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FF13 Environments Showcased

AP | November 5, 2009

Japanese publication GameWatch has published a bunch of Final Fantasy XIII screenshots that showcase some of the environments that will feature in the final game.

Many of the environments have been seen before in trailers and screenshots, but these in-engine shots have been especially taken to show off the locales of FF13's world. Final Fantasy XIII is now nearing its Japanese release in December.

If these shots make your hunger for the full game even worse, the region-free version of the game is also up for Preorder over at Play-Asia, as is the Limited Edition Soundtrack.

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  1. Untitled
    Diamond Edge | November 9, 2009

    Stop complaining about the freakin graphics already.

    They look damn good, it doesn't matter if it has been downgraded or not or whatever. It is good enough the way it is and it isn't even the most important thing on the game.

  2. 'fans'
    Zidane007nl | November 7, 2009

    Omg, Final Fantasy 'fans' that are complaining about the graphics.

  3. Untitled
    PS3 FANBOY AND WHAT | November 6, 2009

    PS3 > XBOX360

  4. Untitled
    David Macphail | November 6, 2009

    LMAO at the retarded 360 fanboys down below. Final Fantasy XIII looks nice but it's character models aren't NEARLY on par with Uncharted 2 - why? Because the 360's hardware couldn't handle it so Square had to dumb - down the game to fit on Microsoft's last - gen machine.

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII looks 10X better than XIII. Do you think it's just coincidence that Versus XIII also happens to be PS3 exclusive? LOL.........sometimes the stuff you guys come out with is just plain sad.

  5. Untitled
    Gary Tromoni | November 6, 2009

    People are complaining about these graphics? Seriously? They look gorgeous.

    Pfft, and you call yourselves fans!

  6. Untitled
    Trudy | November 6, 2009

    FFXIII is being made for PS3 then it's being ported to the Xbox. So the game isn't being downgraded at all. Common sense people - use it!

  7. Ugh
    thomas d | November 6, 2009

    Sometimes I wonder why I bother coming to this site anymore. The amount of PS3 fanboys on this site are disgusting. Square Enix have already told fans that neither the PS3 or 360 version were comprimised and all rumors to the contrary have been proved false. YET fanboys still claim that the 360 has compimised the game. ugh, it's truly sad how pathetic the 'console wars' has become this generation.

  8. you aint seen nothing yet
    duffypeter | November 6, 2009

    wait till the new x engine hits some people will think a lot different about the 360 then . the dvd format has nothing to do with graphics thats an excuses for people to buy blue ray . look at the graphics on crysis and farcry 2 done on i dvd so there are no real excuses to use blue ray

  9. Overlord
    Zerathos986 | November 6, 2009

    Well, alas, the rerendering and reformating to fit the 360 was bound to have upsetting drawbacks, but at least we have Versus to look forward to. It'll be completely real-time, too, so that should be quite a treat and a testament to the true power of the PS3.

    I must say, though, I was already disappointed by the character rerenders and now I'm looking at these modified locations and downgraded systems with a facepalm. I know Square wants to expand to an international demographic that favours Final Fantasy above the more popular Dragon Quest back in Japan, but this wasn't the way to go. We had NOTHING since 2003 and we were fortunate enough to have news that XIII would be released with everything we saw in the very first trailer. So much for that. =

    However, like I said, we still have Versus to look forward to and XIII's story could make up for the downgrade.

  10. Ya ya ya
    unknown | November 5, 2009

    this must be Xbox 3sh*ty fault

  11. Untitled
    Anonymous | November 5, 2009

    quality seems diminished than the original ps3 exclusive trailer.

  12. Untitled
    necronzero | November 5, 2009

    XBOTS reach a new low... LMAO!

  13. Untitled
    XxDROxX | November 5, 2009

    U kids are obviously stupid ass hell or only own a xbox.. I have both consoles and i strongly believe that the PS3 is superior as a next generation console compared to xbox. PS3 has lots of more stuff to offer and its just a matter of time before u stupid xbots finally realize that Microsoft ripped u off the day u bought that damn xbox.

  14. ok
    matt | November 5, 2009

    Might as well let them believe what they want, it's not like they'd every bring it into a real conversation. They'd only say it over computer, because they know they're wrong. It's all to start a fight.

  15. sorry xbots ps3 screens
    xbotsaredouchebags | November 5, 2009

    metalgearrising and pp are the same xbot retarded on N4G.they don't know that the lead platform for FF13 is the ps3 and they need to wait until march 2010 to play ff13 with compressed textures and 5 discs.ps3 japanese version will be released next month. keep in mind that all the screen are from the ps3 version because xbox360 version isn't ready. after the japan release square enix start the xbox360 conversion.bye bye metalgearrising and pp.have a nice long wait.

  16. Unreal Engine
    raha | November 5, 2009

    This is clearly Unreal Engine the screenshots look like crap Square canned the last good build and gave us this crap is Unreal Engine , are you guys blind? looks the same crap as the other clone Xbox360 games the same crap

  17. Untitled
    Leopard | November 5, 2009

    lol at those 360 fanboys below.

    Yes it will be better on the 360 because PS3 is the lead platform and we get everything on 1 BluRay disc while you guys play them on 4 DVDs, yehaaa old technology FTW!! (SARCASM)

    Just be glad you guys get to play it, pr*cks, and know that it came at the expense of removed Jap voice over, removed CGI and god-knows-how-much other content that were cut when Kitase admit they were 'aiming' to fit it on 3 dvds.

  18. Untitled
    MGRisAmoron | November 5, 2009

    MGR is a moron, claiming a PS3 screen is only possible on the 360. What a retard.

  19. hahahahahaa
    KTOOOOM | November 5, 2009

    lol... i hope gaf read these comments ..hahahaha

  20. Untitled
    etc | November 5, 2009

    Fanboy idiots who know nothing :(

  21. Untitled
    Observer | November 5, 2009

    What the hell are you guys talking about. This game would have been twice as good if it was a ps3 exclusive. But the old 360 tech messed everything up.

  22. Untitled
    325 | November 5, 2009

    Xbox360 and PS3 versions will be the same, and they have both amazing hardware.

  23. Untitled
    MetalGearRising | November 5, 2009

    xbox360 will be the main platform of choice to show case the power of xbox360 for Final Fantasy XIII.

  24. Untitled
    pp | November 5, 2009

    Only made possible with the state of the art CPU and GPU on xbox360.

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