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*The group heads out across the ruins of Zanarkand*

Wakka: I wonder what the Farplane looks like...

Auron: Then look no further.

*Continuing forward, they arrive at the Ebon Dome*

Man: You have journeyed far to come here. State your name.

Yuna: I am Yuna, a Summoner. I have come from Beside.

Man: It is clear from your face that this has been an arduous quest.

Man: Very well.

Man: This place is not what it used to be...

Man: But Lady Yunalesca shall come greet you personally.

Man: Your many Guards may visit her too if they like.

Yuna: Alright...

*The group heads inside the Dome*

Woman: I'll gladly give my life for the good of Spira.

Woman: But tis such a great sacrifice to ask of my Guard.

Woman: Lady Yonkun... Please help me to defeat Sin!

Rikku: Whaaa? What iiis this?

Auron: Past visitors to this Dome.

Lulu: But that couldn't have been Lady Yonkun...

Lulu: A Guard to the Great Summoner!?

Auron: This dome is a huge sphere filled with Moonflow bugs.

Auron: Here they revive distant memories... for all time...

*The group winds its way through the wrecked dome. Past the save sphere...*

Boy: No! You can't, mother! You'll become a Prayer Child!

Woman: It can't be helped.

Woman: You must summon me, and defeat Sin.

Woman: If you do that, everyone will accept you.

Boy: I don't care about everyone else!

Boy: Nothing else matters if you're not here!

Woman: I am sorry... I have no time left.

Wakka: Hey, that was...

Rikku: Seymour?!

*A little further*

Jecto: You know, Braska...

Jecto: We don't have to do this.

Braska: Please, just try to understand.

Jecto: ...'lright. I won't say it again.

Auron: Maybe not, but I've said it hundreds of times!

Auron: Let's go home, Lord Braska! We... we can't let you die...

Braska: Are you having second thoughts as well?

Auron: What are we supposed to think about that moment...?

Braska: Your mourning for me will be a glad time...

Braska: For I will drive away sadness.

Braska: By defeating Sin, I will drive away the misery covering Spira.

Braska: Try to understand, Auron.

*The group enters a building*

Jecto: Think there's a trial past here?

Braska: Possibly.

Jecto: Then heck, let's find out... not like we'll be back here again.

Jecto: Or were ya waiting for some big fireworks to point the way in?

Braska: Once I've defeated Sin, fireworks wouldn't be a bad idea at all.

*Yet another complex Hall of Trials greets the party. It takes some trial and error to figure out what works, but eventually all the pieces should go together*

*After inserting the last sphere, a boss appears*

Trigger Command: Move

*Once the battle has ended*

Auron: Yuna... we have arrived.

Yuna: For the Ultimate Summon... right?

Auron: Go.

Yuna: Okay.

Jecto: Whaa? Not the Ultimate Summon??

Yuna: Auron!

Yuna: Come here, everybody!

*The group descends and enters the next room*

Yuna: This isn't a Prayer Child, only a statue.

Man: The key to the Prayer Child is just beyond here.

Man: In the beginning, it was Lord Zeion that first became the Prayer Child for the Ultimate Summon.

Man: However, he never became a statue.

Man: Now... Lord Zeion has passed onwards.

Wakka: He passed away!?

Rikku: So that means... we can't get the Ultimate Summon!?

Man: Fear not.

Man: You can beseech Lady Yunalesca to grant a new Ultimate Summon.

Man: Uniting as one with the Summoner, a great power is born...

Man: Indeed you should go inside... back, to Lady Yunalesca.

Tidus: Wait a sec.

Tidus: Auron, did you know about this from the beginning?

Auron: I did.

Rikku: Then whyyy didn't you tell us!?

Auron: So you could see the truth for yourselves.

Kimahri: Yuna.

Yuna: I'm not going back yet.

Kimahri: All right.

Kimahri: Kimahri will go ahead, to fight before her.

*They proceed inside, where a new figure emerges*

Rikku: Something's coming!

Yuna: Lady Yunalesca...

Yunalesca: Welcome to Zanarkand.

Yunalesca: Your journey has been long, but you have finally arrived.

Yunalesca: Allow me to grant you my highest blessing.

Yunalesca: The Ultimate Summon... my ultimate power.

Yunalesca: So... choose.

Yunalesca: You must choose a single brave soul, to be changed by my power.

Yunalesca: Changed... into the Prayer Child for your Ultimate Summon.

Yunalesca: The power of the heart, the power of a strong bond, these are what make up the Ultimate Summon.

Yunalesca: But only one bound closely to the Summoner can become the Prayer Child.

Yunalesca: It is their mutual feelings that become the light to defeat Sin.

Yunalesca: I chose my husband, Zeion, 1000 years ago.

Yunalesca: He became a Prayer Child, and I received my Ultimate Summon.

Yunalesca: But it cannot attack.

Yunalesca: You must release all of your sorrow.

Yunalesca: For when you bring forth the Ultimate Summon, you also end your life.

Yunalesca: And as your life ends, so, too, ends sorrow.

Yunalesca: Your father, Braska, chose this same path as well.

Auron: I still think we should go back!

Braska: If I leave, who will defeat Sin?

Braska: Do we wait for another Summoner and Guard to face the same dilemna?

Auron: No, but... there must be another way!

Jecto: But not right now there's not.

Jecto: It's decided.

Jecto: I'll become the Praying Child.

Jecto: I've thought lots about it, but...

Jecto: I just wanna be back in Zanarkand.

Jecto: Make my boy into a first-class player...

Jecto: So he can look down at all his fans from on high.

Jecto: But... doesn't look like I'll be going back to Zanarkand after all.

Jecto: I won't be seein' him again, so I guess that's it for my dream.

Jecto: So let's see about changing me into the Prayer Child.

Jecto: Braska and I'll fight it out with Sin...

Jecto: And see if we can't give some meaning to this life of mine.

Auron: Don't be crazy!

Auron: If you stay alive...

Auron: If you'd just stay alive, there'd be infinite possibilities awaiting you!

Jecto: It's not crazy! I've thought it through.

Jecto: Besides, Auron.

Jecto: I don't know that there really are infinite possibilities left for me anymore.

Braska: Jecto.

Jecto: What? We can't stop now.

Braska: I'm sorry... No, thank you.

Jecto: You've been waiting for the day to defeat Sin.

Jecto: This is my part in protecting you.

Jecto: So let's go!

Auron: Lord Braska! Jecto!

Jecto: What is it now!?

Auron: How many times will Sin be revived!?

Auron: It'll just be reborn after just a short time of peace!

Auron: You'll just die in vain if you can't change it!

Braska: Then perhaps this time, it won't be reborn.

Braska: At least, I hope not.

Jecto: Auron has a point, though.

Jecto: So I'll make it through somehow.

Auron: What kind of plan is that?

Braska: Jecto?

Jecto: Well, let's hope for one of those infinite possibilities, eh?

Auron: I told you... it didn't change a thing.

Tidus: We'll change things.

Wakka: But how!

Wakka: Isn't any kind of plan useless?

Lulu: If we need someone to become a Prayer Child...

Lulu: I would do it.

Wakka: So would I, Yuna!

Tidus: But that's just what our fathers did! It got a little bit of peace... but that's it!

Tidus: Then it'll just be reborn!

Wakka: So you're saying...

Wakka: We defeat Sin, and keep Yuna from dying.

Wakka: Then we keep Sin from reviving too?

Wakka: That would be more than we could hope for!

Lulu: We could try for too much... and lose it all.

Tidus: No, I wanna do it all.

Wakka: Don't talk like a child!

Tidus: What difference does it make!

Tidus: Maybe I could just say it like an adult.

Tidus: It doesn't matter at all how I say it!

Tidus: Doing it like that won't change anything!

Tidus: I don't want to just let it end like this...

Tidus: No, I don't know how to do it.

Tidus: But I think there must be a way...

Tidus: Just like Auron said ten years ago...

Rikku: Infinite possibilities...?

Tidus: I'll do it.

Tidus: I'll go speak to Yunalesca.

Rikku: You think just asking her will do the trick?

Tidus: Of course not... I don't know...

Tidus: But if this is my story...

Tidus: If this is my good-for-nothing story then I'll put an end to it right here!

Yuna: Wait.

Yuna: This... this is my story, not yours.

Yuna: Don't wave it around like that.

Yuna: Take things slowly, don't rush off with them.

Yuna: Or we'll regret the outcome nomatter what happens.

Yuna: So... please don't.

Yuna: I will decide... I will decide all on my own!

*The group heads up the stairs and out to Yunalesca*

Yunalesca: Have you decided who shall become the Prayer Child?

Yunalesca: Who have you chosen?

Yuna: Before that, tell me something.

Yuna: Will Sin always be revived after it is defeated with the Ultimate Summon?

Yunalesca: Sin is immortal.

Yunalesca: The Summoned Beast that defeats Sin then, itself, becomes a new Sin...

Yunalesca: Thus must occur the rebirth.

Tidus: So that's how my father is Sin...

Yunalesca: Sin is Spira's unfortunate fate, its forever inevitable destiny.

Wakka: Forever...?!

Wakka: But wait! Can't Sin's rebirth be stopped when people atone for their sins?

Wakka: Isn't there some way it can be done!?

Yunalesca: By man's ceasing to sin at all, perhaps?

Lulu: That's not an answer!

Lulu: Ebon teaches that when all sin disappears, Sin will disappear as well!

Lulu: Those teachings... they were Spira's only hope!

Yunalesca: Hope... is a pacifier.

Yunalesca: You should forget such sorry teachings and accept the truth.

Tidus: Quit lyin' to us!
Auron: Stop lying to us!

Auron: It's not the only something to rely on!

Auron: Braska sacrificed his life because he believed the teachings!

Auron: Jecto sacrificed himself because he believed in Braska!

Yunalesca: And they died for what they believed.

Yunalesca: The Ebon teachings and the Ultimate Summon are the light of hope that shine on Spira.

Yunalesca: If there was no hope, life would be naught but sorrow.

Yunalesca: So choose. Who will be your Prayer Child?

Yunalesca: To be sacrificed for the sake of hope...

Yuna: one.

Yuna: I thought it was alright that I would die.

Yuna: I'm not afraid to die... to give my life for my cause.

Yuna: But... the Ultimate Summon...

Yuna: It's just a fake that never changes anything.

Yunalesca: No, it is the light of hope.

Yunalesca: You're father... he sacrificed himself for the sake of hope as well.

Yunalesca: To forget sorrow.

Yuna: No...

Yuna: My father... he wanted...

Yuna: He wanted to put an end to sorrows.

Yuna: Not just a trick to forget them...

Yunalesca: What is the point of fighting sorrows that cannot be stopped?

Yuna: That's... exactly what my father wanted to do!

Yuna: So...

Yuna: I want to complete the task my father couldn't.

Yuna: Life... without sorrow.

Yuna: I live, and fight, for that day!

Yuna: Maybe it's destiny that it can't be changed now, but someday... it will change!

Yuna: But not just from some false hope...!

Yunalesca: How awful...

Yunalesca: You're even opposed to hope.

Yunalesca: In that case...

Yunalesca: The least I can do is help you, before you sink into total despair.

Yunalesca: A death bathed in the light of hope, rather than life in the black of sorrow.

Yunalesca: You shall forget all your sorrows.

Auron: Well, now what!

Auron: Now we must decide.

Auron: Relent, and die? Or fight sorrow and live!

Auron: Listen to your heart and write your own story!

Kimahri: If Kimahri dies, who would protect Yuna?

Rikku: I'd do it for you!

Wakka: Fight against Lady Yunalesca? You gotta be kiddin' me...

Lulu: So we should run?

Wakka: Pft!

Wakka: If I ran now... I'd never forgive myself.

Wakka: Even if it kills me!

Lulu: My thoughts exactly...

Tidus: Yuna!

Tidus: We'll continue both of our stories, together!

*The party engages Yunalesca. After the battle...*

Yunalesca: If I die... the Ultimate Summon dies with me.

Yunalesca: You have destroyed Spira's only hope...

Tidus: Then we'll find another way to defeat it!

Yunalesca: Foolish boy... there is no other way.

Yunalesca: Even if you did... if you somehow defeated Sin...

Yunalesca: It would just be born anew from the everlasting Ebon Curse.

Tidus: Ebon Curse!?

Yunalesca: Yes... forgive me, Zeion.

Yunalesca: When the light of hope is gone, Spira shall descend into a spiral of sorrow...

Yuna: No way... can that happen...

Tidus: No way is it gonna happen!

Rikku: What should we do, then?

Tidus: We defeat Sin.

Tidus: We do it without the Ultimate Summon, and we don't let it come back, either.

Tidus: Now we just gotta figure out how.

*The group begins to head back through the dome*

Auron: One moment.

Tidus: What?

Auron: I figured it become clear soon enough.

Tidus: I know... you're already...

Auron: Yes, I'm already dead.

Auron: That doesn't surprise you?

Tidus: I had a feeling that's what happened... after what Yunalesca did.

Auron: It was after Braska went to fight Sin that it happened.

Auron: I wasn't able to persuade them.

Auron: So I came back one more time, to fight the real enemy...

Auron: Before the enemy got them...

Auron: Afterwards I descended from Gagazett...

Auron: But I was still weak when I reached Bevelle. There I found Kimahri.

Auron: Yuna tried her best... but I died.

Auron: Since then I have had to fight to avoid the Farplane.

Tidus: Auron...

Auron: Don't give me that, I can still tell you a thing or two.

Auron: You can return to your Zanarkand by going back into Sin.

Tidus: You knew this... but you waited til now to tell me?

Tidus: Why...?

Tidus: Why'd you wait all this time to tell me?!

Auron: It's not something so easily explained.

Auron: But enough, I'll show you.

Auron: This is my memory.

*Begin flashback*

Jecto: Now that it's almost over... do me a favor?

Jecto: Well...

Jecto: Then again, maybe I shouldn't.

Auron: Just tell me!

Jecto: Yeah, well, no harm in askin'.

Jecto: Watch out for my son.

Jecto: He's in Zanarkand, and he's kindof a crybaby... but watch him.

Jecto: I'd never quit worrying unless somebody did.

Jecto: So take care of him... please.

Auron: But... what can I do if I go to Zanarkand...

Jecto: What the heck d'ya mean!

Jecto: You'd get by somehow, what with your infinite possibilities and all, right?

Auron: You're right...! No harm in trying!

Auron: I'll do it.

Auron: I'll protect your son. I'll protect him... whether I'm dead or alive.

Jecto: Thanks, Auron.

Jecto: You know, for a stick in the mud, ya ain't half bad.

*End flashback*

Auron: So it was...

*The group heads out of the dome*

No Ultimate Summon anymore...
But we'll do it somehow.
Just... give us a little more time."

*The airship arrives, and the group boards*

*Brother: What's our heading?

Cid: Well ain't you a solemn bunch...

*Brother: Where to!?

Rikku: Quite askin' where to!

Rikku: Give us a sec to think, okay!?

Auron: Well?

Auron: Hoping for inspiration?

Tidus: We'll think about it together.

Auron: I suppose...

Auron: Sin is Jecto.

Auron: So surely the two of you are communicating.

Auron: That could pose a security risk.

Tidus: What're you saying?

Auron: This may be problematic...

Tidus: You can say that again...

*Tidus can now move about the airship. Note that the save spheres are now Level 3, with the second option being to to go the airship*

*Eventually Tidus finds his way to Yuna*

Yuna: I've failed.

Tidus: Why do you say that?

Yuna: I always thought about how I would defeat Sin.

Yuna: But...

Yuna: Now, without the Ebon teachings to guide me, I... I don't know.

Yuna: Sorry...

Kimahri: Don't apologize, Yuna.

Yuna: Huh?

Kimahri: It makes it sound like you are running away.

Kimahri: Such is not like you.

Yuna: You're right...

Yuna: Thank you, Kimahri.

Tidus: So does that mean you have an idea, then?

Kimahri: The Ebon teachings.

Yuna: But the teachings won't defeat Sin.

Kimahri: The answer is not within the teachings, but outside them.

Kimahri: When you understand both sides of the teachings, the answer will be found.

Yuna: Hmm, the teachings...

Kimahri: Kimahri would say to ask Maika, to make him tell you.

Tidus: That's it! Good idea, Kimahri!

Kimahri: Hmph.

*Back on the bridge*

Wakka: Hey! I had this great idea!

Rikku: I thought of it! So I get to tell him!

Wakka: Aaanyway...

Rikku: No anyway!

Lulu: It's all in the song.

Wakka & Rikku: Aaah!!

Tidus: The song?

Lulu: Jecto likes the song of prayer... isn't that right?

Tidus: Yeah.

Rikku: Because we heard it at the bottom of the sea in Macalania, right?

Lulu: So maybe hearing the song would keep Sin from being so aggressive...

Wakka: But, hey... I'm sorry we're talkin' about your dad like this.

Tidus: No, it's alright.

Tidus: It can't be helped.

Lulu: As I was saying.

Lulu: We won't stand a chance if we face Sin head-on.

Lulu: But, if he hears the song of prayer, it might lose its edge.

Wakka: And then maybe we'd stand a chance, whaddya think!?

Wakka: Well, it's not really playing fair, but I guess that's not the point...

Wakka: Right?

Rikku: Pretty nice plan, doncha think?

Tidus: I'd say it's worth a try!

"Speak to Cid to open the [Navimap]. Once you have selected your destination, you'll be taken directly there."

*Tidus speaks to Cid*

Cid: So, figured out where yer headed?

Cid: Wherever it is, it won't take long!

*The group heads to the Great Bridge, located in the Holy Bevelle Shrine*

Guard: Yuna, the traitor!

Wakka: Gah, what a pain this is gonna be!

Guard: You dare show your face here! We'll stop you, in the name of Ebon!

Tidus: Well, what to do...

Rikku: If they want a fight, they got it!

Guard: Prepare to fight!

Shelinda: Waaaait!

Guard: Milady commander...?

Shelinda: What on earth are you doing to Lady Yuna?!

Shelinda: It was just a rumor started by the Al Bhed, that she was a traitor.

Rikku: What did you say!

Shelinda: This comes direct from Lord Maika.

Guard: But, what should we do now?

Rikku: Get outta here!

Shelinda: If you please.

Rikku: What did you mean by an Al Bhed rumor?!

Shelinda: I have no idea really.

Shelinda: The temples are in such a state of disarray...

Shelinda: Just yesterday they called me here and appointed me commander of the gates.

Auron: Seems like a personnel shortage.

Shelinda: Yes, that's exactly it. It's been total chaos.

Shelinda: Just terrible!

Shelinda: The monks are trying to take care of everyone at once.

Shelinda: Oh, what will become of the people of Ebon...

Shelinda: But!

Shelinda: There's not much I can do if everyone else is confused too!

Shelinda: Best of luck to you, though. I shouldn't be complaining to you about it.

Tidus: It's no problem, but is there a way for us to speak to the High Priest Maika?

Shelinda: Sure! I think it'd be okay.

Shelinda: Just go wait in the courtroom!

Rikku: Wait! What about that Al Bhed rumor...!

Auron: Don't worry about it.

Auron: Maika is counting on Yuna as much as anyone.

Rikku: Ohh... I get it.

Lulu: It's like we're insects to him.

Tidus: Well, let's go see him.

Yuna: Right, let's go.

*The group meets with Maika*

Maika: You should know what you must now do. You must defeat Sin as quickly as you can.

Maika: Meet with Yunalesca, and obtain the Ultimate Summon.

Tidus: But we've already seen Yunalesca.

Yuna: We defeated her.

Maika: What!?

Auron: No longer will Summoners and their Guards sacrifice themselves for the Ultimate Summon.

Maika: You mean to say you have halted a tradition that has gone on a thousand years?

Maika: Such a thing to do! What have you done? Do you even know?

Maika: That was the only way to overcome Sin...

Tidus: But it's not the only way to do it! We've thought of another.

Maika: Wha...

Maika: There is no other way!

Auron: Perhaps you should turn tail and run to the Farplane?

Maika: That was Spira's salvation. Now, there is no escape from destruction.

Maika: The spiral of death is broken, and the Ebon Curse is complete.

Maika: I'd like not to witness Spira's final moments...

Yuna: That won't happen!

Tidus: About the Ebon Curse...

Lulu: Lady Yunalesca spoke of it as well.

Rikku: Come on, gramps! What's the Ebon Curse?

Maika: The compounded souls of the dead, come together and clad in armor.

Maika: That armor is none other than Sin itself.

Maika: Sin is the armor that protects the Ebon Curse.

Maika: And you have destroyed the Ultimate Summon, the one thing able to pierce that armor!

Maika: None can defeat it now.

Wakka: Son of a bitch! He says whatever he wants, then runs away!

Shelinda: Where is High Priest Maika?

Yuna: Well, I...

Auron: He's not here yet. We've just been waiting.

Shelinda: That's strange... I will go look for him.

Tidus: It's you...

Child: Come to my room.

Yuna: Okay...

Wakka: Who were you talking to?

Tidus: Oh, nobody.

Yuna: I need to go see the Prayer Child.

Auron: I see......

*Inside the Prayer Child's room*

Prayer Child: Good.

Yuna: We are ever in your debt.

Tidus: You wanted to see us?

Prayer Child: Have you found a way to keep Sin from being reborn?

Tidus: Well, actually...
* - We have an idea.
- We haven't yet.

Prayer Child: What will you do?
* - The song of prayer!
- We'll defeat the Ebon Curse!
- We're not really sure.

Tidus: If Sin hears the song of prayer, it might not fight back so much.

Prayer Child: Perhaps...

Yuna: Won't it work...?

Prayer Child: It might not be so simple now that your father is Sin.

Prayer Child: He might not be able to hear the song anymore.

Tidus: That's a possibility...

Tidus: But if there's even a chance, we've gotta try it.

Prayer Child: I see...

Prayer Child: You've truly done a great job...

Prayer Child: Despite what you are.

Tidus: I... I don't think I'm just a dream.

Yuna: A dream?

Tidus: Err... I'll explain later.

Prayer Child: So what will you do? The song alone won't defeat it.

Tidus: Well, actually...

Prayer Child: What will you do?
- The song of prayer!
* - We'll defeat the Ebon Curse!
- We're not really sure.

Tidus: We'll defeat the Ebon Curse.

Prayer Child: Right.

Prayer Child: If you defeat the Ebon Curse... the cycle will stop.

Prayer Child: But what do you know of the Ebon Curse?

Tidus: It is the key to Sin's rebirth.

Yuna: Sin exists as armor to shield it.

Prayer Child: The Ebon Curse is the Summoners of old.

Prayer Child: Now no longer Summoners.

Prayer Child: They exist now only to continue their summoning.

Prayer Child: Bearing neither malice nor ill intent, they wish only for their eternal dreaming.

Prayer Child: Seems like eternity... is fleeting, isn't it?

Tidus: Right, because we're going to end it.

Prayer Child: Yes.

Prayer Child: The Ultimate Summon would defeat Sin, but not the Ebon Curse.

Prayer Child: The Ebon Curse would possess the Ultimate Summon's creature...

Prayer Child: And it would become the new Sin.

Yuna: The Ebon Curse possesses it...

Prayer Child: Then the Ebon Curse can continue its summoning, protected by the new Sin.

Tidus: For eternity......?

Prayer Child: But eternity won't last... because you will bring an end to it.

Tidus: Exactly.

Prayer Child: The Ebon Curse is inside of Sin.

Prayer Child: So, Yuna.

Prayer Child: You must be willing to summon, when the time to fight the Ebon Curse comes...

Prayer Child: We will do what we can to help you.

Prayer Child: For I doubt your weapson and magic can defeat it.

Prayer Child: So... call on us.

Prayer Child: You must, without fail.

Yuna: I will.

Prayer Child: And you...

Prayer Child: When the end comes...

Prayer Child: We will no longer be dreaming.

Prayer Child: Our dreams... will end.

Tidus: I know.

Tidus: You've been at it a long time.

Prayer Child: I'm sorry...

Tidus: Hey, I appreciate it!

Yuna: What were you talking about?

Tidus: Nothin'.

Tidus: Really, it was nothing!

Tidus: We gotta go defeat Sin! Then everything'll be okay!

Yuna: You're hiding something.

Tidus: No I'm not.

Yuna: You sure?

Yuna: You're bad liar...

*Outside, they regroup, and Shelinda arrives*

Shelinda: Well... I can't seem to find the High Priest anywhere.

Tidus: Don't worry about it.

Shelinda: Oh... are you sure about it?

Rikku: We're sure!

Rikku: Should we ask about the song?

Tidus: Oh! That's right!

Rikku: Um... could you help us get a message out to a bunch of people?

Shelinda: Yes, what is it?

Rikku: Have them watch for a ship high in the sky singing the song of prayer.

Rikku: And to join in when they hear it.

Wakka: People from all over Spira!

Shelinda: I don't understand why, but...

Rikku: That's fine, but can ya help us anyway?!

Shelinda: Tell people to watch for a ship high in the sky singing the song of prayer.

Shelinda: And have them join in when they hear it... right?

Tidus: It might just allow us to defeat Sin.

Shelinda: Really?!

Yuna: Yes.

Shelinda: Oh wow!

Shelinda: Just leave it to me! I'll tell all of Spira!

*Back on the bridge of the airsship, Tidus goes to the Navimap to head out*

Wakka: I wanna try to set things straight.

Wakka: I... I never really knew anything about the Al Bhed.

Wakka: I never knew... because I never tried talking to any...

Wakka: I was just prejudiced.

Wakka: But, now, I...

Wakka: I was wrong. I owe you the greatest of apologies!

Cid: Hah, don't let yerself worry about it.

Cid: I never cared much for the Ebon people either.

Cid: But the world's got all kinds of people, both good and bad ones.

Cid: That's all we gotta say about it.

*Tidus speaks to Cid to open the Navimap*

Cid: Ready to go when you are, for the big last stand against Sin!

*The ship heads for the New Navimap location, Sin*

Cid: We're gettin' close.

Tidus: The Ebon Curse is inside Sin, and that's what we're gonna defeat.

Cid: Pretty simplistic plannin' ya got there.

Tidus: It's better not to get too complex with it.

Cid: Very true.

Rikku: Hey, hit that for me!

Cid: This one?

Cid: Like that?

Rikku: Perfect!

Lulu: A ship, high in the sky, singing...?

Wakka: Now we just gotta see if everyone else sings too.

*Brother: Sin!

Tidus: Right, let's go!

Wakka: You mean just head right inside it?

Tidus: Isn't this the easiest way?

Rikku: Yep.

Lulu: Well, let's be off.

Cid: Hey! Whaddya think you're gonna do!?

Tidus: Maybe we can go in through the mouth, or just blow a hole in it, any way we can.

Cid: What kinda shitty plan is that!

*Brother: Let's help them out, father!

Cid: Fine, we will!

Tidus: You will?!

Cid: Sure!

Cid: You guys open him up, and we'll get you inside!

Tidus: Got it!

Cid: I won't tell ya to be careful, just try your best!

Tidus: Got it!!

*Brother: Wait!

Brother: Ta..take care... of Rikku.

Tidus: I swear I will.

*Tidus heads up the airship and out onto the deck*

Rikku: I can hear it!

Lulu: I can, too...

Rikku: Everyone's singing!

Tidus: All because we asked them to!

Tidus: Yuna.

Tidus: You drop this?

Yuna: Wha!?

Tidus: You don't need it anymore!

Wakka: Whoah whoah whoah... something's happening!

Tidus: Damn you, father...

Cid: Hey! You see its fins light up like that?

Cid: We can't let it do that again!

*Brother: Uh oh!

*Cid: What's goin' on!

*Brother: We're closing in on it!

Rikku: He says we're closing in on Sin!

Cid: You all get back inside!

*Brother: Too late! It's here!!

*The battle with Sin commences*

Trigger Commands: Close In, Pull Away

*After defeating the first of Sin's arms*

Cid: All you guys get back! We're gonna nail 'im one!

Cid: Fire!

Tidus: You did it!

Cid: You guys did yer fair share too!

Cid: Okay!

Cid: Now we gotta hit him on the other side too!

Rikku: Alright already!

*After the battle*

Rikku: We've broke off the main shell...

Cid: Stop! Get back in here! You don't know what yer gonna do after you're inside!

Tidus: Sorry, we're going in!!

Tidus: No backing down as long as you've got the strength to fight! That's the first rule of Blitzball!!

Yuna: Let's do it!

Tidus: Hey wait! I'm the Ace around here!

*The party jumps down and battles Sin once again. Afterwards...*

*Brother: Father! I.. I... I can't believe it!

*Cid: Well you'd better believe it, 'cause here they come!

*Brother: You did it, Rikku!

Yuna: Think it'll be reborn...?

Tidus: Probably.

Cid: What!? Why d'you say that!

Tidus: We're not totally through until we go inside it.

Wakka: Now that we've done this much, we should just leave it to the Suppression Corps.

Lulu: But even if we've weakening Sin, how can we be so sure of ourselves?

Rikku: Totally! We can't be sure!

Cid: Fine, but first we gotta make some repairs.

*Tidus finds Yuna up on the top deck*

Yuna: It must be so hard... for Jecto.

Tidus: We should end it quickly.

Tidus: Even the Prayer Children will help us.

Yuna: I've been thinking about that...

Tidus: Hmm?

Yuna: They've always fought by our side, but this time they made a point of saying it...

Tidus: Oh... I see.

Yuna: Oh!

Yuna: The Ebon Curses possesses the Summoned Beast, and that's how Sin is reborn...

Yuna: And when I summon, the Ebon Curse will possess it.

Yuna: Just... like a miniature Sin, isn't it?

Tidus: Oh!

Tidus: So we maybe we can win even without the Ultimate Summon!

Yuna: Maybe we can, but then the Ebon Curse just possess something else.

Tidus: Well, if it does than we'll defeat it again!

Tidus: Eventually it'll have no place to run to!

Tidus: So......

Yuna: But if I don't... then nothing will change.

Tidus: I guess not...

Tidus: I mean, even the Prayer Child said they were tired.

Tidus: We could give them a rest instead.

Yuna: Prayer Child also said they would stop dreaming.

Yuna: And... that their dreams would go away.

Yuna: What did she mean by that?

Yuna: What could the Ebon Curse be summoning from inside of Sin?

Tidus: The Prayer Child's dream...

Yuna: You... you won't go away, will you?

Rikku: Hey you guys! Where'd ya go!? Look at Sin!

Auron: Seems Jecto is waiting for us...

Cid: What should we be doing? Not like we can be of much help from out here.

Tidus: There's nothing left to do. Just take us right in front of it.

Cid: Right.

Cid: Set a course right in front of its mouth!

Cid: It might get a little rough, so hold onto yer hats!

Brother: I can do it. I will get you there safe.

Tidus: We'll just jump off the top deck again!

Yuna: Let's do this... for the sake of both our fathers!

*The group heads to the top deck*

Cid: Go get 'em!

Tidus: Got it!

Tidus: Wait for me, father!

*The battle with Sin commences*

[In-battle text boxes]
"Sin is approaching."

Sin's final attack: Mega Graviton

*After the battle is won...*

Tidus: Father! Where are you?!

Auron: We should hold back for a moment.

Tidus: We gotta keep going! I'll take the lead.

Yuna: Lead the way.

Tidus: Let's go.

*The party progresses into the bowels of Sin, eventually climbing some stairs and encountering an old friend*

Seymour: Heh heh heh...

Tidus: It's you, again!

Seymour: Sin has accepted me.

Seymour: And now as part of Sin, I will share in its eternal life.

Seymour: For all time.

Tidus: You're completely gone, aren't you.

Seymour: I can guide my plans from here, for indeed... time is meaningless now.

Seymour: My thanks to you for removing the threat of Yunalesca...

Seymour: For without the Ultimate Summon, the only way to defeat Sin is lost.

Seymour: Now, no one can stop it.

Tidus: We're gonna stop it.

Seymour: Not if can protect Sin from you.

Seymour: You should thank me. I am only protecting your father.

*Battle with Seymour commences. Partway through combat...*

Seymour: Nowhere in Spira shall you find the relief you desire!

Seymour: Come, I will give you your eternal rest!!

*Once the battle is won...*

Seymour: You fools...

Wakka: Quick! Send him to the Farplane!

Yuna: Okay!

Seymour: Still so determined to finish me off...?

Seymour: If you stop me... Spira's sorrow will never end.

Tidus: Now to take care of Sin.

*After proceeding much further in, the party finds Jecto*

Jecto: So here we are, Auron.

Auron: I'm sorry...

Jecto: Hey.

Tidus: Hey.

Jecto: Ha! Not such a little brat anymore, are ya!

Jecto: Guess you took yer vitamins and all, huh?

Jecto: You've grown.

Tidus: Still not as big as you.

Jecto: Hahahaha!

Jecto: That's just 'cause I'm Sin, though!

Tidus: Quit laughing.

Jecto: Haha...

Jecto: Well, so, anyway...

Jecto: How 'ya doing?

Tidus: Father.

Jecto: Huh?

Tidus: It doesn't matter...

Jecto: Hahahaha...

Jecto: It's okay.

Jecto: I'm not sure what to do either.

Tidus: Yeah...

Jecto: I couldn't really hear the song, you know.

Jecto: Much as I wanted to... I'm Sin through and through now.

Jecto: But it's good to see you again.

Jecto: And, well...

Jecto: I haven't been myself... since it all began.

Jecto: No way I coulda planned on this!

Jecto: But I don't regret it.

Tidus: It's alright!

Tidus: There's no use talking anymore!

Jecto:'re right.

Jecto: Well, here we go again!!

Tidus: We're gonna put a stop to this!

Tidus: This very second!

*The battle commences*

Trigger Command: Speak

[Speaking, with Tidus]

Tidus: We're not gonna lose!

[Speaking, with Tidus again]

Tidus: No way I'm gonna lose to you!

[Jecto is confused!]

[Jecto's power lowered]

[Speaking, with Tidus again]

There is nothing else to say...

*After the battle is won*

Jecto: Cryin'... cryin'... always cryin'... Look, yer crying,

Tidus: I... I hate you...

Jecto: Haha... won't be long now.

Tidus: Because... it's all going to end.

Jecto: You understand. Just what you'd expect from the son of the Great Jecto.

Tidus: Yes... that's right.

Tidus: I'm glad... to have been your son.

Jecto: Pft...

Yuna: Jecto...

Yuna: I...

Jecto: No, Yuna! There's no time!

Tidus: Get away from us!

Jecto: Yuna, do you understand?

Jecto: Your Summoned Beasts...

Prayer Child: Us.

Jecto: Call them forth!

Prayer Child: Call us forth!

Yuna: ...yes.

Lulu: It's coming!

Tidus: Yuna!

*The group must now defeat each of Yuna's Summoned Beasts. Once chosen, it is possessed by the Ebon Curse, and can no longer be summoned.*

*After defeating all the Summons*

Tidus: Everyone!

Tidus: This is the last time we're gonna fight together. Nice knowin' ya!

Wakka: Wha?

Tidus: How to say this...

Tidus: When we've defeated the Ebon Curse... I will disappear!

Lulu: What's that supposed to mean!?

Tidus: I'm saying... goodbye!

Rikku: Don't...

Tidus: I'm sorry about it has to be this way!

Tidus: But, this is my story!

*The party battles the Ebon Curse. Afterwards...*

Auron: Keep going.

Yuna: But if I do...

Auron: It's fine.

Auron: I've waited ten years for this.

Auron: Now, it is your time.

Tidus: I've gotta get going.

Tidus: Sorry... I won't get a chance to take you to Zanarkand.

Tidus: See you around!

Wakka: Hey, wait!

Rikku: Hey! Will we ever see you again?!

Kimahri: Yuna!

Yuna: Thank you.

Lulu: Yuna, it's time...

Yuna: We have all made many... so, so many sacrifices.

Yuna: We will never know just how much we have lost, it's been so much.

Yuna: But now...

Yuna: Sin is no more.

Yuna: Never to be reborn again.

Yuna: From here on...

Yuna: Now... it is our time.

Yuna: Still, things may not go exactly as we want them to, but give it time...

Yuna: And it will be alright.

Yuna: If we stick together, we'll pull through in the end.

Yuna: One last thing.

Yuna: Think fondly of those that could not be with us today...

Yuna: And remember them.


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