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Final Fantasy XIV Beta Sign Ups Begin

AP | December 16, 2009

Square Enix has begun allowing users to sign up for the Final Fantasy XIV Beta today - the same day Final Fantasy XIII launches in Japan.

The official beta website indicates that the recruitment is for the Windows version of FF14 only - a PS3 version will follow on a later date. This matches with reports we made back in October.

You can sign up for the beta at the FF14 website. US folk need to follow this link, while Europeans need to follow this one.

If MMOs aren't your thing, you could also import Final Fantasy XIII, out today. Launch copies of FF13 also include a voucher for an exclusive FF13 themed item within the FF14 world.

If that's not enough FF14 for you, be sure to check out our hands-on Preview of the game from GamesCom 2009 and E3 2009 Q&A.

Stick with us via our RSS Feed and Twitter for all the latest on FF13 and 14!

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