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Item Effects Cost
[ - ] Normal Items
Tonic Restores 50 hit points 40 GP
Potion Restores 500 hit points 360 GP
Ether Restores 40 magic points 1,500 GP
Elixir Restores hit points 50,000 GP
Phoenix Down Revives downed ally with minimal hit points 1,000 GP
Tent Restores some hit points 250 GP
Cottage Restores full hit points 600 GP
Eye Drop Cures Blind status ailment 20 GP
Antidote Cures Poison status ailment 30 GP
Cornucopia Cures Mini status ailment 50 GP
Maiden'sKiss Cures Toad status ailment 60 GP
Holy Water Cures Zombie status ailment 150 GP
Soft Cures Petrify status ailment 150 GP
Magic Lamp Summons a monster to help 10,000 GP
Turtle Shell Chemist's Mix ability ingredient 150 GP
Dragon Fang Chemist's Mix ability ingredient 5,000 GP
Dark Matter Chemist's Mix ability ingredient 10 GP
Ash Can be thrown by anyone 2 GP
[ - ] Chemist Items
Hard Body Increases Defense Power during battle 110 GP
Power Drink Increases Attack Power during battle 110 GP
Speed Drink Increases Speed during battle 110 GP
Giant Drink Doubles maximum hit points in battle 110 GP
Hero Drink Increases all stats during battle 110 GP
[ - ] Ninja Throwing Items
Shuriken Physical hit on an enemey 2,500 GP
MagiShuriken Greater physical hit on an enemey 25,000 GP
Fire Skill Fire based attack on all enemies 200 GP
Water Skill Water based attack on all enemies 200 GP
LgtNingSkill LightNing based attack on all enemies 200 GP

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