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*The scene opens in darkness*

Man: The Ebon Supreme court is now in session.

Man: Our holy court presides with impartial judgement in the name of Ebon.

Man: You who are about to be judged, believe in Ebon, and speak the truth.

Lulu: The priest Kelk Lonzo.

Kelk: Summoner Yuna.

Kelk: You carry a charge to protect the people of Ebon.

Yuna: Yes.

Kelk: Then explain for me.

Kelk: You brought harm to the priest Seymour Guado...

Kelk: Furthermore, you have consorted with the Al Bhed tribe and caused a disturbance in the city.

Kelk: This upsets the Ebon order, by itself an unforgivable act of treachery.

Kelk: Explain to this court what your reasoning was behind such reckless violence.

Yuna: It was...

Yuna: Seymour is the real traitor.

Yuna: He killed his own father, Lord Jiskal...!

Kelk: What's this!

Seymour: Oh, you hadn't heard?

Yuna: Not only that......

Yuna: Seymour himself... is already dead!

Lulu: It is the Summoner's responsibility to send off the dead to the Farplane.

Lulu: Yuna was only doing her duty.

Yuna: My lord Maika... why should we not send Seymour off?

Maika: Send the dead to the Farplane... you say?

Yuna: Yes.

Maika: Hehehehehe...

Yuna: My lord?

Maika: Send them to the Farplane......

Maika: You see, I am dead as well.

Wakka: Wha!?

Kelk: Maika is a wise leader, necessary to Spira even in death.

Kinock: His wisdom from beyond the grave surpasses even the foolish eyes of the living.

Seymour: Life itself is a hollow dream, but the one that follows it in death is eternal.

Maika: Humans die. Animals die. Plants die as well. Even the earth shall die.

Maika: The mere power of death controls everything in Spira.

Maika: Against it, resistence is futile.

Yuna: But... what about Sin?

Yuna: I am a Summoner, like my father before me!

Yuna: I am on my journey to bring an end to the death caused by Sin!

Yuna: Are... are you saying that too is futile!?

Yuna: But I am not alone!

Yuna: There are many people who stand as one to fight Sin...

Yuna: Are you saying their fight and sacrifice is for naught!?

Maika: I do not say that.

Maika: How many Summoners have sacrificed themselves and not defeated Sin?

Maika: For there is no way to keep it from returning.

Maika: Yet, the courage of those who fight gives hope to the people.

Maika: It decides the life and death of the Summoners, but it is not futile.

Auron: It is not futile, but it solves nothing either.

Maika: Hmph...

Maika: Indeed... but that is the truth of Ebon.

Yuna: Lord Maika!

Maika: You cannot change the truth of Ebon, nor can you stop it.

Yuna: It's ridiculous... it can't be...

Maika: One who would scoff the truth must truly be a traitor.

Yuna: Lord Maika!

*Tidus and Auron are locked away*

Tidus: Lemme out! Lemme out of here!

Tidus: Listen to me!

Auron: It's useless.

Tidus: What about Yuna?

Auron: Don't worry.

Auron: She is a strong girl. She'll get over it.

Tidus: Whaddya mean get over it!

Tidus: If she keeps on her journey, she's just gonna die.

Tidus: Only in Spira...

Tidus: That someone dying or being killed is so trivial.

Auron: Yes... the spiral of death.

Tidus: Eh?

Auron: By facing Sin to prevent death, the Summoners themselves die.

Auron: And to protect the Summoners, their Guards sacrifice their lives as well.

Auron: The true form of the Prayer Child is a departed soul. The priests of Ebon are also dead.

Auron: Spira is full of death.

Auron: Only Sin can return, whilst the dead pile up.

Auron: Thus it continues for all time, the spiral of death.

Kinock: Get out. Your sentence has been decided.

Auron: Our sentence? Are you sure there's not some mistake?

Kinock: What's that? You think I shouldn't sentence an old friend, do you?

Auron: As you say.

Guard: Well then, you're next.

Tidus: What kind of sentence is this!?

Guard: Get goin'!

Tidus: Where is everybody!?

Guard: Why doncha swim over there and find out?

Wakka: Oh! You made it!

Tidus: What kind of a sentence is this?

Wakka: They said we'd die a dog's death down here, or somethin'.

Tidus: Oh greeeat!

Rikku: Where's Yuna?

Tidus: I dunno.

Rikku: Think she might show up if we wait here?

Tidus: Hmmm...

Tidus: Let's wait at the exit.

Rikku: The exit... wherever that is.


Maika: What happened with the Lonzo priest?

Seymour: I don't think he appreciated my father's demise.

Maika: Hmph... he is a Lonzo after all.

Maika: His thickheadedness has kept him where he is.

Seymour: On that note...

Seymour: Yuna is the daughter of the Great Summoner Braska.

Seymour: She could still prove to be useful.

Maika: That girl interferes with the Ebon order.

Maika: She will only prove to be trouble.

Seymour: you wish.

Kinock: Give it up, Seymour.

Kinock: No one can be put into the Path of Atonement and come out alive.

Maika: But there is always the possibility...

Maika: Gather some troops at the gates. If they show themselves, dispose of them.

Seymour: Allow me to take care of it.

Maika: Aha... even though your bride will be there?

Seymour: Because she will be. I will take care of her personally.

Kinock: Wait, I'll go too.

Seymour: You don't trust me?

Kinock: How can you trust a man who killed his own father?

Seymour: Fine, do as you like.

Man: Lady Yuna, forgive me!

[To the Condemned]

"You will find slates in various places on the Path of Atonement. Normally nothing happens when you step on them."

"However, if you step on a lighted slate while an arrow is blinking, you will be transported to another slate in that direction. If there is no slate in that direction, then nothing will happen."

*Yuna finds Kimahri*

Kimahri: Yuna, don't go far.

Yuna: No... it's alright.

*Yuna finds Auron*

Auron: There must be an exit somewhere. Let us find it.

*Yuna and Auron encounter Isarl*

Isarl: Yuna! You're here...

Yuna: What are you doing here...

Isarl: I left the airship and crossed the Nagy Plains to get to Bevelle...

Isarl: Kinock summoned me here, with an order to dispose of a traitor.

Auron: So will you?

Isarl: An order from the temple is absolute.

Isarl: Even for the daughter of Lord Braska...

Isarl: I cannot refuse it.

Isarl: Yuna... I'm sorry.

*Begin combat*

Isarl: A battle of Summoned Beasts.

*After defeating Ifrit, Isarl summons Valfor*

Isarl: We're not through yet.

*After Valfor, Isarl summons Blade (aka Bahamut)*

Isarl: You can't back off now!

*Blade counts down to 0 then does his Overdrive*

*After the battle*

Isarl: Ugh...

Isarl: Stay back!

Isarl: ...beyond here is the way out.

Auron: Cease your journey.

*Back with Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku, they swim along the passage and encounter their old buddy Effreya*

Trigger Command: Unlock Gate

*After defeating Effreya, the party is reunited*

Rikku: Yuna!

Rikku: You're okay!

Rikku: You're really okay! We were so worried!

Yuna: I'm fine... thank you.

Tidus: Err... well, um...

Auron: Kinock...!

Tidus: Why you!

Seymour: I helped him out.

Seymour: He died of too much power.

Seymour: In the struggle for great power, there is always the chance to fail...

Seymour: Ever wary of the an unseen rival, you devise silly plans to protect yourself.

Seymour: Pause to enjoy the moment, and you risk being overrun.

Seymour: But now...

Seymour: I no longer worry, for I have my eternal rest.

Seymour: Death is a sweet sleep.

Seymour: It removes, no it heals, all pain and sorrow.

Seymour: Thus...

Seymour: If all life is destroyed, so... too... shall all pain vanish.

Seymour: Don't you see?

Seymour: This is a relief you must feel.

Seymour: So then, Yuna.

Seymour: Come with me to Zanarkand, to the most remote home of the dead.

Seymour: And with the power of death we can save Spira.

Seymour: I can see life again with your power, and thus become a new Sin...

Seymour: I shall destroy Spira, and save it.

Tidus: What the hell are you...

Seymour: How unsightly...

Seymour: As you wish.

Seymour: Then I will give you your rest!

Kimahri: Run! Protect Yuna!!

Auron: Let's move!

Tidus: Don't be tellin' me...

Auron: I said let's go!

Tidus: Damn it!

Yuna: We can't leave Kimahri behind!

Auron: He is a Guard. His first duty is to protect you.

Yuna: But still!

Tidus: That's right! We're Guards!

Tidus: Yes, I am a Guard!

Tidus: So I have to accompany Yuna wherever she goes!

Yuna: Wherever?

Tidus: And to protect you!

Yuna: Okay...

Tidus&Yuna: Let's go!

Tidus: Kimahri! We won't let you go it alone!

Wakka: Heyy! I'm comin' too!

Rikku: Me too!

Lulu: I am going too.

*The battle commences when you reach Kimahri at the far side of the bridge*

Trigger Command: Speak

*Speaking, with Tidus*

Seymour: So. You too wish for the eternal slumber of death?

Tidus: Would you shut up already!

[Tidus' Attack raised!]

*Speaking, with Yuna*

Seymour: I hoped you would return to me, but it does not seem like you'll go with me.

Yuna: You're going, alone, when I send you off to the Farplane!

[Yuna's Magic Defense raised!]

*Speaking, with Auron*

Auron: You killed Kinock like the worm you are...

Auron: Though he was my enemy, he was once my friend.

[Auron's Attack raised!]

*After the battle*

"We got away somehow, but Yuna seemed upset.
And why not, everything she had believed in had betrayed her.
I didn't know if there was anything I could do...
And I never knew if I was doing any good, so..."

Wakka: Well?

Auron: We're not being followed.

Auron: But we should probably avoid Bevelle for now.

Auron: Where is Yuna?

Rikku: She said she wanted to be alone.

Auron: I wonder...

*Tidus finds Yuna near a moonlit lagoon*

Yuna: It shouldn't have been like this...

Yuna: I thought I could help everyone...

Yuna: And be able to laugh at the end.

Yuna: I tried so hard...

Tidus: So stop trying so much.

Tidus: I heard what you were saying...

Yuna: You did?

Yuna: I see... well now you know.

Tidus: ...I'm sorry.

Tidus: Well, um... I just wanted to tell you some things.

Tidus: Let's defeat Sin, let's go to Zanarkand, you know...

Tidus: I wasn't sure what you'd think.

Tidus: Or well... how it'd make you feel.

Tidus: Sorry.

Yuna: Don't be sorry.

Yuna: It was nice of you.

Tidus: You know...

Tidus: You should stop if it makes you feel bad.

Yuna: Stop trying?

Tidus: No, your journey.

Tidus: Forget about things like Sin and Summoners.

Tidus: And then, just try to live life simple and carefree.

Yuna: ...that'd probably be nice.

Yuna: But it'd be such a shock to everyone.

Tidus: Yeah.

Tidus: But it'd be okay, Rikku would support you.

Tidus: Lulu and Wakka would too eventually!

Yuna: I think Kimahri would understand as well. But Auron...

Tidus: Oh leave him to me, I'll tell him how it is!

Yuna: No, it has to come from me. That's only fair.

Yuna: What would I do if I did quit the journey...

Tidus: Zanarkand! We'd go to Zanarkand!!

Tidus: Not the one on Spira, my Zanarkand!

Tidus: We could use the airship, and everyone else would come too.

Tidus: It'd rock the house!

Yuna: I'd like to see a Blitzball game!

Yuna: With you and the Zanarkand Abes.

Yuna: Late at night in the stadium, with everyone cheering and shouting.

Yuna: I just want to see it and scream with the crowd.

Tidus: Let's do it!

Yuna: What about after the game?

Tidus: Then we can do whatever we want!

Yuna: So late at night?

Tidus: Oh don't worry! Zanarkand never sleeps!

Tidus: Sometimes I just sit and watch the sea before the sun rises.

Tidus: The lights of the city go out, even the stars fade away...

Tidus: Then, far off on the horizon it begins to brighten.

Tidus: Soon the sea, sky, and city too are bathed in a warm glow...

Tidus: It's really beautiful... amazing...

Tidus: I want you to see it too.

Yuna: I do want to see it...

Tidus: Then I'll take you! We'll go together.

Tidus: Yu...

Yuna: I can't... I just can't......

Yuna: I can't go...

Tidus: Yuna.

*After the scene ends*

Yuna: I... I will continue my journey.

Tidus: Okay.

Yuna: If I had stopped...

Yuna: It would be... just too hard to doing anything else afterwards.

Yuna: Even if I was with you... I wouldn't have been able to laugh.

Tidus: ...yeah.

Tidus: Well, I'll go too.

Tidus: I'm your Guard, after all.

Tidus: So 'zat it for us?

Yuna: Just until it's all over... please.

Tidus: Could be a long time...

Tidus: Till the end.

Yuna: ...thank you.

Yuna: Think we should get back to the others?

Tidus: I gueeeess so.

*While walking back*

Yuna: We can still walk together, right?

*When they get back to the group*

Yuna: I, well......

Yuna: Auron.

Yuna: Wakka.

Yuna: Lulu.

Yuna: Kimahri.

Yuna: Rikku.

Yuna: Let's head out when the sun rises.

Yuna: And, well...

Yuna: I'm so sorry for worrying you all.

Yuna: So...

Auron: That's enough. Take it easy... we should rest.

Yuna: Yes.

Yuna: Good night, everyone.

*The next day, the group heads out onto the Nagy Plains and Mount Gagazett*

Lulu: The Nagy Plains.

Lulu: The place where many generations of Great Summoners fought against Sin.

Lulu: And many... met their end here.

Lulu: There are neither village nor town before us, only the open wilderness.

Auron: Without roads, we're bound to find other lost Summoners as well.

Yuna: I'm... I'm not lost.

Tidus: I...

Tidus: I won't let you get hurt. No way, no how.

Yuna: ...good.

Yuna: Let's go.

"No way... no how.
As I said it to her, I knew... that was truly how I felt."

*Wandering through the plains, the group finds an encampment, with Velgemine waiting for them*

Velgemine: Oh, it's you. Seems you guys are being called traitors now.

Tidus: And you're still talking to us?

Velgemine: Eh? I don't pay attention to the ramblings of those old priests.

Velgemine: Summoners exist to defeat Sin, not to obey the temples. Isn't that so?

Yuna: ...yes it is.

Velgemine: So, are you confident you can defeat Sin?

Yuna: I don't know. But... I'm going to try.

Velgemine: A good attitude, but that alone won't do it.

Velgemine: Show me your power, in a battle of Summoned Beasts.
* - Fight
- Don't

Velgemine: Very well. But, before we begin......

Velgemine: I have healed your Summoned Beasts. Let us begin.

*In battle*

Velgemine: Call upon the Summoned Beast of your choice.

[Text-box mid-battle]
"You can a Summoned Beasts stats using [Raise] from the menu screen. You can raise Shiva's HP to endure heavy blows, or improve Bahamut's Speed. You can transform a Summoned Beast's shortcomings into one of its strengths."

*After Velgemine's Shiva is defeated*

Velgemine: Alright, that's enough.

Velgemine: Well done, an excellent show of skill.

Velgemine: Branded a traitor, your fight with Sin is all you have left.

Velgemine: But in that, you have my blessing.

[Got 30 Power Spheres!]

[Got Summoner's Heart!]

Yuna: Thank you very much.

Velgemine: I don't doubt you can do it.

Velgemine: But you may not yet have enough power. Seek out Remiame, the hidden temple.

Velgemine: I shall wait for you there. Till then.

*Raising Tutorial*

"Since you got the [Summoner's Heart]"

"You can now use items to raise your Summoned Beasts' stats."

"Choose [Raise]"

"Then select the Summoned Beast you wish to raise."

"The stats of the selected Summoned Beast are displayed. Stats you cannot raise are displayed in Grey."

"To the right, the Summoned Beast's current stat level is displayed."

"Ixion's Attack is currently 20."

"When you select a stat to raise, the item cost will be displayed at the upper right."

"The item cost varies depending on the Summoned Beast's current stat."

"Since this stat is higher, the item cost is also higher."

"So, choose the stat you wish to raise."

[!] You have already learned this ability.

"Abilities that you do not have the necessary items for will also appear in Grey."

"You must be completely sure you want to do this."

"When you choose [Yes], your Summoned Beast's stat will be raised."

[!] Ixion's [Magic] has been raised 1!

"This is the end of the Raising Tutorial."

*The group enters the encampment, and a man approaches from the distance*

Lulu: Master Zuke!

Zuke: It's been a while.

Zuke: Miss Yuna, I presume?

Zuke: Hmm...

Zuke: You don't look much like the kind of outlaw to have killed Kinock.

Wakka: Whaddya mean by that!?

Yuna: Could you please explain what you just said?

Zuke: Not long ago, a general order went out from the high priest Maika.

Zuke: The Summoner Yuna and her Guards have assassinated the priest Kinock and escaped.

Zuke: If they are discovered, their sentence is to be carried out... execution.

Auron: What about places besides Bevelle?

Zuke: Official word is moving slowly, but even the fishes know about it.

Zuke: Also, in the wake of Kinock's death, Kelk Lonzo has resigned.

Auron: How convenient.

Auron: With Ebon in confusion, locating us will be more difficult.

Zuke: But have a care, you are all now enemies of Ebon.

Zuke: It would be wise of you to stay away from the temples as well.

Yuna: Thank you very much for the advice.

Lulu: Master, did you come here just to tell us this?

Zuke: You watch out for the Summoner, but who watches out for you...

Zuke: That was my reason for doing this.

Zuke: May good fortune go with you from now till the end.

Zuke: For you will have to do it by yourselves.

Lulu: ...yes, Master.

Zuke: Well, I am off. I pray for your safety.

*Tidus speaks to Yuna*

Yuna: I guess we're full-blown traitors now...

Tidus: Well we'll sort things out with anyone who tries saying that.

Yuna: It's alright. I don't care.

Yuna: But even so... I'm still a little... It will just be hard to explain to people...

Tidus: Don't worry about explaining it, they'd just see you as making excuses.

Yuna: Excuses...?

Yuna: Maybe I'll be able to explain it eventually.

Tidus: Sure.

*Tidus speaks to Lulu*

Tidus: Who was that?

Lulu: Until just a short time ago, he was a Summoner, and Wakka and I were his Guards.

Wakka: Well, but it was a pretty short journey.

Lulu: Our Master stopped his journey mid-way through, on these plains.

Lulu: Now he serves in the order or priests in the Bevelle temple.

*Tidus speaks to Wakka*

Wakka: Ah, back journeying with Master Zuke...

Wakka: I'll tell you about it sometime.

Wakka: Back when he quit his journey, he used to tell me...

Wakka: If I thought about Blitzball too much, I could never devote myself to being a Guard...

Wakka: After all this time, I guess he was right.

*Tidus speaks to Auron*

Auron: So much for that.

Tidus: For what?

Auron: Maika and Seymour have different interests at heart.

Auron: Recall Seymour's words from the end.

Auron: I don't think Maika would approve of his goals.

*Tidus speaks to Rikku*

Rikku: When're we gonna stop doing this...

Tidus: It's Yuna's decision, not ours.

Rikku: But she do it on her own just fine!

Tidus: Do it on her own?

Tidus: We have to keep her safe until she can use the Ultimate Summon.

Rikku: Why should we?

Tidus: You shouldn't think that way.

Rikku: But should I not be thinking anything at all, then?

Tidus: I think we're through talking.

Tidus: Unless you quit with all the "but"s.

Rikku: Sorry...

Tidus: Let's think about this together.

Rikku: Okay.

Tidus: Well, then, rather than not thinking about anything at all...

Tidus: Think, we'll get it done, one way or another.

Rikku: Got it.

*Tidus speaks to Kimahri*

Kimahri: Gagazett is Lonzo territory, Kimahri's home.

Tidus: I see, you probably wanna see your family again.

Kimahri: Kimahri has no family.

Tidus: Oh... sorry.

Kimahri: But Kimahri is not alone.

In the northwesternmost corner of the Plains: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 23

*The group continues through the plains, finally coming to a bridge*

Man: Halt.

Man: We have called for Lord Seymour, he shall come soon.

Yuna: We have nothing to say to Seymour.

Tidus: And that's that, now back off.

Man: Lord Seymour's orders are absolute, and we will ever obey him.

Man: He was able to speak, and even though dead, we will obey him.

*After the subsequent battle, Seymour's henchmen have vanished. The group moves towards the second bridge*

Tidus: Not down this way?

Lulu: That way descends into the valley floor.

Wakka: I never knew thaat!

Wakka: ...Hmm?

*The group crosses the bridge*

"She would look around with that expression sometimes...
I finally understood it.
As she passed through these places... she was saying good-bye."

*As the group makes its way up the mountain, it is intercepted by some more characters*

Kelk: Summoner Yuna and her many Guards, leave now.

Kelk: The Lonzo safeguard Gagazett, the holy mountain of Ebon.

Kelk: Traitors that betray the teachings shall not set foot on this mount.

Biran: Ebon's enemies are Lonzo's enemies. Go away, traitors!

Yuna: I have renounced my oath to the temples. I no longer obey their orders.

Kelk: Your words change nothing!

Yuna: That's fine.

Yuna: The temples have warped the teachings. They betray all of Spira.

Wakka: In fact it's you that are full of tricks and betrayals!

Tidus: Right right!

Rikku: Right right!

Yuna: I do not regret my decision.

Enkeh: How dare you!

Kelk: Just a Summoner, and her Guards...

Lulu: But I must ask you, Kelk Lonzo.

Lulu: Did you not leave Bevelle as well?

Auron: To protect the mountain and preserve your family's pride.

Auron: Just as with Yuna.

Kelk: Hmph...

Biran: Chief Kelk!

Biran: Let me tear these fools to pieces!

Enkeh: Unless they run away!

Yuna: No. We will not run.

Yuna: We will fight, and continue our journey.

Kelk: Despite being branded traitors, you still wish to face Sin?

Kelk: You renounce the temples, turn your back on your people, and still wish to continue your journey!?

Kelk: Then what is it you fight for!

Yuna: I love Spira.

Yuna: I want to bring peace to all those people longing for it.

Yuna: No more than that.

Yuna: To do it by defeating Sin.

Yuna: ...and that's all.

Kelk: You would sacrifice yourself for that...?

Kelk: The way is open for you, young one.

Kelk: Your heart is stronger than steel, Summoner Yuna.

Kelk: Even when faced by Lonzo warriors, your will does not bend.

Kelk: Truly splendid willpower.

Kelk: We shall go.

Kelk: The sacred Mount Gagazett shall welcome you.

Yuna: Thank you so very much.

*The group continues up, but is stopped once again*

Biran: Wait!

Tidus: Are you gonna stop us again!

Biran: The Summoner may pass. Her Guards may pass as well.

Biran: But Kimahri may not pass.

Biran: Kimahri is a disgrace to the Lonzo tribe. He has abandoned the Lonzo creed.

Enkeh: He abandoned his people, abandoned his sacred home! The little Lonzo, the weak Lonzo!

Biran: The mountain hates the small and weak. If we let you go...

Kimahri: What if I show you my power?

Biran: Think you could win?

Biran: Did Kimahri forget who broke off his horn?

Biran: Kimahri did not defeat Biran the last time.

Kimahri: This time, I will win. That will settle it.

Tidus: [Why you...] Wha, going to tell me this is just a Lonzo problem!?

Kimahri: This is Kimahri's problem.

*Kimahri enters combat alone against Biran and Enkeh. Be sure to use Kimahri's Dragon Sword wisely in this battle, as you can learn Mighty Guard, White Wind, and a host of other Enemy Skills here*

Biran: Biran will tear you to pieces!

Enkeh: Got no horn! Got no horn!

*After defeating Enkeh*

Biran: Gwaaaaaaaaa!

*After defeating Biran*

Biran: You have done well, Kimahri Lonzo!

Biran: You have grown strong, Kimahri. Biran is glad.

Biran: Sacred Mount Gagazett!

Biran: I bring to you the glorious name of the warrior that defeated Biran!

Biran: Remember him well, Gagazett! His name is Kimahri Lonzo!

Enkeh: Now the mountain knows of Kimahri's strength, and welcomes him.

Biran: Summoner!

Biran: We of the Lonzo tribe shall hold back any from the temples that pursue you.

Yuna: You really will?!

Biran: To repay Kimahri for breaking off his horn long ago.

Biran: We will defeat all enemies that come after the Summoner.

Kimahri: And Kimahri will defeat all enemies that stand before her.

Biran: No Summoner has ever been so blessed.

Yuna: Thank you.

Enkeh: They will build statues of you, and the Lonzo will shine them.

Yuna: ...alright.

Yuna: But I am traitor now, so I don't know if they will build any statues.

Biran: Then the Lonzo will build them.

Enkeh: And you will have a great horn indeed.

Yuna: Thank you again.

"I'd like to see Yuna's statue as well someday.
...with her by my side."

*Once again, the group is stopped on its way up the mountain*

Biran: Summoner Yuna!

Tidus: What this time!

*The group winds its way along the mountain paths. Across on the other side...*

Rikku: When we're past the mountain... we'll be at Zanarkand.

Tidus: I know.

Rikku: Then Yuna'll get the Ultimate Summon.

Tidus: Yeah, I know.

Rikku: I'm not sure how I should feel about this...

Tidus: Me either.

Rikku: Whadda we do?

Tidus: It'll be okay.

Tidus: Even though we don't know how.

Tidus: It doesn't look like we can do anything for her...

Tidus: But we'll go to Zanarkand anyway, and figure something out there.

Tidus: I'm sure of it.

Rikku: Oh reeeally......

Rikku: You're sayin' to just leave it to the Ace, huh?

Tidus: Like I said, I'm the Ace of the Zanarkand Abes!

Rikku: Oh ho ho!

Rikku: Wha!?

Seymour: Ah... the son of Jecto.

Tidus: Rikku, hurry. Go find Auron.

Rikku: You're gonna fight him by yourself!?

Tidus: Don't worry, just go!

Seymour: Excellent. You shall feel the release of death.

Tidus: Keep the hell away from me!

Kimahri: Hold it right there.

Seymour: Nice to see you, Yuna.

Lulu: Yuna, go!

Seymour: The Farplane Send-off?

Seymour: Before that, however, I have something to say to the surviving Lonzo here.

Seymour: You had a truly... truly courageous tribe.

Seymour: They fought with abandon to prevent my coming...

Seymour: Now... only one...

Kimahri: Ridiculous...

Yuna: Kimahri...

Seymour: Tis how the Lonzos grieve. You want I should help him to feel better?

Yuna: Say whatever you want.

Seymour: If I help him to his death, he will not have to grieve at all.

Seymour: Spira...

Seymour: It has been caught up in the spiral of death, filled with grief and pain.

Seymour: I will become Sin, to heal all the agony through destruction.

Seymour: Using your power.

Seymour: So come with me if you like.

Seymour: Once I have become Sin, I'll be able to help your father as well.

Tidus: What the hell do you know!!

Seymour: How pathetic.

Seymour: I'll take away your pain too while I'm here.

Seymour: And save you from all your sorrows.

*Battle commences*

Trigger Command: Speak

*Speaking, with Yuna*

Seymour: Don't you want to heal Spira's grief?

Seymour: Only when you embrace the full power of destruction can you finally rest in peace.

Yuna: You're just running away from your fate!

[Yuna's Magic Defense raised!]

*Speaking, with Kimahri*

Kimahri: Kimahri will have his revenge on you!

Kimahri: The strength of the Lonzo tribe will drive this spear to your doom!!

[Kimahri's Attack raised!]

*After the battle*

Tidus: And don't come back!

Yuna: He'll become Sin... through my power...

Auron: Nonsense, forget about it.

Yuna: Once he has become Sin, he'll be able to help Jecto...?

Auron: Let's go.

Yuna: If you know something about this then tell me!

Yuna: Tell me.

Tidus: Sin's... my father.

Wakka: What was that?

Tidus: Sin is my father. My father became Sin.

Tidus: Heck if I know how he did it.

Tidus: But... I felt him. He's there, inside of Sin.

Tidus: My father is doing all this to Spira.

Tidus: ......I'm sorry.

Yuna: ...I'm sorry.

Yuna: But even if Sin is Jecto...

Yuna: Sin is still Sin, and I still have to...

Tidus: Defeat it. I know.

Tidus: My father wants you to do it too.

Lulu: Will you be able... to fight your own father?

Tidus: It'll be okay, I'll do it.

Wakka: Well, so anyway...

Wakka: When you were poisoned by Sin, couldn't... you... have just dreamt it?

Wakka: And Chap could be...

Wakka: ...sorry, I didn't listen to a word you said.

Wakka: What made me start off on that?

Wakka: There's nothing I can do to change the way things are.

Auron: You will understand shortly. Just a little further.

*The group continues through the mountainside*

Yuna: Wha!?

Wakka: What is this place!?

Yuna: They are the Prayer Children.

Yuna: They're summoning...

Yuna: Summoning someone...

Yuna: It's taking all their power to do it.

Rikku: Wow, that much?

Lulu: How unusual... Who could it be... and for what?

Rikku: You know somethin' about all this? Tell us!

Auron: I'm not the person you need to ask. That's what the journey is for.

Rikku: But Yuna's life is at stake here!

Tidus: No... Auron's right.

Rikku: Eh?

Tidus: This is our... this is my story.

Tidus: Uwa!?

*Tidus enters a dream*

Tidus: Huh?

*Inside the doorway*

Prayer Child: Welcome home.

Tidus: You're...

Prayer Child: You remember me? You saw me in Bevelle.

Tidus: Oh... yeah.

Prayer Child: But that wasn't the first time, was it?

Prayer Child: I knew about you, from long long ago.

Tidus: I think... I remember that too.

Tidus: Where is this?

Tidus: Don't you recognize your own home?

Wakka: What're you waiting for!?

Rikku: Hey, wake up!

Tidus: Maybe... all of it was a dream.

Prayer Child: Bingo.

Tidus: A dream!?

Tidus: But that can't be!

Tidus: I can't have been dreaming all this time.

Prayer Child: You haven't.

Prayer Child: You haven't been dreaming at all. You are the dream.

Tidus: Eh? What do you mean?

*Tidus pursues the child*

Prayer Child: Long ago, there was a great war.

Tidus: With the machines, right?

Prayer Child: Yes, fought by Bevelle and Zanarkand.

Prayer Child: It was a struggle from the very beginning. All of Bevelle's troups were mechanical...

Prayer Child: Zanarkand's Summoners were barely able to hold them off.

Prayer Child: But they weren't able to save Zanarkand.

Prayer Child: Now it's only a husk.

Tidus: What did they do...?

Prayer Child: The surviving Summoners, together with the remaining people from Zanarkand...

Prayer Child: They became Prayer Children, so that they could still summon.

Tidus: Did... did they summon Sin!?

Prayer Child: Not Sin... but this place.

Prayer Child: Zanarkand, the city that never sleeps.

Tidus: Wha?

Prayer Child: By entering their dreams, they can summon their memories of Zanarkand.

Prayer Child: One by one, summoning each building and person to live there.

Tidus: But...the people are dreams too?!

Tidus: And me... too?

Prayer Child: You are the Prayer Children's dream.

Prayer Child: Everyone, your father, your mother... all dreams.

Prayer Child: And when the Prayer Children's dream ends...

Tidus: Stop.

Tidus: I believe you.

Tidus: But... don't end me.

Prayer Child: We have been dreaming for ages... so very tired.

Prayer Child: But you and your father just won't let us sleep, will you?

Prayer Child: The two of you have brought up Sin.

Prayer Child: Sin is at the heart of Spira's spinning spiral of death.

Tidus: I don't understand what you're saying...

Prayer Child: The two of you are nothing more than dreams.

Yuna: Open your eyes, please!

Prayer Child: Just a second, and you can go.

Prayer Child: You cannot be a dream that doesn't come to an end...

*Tidus wakes up*

Yuna: Are you okay?

Yuna: What a relief...

Rikku: Grr... you had us so worried!

Lulu: Are you alright?

Tidus: ...yes.

Yuna: Is something the matter...?

Tidus: It's nothing, just a dream when I fainted.

Tidus: I called out to everyone... then woke up.

Tidus: Whew that rest sure made me feel better! Well, let's get going!

*The group proceeds into a large cavern, eventually coming to a pool of water*

Wakka: Oh, we'll take care of this one.

Lulu: Just to be on the safe side, we should just send 3 people through the water.

Lulu: Hurry back if you run into any danger.

Wakka: Sure thing!

Yuna: Take care.

*At the end of the watery path*

[First Trial of Gagazett]

"Hit the center switch using Wakka's ball!"

O : Throw ball
X : Return

*After completing the first trial, a new area opens up, leading to another water path, and another trial*

[Second Trial of Gagazett]

"The switches in all 3 openings must be pressed at the same time! Choose the right opening to fit each person into!"

Arrows : Select an opening
O : Decide
X : Return

*After completing the second trial, the party ascends to the outside*

Auron: We should proceed with caution...

Auron: She has released monsters to test a Summoner's powers.

Yuna: Who do you mean...?

Auron: Yunalesca.

Yuna: Lady Yunalesca!?

Auron: She is waiting in Zanarkand, for Summoners with enough strength.

Yuna: Is she still... alive?

Auron: In the same way Maika and Seymour are.

Yuna: Oh my......

Auron: Are you frightened?

Yuna: No.

Yuna: I'm not afraid of anything anymore.

Auron: You are Braska's daughter...

Yuna: I hope I can prove myself worthy of that, in the end.

*The group continues up and outside*

Auron: Hurry up!

*The group battles the Holyland Guardian. Afterwards...*

Rikku: Man! Isn't it about time for a break?

Auron: There's no need to rest. We can pause briefly on the summit.

Rikku: But I wanna rest for more than just a minute!

Rikku: I want some time to think, not just a brief pause.

Yuna: Rikku...

Rikku: It's fine. I'll do my thinking while we walk.

Wakka: Hey, what's up? Let's get goin'.

Tidus: It's just... we're so close.

Wakka: We've gotten here at last...

Tidus: It just feels strange.

Auron: I felt the same way.

Auron: When I first returned to Zanarkand, I felt that premonition too.

Auron: We fought our way here and Braska obtained the Ultimate Summon...

Auron: He fought Sin, and died.

Auron: From the very beginning I had been ready for it, but...

Auron: At the moment of truth, I was afraid.

Wakka: That's... surprising.. to hear.

Wakka: That something could really get to a legendary Guard like you...

Auron: Legendary? I was much less experienced when it happened.

Auron: Right about the age you are now.

Auron: I pleaded for a way to change things...

Auron: But in the end, I accomplished nothing.

Auron: That... is my story.

*The group continues, and comes to a mountainside that overlooks the ruins*

"A city destroyed a thousand years ago.
I thought I had wanted to see it for myself.
The goal of Yuna's journey.
And the final chapter of my story...
All sorts of feelings flooded me... and I pushed them down.
It was more than words could describe..."

Rikku: And no one has a problem with this!?

Rikku: When we get down there, Yuna will...

Yuna: I appreciate your concern, really I do.

Yuna: But...

Yuna: We can't change the way things are.

Rikku: Don't say we can't change it.

Rikku: We just need to stop and think!

Rikku: Think of a way you can survive!

Yuna: If I stop and think... I might not go through with it.

Rikku: Yuna...

Yuna: Thank you, Rikku. Thank you so much.

Rikku: Don't... Don't say things like that, Yuna...

Yuna: Say Hi to Cid for me, okay?

Rikku: I won't, say it to him yourself.

Yuna: Please...?

Rikku: Don't say things like that...

Rikku: I'll never speak to you again if you do!

Yuna: Kimahri, let's go.

*Tidus picks up the fallen sphere*

Yuna: Auron.

Yuna: I heard from Kimahri.

Yuna: The things my father said when you all left Bevelle...

Yuna: He told me about this man named Auron.

Yuna: I so wanted to meet you someday.

Yuna: And I was so happy when I finally did.

Yuna: I didn't know how could I thank you, when you asked to be my Guard...

Yuna: No... I could thank you by defeating Sin.

Yuna: Right?

Yuna: Yes! I am going to defeat Sin.

Yuna: And since you are all watching this, Sin must already be gone.

Yuna: And... me too.

Yuna: That's why I'm saying all this.

Yuna: Thank you, Auron.

Yuna: Kimahri...

Yuna: Do you remember the day we first met?

Yuna: I was only seven years old.

Yuna: Father defeated Sin, and Bevelle was in an uproar...

Yuna: Everyone so admired Father... I was happy just to be me.

Yuna: But then nightfall came.

Yuna: Sin was defeated, but Father was dead.

Yuna: It made me feel so lonely.

Yuna: I couldn't sleep, so I snuck out of the city to escape the celebrating...

Yuna: I stood on the long bridge in Bevelle, and just gazed out alone.

Yuna: Because it was a gaze to say goodbye to Father, over the Plains that he had fought on.

Yuna: And then you appeared, Kimahri.

Yuna: You told me you were looking for Braska's daughter, remember?

Yuna: At first... I was a little scared.

Yuna: But I quickly realized what a gentle person you are.

Yuna: You weren't very used to talking to a child, though.

Yuna: When I told you I was Braska's daughter...

Yuna: I asked you to take me someplace far far away from Bevelle...

Yuna: To take me to where the dead people go.

Yuna: I began to cry too.

Yuna: Because, I said, my father had just died...

Yuna: And I knew I could never see him again...

Yuna: You didn't say anything, but just hugged me...

Yuna: And again when we arrived at Beside, and I started crying.

Yuna: Even when you entrusted me to the temple, I didn't want you to leave the village.

Yuna: I told you not to go, and held onto you and cried.

Yuna: And so, you always stayed closeby...

Yuna: Kimahri... thank you so very much.

Yuna: I love your broken horn.

Yuna: Wakka, Lulu...

Yuna: I'll never forget our days on Beside.

Yuna: Playing around, together with Chap.

Yuna: It made every day feel so great.

Yuna: You were so against it when I told you I wanted to become a Summoner...

Yuna: I'm sorry.

Yuna: I thought I would finally apologize... someday...

Yuna: But all those times you tried to stop me, they made me glad.

Yuna: It meant you really cared about me.

Yuna: You truly were like an older brother and sister to me.

Yuna: No...

Yuna: I really do think of you as my own brother and sister.

Yuna: Kinda strange, huh?

Yuna: I love you, Blitzball Man Wakka.

Yuna: I love you too, Lulu, even when you were short-tempered and scolded me.

Yuna: And then......

Yuna: My new Guard.

Yuna: The Ace of the Zanarkand Abes.

Yuna: I...

Yuna: I...

Yuna: Err...

Yuna: I'm glad I met you.

Yuna: I never felt this way till I met you...

Yuna: It's weird...

Yuna: I don't know what I'd call it...

Yuna: I guess I'd just call it a really great feeling inside...

Yuna: Great, but... painful too.

Yuna: Hmmm... I don't know...

Yuna: I don't know how to say it, but anyway, I'm glad I met you.

Yuna: But like I said... it hurts...

Yuna: When I think about having to say goodbye to you...

Yuna: I'm scared...

Yuna: I guess that's strange...

Yuna: I just want to freeze this moment.

Yuna: I mean...

Tidus: Whatcha up to?

*Tidus follows the group to the summit, and the scene from the beginning replays*

"This may be the end...
So I want to tell everything."

Tidus: But... but.. can't we do anything?

Tidus: When it begins to happen... can't someone do something?

Yuna: You know...

Tidus: What?

Yuna: The time for worrying about this...

Yuna: Is, well...

Yuna: Over now.

Yuna: Let's go.

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