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1.8 million shipment confirmed for FF13

AP | December 16, 2009

Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada has announced that initial shipments of Final Fantasy XIII reached the 1.8 million mark, confirming rumours posted yesterday on Japanese gaming message boards.

The 1.8 million shipment figure for FF13 includes regular copies of the game and the Limited Edition "Lightning Pink" PS3 console bundles which include a special FF13 branded PS3 as well as a copy of the game in a limited-run box.

The FF13 launch is expected to boost PS3 sales dramatically in Japan.

Square Enix later added that with these confirmed 1.8 million units in Japan, the worldwide shipment figure for the Final Fantasy series is at an impressive 92 million units worldwide. That figure will balloon even further when FF13 hits the West in March.

You can own one of the 1.8 million by Importing from Play Asia - we'll have full guides to help importers through the game after launch!

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  1. First Week Only.
    David Macphail | December 17, 2009

    Well most people are expecting this game to shift at least 1 million copies in it's first 24 hours alone. Hopefully supply will be able to keep up with demand over there.

    Those Japanese can count themselves lucky though. Worst case scenario for them is some of them will have to wait an extra week for the next shipment to arrive. Europeans and Americans have to wait another 3 months. :(

  2. Only?
    mullerhun | December 16, 2009

    I think it won't we enough, hopefully:)

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