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Most of the action in Advent Children obviously takes place in Midgar. That is not to say, however, that Cloud and his friends don't visit other locations: the forgotten capitol and the outskirts of Midgar are fine examples of this. Each area has its own distinctive reason for being there.

WARNING! This page will undoubtedly contain spoilers for the movie. Read at your own risk.


Outskirts of Midgar

Outskirts of Midgar This is where the movie starts. Cloud traverses the outskirts of Midgar on his motorcycle, Fenrir, searching out something that we are at first unsure of. In the outskirts, we first meet the three "gray haired gentlemen", Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo. As Cloud rides from wherever he came from to Midgar, the three brotherse attack him and a battle ensues.


Midgar What sort of movie about Final Fantasy 7 would be complete without just about everything revolving around the main city, Midgar? Why, none of course! It goes without saying that a majority of the action and adventure happens within the city limits. From Tifa's house to the fight in town square, this wrecked city still seems to be up to the challenge of a couple battles.

In the two years since the end of Final Fantasy 7, Midgar has changed a great deal. As evidenced by the screenshot above, a lot of locations are completely in ruins, and the upper level "plates" of the city seem to be all but gone. People still seem to be able to live a relatively normal life within, however. A "new civilization" appears to have sprouted from the roots of an old, desolate one.

A number of locations still exist, however. Aeris' church, for example, is still quite intact and is the temporary home of Cloud as he journeys the world. Likewise, though destroyed for the most part, the Shinra building still stands, as well as the gigantic mako cannon that was attached to it late in FF7.

Healin Lodge

Healin Lodge Healin Lodge is a relatively new location in the Final Fantasy 7 world. This is the location where Cloud first runs into the Turks and the "wheelchair man", after receiving the message from Tifa. Healin Lodge appears to be a "base of operations" of sorts for the Turks, though for what reason we never fully find out.

Forgotten Capitol

Forgotten Capitol We all remember the Forgotten Capitol as the place that Aeris died, and Cloud brought her body out and layed it to rest in the waters. This location is still there in the movies, and in fact plays a rather prominent role during a specific sequence.

Since the last time we saw the Forgotten Capitol, the trees seem to have begun to glow. Whether we are supposed to infer that it should have always been like this, or whether it was caused by the recent occurances, is left up to speculation.

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