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FF14 GameWatch Interview Translation

October 1, 2009

FF14's Director Hiromichi Tanaka spoke to the Japanese Press about the technology behind Final Fantasy XIV and the plans for a beta - and we've got it all translated right here.

As always, we've slimmed the important bits into easy to digest lists.

Technology Information
  • FF14 is being developed for PC first and then ported to consoles - the opposite of FF11, which was made for PS2.

  • Fans can expect support for systems with multiple cores and 64-bit machines, unlike FF11.

  • FF14 is designed with today's higher end machines in mind.

  • The team is working on seperate graphics for the PS3 and PC versions.

  • The PS3 version will likely run in 720p - the PC version will depend on the settings and hardware the user has.

Beta Information
  • Early beta testing will only be a small group worldwide and will only take place in 3-4 hour segments.

  • Currently the planned beta is only for the Windows version.

  • Length of testing will gradually increase as the game nears completion until the beta is online 24 hours a day.

  • Eventually there will be a free open beta for everyone to join.

  • Originally the development team anticipated it would take 6 months to go from closed beta to open beta - now they believe it could be shorter.

  • Ultimately how long the open beta takes to arrive will depend on the feedback offered by members of the closed beta.

That's about it for the FF14 information from GameWatch. There were other minor points, but they were all things we've heard before.

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