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Each character in your party is able to equip two accessories. Each accessory that you equip can range from items that help your defense, like armor, to items that raise stats. Some accessories even allow you to learn new spells or to use ones already acquired.

Obtaining Accessories

Accessories can be found by numerous different circumstances throughout your travels in Spira. For one, you can buy accessories in shops. Many shops sell the basics, then continue to sell items that get better and better as time progresses. You can also gain accessories by stealing items from enemies or bosses, or just by killing bosses.

Name Effect Buy Sell
Adamantite Hp +100%, Defense +120, Magic +120, Agility -30, Auto-Wall N/A 10
Amulet Magic +10 1000 250
Angel Earrings Defense +5, Magic Defense +5, Deathproof 5000 1250
AP Egg Luck +15, Triple AP N/A 10
Arcane Lore Magic +12 50,000 12,500
Arcane Tome MP +10%, Agility +5, Turbo Arcana N/A 10
Beaded Brooch Defense +8, Magic Defense +8, Sense Preserver 10,000 2500
Black Belt Strength +20, Defense +20 N/A 2000
Black Choker Defense +4, Magic Defense +4, Confuseproof 4000 1000

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