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FF13 Premiere Party Invite Surfaces, Confirms Release Date Announcement

AP | August 30, 2009

What appears to be an invite to the Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party has leaked onto the web.

The Japanese language document invites Press to a party event that is being held on September 8th at 7pm Japanese time for around 2 hours. The time will likely be taken up by a traditional press conference followed by the 'party' segment where those present will be able to play the game and look at upcoming FF13 action figures and other merchandise.

The party is being held at the [i]Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation[/i]. The game has been confirmed to be playable at TGS, and the same demo will likely show up here.

The invite goes on to confirm that the Final Fantasy XIII release date and price will be announced at the event and several special guests will appear.

While we're not sure if the document itself is real, Square Enix are definitely holding a FF13 event on the 8th of September. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete was given a similar party-style press event before its release, as you can see here.

Check out the invite image below. Be sure to sign up for our RSS Feed and our Twitter for the latest FF News. Thanks to Mercy0001 for the tip!

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