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Square Enix Prepares FF13 Product Onslaught

November 26, 2009

How much do you love Final Fantasy? How big of a fan of Final Fantasy XIII are you before the game even comes out? If the answer to either of these questions is a lot or quite a bit, Square Enix has you covered with the massive selection of merchandise they're preparing to ship alongside, before and after the game's Japanese release.

Here's our quick Final Fantasy XIII product guide, going over the FF13 merch on sale complete with links to an ideal place to grab the stuff from if you don't live in Japan.

The Game
The first bit is obvious - you're going to want the game itself. The Japanese version of the title is Region-Free and can be played on any PS3 worldwide - so if you can't wait for the March Release you can preorder an import.

Don't forget that the special 'Lightning Edition' PS3 will also be available in December.

The Soundtrack
Masashi Hamauzu has already massively impressed fans of FF with the music that's been heard so far in trailers and footage, so the full soundtrack to the game is hotly anticipated. It's available in a Limited Edition and a Regular Edition, and launches shortly after the game.

So you've got your soundtrack and your copy of the game - but now you're going to need something refreshing to keep you going while you play it. How about some Final Fantasy XIII branded drinks?

Square Enix have partnered with Suntory to make 'Final Fantasy XIII Elixir', a drink that is supposed to be as refreshing as the drink in game that traditionally completely heals a character. FF Elixir is a pretty cool drink but can also be a collectors item with several different types of FF13 design cans to collect.

There's Version One and Version Two which both have 8 designs a piece, while the Special Edition Elixir comes in 6 different varities, including a cool mini-action figure of one of the FF13 cast. These probably won't make it to the West and are limited run, so now is your chance to get them!

Action Figures
Square Enix traditionally produces a bunch of super-detailed 'Play Arts' figures of their most famous characters, and FF13 is no exception to this rule with figures of Lightning, Snow and Vanille set to be available around the time the game debuts in Japan.

Accessories & Posters
Square Enix know that FF fans are likely to enjoy decorating their rooms and showing their FF love off to others, so they're also putting out some FF themed Accessories and Posters.

You can grab a pretty cool Keychain that's in the shape of Lightning's Sword as well as folders ideal for work or school sporting CG artwork of Lightning, Snow and Vanille.

If posters are more your deal you can get a massive 70cm double poster set or some smaller mini wall scrolls depicting the FF13 cast.

As if games, music and drinks weren't enough, Square Enix are also heading into the world of fashion with some FF13 clothing. There's two designs featuring Shiva and Odin if you want to take your FF fandom with you when you leave the house. Quick links below if you want 'em.

Odin (Men): Medium / Large / X Large
Odin (Women): Medium / Large
Shiva (Men): Medium / Large / X Large
Shiva (Women): Medium / Large

While there's one or two pieces of merch we haven't listed here, they're all rather expensive - such as a replica of Serah's pendant, which costs a couple of hundred! What we've picked out here are the things we feel fans will pick out and buy!

Stick with us at UFFSite for our import review of FF13 and the lowdown on all the merch when we get our hands on it. Want us to come to you? Check out our RSS Feed and Twitter!