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Final Fantasy 12 introduces a whole new set of characters (not surprisingly), each with their own fascinating back-stories and exciting futures. Each character also has a different fighting style. They are all extremely important.



Vaan Vaan
Age: 17
Race: Hume

Vaan is a laid back, optimistic young man, and the main character of our story. He currently resides in the Kingdom of Dalmaska, which is now under the rule of the Arcadian Empire. Vaan has lived alone for a while due to the death of his parents in a previous scuffle, and wishes to eventually become an air pirate. He joins the resistance to help his Kingdom and its Royal Family. When he meets Ashe, his world's history is bound to change forever.


Ashe Ashe
Age: 19
Race: Hume

Ashe is the Princess of Dalmaska, part of the royal family that has recently been imprisoned by the Arcadian Empire. When Arcadia conquered Dalmaska, this young beauty left the castle and immediately proceeded to create a resistance movement, in hopes of freeing her people and her kingdom. It is through this movement that she meets Vaan.


Balthier Balthier
Age: 22
Race: Hume

Balthier is a sky pyrate: one of the many people who, in their airships, fly around the skies of Ivalice and do their chores as necessary. As far as war is concerned, Balthier wishes to steer clear. He currently owns a small airship that he uses to travel the skies with his friend and companion, Fran.


Fran Fran
Age: ??
Race: Viera

Fran travels the world with Balthier as a sky pirate and Balthier's companion in all sky-pirate-y things. Fran is a proficient swordsman, though her skills are not limited to sword-fighting alone. Indeed she is very adept at all forms of combat, and hones her skills along her travels with Vaan and Ashe.


Penelo Penelo
Age: 16
Race: Hume

Penelo is an extremely energetic, friendly individual, and one of Vaan's friends. For a long time in FF12 development, it was rumored that Penelo was Vaan's girlfriend. However, due to other circumstances, she is not. She is, however, close friends with Vaan, and gladly helps him in all he does. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing and singing, and uses these skills in combat.


Basch Basch
Age: 33
Race: Hume

Basch is a former knight of Dalmaska, considered a traitor by his peers. When Dalmaska was overrun by Arcadians, Basch immediately proceeded to kill the King of Dalmaska, blaming him for selling their land to Arcadia. He is a very mysterious character, and though he travels with Vaan and his friends, his ultimate intentions are unclear.

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