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FF13 sells out on Amazon Japan; Profiteers charge $150 for spare copies

December 15, 2009

It looks like FF13 could be heading for some severe shortages in Japan and those who ordered early are set to profit from it.

A day before the game releases in Japan, Amazon Japan have closed down orders for Final Fantasy XIII, stopping anyone who hasn't already preordered from obtaining the game through them.

Already profiteers who ordered multiple copies of the game have seen their chance to sell the game for extra - and copies are selling for 13,500 Yen online. That's 4250 yen more than the standard retail price with tax.

That's 47 dollars more than the regular asking price and 150 US dollars! You can see the Amazon Japan listing here - those who speak the lingo will be able to see the game has been removed from further sale.

If you're looking to get hold of the game this week, Play Asia are still taking orders for the Region-Free PS3 title with a promise to ship it on the 17th, release day.

It seems that demand for FF13 is far more than originally thought - Square Enix actually printed 700,000 less copies of FF13 for launch than FF12. In spite of this, FF13's release could see PS3 sales rocket in Japan. Play-Asia recently told us it was their most preordered import title this generation.

Alternatively, we'd advise preordering the Western version from Amazon now, in case we face similar shortages. Here it'll be available on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

More as we get it! Stick with us for our comprehensive FF13 launch coverage, including translations of the game itself and photographs of whatever huge lines the shortage may cause in Japan. You can follow us via our RSSFeed or Twitter.