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Chrono Cross


Chrono Cross takes place a few years after Lucca's time in Chrono Trigger. The predecessor to Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, used time travel as its main concept. This time around, Chrono Cross uses time travel as its main concept. This time around, Chrono Cross uses parallel dimsneions. True to the dimensions concept, you'll see two cversion of most characters, which provides a laugh when you bring a character to meet his or her alter ego in the other dimension.

Serge was just talking with his sweetheart Leena at the beach one day, when Serge suddenly had some kind of a vision. Dazed, the next thing he noticed was a big wave coming his way. When Serge came to, Leena was nowhere to be found. Going back to his village, Serge found it totally changed. No one seems to recognize him at all, not even his mother or Leena. This signals the beginning of things to come, which will change the lives of just about everyone involved.......and also provide you with a nice, confusing story to figure out.

One interesting sidestory concerns the Masamune to most people. This legendary sword is back in Chrono Cross, but its look is not the only thing different about it. It seems to have turned evil due to something, and possesses anyone who uses the sword. Still the most powerful weapon, this causes one hell of a problem. Lives have been shattered just by holding this weapon.

Chrono Cross Information

Chrono Cross Box Art Chrono Cross / CCross / CC
Developer: Square-Enix
Systems: Playstation
Medium: CDs

CCross Japanese Release Date November 18, 1999
CCross American Release Date August 15, 2000

Table of Contents

Index - Standard information on Chrono Cross. Includes box-art, release information and synopsis.

Game Guides - Having trouble with Chronon Cross? Browse through our extensive guides section for help on all your travelling needs.

Battle System - Breese through your toughest battles with ease with the help of our extensive Chrono Cross battle information.

Characters - Chrono Cross introduces a huge number of characters, all willing to help in some way. Find out all about them.

Key Item List - Searching for Chrono Cross's secret items? Look no further.

Magic System - Chrono Cross introduces a new magical ability system to its already extensive battle system. Learn more information here.

Tips & Tricks - Looking for a little bit of help, or for those interesting little tidbits in Chrono Cross? Check them out here.

World Maps - Like every Squaresoft game, Chrono Cross features a vast world to explore. Help plan out your quests with our extensive maps.

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