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Toriyama Speaks about FF13 Battle System

April 19, 2009

The latest Famitsu magazine over in Japan features a new interview with Motomu Toriyama, FF13's Director. In the interview he talks about the game's battle system in detail, including what will be changed from the version present in the demo.

Here's the Best Bits...

  • FF13's Battle Concept is "Command Battle" - a fusion between strategy battle and action battle. The system allows for flashy combat moves.

  • The demo held only the basics of the full version - strategies in the final version will be much more complex.

  • 'Strategy Battle' refers to to the ability to stock multiple commands and mix and match them.

  • Characters even outside of the one you control can be AI controlled, but you will have control over hoe well they perform.

  • As in the demo, your allies will perform follow-up attacks on enemies to aid you. In the full version, players will have more control over when this happens.

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