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Here, we have collected several different frequently asked questions concerning Final Fantasy 5. Do you have a question you'd like answered that isn't here? Ask it on our forums or email us with the question and we'll put it up here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. What about that guy in Mirage who says to ride a chocobo around the world?

You have to fly back and get Boco again. From Guido's cave, ride Boco south and around that mountain tip. Keep going, and you'll eventually pass Karnak, Surgate, Bal, and keep going south along the area formerly a chain of small islands. Then keep going up past Mirage and Crescent, continuing to pass by where Tycoon should have been. Do NOT go toward where Worus was. Just keep going and eventually, you'll find your way back to Guido's cave. Fly back to Mirage, and the guy who gave you that dare, will give you a Mirage robe.

2. Q. What about the magic lamp?

Go to Boco and go north from there. Pass by Tule, and work around to a series of streams, that only Boco can run through. The streams will take you on top of Istory Falls. When you enter somewhere, walk down one step, and press A for the lamp. Also, after using it a few times, you'll notice that it's attacks wind down quite a bit. Check where the lamp was again, to get it back to full power. (Use the lamp during battle to summon an esper)

3. Do you have the drain blade but are frustrated because it never hits. To solve this just master the archer class and use X-fight. When using X-fight your always going to hit no mater what weapon you use. Just be careful that you aren't using it against an undead creature... It's a quick way to kill your character while healing the monster.

4. If there's ever a place where you can't see your character but should be able to, (ie. ghost ship, gogo's tower) just press 2 to turn off the background. This will allow you to see your character.

5. If you're not using cheat codes and want some money at the end of the game so you can buy supplies before you go off and fight exodeath try this: Land in the water next to the sunken tower. Then sail south as far as you can and move around. The monsters there give you no exp but a whole lot of money.

6. How can i find the Town of Mirage? Just go to the forest shown (south of Catapult) in world 3 and walk around a little bit.

7. Here is a good strategy for when you're playing later in the game. (Curtsy of C-Man)

Make 4 Mimics.

One with lev. 6 summon
One with lev. 6 BLK magic
One with lev. 6 White magic
One with lev. 6 Time magic.

Just choose a buff spell like Bahamut, Holy, Flare, or Meteo and mimic away. It costs no mp to mimic, and works quite well on Neoexdeath (as long as you use Bahamut.)

7. Here's another good strategy to help you get Bahamut earlier. (Curtsy of -Alex-)

When you go to fight Bahamut, learn when he's going to cast Megaflare. Right before he does that summon "Carbunkle" and he'll cast wall on everyone in your party. The attack will then be reflected on Bahamut which deals him 9999 points of damage. Needless to say, he doesn't last to long.

8. This trick was in a old Japanese magazine a few years ago. (Curtsy of Dan)

Get 255 of what you steal from an enemy!
  1. Take any character make them a ninja throw and another to thief
  2. Leave the first space the top left slot of you item list open and remove put a weapon that you will equip on the thief be sure you only have one of the weapon.
  3. Now fight the enemy you want to steal 255 items of the thief SHOULD go first and now go to item click the weapon and equip it on the thief now you should have a blank in the top left slot
  4. Defend with the thief and now the ninja should go, now go to throw and click on the top left slot you can throw NOTHING pretty cool ehh, but that not it.
  5. Now steal the item from the enemy.
  6. Then either use the item you stole or throw the weapon you stole.
  7. KILL the enemy if you don't it sometimes glitches.
  8. Now you have 55 of the item you stole in you item slot but the is actually 255 and you can sell the item infinite times!
Warning: You can get only 255 of the item or weapons you can THROW, bows, bells, harps, etc etc you can not get 255.

Some enemy's you want to do this to:

  1. If you want money in the first world do it to the ice soldiers in the Walse Castle.
  2. The Chimera in the dessert gives you a trident, and the sandbear in the desser gives you a Javelin which is the strongest weapon there is until you get to the second world.
  3. The two best ones you can also do is the Hiryu Spear you get from the Crystal Dragon in the Cleft of Demension, and the Nimbus from the Samurai guy in the Celft of Demesion at the castle.
  4. You can turn on the transparent effects in ZSNES by going to Config, Video Options and selecting 320 by 240 16b. It does not matter what resolution you select as long as it ends with 16b. (Curtsy of ZenBS)
  5. Go around to the Ancient Library and fight in the forest. You must have a beast-master and the "control" ability on. Control a Mytril Dragon and use the dragon's "Fusion" technique on either a blue mage or someone with the learning ability. You will then learn "Fusion". It takes all the life from the caster and gives it to and ally (you choose which). In other words, you get to add Fusion to your list of Blue Magic. (Curtsy of Esquire)

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