidus: War......?

Yuna: More than 1000 years ago.

Yuna: People used many machine weapons, and war was everywhere.

Wakka: In times of war, weapons will rapidly get stronger.

Lulu: But it's not just those cities, the whole of Spira......

Lulu: Those weapons had a power to completely destroy the world.

Yuna: I don't think all Spira would have been destroyed, though.

Wakka: And yet the wars did not stop.

Tidus: Wh..what happened?

Yuna: Sin appeared without warning, and destroyed the cities and their weapons......

Lulu: And the wars stopped.

Lulu: But in return, Sin has remained here.

Wakka: Eh? Sin has stayed, but to punish humans for their actions.

Tidus: This is getting pretty serious...

Wakka: Yeah, but it is serious.

Tidus: Maybe technology isn't all bad, though?

Lulu: Yes, the problem is its usage.

Wakka: Not the way the Al Bhed use it, that's for sure.

Trainer: What iiis wrong?

Auron: Get down!

Yuna: O..okay

Wakka: It's the Al Bhed!!


Wakka: Yuna! We'll save you!

*After the machine has been defeated, everyone gets back into the Shippauf*

Lulu: Are you...... hurt?

Yuna: No, I'm alright.

Tidus: [sigh]......

Wakka: It's...... it's all those Al Bhed's fault!

Trainer: Is everything O-kay?

Yuna: I'm sorry about that! I'm okay now!

Auron: Yuna!

Yuna: Oh, sorry!

Trainer: Shippauf headin' offf!

Wakka: Grr! Those Al Bhed...

Wakka: What the heck were they doing?

Wakka: Is there some connection with what happened in Luca?

Wakka: What'd make them attack you!

Wakka: Oh yeah! Revenge for the match they lost!

Wakka: And wait!? Revenge for how Operation: Mi'ihen failed!?

Lulu: We have to wonder.

Lulu: With what those Lonzos have said.

Lulu: They said the Summoners would go away.

Wakka: Aha! That's what the Al Bhed are doing!

Wakka: Damn...... those Al Bhed...... what the hell are they thinking.

Tidus: That's not our concern.

Tidus: We aren't going to get anything done talking about them here.

Tidus: Who can stick with Yuna and protect her?

Tidus: As far as that goes, I'll do it.

Wakka: That's......

Wakka: That's fine, but......

Lulu: ......alright then.

Yuna: (Thank you!)

*The Shippauf arrives, and the group heads out. But a short ways along, Tidus sees someone*
Near the Shippauf: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 12

Tidus: Is she...... dead?

Girl: You thought I was dead......

Tidus: Oh!?

Tidus: Rikku!? It's you, Rikku!

Tidus: You made it! How have you been?

Rikku: Not.. good

Tidus: You don't look so good, what's the matter?

Rikku: It was you who did it!

Tidus: Oh! That machine! You were inside it?

Rikku: That really hurt, majorly bad, oh......

Tidus: Bu..but! You attack us back there.

Rikku: Nooo! You've got the whole wrong idea.

Wakka: Heeey!

Wakka: You know her?

Tidus: Oh, well...... sortof.

Rikku: Hiya! I'm Rikku!

Tidus: I think I told Yuna and Lulu about it in Luca.

Tidus: Before I drifted ashore at Beside, I was in a fix and, um......

Yuna: Oh......

Lulu: Yes......

Wakka: And she helped you out. It's good to meet her.

Wakka: Truly, a gift from Ebon.

Wakka: So, Rikku?

Wakka: You had collapsed before, but are you alright now?

Lulu: Wakka, just a moment.

Wakka: Hmm? What is it?

Yuna: Can we..... talk to her for just a sec.

Wakka: Oh, sure thing.

Rikku: It's a girl's only discussion! The boys will kindly wait for us!

Lulu: Yes, quite right.

Wakka: Hmm? Oh?

Yuna: Auron.

Yuna: I'd like Rikku to be my Guard, if that's alright......

Auron: Raise your face.

Rikku: Huh?

Auron: Show me your face.

Rikku: Oh, okay.

Auron: Open your eyes.

Auron: As I thought.

Rikku: So...... no?

Auron: Are you sure you want to?

Rikku: Absolutely!

Rikku: So that means...

Rikku: It's okay?

Auron: If Yuna wishes it.

Yuna: I do.

Wakka: Ergh......

Tidus: Rikku's a good kid. She'll help me out too.

Wakka: Alright. I guess one more can't hurt anything!

Rikku: Okay, I'll just be one more in the big group!

"It was strange.
Wakka dislikes the Al Bhed tribe so much, but......"

Rikku: Nice to meet youuu!

"Rikku is an Al Bhed, but he didn't seem to notice......"

*In the next battle*

Rikku: Oh! It's a chest!

Rikku: I wonder what's inside?

[Chests that appear during battle]

"When chests appear during a battle, you can open them by choosing [Steal] within the [Special] command."

"The battle will end when there are no monsters left, so if you don't open the chests before, you'll never see what's inside. If you attack them, the chests will break. Then you can't even open them."

*After opening the chest, the enemy attacks*

Rikku: You don't wanna make me angry!

Rikku: Okay then! I'll gas you with these items I picked up!

[About Compounds]

"You can produce various effects by combining two items using Rikku's Overdrive, [Compound]. But you won't know what effect is produced until you try them."

"Now, try mixing two of the [Bomb Spirits] you found in the chest."

*The party eventually arrives at Guadosalam*

Man: At last you have arrived, Lady Yuna. Welcome to Guadosalam.

Man: Please, come this way.

Wakka: What's this your doing?

Man: My apologies. I am Twamell Guado.

Twamell: Seymour Guado, the patriarch of the Guado tribe, is my kinsman.

Twamell: Seymour has told us so much about Lady Yuna......

Yuna: Oh, about me? What has he said?

Twamell: First, we should visit Seymour's residence, this way.

Twamell: Of course, all of you are welcome to come.

Rikku: Doesn't look like we've got much choice, eh?

Rikku: Oh! I forgot to tell you!

[Remodeling Equipment]

"Now that Rikku, from the Al Bhed tribe, is in your party, it is possible to [Remodel] your weapons and armor. Here's how it works."

"You can enhance and alter the abilities on individual weapons and armor pieces. This is called [Remodeling].

"But you need the proper items to be able to alter the abilities on your equipment."

"First, choose the piece of equipment you wish to remodel."

"There are some pieces you can remodel, and some you can't."

"If there are open panels in the list of abilities at the bottom right,"

"Then the piece can be remodeled."

"Likewise, if there are no open panels, it cannot be remodeled."

"But all the pieces are listed, regardless."


"Choose the piece of equipment you wish to remodel."

"A list of the abilities you can add to your piece is displayed."

"In addition, the item that will be consumed to perform the remodeling is displayed in the upper right."

"The left number is the current total of that item you possess."

"And the right number is how many will be left after the remodeling. Remodeling will consume those items."

"If you do not possess the necessary item for remodeling, the ability will be displayed in Grey."

"You cannot select it."

[!] Missing an item

"When you select the ability you wish to add"

"You must be completely sure you want to do this."

"When you choose [Yes], the remodeling will be completed."

"When you remodel, a weapons name will change as well."

"This is the end of the Remodeling Tutorial."

Rikku: There ya go, see ya!

Inside far left residence: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 13
*Inside Seymour's residence*

Twamell: This way, if you please.

*Tidus heads inside*

Twamell: I will inform Seymour you are here, please just wait a moment.

*Tidus speaks to Yuna*

Yuna: heart's started pounding..

*Tidus speaks to Auron*

Auron: on guard.

Tidus: Eh, what for? Even in the home of the great Ebon priests?

Auron: Just because they have power does not mean we are safe.

Auron: ......and I'm not sure that we are.

Tidus: But, don't you......

Tidus: Don't you believe in the Ebon teachings?

Auron: Hmm.......

Auron: I too had lived in Zanarkand a long time.

Tidus: Ah...

*Tidus speaks to Lulu*

Lulu: Did you know, there's no temple here in Guadosalam?

Lulu: So usually, Summoners only pass through here.

Tidus: Hehehe......

Lulu: What?

Tidus: Nothing, you just explain things even without my asking.

Lulu: Should I say...... it's none of your business?

Tidus: Oh, no no!

Tidus: I need those explanations because I'm just clueless otherwise.

Tidus: But it's hard to ask, if you don't believe I came from Zanarkand.

Lulu: ......I see.

Lulu: There are many things I don't understand......

Lulu: Your story about Zanarkand is one of them.

Lulu: Even so, it is not something I would wish to talk about.

Lulu: But, take care.

Lulu: It might be best not to discuss this with others besides myself.

Tidus: Yeah, I understand that.

*Tidus speaks to Rikku*

Rikku: This's all so cool.

*After talking with everyone*

Twamell: Heh heh......

Twamell: It is always pleasant to welcome visitors.

Twamell: Ever since Jiskal died, this house has been so quiet......

Yuna: Lord Jiscal's death was an immense loss for all of Spira.

Tidus: So that Lord Jiskal was really that great?

Wakka: He first brought the Ebon teachings to the Guado tribe.

Wakka: His death was really...... really a horrible loss.

Twamell: Yes, truly regretable.

Twamell: However, we now have our new high priest, Seymour.

Twamell: Seymour tries to live between the Guado and the rest of the world.

Twamell: He would like nothing than to tie a bond of peace between our peoples.

Twamell: But, no, more than that.

Twamell: Seymour......

Twamell: Wants to become a shining light for the future of all things living in Spira.

Seymour: Something like that, Twamell.

Seymour: Twas rude of me to keep you waiting for so long.

Seymour: Welcome, everyone.

Yuna: You... wanted to speak with us......?

Seymour: Yes, and you were good to hasten here.

Auron: Yuna needs to hasten elsewhere as well, so we would appreciate your brevity.

Seymour: Such impertinence.

Seymour: In all my times of greeting visitors......

Seymour: Miss Yuna, this way please.

Seymour: This is the precious sphere that appears in the thoughts of those on the Farplane.

Tidus: Zanarkand!!

Seymour: Correct, Zanarkand, in its form of 1000 years ago.

Seymour: Zanarkand, the city of technology and unending prosperity.

Seymour: It is here that she still lives.

Yuna: She?

*The beautiful tour ends*

Yuna: Lady Yunalesca!

Seymour: History tells that she defeated Sin and preserved the world.

Seymour: And so, you have inherited her name.

Yuna: It was given to me by my father.

Seymour: Lord Braska wanted to entrust you with it.

Seymour: Just as Lady Yunalesca confronted Sin.

Seymour: However, even Lady Yunalesca did not confront Sin alone.

Seymour: In order to defeat the invincible Sin......

Seymour: Two hearts must be bound together, a bond of love to last for all time.

*Back in the residence, Yuna runs and gets a glass of water*

Rikku: Wow! You're blushing!

Tidus: Are you alright?

Yuna: He...... proposed to me.

Tidus: Is he serious?

Auron: Perhaps you are aware of Yuna's charge.

Seymour: Of course.

Seymour: Miss Yuna's..... no, the Summoner's charge is to bring peace and stability to Spira.

Seymour: But having to defeat Sin is only one part.

Seymour: It is their charge to guide the people as well,

Seymour: The people whose hearts suffer beneath the weight Sin......

Seymour: And I, as a priest of Ebon, would wed Miss Yuna, to aid her.

Auron: Spira is not your playground.

Auron: You can impress your audience in these momentary dreams, but reality is different.

Seymour: And yet, is it not the actor's charge to stand on the stage.

Seymour: You need not answer me just yet. Please, think carefully on it.

Auron: That, at least, she can do.

Auron: Let's go.

Seymour: I eagerly await your reply, Miss Yuna.

Seymour: What are you being such a nuisance for?

Seymour: My apologies.

Seymour: We Guados are very sensitive to the stench of the Farplane.

*Everyone exits, and regroups near Seymour's residence*

Lulu: Yuna, daughter of the Great Summoner, and Seymour, head of the Guado tribe......

Lulu: A marriage to cross over the tribal walls in the name of Ebon.

Lulu: It would surely be the talk of all Spira.

Wakka: But I think he is sincere in his "momentary dreams."

Tidus: you say, but shouldn't we continue the journey?

Tidus: You must be joking.

Rikku: Aw, you jealous?

Tidus: No I am not!

Tidus: Our first priority is to defeat Sin. Shouldn't we put everything else off until then?

Wakka: You're going overboard, lettin' yourself get pulled in too much......

Yuna: Yes...... going overboard.

Tidus: Are you serious!?

Yuna: If I was to get married, the people of Spira would......

Yuna: Maybe they would celebrate a little bit......

Yuna: I think if I treated it as part of my duty...... it could be a great thing too.

Yuna: I had never really given something like this much thought until now.

Yuna: But since I have been thinking about it, I'd like to give him my answer.

Tidus: You're not serious!

Rikku: I'd think it'd be bad to just get married and quit your journey, ya know?

Yuna: I will...... continue the journey.

Yuna: I'm sure Seymour would understand.

Rikku: Yeah...... I'm sure.

Yuna: I am a Summoner.

Yuna: I've made the decision to defeat Sin.

Auron: Just as Braska was.

"So then what's there to think about!
......was what I wanted to shout."

Yuna: I will go to the [Farplane].

Yuna: I can speak with my father on the Farplane, and he can help me think.

Lulu: Yes, you should consider it until you are satisfied.

"It was strange, like no one was listening to Yuna.
Shouldn't she even love Seymour?"

*Tidus heads to the upper section of Guadosalam and down a long hallway, and finds the rest of the group on the stairs*

Tidus: Just a quick question!

Tidus: About the Farplane.

Tidus: When someone dies, doesn't the Summoner perform the Farplane Send-off?

Tidus: Then, the souls of those who have died go to the Farplane, right?

Tidus: Well, is THAT the same Farplane we're about to go to?

Tidus: And that's where Yuna's father is, right?

Tidus: So... this is where the dead go to?

Wakka: Thinking it's gonna be too weird, huh?

Tidus: Well, heheh......

Wakka: Well, you'll see when we get there.

*The group heads up the stairs, but Auron lags behind*

Tidus: Why aren't you goin'?

Auron: I cannot stomach the Farplane.

Tidus: It's scary?

Auron: It is using the powers of the past to determine your future......

Auron: That is the nature of the Farplane, with which I don't agree.

Auron: ......get going.

Rikku: They're not really dead people. It's just a place to go to see your memory of them.

Rikku: The Moonflow bugs respond to your desire to see them.

Rikku: And they take the forms of people. And so they're like phantoms.

Tidus: Hmmm...

Rikku: So, go have fun.

Tidus: Oh, you're not coming?

Rikku: I keep my memories inside me.

Tidus: Eh?

Rikku: I like memories, so I don't need that place!

*Tidus heads up onto the Farplane*

Tidus: What the?

"From the moment we arrived on the Farplane, Yuna looked worried.
She seemed at ease with her parents.
Maybe...... seeing them would make her forget about the marriage."

*Tidus speaks to Wakka*

Wakka: Hi, Chap.

Wakka: I thought I'd see you if I came, but......

Wakka: I'm sorry!!

Wakka: Forgive me for the actions I have taken.

Wakka: I have retired from Blitzball, blindly dedicating myself to being a Guard.

Wakka: Now there is someone with us who kinda looks like you......

Wakka: And I thought...... with him on the journey with us...

Wakka: Maybe you are off living somewhere.

Wakka: But, I guess you are now, living on the Farplane......

Wakka: I see that now.

Wakka:, how is it there?

Wakka: Oh, I gave your sword to that guy I told you about.

Wakka: Is that okay?

*Tidus speaks to Lulu*

Lulu: He is dead...... I am alive.

Lulu: I knew that when we came here.

Lulu: But it's even hard enough to face the living, let alone the dead.

Lulu: Heheh......

Tidus: What is it?

Lulu: What am I saying...... facing the living.

Tidus: You mean you don't like to think about Chap very much?

Tidus: It might be hard, but wouldn't it be possible to get along with someone new?

Lulu: Perhaps, anything is possible.

Tidus: Getting along with Wakka, maybe?

Lulu: What would make you suggest Wakka?

Tidus: Don't you two have a good relationship?

Lulu: Yes, we have a good relationship, but it's nothing special.

Tidus: Oh...... I see.

Lulu: Yes, and don't forget it, boy.

Lulu: It's an insult to misinterpret a girl's feelings like that.

Tidus: I'll remember that.

Lulu: Just like I remember things too.

Lulu: Good-bye, Chap.

Lulu: You'll always weigh down upon me, but just as you said......

Lulu: It was fun...... awfully fun.

*Tidus speaks to Yuna*

Tidus: Hey, you okay?

Yuna: I've decided.

Tidus: Th..that's great. What'd you decide?

Yuna: I remember, 10 years ago, when my father defeated Sin.

Yuna: I was in Bevelle, but everyone in the city was celebrating.

Yuna: Everyone was laughing, and it seemed all so grand.

Yuna: All everyone spoke of was the defeat of Sin, you know?

Yuna: Then and now, it's all I've ever wanted.

Tidus: To go back? Do you have an answer for Seymour?

Yuna: Before that......

Yuna: Did you try...... speaking with Jecto?

Yuna: It's alright, surely he won't come.

"I didn't think so either, but not for the same reason......"

Yuna: See, he's not coming!

"My father is Sin, so of course he wouldn't come......"

Yuna: I'm sure you'll get to see him again someday.

"But, if he really is Sin......
What a mistake I'm making with Yuna and the people of Spira......
No, why is it my mistake, instead of his mistake......"

Tidus: You disgust me, father.

Yuna: Why do you dislike him so much?

Tidus: He just makes me mad, that's all.

Tidus: Because of him, my mother's......

Tidus: ......mother

Tidus: Haha...... here you are.

Yuna: She's beautiful.

Tidus: Huh?

Tidus: If no one performed the Farplane Send-off for her......

Yuna: ......when she was still alive, she accepted her death.

Tidus: That's awful, I never knew...

Yuna: I..I'm sorry.

Tidus: It''s okay.

Tidus: Oh

Tidus: I understood something just now.

Yuna: What?

Tidus: The reason I hate my father.


Jecto: Eh? I said it plain enough.

Mother: Really!?

Jecto: Of course!

Mother: Yes, but..

Tidus: Mother......

Mother: Just a second, hon'.

Tidus: Whenever my father was around, my mother would never pay attention to me.

Tidus: So, I think that's why I started to hate him.

Tidus: And when he was finally gone......

Tidus: Mother would start to feel bad.

Auron: How is she?

Tidus: I'm not related to you!

Auron: But I am worried too, that she might die.

Tidus: Don't say mother's going to die!

Auron: ......I'm sorry.

Tidus: A woman in my neighborhood had once said

Tidus: When the little birds go off somewhere to die......

Tidus: The left-over feathers die chasing after them.......

Tidus: That's...... exactly how it was.

Tidus: I hated my father more and more.

Tidus: But really, my father was......

Tidus: Mother......

Mother: Just a second, hon'.

Jecto: Go to him. Or he'll start crying again.

Tidus: It's just, I......

Yuna: Hmm?

Tidus: I'm just so messed up inside.

Yuna: That's not true.

Tidus: So messed upppp!

Wakka: You okay? Need to think a little more?

Yuna: No, it's alright.

Lulu: What about you, though?

Tidus: Ahehehe......

*The group heads back down*

Yuna: Sorry for making you wait!

Yuna: I am going to give Seymour my answer.

Woman: Lord Jiskal!?

Man: Aah..... Lord Jiskal!

Auron: How...... puzzling.

Yuna: Why......

Auron: Yuna, Send him Off.

Yuna: Lord Jiskal......

Lulu: That's not Lord Jiskal. Hurry, and send him off.

Auron: We'll talk later. Let's leave this place.

Wakka: What happened back there? Why did Lord Jiskal appear?
- I know!
* - Be silent and listen.

Yuna: Wouldn't Lord Jiskal have been sent off when he first died......

Lulu: We can only assume they performed the Farplane Send-off.

Lulu: And yet......he was held in Spira.

Lulu: But it would take a strong spirit, such a strong spirit, to do such a thing......

Rikku: Well that's strange.

Auron: It means the person did not have an honest death.

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