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Advent Children has not been released all over the world on DVD yet -- only in Japan as of this writing. However, speculation and rumors are flying all over the place about possible release dates. And, despite the fact that it's only out in Japan at this point, many eager Final Fantasy fans have already seen this gem...

General DVD Information

Advent Children Box Art

Release Information
Advent Children has only been released in Japan as of this point. The North American release date has been pushed back sveral times, for what purpose we are unsure. A European release date was recently rumored, but put quickly to rest by Sony.

Japan September 14, 2005
United States January 20, 2006
Europe February 20, 2006

Movie Information
Formats .......... DVD / UMD (PSP)
Running Time .......... 100 Minutes
Video Format .......... 16:9 Widescreen
Sound .......... Dolby
Rating .......... PG-13 (US)

Special Features

The following special features are on the Japanese DVD:

  • Director's Commentary
  • Scene Selection
  • Reminiscence of FFVII (a story digest)
  • Compilation of FF7 Trailers:
    • Advent Children
    • Before Crisis
    • Dirge of Cerberus
    • Crisis Core
Other possible "special features" have been rumored to appear on the North American version of Advent Children. These include:
  • "The Distance" (a making-of featurette)
  • Film Festival footage
  • Sneak peak at upcoming Compilation games.

"Advent Pieces"

Advent Pieces is the "Ultimate Edition", planned to only be released in Japan. 7777 copies of this very limited edition were sent out along with the other versions of the DVD, and have all been sold out as of this point. The DVD comes in its own special box, and contains the following:

  • Advent Children standard DVD
  • Special Disc
    • Last Order
    • Advent Children special edition
    • Making of Advent Children
    • Deleted Scenes
    • Advent Children Trailers:
      • Tokyo Game Show 2003 - Day 1
      • Tokyo Game Show 2003 - Day 2
      • Tokyo Game Show 2003 - Day 3
      • Jump Festa 2003
      • E3 2004
      • Tokyo Game Show 2004
      • E3 2005 (Full trailer)
  • Cloud and Fenrir figures
  • Cap (hat)
  • Numbered Keychain
  • T-shirt with AC Logo
  • Script
  • Final Fantasy 7 International and display stand

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