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Final Fantasy X-2

For over 1000 years, a threat known as Sin plagued the world of Spira. Summoners from all over the world went on pilgrimages to destroy this threat, but would always end up dying at the hands of their own aeons. This was always the case until a brave young woman named Yuna teamed up with a valiant warrior named Tidus, as well as 6 other companions, to defeat the horror that was Sin forever. With the defeat of the powerful monster, however, great sacrifices were made, and one that Yuna loved dearly was lost.

Now that the "eternal calm" has come, Yuna and her companions have a chance to relax. Done with their great endeavour, they each went their separate ways to start a new life. Yuna, the main character of this story, joins a band of "sphere hunters" called the Gullwings after finding a sphere that seems to tell of the whereabouts of one lost party member. With the help of Rikku and a new character called Paine, Yuna searches the world for some clue as to where her friend has gone.

Join Yuna in her new quest and explore areas that have been seen before, but may not have been fully viewable. Find old friends relaxing in distant locations, learn new pieces of information, and unlock the diverse puzzle that awaits you in the very first Final Fantasy sequel ever, Final Fantasy X-2.

Game Information

Game Information

Game Final Fantasy X-2
Developer Square-Enix
Publisher Square-Enix
Genre Role-Playing Game
Platform Playstation 2

Release Information

Japan March 3, 2003
USA November 18, 2003
Europe February 12, 2004

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