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New 360 FF13 Screenshots feature nasty JPEG Compression, Mouse Pointer

AP | February 17, 2010

Square Enix PR is having it a bit rough these past few days, it seems. Late last week they were accused of faking FF13 360 screenshots by photoshopping 360 buttons onto PS3 screens, and now they've released a batch of screens that have been seemingly hastily captured.

The screenshots sport particularly nasty JPEG compression, while some feature strange black borders that suggest speedy cropping. One even features the mouse of the person who captured them, suggesting they may well have been captured from a video using the Windows Print Screen function.

The new batch of screenshots were released to appease the backlash from the edited 360 shots. Not the best look for the Xbox 360 version.

The screenshot that includes the mouse of the person doing the work trapped in the top left corner has been posted with the mouse circled handily by us below.

The rest of the shots can be found over at IGN and TeamXbox.

SE PR team - we love you guys - but come on!

Don't take these screenshots as any indication of how the 360 version looks - we've played it and while it doesn't look as good as the PS3 version, it doesn't look as bad as this JPEG compression makes out.

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  3. Is it yours too
    alexd101 | November 3, 2011

    Very nice site!

  4. Confused here, Ultimautako
    inquisitorr | April 2, 2010

    Why do you own two copies of the same game when it came out like seriously less than a month ago

  5. i am really gona say one thing
    ultimaotaku | March 19, 2010

    i own both versions and they are 99% identical the only difference is that xbox has 3 disks but fast load times and PS3 has one disk but slower load times,

    they both look and play the same, they both play at 720p and cgi at 1080i ,

    so people cut the crap they are the same,
    just enjoy the game and stop trolling :)

  6. LOL
    bakagami | March 5, 2010

    so you will let yourself be manipulated into buying an inferior version "Just because of the ugly, insecure PS3 fanboy posts" as you put it. That's going to hurt the rest of

  7. Untitled
    PSX | February 21, 2010


    The fact that some websites state the game is in 576p are pure rumours :) (and Mark, wikipedia is something that everyone can use, it has many things that are untrue and unconfirmed)

    If you know french (or try google translate for exemple) explains that this is only based on some screens, but in fact when you take a look at the demo gameplay from X10 you clearly see that the screens are in a very bad resolution, including weird pixels and we all know that graphics on the xbox are mostly great.

    I'm sure the final version on xbox will look pretty good even if the ps3 version will still have uncopressed audio, CG scenes in 1080p and only one disc, but who cares ?

    It´s all about the fantasy !

  8. Most of you people are idiots.. sorry
    Animespara | February 21, 2010

    If you do research.. like myself you would have known already that this "confirmed" resolution is totally untrue..

    The guy that posted some screens and said that the game ran in 576p said: "I have removed the 'ground texture' shots, since it's rather premature to determine a difference in texture fidelity between two versions with whatever limited information available at the moment, especially on 360's side. I'll probably do some in depth comparison upon the game's release"

    These screens have also been highly tampered with, mouse pointers.. REALLY!? how fucking dumb are some people! how are you supposed to jump into conclusions wen these screens have obviously been tampered with.. and lets not forget the photo shopped screens for the 360 version..

    Wait for euro gamer to do the official comparisons, and who ever says that the game runs on 576p is a idiot! well for now.. :D

  9. 360's resolution
    Odin | February 21, 2010

    @ Mark
    It been comfirmed that the 360 version of FFXIII is 576p for game & 720p for CG, I think thats the 2nd lowest resolution game released this gen,
    PS3 version is 720p in game & 1080p for CG
    sorry if this bothers you, the game will still look nice, but if ya got PS3 I'd get it on that mate ;)

  10. Just because
    oh | February 19, 2010

    Just because of the ugly, insecure PS3 fanboy posts in this comment section, I'm now swayed to purchase the 360 version.

    Good job, idiots.

  11. Xbox power owned ps3
    Sorry xbox won | February 18, 2010

    omfg haha look at these fake tampred pics! all who has played has seen the xbox version has the superior crispy pics! uh oh ps3 gonna be qqin on day 1 release!

  12. Im confused right now, whats going on SE
    Mark | February 18, 2010

    Can anyone for god’s sake tell me the REAL resolution for the XBOX 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII, since I only have a 360 and one sadly but awesome game and Im hoping to have this one to play since Im interested, but knowing if the definition will be this low of 576p and not 720p Im out really. First I was comfortable from the people that took the Lightning buss to play the game in both versions side by side, even knowing that the PS3 version is superior to a 100%, at least players saw that the 360 is at least 90-95% as great, then, when I saw those fake photos where the Paradigm Shift’s button is replaced from what it looks like from PS3 to 360 I was speechless when I thought they were for real until the truth was revealed, and now Im reading in Final Fantasy XIII’s Wikipedia site that the resolution for the game is confirmed to be 576p, I was heartbroken right now today February 18 and start looking all sites and blogs regarding the subject, but now seeing that nasty compression right now in this address I still have hope, and now in some sites Im reading in N4G and Product Reviews news that some user known as MazingerDUDE who performs tasks for Digital Foundry who has done several testing regarding the pixels and frames in one of the many images that were post at the same time as the one shown in this same address right now, did this images were copied and then paste on Paint and saved, that really is a bad joke, and right now this hasn’t even made to the game news nor even on Yahoo! News, I don’t know what to think now regarding this game or Square Enix regarding how they want to promote the game, besides the back of the box in GameStop confirms that the game will run in 720p/1080i/1080p, but nothing new since all 360 game boxes said that, at least it could be confident for 720p and at least 1080i. I don’t think Square Enix would dare to go that far since they are the ones that confirmed and promised that the resolution will be HDTV 720p at least, since it is the most common resolution mankind carries these days. Recently if you have seen Leona Lewis’s contribution of the game she is playing it on 360 with a resolution of 1080i and she says that its amazing. Microsoft has puss itself with this title, making it the first RPG Final Fantasy on 360 and even releasing a bundle, I don’t believe this resolution of 576p is the one that SE has done for the game even if the audio and video is compressed and the cinematic sequences being handled by BINK video who has handled others titles from 360 in multiple discs, it would lead a worse reputation to both SE and Microsoft, for Microsoft it would be worse that the RROD issue.

  13. Hey wierded_out
    Evilsj | February 18, 2010

    U mad?

    wierded_out | February 18, 2010

    You are all losers! Plain and simple! ALL of you, yes ALL.

    Its ironic the insults on here when clearly all of you lifeless nerds need to step away form the internet and maybe do something more useful with your life... like maybe play a real sport rather than spend time arguing over video games.. like seriously?

    You are all pathetic losers. GET A DAMN LIFE!

    The gaming community is such a huge disgrace to the true Art; videogames.

  15. These are SD screens..
    NightAntilli | February 18, 2010

    Really.. Someone on NeoGAF, found the native resolution of the newly released X360 screenshots. Here:

    Apparently, the resolution is 1024x576. Most people don't know this resolution, but this is PAL+ standard. You can take a look here:

    It's basically widescreen SD PAL standard, so these are SD X360 screens upscaled to 720p. Why they would do that is beyond me. Maybe they didn't have any HD screens around and they just used the first X360 screens they could find after messing up the previous screens...

  16. You are a sorry person pp
    bungie=MGR=PP | February 18, 2010

    Really pp, You are TALKING TO YOURSELF. You are Bungie, MGR, and pp. You are beyond an idiot.

  17. ...Wut?
    Evilsj | February 17, 2010

    The Print Screen button doesn't capture the mouse in the screenshot...

  18. Untitled
    Anonymous | February 17, 2010

    Lol, Lepard sounds liek a broke fanboy who can only afford one system, so he bashed another system and its users. Pro-tip Leopard... Get a job, buy more than one system, become a REAL gamer, and not some broke joke wannabe gamer who is really crying inside, while pushing up his quadfocals at the PC desk. BWAHA!

    squared | February 17, 2010


  20. haha OWNZ
    Leopard | February 17, 2010

    love the xbots reaction, call me sadistic i don't care, but their disappointment and angst really made my day.

    I'm not sure if xbots have brains, but if you think rationally, there can only be one reason why SE is putting out all this nonsense...figure it out urself bots

  21. You STILL believe what they tell you??
    orakga | February 17, 2010

    "the amount of disc for the xbox makes no difference on the quality of the actual textures, square said so themselves,"

    See that's your problem right there; you're taking what SE says as actually being the truth. There are many multi-platform examples where this is not true.

    At the end of the day, if it came from SE itself, chances are it's bullshit. That's the one lesson we all should have learned over the last three years.

  22. amount of discs make no difference.
    cmzerocool | February 17, 2010

    the amount of disc for the xbox makes no difference on the quality of the actual textures, square said so themselves, the game is only 8 GBs everything else is hi res videos, so that is just some stupid statement. please read before you said something as stupid as that.

  23. Rogue
    "Differences" | February 17, 2010

    ive played bother versions the Xbox freezes, jaggies , bad textures, low poly models and all those bugs that plague this american toy known as Xbox. On the other hand the ps3 looks and plays awesomely smooth! its take SE 3 discs to make ff13 on xbox... n on ps3 1... its called the future... i didn't know we were going to the past... have many discs like the old ps2 days

  24. Bungi u Dumbshit
    rogue | February 17, 2010

    kingdom hearts is exclusive u saying versus is multi is like saying halo n gears of wars is exclusive u dumbshit... thats never gna happen... just wait till E3 n get disappointed... versus night not even b at E3.

  25. What the F U C K BUNGIE!
    Emil | February 17, 2010

    Dude your a fucking dumbass, along with all the xbots in this room. You all said we have no games, while the only fucking exclusive you have come out with this year is Mass effect 2 dumb asses

  26. Untitled
    tarbis | February 17, 2010

    Xbots = brainless retards

  27. whahahahah rofl
    ZWGamemaster | February 17, 2010

    you xboys are funny whahahah, saying the 360 is better is graphics and is sharper, everything is compressed on the 360 so how can that be??? bill things he can buy everything with his money but is destroying the games, please dont destroy japanse finest. stop this nonsens and enjoy youre games. dumbass fanboys,little children.....

  28. Untitled
    Kanji | February 17, 2010


    I'm actually not "Jap", not even Asian. Since you are clearly a racist, why are you even interested in a "Jap" game?

    Poor, confused little man...

  29. play both
    keko | February 17, 2010

    Yes, I also have play both version. 360 version looks much better! Oooo..., but I dont have a .... Never mind.

  30. WOW
    gooze | February 17, 2010

    Shut up ya stupid JAP

  31. WOW!
    Kanji | February 17, 2010

    Bungie, you are full of crap.

    "On the other hand the 360 looks and plays awesomely smooth".

    This sentence only proves it that you obviously never saw 360 version and that you are simply lying.

    And btw, 360 is truly a Gaymers choice. You are a living proof, James Ford's comment says it best.

  32. Fools
    Cebaceo | February 17, 2010

    How many fools per second can support this article? How can those people say such things and keep breathing, taking the air from people who deserves it?. FF13 will be a total bluf, no matter which platform you choose. Why? because it's occidentally ariented, or should I say "oriented for the american fanboys"?

  33. WOW
    gooze | February 17, 2010

    WOW the 360 version looks so bad that SE wont even show it.

  34. I Have Both
    Cool-gamermag | February 17, 2010

    I have tried to play both versions but the 360 gave up with a RROD so i tried another 360 but it gouged a great ring in disk 2 :( PS3 version is the way to go. Looks MUCH better on ps3 too

  35. hmm
    lol | February 17, 2010

    Bungie...are you the bungie from n4g?...just want to know...
    and btt:

    hmm nice photoshop fail!

  36. J. Allard
    J. Allard | February 17, 2010

    I have played both versions and the 360 version is clearly superior. Things like Sazh's afro just look sharper and crisper. In the ps3 version if you position the camera just right you can see a bulge in Lightning's undergarments. I'm just saying.

  37. dame! that look's bad
    theunleashed666 | February 17, 2010

    holy crap i didn't know wii games had 360 triggers oh wait didn't mean for that to come out oops !

  38. mr
    bobbefet | February 17, 2010

    lol at 360 fanboys, they have clearly been raped by thier grandads

    they will now have to swap discs, and lol while they are swapping discs, the can put the dvd hole onto thier grandads cock and give it a spin lol

  39. Untitled
    PP | February 17, 2010

    ps3 is last gen only queers love ps3.

    ps3 has no games.

  40. Untitled
    MetalGearRising | February 17, 2010

    xbox360 version out shines ps3 version i have played both and the truth is xbox360 graphically looks sharper than ps3. Just wait for the reviews all this is Sony propaganda.

    ps3 has no games.

  41. Differences
    Bungie | February 17, 2010

    Also i have played both versions and the PS3 has freezes, jaggies , bad textures, low poly models and all those bugs that plague this japanese toy known as PS3. On the other hand the 360 looks and plays awesomely smooth! is amazing what SE can do on a real American gaming machine!

  42. Untitled
    James Ford | February 17, 2010

    You sure love sucking 360 cock there.,

  43. 360 is the Gamers Choice
    Bungie | February 17, 2010

    The 360 is obviously the way to go , these images are a bas strategy made by Sony to put down the awesome 360 version of this game. Also it will be announced at the E3 that VersusXIII will go multi , Nomura even said that KHI and II will be optimized and released on the 360 and PS3 , this way the 360 users will be able to enjoy the next SE exclusive for the 360 , Kinngdom Hearts III!

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