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*Tidus heads out into the desert, and is quickly attacked by a monster*

Tidus: Whoa......

*Auron arrives*

Auron: Use a hand?

*Lulu arrives*

Lulu: You okay?

*After the battle*

Tidus: Where is everyone?

Lulu: They are likely around here.

Lulu: But you should know never leave the area in an emergency......

Tidus: Maybe you're over-reacting a little.

Tidus: See him?

*The group finds Wakka*

Tidus: Heeey!

Tidus: Nobody else?

Wakka: Where's Yuna?

Wakka: Dammit!

Wakka: If Yuna gets attacked by those machines while we're separated......

Wakka: Then what!

*The group finds Kimahri*

Kimahri: Yuna is...... gone!

Tidus: It's not your fault.

*The group finds Rikku*

Rikku: Oh!

Rikku: Hey guys!!

Rikku: Where's Yuna?

Tidus: We don't know.

Lulu: The worst of crimes... We're unfit to be Guards.

Rikku: Um, well......

Rikku: There's something I wanted to tell you, but maybe you know it already?

Rikku: No scowling at me!

Rikku: This desert is on the island of Beecanel.

Rikku: So we're really close to the Home of the Al Bhed tribe.

Rikku: Maybe Yuna's there!

Rikku: They could have rescued her before we even got started!

Wakka: Rescued? Pfft, don't you mean kidnapped?

Tidus: Who cares as long as she's okay!

Rikku: Exactly!

Rikku: Well, I'd like to take you to the Home... but...

Rikku: We try to keep its location a secret.

Rikku: And especially a secret from the followers of Ebon!

Rikku: Since we're really disliked by the temples and all.

Rikku: Who knows what could happen if its location got out.

Wakka: You talk like they're the ones with the bad reputation. What're you saying the temples'd do?

Rikku: They really did, back in the old days......

Wakka: Only because the Al Bhed started things!

Tidus: Argh, but what difference does it make NOW?

Rikku: You promise not to tell anyone about what's on this island?

Tidus: Well, Wakka!

Wakka: Fiiiine, lead on.

Rikku: No problemo!

*In the next battle*

Rikku: Oh, leave these robotic ones to me!

Rikku: I can always use the spare parts on them.

(You can use Rikku's Steal command to steal and defeat the machines in one hit!)

Central area, far right ruin in the left branching path: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 17
Same screen, left of the right branch exit: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 18

*After passing through the desert*

Rikku: Over this way!

Rikku: Whaaa!?

Tidus: Rikku!?

Wakka: And you say Yuna's in there!?

Lulu: Let's all move in together...... okay?

Wakka: Where's Yuna!

Rikku: Keyack!

Rikku: Who is it!? Who's doing this!?

*Rikku: GAE came here to HOTSU?

*Keyack: Ebon...... Guado......

Rikku: Keyack!? Keyack!

Lulu: A war between Ebon and the Al Bhed......?

*Man: HOGYA right!

*Man: The Guado are trying to get the Summoners.

*Rikku: Father......

Man: You come with Rikku? Then lendus a hannd!

Man: We need to fight force the invading Guado out of the Home!

Tidus: Who was that?

Rikku: Cid.

Rikku: Head of the Al Bhed tribe...... and my father.

Tidus: Let's hurry.

Rikku: Yeah.. to save Yuna...

Tidus: Not just Yuna!

Rikku: Okay then!

On the left side of this area: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 19

*The group enters the Home*

Wakka: Yuna! Where are you!

*After the battle*

Wakka: The Guado have gone too far.

Rikku: It's awful......

*Tidus follows the group to the next room*

*Cid: LisHOTTSU!

*Cid: Rikku! Can you hear me!?

*Cid: You guy get outta here! The Home is lost!

*Cid: There're ZOZANU monsters!

Rikku: No way!?

Wakka: Translate!

Rikku: We have to get to the underground shelter!

Auron: Where is Yuna?

Rikku: Maybe in the [Summoner Room], this way!

In the living quarters on the lower-left side: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 20

Down the right-side path on the Main Road: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 21

*After leaving the Main Road at the upper-left, Tidus rejoins the group*

Wakka: There's nothing we can do here......

Rikku: Yes...... nothing......

Rikku: This place wasn't our original home, though.

Rikku: We left our old home when Sin attacked it.

Rikku: Our families were scattered all over, but we tried to survive.

Rikku: It was my father who brought us together here.

Rikku: He told us, after all those years we finally have ourselves a new Home.

Rikku: He made it all possible, and we all fought so hard.

Rikku: And then...... why! Why does this have to happen......

Wakka: Rikku......

Wakka: Grr! You don't have to hold back! What do the Guado think they're doing!?

*After the battle, the party heads down the staircase*

Lulu: Rikku, what is the Summoner Room?

Rikku: We care for the Summoners and try to keep them from death.

Wakka: After you kidnap them?

Rikku: Yeah.

Rikku: But see, you don't understand......

Wakka: I can guess......

Tidus: Something else I don't understand..

Tidus: You don't want them to die on their journey, so you kidnap them?

Tidus: But then, how can they defeat Sin if they can't go on their journey?

Tidus: I can see why you're worried, but isn't that why the Guards are there?

Tidus: If they do their job right, no way the Summoners will die!

Tidus: Right?

Tidus: Right!

Kimahri: The fighting has let up, Kimahri is going.

Rikku: Please be here, Yuna!

*Tidus follows the group*

Kimahri: Yuna!!

Donna: She's not here.

Donna: Been a while.

Donna: But I need to do the Farplane Send-Off before we talk.

Isarl: They sacrificed themselves...... to save us.

Isarl: There would be no excuse for not sending them off.

Posse: Hey...... what's "sacrifice?"

Posse: It's what the Summoners're supposed to do, but he said it about the Al Bhed people that...

Posse: But the Summoner's can't stop their journey, so...

Tidus: The Summoners rely on their Guards......

Tidus: But they were forced to stop their journeys......

Rikku: They have to stop!

Rikku: Or they continue their journeys...... they to go Zanarkand......

Rikku: They battle Sin...... and then...... Yuna......

Rikku: Yuna's gonna die!!

Rikku: Don't you know?

Rikku: The Summoner goes on her journey and seeks out the Ultimate Summon!

Rikku: Yuna told you that!?

Rikku: And with the Ultimate Summon, they can beat Sin? But...... but then!

Rikku: By using it, the Summoner dies!

Rikku: Sin will be defeated, but then we'll have just let Yuna die!!

Tidus: Was I the only one...... who didn't know?

Tidus: Was I the only one who didn't know!

Tidus: Just me! Why did you hide it from me!

Wakka: We didn't hide it.

Lulu: We... we were afraid to say it.

Tidus: Lulu, you... you said Yuna was like a little sister to you!

Tidus: So did you, Wakka!

Tidus: Why didn't you stop her!

Lulu: You think we didn't try to stop her!?

Lulu: It was...... her own decision.

Wakka: She chose the path of the Summoner, whether or not we approved.

Wakka: To fight Sin and die for it!

Rikku: But why do that!

Rikku: For the sake of the world's happiness, but still......

Rikku: It's not worth sacrificing her life for!

Isarl: The sacrifice is great.

Donna: But even you know the horrors that have been caused by Sin.

Isarl: A world without Sin..

Isarl: That is the dream of all the people of Ebon.

Isarl: If giving up my life can make that dream come true, then I won't hesitate!

Tidus: I...... I wanna talk to Yuna!

Tidus: To say let's go to Zanarkand right now! And defeat Sin......!

Tidus: And then afterwards that's it, that's all!!

Tidus: You don't know anything at all!

Tidus: You...... Yuna......

Tidus: But she...... she laughed.

*Begin flashback*

Yuna: Hey look here!

Tidus: You can do it, good job.

Yuna: You look down.

Tidus:'s nothin'.

Yuna: Wanna shout?

Tidus: It's not like that, really.

Yuna: You know...

Yuna: It might be a little strange for me to say, but......

Yuna: Summoners and their Guards are called Spira's Light of Hope.

Yuna: People put so much on us.

Yuna: So when I feel like I'm going to collapse, or just feel down......

Yuna: Want me to show you?

Tidus: Okay. But...... I have a hunch.

Yuna: Okay, try making a happy face!

Yuna: When I'm laughing...... I want to continue my journey.

*End flashback*

Tidus: I will apologize to her......

Tidus: We will save her!

*Tidus heads through the doorway and through the rest of the shelter*

*Cid: NDA no time! Hurry KINKINO!

*Brother: 3 minutes left!

*Cid: NUUNYA too slow! BEE 1 minute!

Tidus: Where is Yuna!

*Cid: HAN everyone on board?

*Man: All survivors accounted for!

Tidus: I asked you where she is!

Tidus: Tell me! Where is she!!

Cid: And what will you do when you find her?

Tidus: I want to tell her myself...... I don't know anything at all.

Tidus: It's hard, but I have to find her......

Tidus: To apologize. I have to tell her I'm sorry.

Cid: What for! That would be cowardly!

Cid: After that, you'd let her resume her journey, and go fight Sin?

Cid: It is a weight that rests on all Summoners, to be ready to die alone!

Tidus: No!!

Tidus: Yuna...... I won't let her die!

Cid: Heh! And how can you say that!

Tidus: I said I won't let her die!!

Cid: Boy. Saying that won't make it happen.

Cid: You can whine like that all you want, but just try doing it.

Tidus: Okay!

Tidus: Where are we!?

Cid: Don't you know! Then I'll show you.

Cid: On this airship!

Wakka: A......airship!?

*Brother: Father! KINCHINGA launch!

*Cid: Okay!! First flight in 1000 years!

*Brother: ZOw! ZOU moving!

*Cid: HA? ZAU risky NGANO?

*Brother: ZOw! CooNBEU!

*Cid: Next...... JIE flying it.

*Brother: ......I might not KIHA HA.

Wakka: What is this?

Rikku: They're going to blow up the Home.

Lulu: But how?

Cid: With those forbidden machines, as you call them.

*Cid: Ready! Fire!

*Cid: Gahahaha! Nice and RAPPUGA!

*Cid: Stop HANYA!

*Cid: Our technology is good, and EZAGA good when we use it again.

Wakka: Well, so... much for that... don't look so sad.

Wakka: It wasn't anything big, just like fireworks...... right?

Rikku: It's not like that at all! Geez!!

*Tidus speaks to Cid*

Tidus: Do you know anything about Yuna?

Cid: We will look for her now.

Cid: Using this Sphere Wave Investigator, it won't be a problem!

Tidus: Sphere Wave Investigator?

Cid: Technology from 1000 years ago.

Cid: But don't aske me how it works, because we're not really sure!

Lulu: You're going to use it without even knowing how it works!?

Cid: Aha!

Cid: You see, we didn't even know if this thing would fly!

Cid: Because of the Ebon ban on technology, we have been kept in the dark on how even simple things work!

Cid: What a wonderful moment this is!

*Tidus exits the bridge to explore the ship. When he returns to the bridge...*

Auron: What will you do after we rescue Yuna?

Auron: Is her safety really your primary concern?

Auron: Are you planning to make her cease her journey?

Cid: Obviously!

Cid: If she continues her journey, she will surely die.

Cid: Don't play games with me like that!

Cid: Keep your questions to yourself, I will not just let my niece die!

Cid: Once Yuna is safe, her days as a Summoner are over!

Auron: Even against her will?

Cid: It's better than letting her die!

Cid: Now leave before you start anything else. I don't want to get upset.

Auron: It can't be helped.

Cid: Good! Then we agree!

*Tidus speaks to Brother*

*Brother: Father! I have found where Yuna ZAKYODA!

*Cid: Where!?

*Brother: Displaying now!

Tidus: Yuna!?

Tidus: Where is that!?

Lulu: The [Holy Bevelle Shrine], capital city of the Ebon.

Tidus: Then let's head there, chief!

Cid: Don't you understand, boy?

Cid: Their defense network is impenetrable!

Tidus: Then what do you suggest we do!

Tidus: That's where Yuna is, so we're going in to rescue her.

Tidus: And that's all!

Cid: I hope you know what you're doing.

*Cid: KINNO Bevelle GA! Full-speed HOBEZUZA!

*Brother: Roger!

Cid: It won't be long till we reach Bevelle.

Cid: In the meantime......

Tidus: I'll get ready for combat!

*Tidus speaks to Rikku*

Rikku: How can Seymour be alive!?

Rikku: I thought for sure we finished him off at Macalania!

Auron: He is dead, the same as Jiskal.

Auron: He has a strong will, able to stay in this world instead of going to the Farplane.

Rikku: Wow! Persistent!

*Tidus speaks to Wakka*

Wakka: I'm glad Yuna is safe, but what was the get-up she was in?

Lulu: It was a bride's dress.

Wakka: Wha!?

*As Tidus is leaving the bridge*

Wakka: What the!?

Lin: It is an attack from inside.

Lin: I believe some of the monsters from the Guado attack have snuck aboard.

Cid: Then what're you just standin' around for!

Lin: What an attitude.

Cid: There's no other way! Then why doncha......

Rikku: Then why doncha get rid of them before ship blows up!

Cid: Wha!?

Rikku: Sometimes I just know my dad too well.

Rikku: After this's taken care of, let's go get Yuna back!

Rikku: We'll show those monsters who's boss.

Tidus: Right! Let's go!

Rikku: ......thanks.

Lin: Seems you've found a good friend for yourself, Rikku.

Lin: Good luck, you two.

*The groups wind its way through the ship, seeing something out the window near the top deck*

Auron: Hmm...... quite a sight to see.

Tidus: Wha- that's it!?

Rikku: What is that!?

Lulu: Effreya, a sacred Ebon guardian.

Lulu: The strongest of the Holy Bevelle Shrine's protectors.

Auron: Their highest level welcome party.

Tidus: That must mean we're close to Bevelle!

Cid: Rikku! Can you hear me!

Cid: You're gonna have to engage it!

Cid: Get out on the deck and head it off!

Cid: Go!

Rikku: There he goes with the orders again......

Auron: It's a high price to pay.

At the lift: [Circle Button]:Ascend

*On the deck outside*

Cid: You'll get hurt if you get too close to him! Be cautious while you fight!

Cid: I'll let you guys decide when to pull back!

Cid: And call out ahead of time! This big ship can't turn on a dime!

Tidus: Got it! I'll tell you when!

Rikku: I will too!

[Moving the Airship]

"You can change the distance between the airship and Effreya by using the [Close In] and [Pull Away] trigger commands. Only Tidus and Rikku can use these commands."

"When you tell him, Cid will give then order and the airship will move. But before Cid has given the order to move, you can still use the [Abort] command to cancel."

*After Effreya is defeated*

*Brother: Damn! Output KYUDATSUDA!

*Cid: Hey!

*Cid: There it is! Bevelle!

Kinock: Fire!

Seymour: Over here!

*After the landing*

Tidus: Yuna!!

*The group arrives at the center area*

Kinock: This game is over.

Seymour: Will you want to send me off to the Farplane until you're finally become my play bride?

Seymour: Such obstinance.

Seymour: So you'll make the perfect bride for me.

Maika: Halt!

Maika: Is this man's life not precious?

Maika: Your choice shall determine the fate of your companions.

Maika: Do you accept him?

Maika: Or do you abandon him?

Maika: What is your choice?

Seymour: Good.

Seymour: Kill them.

Kinock: Sorry. It's to keep order in the Ebon.

Auron: Don't those weapons defy the teachings?

Kinock: Not in the right time and place.

Yuna: Stop it!

Yuna: Drop your weapons. If you don't, I'll......

Yuna: Hurry up! Get away while you can!

Tidus: You're coming with us!

Yuna: It's alright, I'll get away!

Seymour: Please stop. It's hopeless if you fall from such a height.

Yuna: Don't worry about me. I can fly.

Yuna: ......Believe me.

Tidus: Yuna!

Rikku: Close your eyes!

Wakka: What was that?

Rikku: An Al Bhed flashbang!

Tidus: We're letting him go! We can finish off Seymour now!

Kimahri: Let him go. Yuna told us to run.

Lulu: We'll meet up with her next.

Auron: Fight our way through!

Rikku: Where do you think Yuna went!?

Kimahri: The Bevelle Shrine is a temple. That's where she would head!

Tidus: To the Prayer Child's Room!


Lulu: It's too quiet......

Lulu: A trap?

Tidus: Even if it's a trap, Yuna is waiting for us!

Rikku: Oh?

Wakka: What are machines doing in a temple......?

Rikku: Prolly 'cause they're useful.

Wakka: That's not the point! It's the teachings condemn them!

Rikku: And you're preaching to me why?

*The group descends the long staircase*

Wakka: More machines here......

Auron: This is the truth behind Ebon.

Auron: They betray their own teachings in the shadows.

Wakka: What fools we all are......

*They proceed further inside*

Lulu: This is the entrance to the trial.

Rikku: Yuna'd better be in here.

Wakka: Only one way to find out!

Lulu: Let's go!

On the floor of that area: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 22

*Bevelle Shrine, the most elaborate Hall of Trials yet. Insert and remove the spheres and make your way to the exit*
Special Item: Knight Lancer

*After exiting the Hall of Trials, the group is outside the Prayer Child's Room*

Tidus: Where's Yuna!?

Wakka: Maybe she's already inside!

Tidus: Maybe isn't good enough, we have to know for sure!

Wakka: H..hey wait......

Tidus: What do the laws matter at this point!

*Tidus goes inside*

Tidus: What the heck......?

Auron: It is the Prayer Child.

Auron: It binds with the soul of the Summoner, and grants the Summoned Beast's power.

Auron: Using a secret art, the spirit of a human, contained within the statue, is drawn out of the statue.

Auron: Behold, a pitiful shade.

Tidus: Yuna!

Rikku: Wait! Don't come any closer!

Kinock: Quite a catch.

Kinock: All of you shall stand trial.

Auron: I should hope we can expect a fair trial.

Kinock: You can always hope.

*Please name your new Summon: Bahamut*

[Would you like to save here?]
- Yes
- No

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