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Chrono Cross has several secrets that can help you find new things, learn new information or just see something neat! Do you have one we don't have here?


Get all of your characters back

Head to the Hydra Marshes [Home] anytime after you get the Chronocross. Use the Astral Amulet near the distortion (the one you returned in). When you arrive Sprigg is shocked to see you. She moans that her favorite pickling jar is connected to the 'nasty' Hydra Marshes. She then cries herself to sleep. The ChronoCross acts up. Use it via your menu list (square) you then will have all of your saved characters back! If you play the game through enough you can have everyone all 45 Characters!

Earth Dragon Isle [Home] Criosphynx

Earth Dragon This scenario is here since fighting it during the normal game is suicide. If however you want to take a shot at him it appears just after you battle the six dragons.This thing is a mystery You have five attacks before it just pummels you nonstop with yellow Elements. There is a certain way of attacking this guy. You need to avoid using high power Elements, and just hit him hard with Physical attacks. And don't forget to equip Yellow Brooches to avoid the Sprains! To find this thing head to Another's Earth Dragon Isle. Enter and head through like you did for the Earth Dragon. You will meet up with him.

Fetch My Puppy! Do as I say!

Squid Squid You can either play your way through the game until you can access the Bend of Time or use Continue+. Head to the Bend of Time. Skip all of the glowing domes, and head for the door to the left. Enter the room and this Octopus will have you circle the room then you will be attacked by these guys. Before you do anything the Squid asks equip the Red Brooches, you have.

Ozzie KILL the fat one first! (Ozzie) He keeps casting this stupid Max Defense and you cannot hit anything! Then get Flea. She casts a spell that causes the much hated and very annoying Berserk. Then take out Slash. After much long battle, you get 100g Slasher, Dreamer's Sash, and Ozzie Pants.

Flea Now the gitty Squid wants to play more games. The next thing is to lap as many times as what's in his head less than 20. This will piss you off since you can accidentally go out side! Then its restart time! The # is 15. You get Dreamer's Sarong. COOL ITEM TO HAVE! It starts battles with your Level at 8! Throw Ozzie's Pants out with the trash. You will be inflicted with three ailments. Afraid (green), Darkness drops your Hit% (black) and Dizzy drops your hit power (yellow).

Other Endings

Hey! This reminds me of those read and chose your path books! (Whoa! this dates me!) Well now that you have New Game+ and Continue+, you have access to the time warp that takes you to the Time Devourer. So many possibilities open up. Here they are!

Endings Available in Regular Game

  1. Credits ending. Well the credits roll. With a cinema in the corner depicting, Kid in her quest to find Serge. You get this one if you defeat the Time Devourer without using the Chrono Cross.
  2. Save Schala ending. Well this is the path I showed you in my walkthrough. You must use the Chrono Cross in order to save Schala. You get the credits along with extra FMVs one showing that Kid was the teller of the story, and of her being standing at the beach. Apparently in the end, she found Serge....

Plus Endings

  1. Neo-Marbule. Battle the Time Devourer as Lynx and before Harle leaves the group. It opens with Harle and Lynx/Serge living in Home's Marble. Everything is all so sweet. Yuck. The sage asks Lynx/Serge to be leader. Then Harle says she will be at his side always.
  2. Lynx reaches his goal. This can be done anytime after Harle leaves your party. You see Evil Serge and Kid entering Chronopolis. Kid decides to wait. She feels that someone is following. Harle appears and battles Kid. All of the save points go black. It then cuts to Evil Serge completing his plan.

Unconfirmed Endings

  1. Kid the ruler of the world! Pass the game in the beginning after you get Poshul. Ending begins with Serge living with Leena in Arni. Kid sees this and continues her vendetta against Lynx. She makes her wish and she becomes the maiden of the manor.
  2. Goofy ending1 Pass the game right before you go to Fort Dragonia. Serge is working for Lisa's Element Shoppe. some fooling around with Leena Korcha and Kid. then it cuts to Solt and Peppor along with someone else in Fort Dragonia
  3. Goofy ending2 Pass the game after Serge gets his body back. it shows Riddle, Dario, and Viper in the Manor with a bunch of kids running around. It cuts to the bar in Termina where more characters are. Lynx still in serge's body arrives with Kid and Harle for some Squid gut Pasta.
  4. No humans. I have attempted this one there must be a set order of things to get this one. Finish the game before you get Serge's body back. There are no humans living in Arni and Harle places a flower on Serge's grave.
  5. Programmers ending?? Pass the game right at the beginning using only Serge.

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