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In a land called Zanarkand, there lives a boy named Tidus. Tidus is the leader of Zanarkand Abes, the greatest blitzball team to ever exist. For those of you that don't know, Blitzball is a sport that is a mix of rugby, water polo and soccer - with magic and fighting as well. The story begins where Tidus is getting ready for the big tournament, the championship of Blitzball. As he walks down to the stadium, he tells the players about his life, and who his father, Jecht is. Tidus' father hasn't been around much since his early teen years. When Tidus was a young boy, his father always picked on him, calling him things like crybaby and telling him that he'll never be good at anything; or at least not as good as his father is at Blitzball.

Jecht was the leader of the Zanarkand Abes many years before he left on a journey to who-knows-where. So, here we are back in Zanarkan where Tidus is about the begin the championship game. The game starts out where the players are ina large sphere of water. They play their hearts out, and, some literally get knocked out of the sphere. While in the background, a mysterious figure is standing high atop large pillars from a tall building. This figure, later known as Auron, to Tidus and everyone else, is watching a large tidal wave about to crush the city. Auron goes down to the city where chaos is about to begin. As Tidus is playing Blitzball with his team the large tidal wave comes crushing the stadium and begins sucking Tidus into the air. Luckily, Tidus grabs hold of a large ledge and hangs on until he falls. Getting up and out of the stadium Tidus meets Auron outside and Auron instructs him to run, keep running as far as he can.

That's all I'm going to say about the game... I don't want to give away the greatest parts. The major evil in the game is called "Sin." The people of Yevon, the religion Yevon, believe that Machina (the use of machines) is forbidden and that is what caused "Sin" to appear. To repent for their evil deeds and breaking rules, and not working hard in the world, summoners must call forth the final summon to rid the world of Sin. The thing is, Sin continues to come back not matter what. Well... everything will change when Tidus comes ashore.

Game Information

Game Name Final Fantasy 10
Japan Release Date 19 July 2001
U.S. Release Date 12 December 2001
Europe Release Date 24 May 2002
Genre Role-Playing Game
Platform Playstation 2
Developer Squaresoft
Publisher Square EA


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