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New 360 FF13 Screenshots feature nasty JPEG Compression, Mouse Pointer

February 17, 2010

Square Enix PR is having it a bit rough these past few days, it seems. Late last week they were accused of faking FF13 360 screenshots by photoshopping 360 buttons onto PS3 screens, and now they've released a batch of screens that have been seemingly hastily captured.

The screenshots sport particularly nasty JPEG compression, while some feature strange black borders that suggest speedy cropping. One even features the mouse of the person who captured them, suggesting they may well have been captured from a video using the Windows Print Screen function.

The new batch of screenshots were released to appease the backlash from the edited 360 shots. Not the best look for the Xbox 360 version.

The screenshot that includes the mouse of the person doing the work trapped in the top left corner has been posted with the mouse circled handily by us below.

The rest of the shots can be found over at IGN and TeamXbox.

SE PR team - we love you guys - but come on!

Don't take these screenshots as any indication of how the 360 version looks - we've played it and while it doesn't look as good as the PS3 version, it doesn't look as bad as this JPEG compression makes out.