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FF9 PSN details coming Friday, Square asks you to 'pray' for it

March 29, 2010

Square Enix Producer Shinji Hashimoto has been tweeting away to fans on the official Japanese-language Square Enix Members twitter over the past few days regarding an FF9 release on the Playstation Network.

Today saw the board meeting where Hashimoto promised to bring up the prospect of an FF9 release on PSN, and Hashimoto was tweeting once the meeting was over and the proposal suggested.

The result sounds pretty good, though you may want to give Hashimoto a little hand by praying to the god of Square Enix. Sacrificing a goat to Wada might help, as well. "The presentation went well. The result will come on Friday. Everyone - please pray." Here's the tweet.

The next tweet went on to elaborate on that first post: "Fortunately for FF9, it is the 10th anniversary, so many of the board members approved of it."

That's that, then. I'm off to find a goat. FF9 turns 10 in June, incidentally - so does this place, as we began life as an FF9 site. The release will likely be announced this week and hit closer to June.

Hashimoto seems to have a bit of a soft spot for the game. It's the only major main-line FF game he's ever produced (though he is producing Versus XIII and worked on several ports and remakes of older FFs) and he's repeatedly talked about his affinity for the FF9 universe in the past.