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Square Enix registers "Final Fantasy 13 2" Domain Name

January 13, 2011

Domain name and copyright registry-spotting genius superannuation has spotted an interesting new domain name registration by the guys at Square Enix -

The domain name Whois information can be viewed through this link, and shows that the domain registration was filed on Monday 11th January 2011. It's due to expire on the same day in 2013.

Tweeting, superannuation noted that the domain had been registered by "Corporation Service Company" - the same company that has registered domains for other Square Enix titles, including the official website for upcoming third person shooter MindJack,

We've done a little extra investigation on top, and the same company has recently been used to register domains for Front Mission Evolved, Nier and Gun Loco, all major recent or upcoming Square Enix releases.

This makes it pretty damn likely that the registration is indeed from Square Enix - the question now is if the registration is just Square Enix merely domain-name squatting or if they're up to something more interesting - like putting out a full-blown sequel to Final Fantasy XIII. It's worth noting much of the FF13 team came straight off the back of working on Final Fantasy X-2, the first FF main series sequel.

If that's the case, it's likely that this newly registered domain is an indication that we can expect announcements of new Final Fantasy XIII-related games at the Square Enix First Production Department Premiere, which is due to take place next week.

As always, it's worth remembering that this isn't concrete proof that Square Enix registered the domain, and it could all be a fan or something - but given the evidence above, we'd say that it's likely that it is from Square Enix. The question is why. We've pinged Square Enix for comment.

We'll be reporting during the event, so be sure to stick with us for the latest Final Fantasy news via our RSS Feed and Twitter Page! If you're into RPGs in general be sure to check out our sister site RPG Site and Follow them on Twitter!