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*Tidus climbs to the peak of a hill*

"This may be the end..."

"So I want to tell everything."

*fade to black, and things pick up again as Tidus is arriving in Zanarkand for a Blitzball tournament*

*talking to the two girls on the right*

Girl 1: Could you sign this for me, please?

Tidus: Sure!

*Now you are given the option to rename Tidus, if you like*

Girl 2: Good luck!

Tidus: It'll be a snap!

Tidus: And hey, tonight when I score a goal... 

Tidus: Uh... I'll go like this!

Tidus: And that'll be my message to you two!

Tidus: Where're you sitting?

Girl 1: East Block, front row!

Girl 1: My seat's the 5th from the right.

Tidus: Got it!

*talking to the three boys on the left*

Boy 1: Lemme have your autograph!

Tidus: Sure thing!

Boy 2: Over here!

Tidus: No problem!

Boy 3: Me too!

Tidus: Hang on, not so fast!

*heading down the middle*

Tidus: Okay, I've gotta get going. Be sure to come cheer for me!

Boy 1: O Great One!

All 3 Boys: Teach us Blitzball!

Tidus: I said I've got a game now! 

Boy 2: Then when it's over!

Tidus: Well... tonight's... kind of......

Mysterious Woman: Not tonight.

Tidus: Uh... yeah, omorrow, tomorrow!

Boy 3: For sure??

Tidus: I promise!

*Tidus heads towards the stadium, remembering his father*

Tidus: Coming through, coming through!

Tidus: Yes yes, excuse me...

Tidus: I'm running late!

Tidus: Stop pullin' on me!

*Finally entering the stadium, the Blitzball game commences. Midway through, some problems appear, and Tidus finds himself out of the game running amongst panicked spectators*

Tidus: Auron!

Tidus: What're you doing just standing around!

Auron: Waiting for you.

Tidus: Would you make some sense for once?!

*Auron walks off and Tidus follows, and he is once again confronted by the mysterious female*

Mysterious Woman: It's starting.

Mysterious Woman: Don't cry.

*The woman disappears and the mayhem resumes*

Tidus: ......what was that?

Tidus: Hey, wait!

*Tidus catches up to Auron*

Tidus: Why THIS way!?

Auron: Look.

Auron: We called it "Sin."

Tidus: Sin......?

*Several pods land on the road where Tidus and Auron are standing. After Tidus tries to fight them in vain...*

Auron: Use this.

Auron: It's a gift from Jecto.

Tidus: My father's!?

Auron: I hope you're a fast learner.

*Battle commences*

Auron: We have no time to deal with these. Let's break through!

Auron: Don't even think about taking them all on. Just get rid of the ones in the way and run!

Tidus: What the hell is with these guys?!

Auron: Let's take care of them all at once.

[About Overdrive]

"When the Overdrive Gauge beneath the HP/MP indicators becomes full, that character can perform a powered-up special attack. Overdrives can only be used once each time the meter becomes full, but can be used at any time. To use, press Left while in the command window."

*Tidus and Auron finish off the enemy and move on*

*Tidus looks up at the picture of his father*

Tidus: Grinning idiot...

Tidus: Auron! It's okay for us to run away!

Auron: It's coming.

Tidus: Huh?

Tidus: I don't have time for this!

*Midway through the next battle*

Auron: Hmph, this is getting out of hand... 

Auron: Hey, cut through that thing over there.

Tidus: What for!

Auron: I'll show you something interesting.

*After attacking the machine several times, something interesting happens*

Auron: Run!

*Tidus flies through and, holding onto a ledge, reaches up to Auron*

Tidus: Auron!

Tidus: Auron!!

Auron: This is what you want, isn't it?

Auron: Your fate is sealed.

Auron: This is your story.

Auron: And yours alone.

*Everything disappears into a bright, white light*

Voice: Hey!

Voice: Hey!

Tidus: Father......?

(X : Descend)

*After making his way down to the platform, Tidus narrates*

"I remember thinking many different things. 
What's going on? Where am I?
Eventually, I got drowsy and fell asleep......"

"It was like I was dreaming.
Dreaming I was stranded, alone.
Wishing for someone, anyone, to be with me...
It was a dream with those kinds of feelings."

*Tidus wakes up amongst ruins*

Tidus: Is anyone there?

Tidus: Auron!!

Tidus: Uwaaaaaaaaa!!

*Tidus swims ashore*

Checking on the rock face: Well, what do you suppose this is? I haven't a clue... 

*He begins ascending*

Right of the save sphere: Potion x2
Down the left path: High Potion

*The walkway collapses beneath Tidus, and he quickly finds himself fighting for his life*

*fleeing from the big fish*

Tidus: This is BAD!

*Tidus then narrates a little more*

"Things are getting steadily worse. I am without both dreams and hope.
It was that kind of place."

*Inside the ruins*

Tidus: So cold......

Tidus: A fire..... Where could I make a fire......

At the campfire: "O : Investigate"

In the left room: Fire-starting utensils

In the right room: Ether, Withered Bouquet, High Potion

*After making the fire, Tidus drifts to sleep*

Tidus: I'm soo hungry......

*In the dream*

Tidus: What is it this time?

Auron: That was a pretty careless mistake.

Auron: The loss was clearly your fault.

Tidus: You came over here just to tell me that?!

Auron: Today is... the anniversary of her death.

Tidus: Yeah...

Auron: I thought you might be alone crying.

Tidus: Whaddya mean crying!

Mysterious Woman: But you did cry.

*Tidus wakes up, but the fire has gone out*

Tidus: H,hey, what gives!? You went out!?

Tidus: Wait just a sec, let me go find some more!

*But he has company. Midway through the battle an oddly-dressed group shows up, and one aids Tidus*

Tidus: A friend!? Thanks!

[How do use Hand Grenade]

"There are items such as the Hand Grenade which have a special effect in battle. These items can be used by selecting the [Use] command in the [Special] menu."

*After the battle*

Tidus: Thanks again!

Tidus: What're you doing!

(Note: No, I didn't forget to translate these people. They are speaking one of FFX's own foreign languages, which players will learn as time goes on.)





Woman: YASSE!




Woman: ZOREN

*Tidus sinks to the ground and loses consciousness, waking up on the Salvage Ship*

Tidus: Uhh......

Tidus: Ow......


Tidus: I'm hurtin'!


Tidus: I, I give up.


*Man 4 makes gestures and tries to explain to Tidus*

Tidus: I don't understand at all

Man 4: KAANHAMIOA......

Tidus: I said I can't understand you!


Woman: YASSE!

Woman: Help out with the work, and we'll look after you, okay?

Tidus: You can understand my language!?

Tidus: I got it, I'll work!

Right of the save point: Al Bhed Language Dictionary 1

Learning the Al Bhed Language!

[Al Bhed Language Lesson]
You can learn to recognize words of the Al Bhed language on sight by locating Al Bhed Language Dictionaries.

Tidus became an [Al Bhed Language SHUFUKONKYA]!

From man on the left: Potionx3

*Tidus goes over to speak with the woman*

Woman: Oh! That's right!

[How to use the Sphere Board]

Characters can advance their stats by placing spheres on the Sphere Board. Let's take a look at the Sphere Board.

First select [Sphere Board] from the menu screen.

The cursor will display the chosen character's position.

Now you can move the cursor with the [Left, Up, Down, Right Buttons].

At the top of the screen, you can see that this space is for raising Physical Defense.

And see, in this space you can [Raise an Ability].

This is a [Growth Sphere].

By [Activating] these Growth Spheres, your character can grow.

To activate a Growth Sphere, move the character next to the Growth Sphere.

This is how you move.

Push circle button......

(In selection box: Move, Use)
And the cursor centers on the character's position and these commands appear.

Here, select [Move].

The area where your character can move lights up.

The available area is the same as your character's [S.Lv (Sphere Level)].

Your S.Lv raises by earning AP (Ability Points) in battle.

When your character accumulates AP and raises his S.Lv, use his S.Lv to move him on the Sphere Board. If your character does not fight battles and get AP, he will never be able to grow.

Tidus' S.Lv is 3 right now, so he can move 3 spaces.

However, if you advance too quickly, you may miss some Growth Spheres and stunt your growth.

So we just advance one space...

And learn the ability [Cheer]. Note that you do not need to be on top of a Growth Sphere to activate it; you [only need to move next to it].

As you choose where you want to go.

(In the selection box: "Is here okay?" Yes/No)
Your character's S.Lv will decrease.

When you're done moving...

Check for any mistakes before you confirm your selection.

If it is okay, choose [Yes].

Now you have moved to this space. You cannot take it back.

If you want to go back to the Growth Spheres that you passed over, you will need to spend your S.Lv again to move.

Spending 1 S.Lv will let you go back up to 4 previous spaces. But you shouldn't waste your S.Lvs moving back and forth like that. Always think carefully when moving.

And so

Once you have finished moving, it is time to [Activate] the Growth Spheres.

In order to activate a Growth Sphere, you use [Spheres].

Spheres are items that may be obtained a variety of ways, such as by defeating enemies in battle. 

Push the Circle button......

Select the [Use] command.

A list of the Spheres you have collected appears.

Different kinds of Spheres have different uses.

For example, a [Power Sphere] is used on a Growth Sphere for raising Attack Power, Physical Defense, and HP.

The [Ability Sphere] can be used on an Ability Growth Sphere.

Both your character's current space and the adjacent spaces are usable Growth Spheres. This means the Growth Spheres both before and after your current position.

Since only an Ability Growth Sphere is nearby your current position, you can only use your Ability Spheres.

Select the Sphere you want to use

And the appropriate Growth Sphere for the Sphere you selected lights up.

Because [Ability Sphere] is selected, the Ability Growth Sphere lights up.

Here you can select which Growth Sphere you would like to activate.

The Growth Sphere is activated, and the character learns a new ability. But in exchange, one Ability Sphere is used.

Attack Power, your max HP and MP, all your stats can be raised in the same manner.

Using Power Spheres, Magic Spheres, Speed Spheres, etc., you can raise every single stat.

Also, each character can activate the same Growth Sphere separately.

Even if another character has already activated a Growth Sphere, if you move to the same place use another Sphere, you can activate it again.

You cannot currently advance past the [Sphere Locks] on the Sphere Board. An explanation will be given when you become able to pass them.

The explanation of the growth fundamentals is over. However, there are a few useful more useful things to know.

You can press the [Triangle Button] to see the character's current status.

Be sure to look at your character's current status often to better plan your growth choices.

Also, with L1 and R1

You can switch between different characters.

This is very useful to compare and contrast their stats.

In addition, you can press the Select button to view the entire Sphere Board.

This is the end of the Sphere Board tutorial. Try out the growth process on Tidus.

*Tutorial Concludes*

Woman: At the bottom of the sea lie ruins from long ago.

Woman: They aren't functioning right now, but maybe there is some energy still left.

Woman: If we head down there and tinker with them a bit then maybe we can get them working again...

Woman: And then maybe pull them up.

Tidus: Huh...

Woman: Come on, let's get to work!

Tidus: Okay!

Square button: Return to the ship
X button: Dive

*Tidus proceeds into and through the ruins, eventually being forced to battle a giant squid*

*The squid swims to the other side of the room*

"From here, you cannot reach him to attack"

[About the Trigger Command]

"During battle, occasionally you will be able to use special commands. Press the [Left Button] at the Command Window to reach them."

Trigger Command: Recover

*The second time the squid swims away, you can use the Pincer Attack command*

*Back on the ship, the Al Bhed refuse to let Tidus come inside*

Tidus: Hey, I thought I helped!

*After a while*

Tidus: Soo hungry......

*The woman arrives with a bang*

Tidus: Ohhh! Food!!

Woman: Quite the speedy eater...

Woman: Now what?

Tidus: What is your name?

Woman: It's Rikku.

Tidus: You really do understand!!

Tidus: But in that case why didn't you just talk normally in the first place?!

Rikku: There wasn't time for that!

Rikku: Everybody thought chi were some kind of demon......

Tidus: Chi?

Rikku: Oh, "chi" means "you".

Tidus: Who ARE you people?

Rikku: We're the Al Bhed tribe. Can't you tell from the language?

Rikku: Don't tell me you're an Al Bhed hater?

Tidus: Hater...? I've never even heard of you.

Rikku: Where are you from, anyway?

Tidus: Zanarkand.

Tidus: I'm a Blitzball player there. The ace of Zanarkand Abes!

Rikku: Did you, uh, hit your head or something?

Tidus: YOU guys hit my head alright.

Rikku: Well, do you remember what happened before that?

"About Zanarkand...
About the game, what life was like...
About how Sin attacked during a Blitzball game...
And how I ran after Auron, and was pulled into the light......
I just talked about things as they came to mind, but before long I started getting uneasy."

Tidus: Did I... say something strange?

Rikku: So you got close to Sin......

Rikku: Don't worry! I'm sure you'll be fine in no time.

Rikku: People who come in contact with Sin are always little messed up.

Rikku: You probably just had a really weird dream, is all.

Tidus: I'm... sick?

Rikku: I think Sin's poison probably got to you.

Tidus: Why do you say that?

Rikku: Because...... Zanarkand isn't around anymore.

Rikku: Sin attacked and destroyed it 1000 years ago.

Rikku: So there's no way you could've played Blitzball!

Tidus: Wha?

Tidus: Whaddya mean 1000 years ago!?

Tidus: I saw what Sin did to Zanarkand.

Tidus: That was 1000 years ago!? No way I can believe something like that!

*A brief break from the conversation*

Rikku: Well, um......

Rikku: You say you were a Blitzball player?

Rikku: Maybe you should try going to Luca, then.

Rikku: Somebody there is gotta know you......

Rikku: It might help you remember something too, you know?

Tidus: Luca?

Rikku: Right then, you just leave it to me! I'll take you to Luca!

Rikku: Don't you WANT to go?

Rikku: Okay, I'll just go tell everyone about it, okay? Wait just a sec.

Rikku: Oh yeah... by the way!

Rikku: Don't go telling people you're from Zanarkand.

Rikku: That place is Ebon holy ground, so you might anger some people.

*Rikku exits, fade to black*

"Zanarkand is Ebon holy ground?
It was like, what the heck are these people talking about?
Ebon? Sin's poison? Luca?
I thought I'd just come to some faraway place, that I could go back home easily.

Tidus: Jumped a thousand years?

Tidus: Screw that!

*The ship rocks, and something approaches from the sea*

Man 1: Sin!

Man 1: Sin DA RUUBO!


[Would you like to save here?]

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