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FF13 Graphics Changes in Action

August 2, 2009

Some of the graphical changes made by Square Enix to later builds of Final Fantasy XIII are becoming clear when released screenshots are studied and compared by fans.

Two released screenshots are almost identical but are from different builds, giving fans a look at changes made to the game engine. The question on the lips of many fans will be why these changes have been made.

The first screenshot here was released by Square Enix in August 2008, before Advent Children Complete shipped. This screenshot is from the older build of the game.

Before moving on to the next screen, make note of the floor textures, rocky sea and the hair of the characters.

The next image is a screen from the video featured on the exclusive Final Fantasy XIII footage found on the Western Advent Children Complete Disc - and a later build of the game than the screenshot above.

Take note again of the changes in the floor texture - in this newer build of the game it is a slightly more simple design. The sea is considerably less choppy and the hair of the characters is quite different - possibly rendered in a different way.

More subtle changes in the images include the textures of Lightning's clothes and her shoulders are considerably less rounded in the later build. The game also appears to have added depth of field effects, throwing the Snow and Vanille in the background out of focus.

Us at UFFSite? We believe that the early shots were likely doctored, improved or running on the Crystal Tools engine on PC - we're likely now just seeing true screenshots of the game, which still look amazing.

The real question is, which one looks better? Let us know in the comments box, on our forums or Tweet at us on our Twitter!

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