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FF13 flies off the digital shelves

December 17, 2009

Following on from Japanese gamers causing Amazon Japan to sell out of copies of Final Fantasy XIII before launch, Importing gamers are now pushing stock to the absolute limit.

An employee of top import store Play Asia told us the extent of the demand.

"We expected FF13 to be big, but in the last few days before launch we have seen a surge of orders from overseas, with lots of games being despatched to the US."

It's not all bad yet, though, with the source telling us that the company has tracked down a little more stock. "We obtained extra stock and we have shipped more copies of the game than I'd care to count already. We'll be shipping these all day!"

He went on to note that this is one of the biggest games for import orders he has ever seen. Many fans are ordering FF13 with no knowledge of the Japanese language as fans and fansites across the web are offering up entire sections translating the menus and cutscenes of the game to help those who don't speak the language play it - including us at UFFSite!

You can still grab some of the remaining copies of FF13 over at Play Asia. You can pick up the Japanese or Asian region copies of the game - either will work on all PS3s - and if you order now, it'll probably ship today.

If you're ordering and want updates on our FF13 translations, keep in touch via our RSS Feed or Twitter!