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FF13 Producers respond to Graphics Changes

AP | August 31, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase has responded to fans regarding the recently noticed graphical difference between different versions of FF13 while speaking to UFFSite's sister site RPGSite at GamesCom in Germany.

We at UFFSite got quite a lot of flak for our comparison pieces which compared screenshots of the same scenes from different periods of development. For the final word, we decided to go to the developers themselves.

When asked by RPGSite staff about the graphics changes that have been shown in screenshots, the game director Motomu Toriyama admitted changes have happened but also downplayed their significance.

"Initial screenshots of the game may well look different to what we have now. This is part of the process of making the game - we have to get a feel for what the system can and can't handle - sometimes things are made better, sometimes things like the number of polygons on a model are reduced to make it more easy to display," he said, giving the reasons for the changes.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase added to the explanation. "The important thing for us is that the game runs smoothly on both systems. We have made changes to the game, but nothing because of one system specifically - all changes have been made to get maximum performance."

So there you have it. All because of performance, and chances to make the game less of a strain on the consoles have been made.

Check out the full interview over on RPGSite. Be sure to sign up for our RSS Feed or our Twitter for the latest FF News!

  1. silly debate
    duder | September 1, 2010

    almost everyboy here is a fanboy for one or the other and debateing which system is better and other stupid things. but the thing is if ff13 was PS3 exclusive would the graphics still be toned down or not. this has nothing to do with other games and graphics its about poential it couldve had or not.

  2. Idiots
    RDX | March 2, 2010

    We didn't complain when FFVII came out (which half of you probably never played). Both Sony and Microsoft care not for idiot fanboys who state specs as if they understand it. The FF series has been totally fagged up anyway. Kill yourselves, all of you! xD

    FF13-SQUARE-ENIX | January 24, 2010

    Playstation's big names should stay on Playstation. I agree that Final Fantasy XIII when it was being developed for the Playstation3 only could have been a true masterpeice, but along comes Microsoft yet again to downgrade another awesome game from Sony. Final Fantasy games have been huge on Playstation consoles ever since there birth, why does Microsoft even have Final Fantasy, I'll tell you why, because Microsoft can't come up with there own idea's and have to take from another console to make there console good. Micorsoft are pathetic. The thing that pisses me off is that Microsoft are ruining these great games because when they are exlusive they get created with that consoles strenghs, but when a weaker console comes along and decides to take that exclusive, the game is not what it was meant to be. I've heard that the PS3 and 360 versions of FFXIII will not come with the Japanese voice option because it would/nt fit on the 360's DVD discs. Also I heard that enough content was removed to create a whole new game when that content was already working on the PS3 version. I really wish Microsoft would take there money and just piss off.

  4. No Good Excuse
    Athrun | October 18, 2009

    Hell the graphics on Genji Days of the Blade Looks better than the modified FF XIII recent screen shots. I think Sony should find a way to push developers to take the console more seriously. I am beginning to doubt that most released games on PS3 have the same quality on Xbox360 because of either developers laziness or publishers marketing strategies. No more enthusiasm, screw S-E

  5. Not 360 neither ps3
    PlyMood(Mohammed) | September 4, 2009

    Stop blaming the consoles...Blame Square for taking money from microsoft , Square-Enix must stop taking bribes because it's losing her favor from the fans...I started to hate ff13 :(

  6. Untitled
    VyseTBR | September 3, 2009

    Would you stop the retarded fanboy talk now? The article was wrong and the current build is on par with the good graphics they showed earlier. On BOTH Systems!

  7. FF13
    sadpain | September 1, 2009

    Why do they have to Reduce Graphic ror the Ps3

  8. Fanboys
    bert | September 1, 2009

    Fanboys are the life blood of the industry.And since PS gamers made FF and square household names why should we suffer because of the 360.
    I expect FF13 to be shallow and lacking in content since it has to appeal to xbots who hate rpgs.

  9. stupid excuses
    sh4dow | September 1, 2009

    when they showed the screenshots back then, they said that was realtime - not concept but REALTIME. which is why i was about as amazed when i saw "shenmue" for the first time. i expected FF13 to look like that, damn it! i officially don't care about this game any more.

  10. KZ2>All360games
    thetruth | September 1, 2009

    There's nothing on Xbox 360 (and won't be) that could rival Killzone 2's deferred rendering engine and 350 light sources per scene!!!

  11. SuperiorConsole
    PS | September 1, 2009

    I have both systems and PS3 destroys Xbox 360 on so many levels!

  12. Tools!
    Tools! | August 31, 2009

    If your like me you give shits about company names,but love technology as a whole. And video games in particular,so that being said Microsoft has paid them to keep the game on as few disks as possible. YES the graphics would work full blown on both sys. But NO xbox dose not want 10 disks of ff. So they are cutting corners to please the pile of money xbox has thrown to them. Can noone on xbox side see the greedy rich company bullied yet again another game studio to belittle there worth. (assasins creed 1,gta,) even the companys after the fact have said so. Gta especially in that case. It's a matter of talent,love of the art and pride to not tAke the big green money bribe and ruin your visions as a game developer.

  13. Just so you know 2o
    HappyLemon | August 31, 2009

    Halo3 is so lame. The gameplay is mediocre at best. Graphics look pixel art comparing to all next-gen gaming. It only got its online-population deal to the fact there aren't many games to play on Xbox360. Gears1 is still ok with its allaround Greys, but G2 was totally horrible! especially the online is a total LAG FEAST! I paid 50bucks for LIVE to experience such flop is intolerable! The FREE service on the PlayStation3 is so much better! Then it comes to offline gaming! Offline gaming on Xbox360 is a torture. The Games just totally sucks big time. Mass Effect was not a bad game until you got some gay alien sex drive going on.(WHY DO Xbox360 love gays!?Next up GTA:Gay Tony?,MILO!?so gay..) Fable2?(Once upon a time there was a boy name... FUK THAT SHIT!) I could go on and on, on and on there are just so many. I guess Probably because I've seen better games on my PlayStation3 such like Uncharted, KillZone2, MGS4, HS, LBP, Infamous to name a few that totally Blew me away! That's True Gaming Experience! To be on topic, I personally think it's the Xbox360 inferiority that causes the downgrade. Ya know SE don't want to be at fault for causing RRODS. Oh, you don't want to start with an argument with me, the last guy that did, got himself hang dead on top of Burj Dubai.

  14. FFXIII
    Pozzle | August 31, 2009

    Wow, some of the comments here make me a little sad to be a Final Fantasy fan. I couldn't care less if the graphics have been downgraded, and I couldn't care less what the reasoning is.
    I don't play Final Fantasy for the eye-candy. I play for the gameplay, story and characters. The graphics are just an added bonus. So why all the butthurt? It's not like the game looks like crap. It's still rather stunning, and will no doubt look twice as stunning during actual play.

  15. Untitled
    HoneyAndCookie | August 31, 2009

    So Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a better game because it's a PS3 exclusive? Ha! How petty can you be?! I'm going to play both games THEN I'll decide which one is my favorite LIKE A TRUE FAN.

    God, you people are acting as though Square Enix owe you something. They are a business. And what does a business do? Make money. That's their primary goal. It's not like they owe the fans anything. God, people should be grateful that Square Enix are stil l making FF games. They can stop anytime they want. They simply want more fans to enjoy their games, and more money in the long run. Jeez.

  16. whatever man
    tatsujin | August 31, 2009

    Whatever man. They fucked up FF XIII hardcore because of the 360. "Making the game work on both systems perfectly" and saying "FF XIII will use the PS3 to maximum" fucking all bullshit to hell and the developers know it. They toned the freaking game down ever since making it official to be on both systems and YOU CANNOT DENY THAT. This game IS TONED DOWN no matter how you fucking slice it. I'll play it, no complains here, but for the sake of fucking playing a game at a better edge rather than a shitty edge ... how low can SE get. At least we get to keep Versus, a better freaking game then XIII.

  17. Um...
    HoneyAndCookie | August 31, 2009

    Um...did nobody read the itnerview? THE 360 AND PS3 VERSIONS ARE IDENTICAL! There might me some slight differences but who cares? They wouldn't be big enough to notice! Talk about making a big deal out of nothing!

  18. Untitled
    fuzzy pig | August 31, 2009

    Woah..... Look at all the fanboys here! Guss what, idiots? Sony and Microsoft don't give a crap about you! Your just a nameless insignificant cuistomer to them. So why do you fight and argue over which company's consoel is better?
    They're a fricking company for god's sake! They're not the second coming of Jesus.

  19. Who cares?
    gamer_for_life | August 31, 2009

    Who cares about the stupid console wars? You have a console and you play games on it. Why bother getting into arguments ON THE ITNERNET over which console is "better". If you enjoy the games, that's all that should matter.

  20. Ugh
    Bobby | August 31, 2009

    Wow I don't think I have ever seen so many pathetic fanboys in one place at one time. Blaming the 360 for the graphical differences? Really?! Have you seen how amazing both the PS3 and 360's graphics are? If there IS a slight graphical difference, it's so minor you wouldn't even notice it while playing.

    It makes me sad to know that I'm a part of this group of so-called Final Fantasy fans. I have news for you- you're not a fan. You're a pathetic fanboy.

  21. MMA fighter
    MMA fighter | August 31, 2009

    "Uncharted was good but not GROUNDBREAKING. and uncharted 2 looks really good but honestly guys for online Halo kicks ass Gears 1 and 2 kicks ass. COD4 (i know its multiplat) is better on xbox because the community is bigger. Fable 2 is amazing. Forza makes gran turismo look like a kids game. the customization in Forza is unparraleled. Mass Effect was amazing. there is so much more"

    LOL.. This is commical... I have both systems and the 360 is a coffee holder now. KZ2, RFOM2, MGSIV, Uncharted, GT Prologue, etc etc make Halo and GOW 1 and 2 look like the original Xbox.. LOL....

    XBOT fanboys are just plain stupid.!!

  22. oh and
    bluegreenman | August 31, 2009

    MAG IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!!! congragulations PS3 you finally have a REAL system seller. I have 4 friends i convinced to buy a PS3 for MAG. so call me a fanboy now. exactly im not. I just tell it how it is.
    XBL >>>>>>>>>>>> PSN

  23. PS3
    bert | August 31, 2009

    So PS gamers,who along with ninty,fund square get shafted because bill gates paid wada to make ff multi-platform is basically what he is saying.

  24. Oh and another thing
    bluegreenman | August 31, 2009

    MGS4 was a huge letdown for me. the graphics were ok but so bland. Killzone was amazing graphics but the gameplay and controls were horrible. and dont say im trash cause ill kick your ass in it. Uncharted was good but not GROUNDBREAKING. and uncharted 2 looks really good but honestly guys for online Halo kicks ass Gears 1 and 2 kicks ass. COD4 (i know its multiplat) is better on xbox because the community is bigger. Fable 2 is amazing. Forza makes gran turismo look like a kids game. the customization in Forza is unparraleled. Mass Effect was amazing. there is so much more. PS3 is a great system but honestly the online BLOWS. AND I DONT CARE IF ITS FREE!!!! id rather pay for an amazing service than use a piece of crap!!!! i could go on for days and you cant say anything I cant respond to so try me

    bluegreenman | August 31, 2009

    Im so sick and tired of hearing you whiny ass bitches complain about everything and treat the console war like its an "actual" war... I love videogames and love to have a good debate.. but seriously.. do you PS3 fanboys have anything better to do than post on every forum I see about how PS3 is better than xbox 360... OH WAIT YOU HAVE NO GOOD GAMES AND SUCKY ONLINE.. so of coarse you have nothing better to do... I have both systems and Xbox 360 destroys PS3 on so many levels. PS3 has potential but at its current state is a bust. My XBL gamertag is bluegreenman and my PSN is RunningFromSheep. so dont say im just some fanboy. just shut up and enjoy an amazing game when it comes out!!!!

  26. Untitled
    Anonymous | August 31, 2009

    all rpgs are hassled this gen by DVD9. ToV on PS3 has so many more features there's a reason people call the 360 version gets laughed at. Also looked at NGS2. DVD9 is a huge problem this gen. Yet people are too blind to even realize it.

    We may not know what the compromises COULD have been and WHAT they are. Yet we shouldn't be ignorant enough to not realize it exists.

  27. Powerful machines.
    aeon | August 31, 2009

    Forza 3, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction, Gears of War 2, Mass Effect 2, these has one of the most impressive visuals of generation. FFXIII is another game that will be better(again!) on 360. Both are powerful machines, but there is nothing on PS3 that 360 cannot show equal or better. Fact!

  28. Sure!!
    ZAFSantos | August 31, 2009

    They didn't make the PS3 version worse because of xbox 360 port, just like they didn' t decide to ffxiii for 360 because microsoft paid them.

  29. Yes
    No | August 31, 2009

    You know, even the earliest MGS videos made the game look better than it ended up being. Was it still incredible looking? Of course. It's one of the best looking games to ever come out. That doesn't change the fact that they still had to cut back on some things. And you know what? FFXIII still looks amazing. Stop complaining and being such prepubescent fanboys . Really, it's the most retarded thing someone can possibly do. Grow up.

  30. This
    sucks | August 31, 2009

    Graphics were fine until they started making X360 version!!

  31. dominilol
    PS3 >>>> Xbox360 | August 31, 2009

    RSX Reality Synthesizer
    GPU - 550MHz on 90nm process
    300+ million Transistors
    8 Render Output Units
    Pixel Fill Rate - 4.4 gigapixel per second
    Z Sample Rate - 8 gigasamples per second
    Anti-aliasing sample rate - 8 gigasamples per second
    Maximum Vertex Count - 1.6 billion vertices per second
    Maximum Polygon Count - 886 Million
    Maximum Shader Operations - 146 billion per second
    Floating Point Operations per Second: 1.8 TFLOPs
    Maximum texel fillrate: 12 GigaTexels per second
    32 unfiltered texture samples per clock
    Maximum Dot product operations: 54 billion per second

    GPU - 500MHz on 65nm process
    337 million Transistors
    8 Render Output Units
    Pixel Fill Rate - 4 gigapixel per second
    Z Sample Rate - 8 gigasamples per second
    Anti-aliasing sample rate - 16 gigasamples per second
    Maximum Vertex Count - 1.5 billion vertices per second
    Maximum Polygon Count - 500 Million
    Maximum Shader Operations - 48 Billion per second
    Floating Point Operations per Second: 240 GFLOPS
    Maximum texel fillrate: 8 gigatexel per second
    16 unfiltered texture samples per clock
    Maximum Dot product operations: 24 billion per second

    Only area the Xenos beats the RSX is in Anti-aliasing

    RSX > Xenos

  32. 360 RUINED FF13
    TheWarOrphan | August 31, 2009

    this peice of shit idea to throw it on 360 for more sales is breaking down the ps3 version?? we know the ps3 can handle anything squarenix throw at it. its all up to the little engine 360 to keep alive to see the end of the game without rrod. same on squarenix, not a first day sale from me.

  33. tootsnboots
    tooterboot | August 31, 2009

    i bet the early screen shots are for the rumored PC version.

    im calling it right now.

  34. Untitled
    hah | August 31, 2009

    such BS when there are games that look way better than final fantasy xiii.

  35. Dumb 360 fanboys
    JAY | August 31, 2009

    there are some dumb 360 fanboys here. ps3's RSX and CELL work in parallel, puting a boost in performance. a game such as uncharted 2 and killzone 2 use deffered renedering techniques. a regular gpu would do animations, particle effects, some physics, polygons, lighting so on, but in ps3, the CELL does all that before it even hits the RSX. this frees up the RSX and forcing it to do 1 or 2 things at its best. because they both work in parallel this helps to push polygons and floating points higher. think it this way, sony chopped a piece off the RSX and put in the CELL. so when something needs done the CELL will take care of it and do it better and faster, this would put the stress off the RSX. so the CELL almosts acts as the 2nd gpu.
    its just the matter of time before 3rd party developers start doing what sony's 1st party are doing.

  36. Untitled
    blah | August 31, 2009're an idiot

    About the RSX (PS3)
    Minimum (worst case) polygon count: 400 million polygons per second (1.2 billion vertices per second / 3 vertices per triangle)
    Maximum (optimistic case) 750 million and more depending on how many triangle strips are used in the game

    About the Xenos (360)
    Maximum polygon count: 500 million triangles per second[3] (1.5 Billion vertices / 3 vertices per tiangle)

  37. Bloody hell
    everyoneisstupid | August 31, 2009

    If find it so funny how, despite what the developers say in this news (that the graphic downgrade is not due to xbox or Ps3), some of you silly simpletons act as if you know better than them and still act as if xbox is ruining the game and futhermore:
    1. as far as we can tell as an audience, it is not microsoft's fault.
    2. stop acting as if your life is ruined; it makes me ashamed to be a part of a community with people like you, there is more to life than gaming and a slight graphical loss.

  38. GetaCLUE
    fanboysGETACLUE | August 31, 2009

    You'd think that the PS3 versions would be exactly the same or slightly superior to the Xbox 360 versions, but it seems like developers didn't use the extra time to polish up the graphics for the PS3. We found that the Xbox 360 actually had better graphics in the majority of the games we compared.

  39. M$ dogs
    Leopard | August 31, 2009

    "Remember that it's going to be released on 2-3 DVD dual-layer which gives about the same capacity as a BluRay" Ladies and gentlemen, i hereby present to you the Retarded Comment of the Year!

  40. Untitled
    PS3 ruleZ! | August 31, 2009

    To all Xbox fans, tell me that the Xbox360 is better graphically or on par with the PlayStation3 when you got a game that could even make a slight comparison to games such as KillZone2, God of War3, Uncharted2, Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy Versus 13. PlayStation3 PowerHose had already spoken with its games! What have Xbox360 proven of its capabilities? A fake video of Natal? RRODs?

    DURRRR | August 31, 2009

    The question really is if there were no XboX version, would it still be necessary to downgrade the graphics.

  42. Untitled
    SE sucks | August 31, 2009

    thats it, i'm not going to support this BS company anymore. i'll only everything made from SE USED from now on, u got that SE? USED GAMES FOR YOU!!

  43. M$ must die
    fk MS | August 31, 2009

    I can't believe how much worse it looks, just because M$ needed it on there shitty console. I guarantee you it would still look like it did if M$ didn't fuckin live. Retards ruin everything!

  44. Xbox is not the cause
    Oliver | August 31, 2009

    Some of the ps3 fanboys are really funny when they say that it's bcoz of dvd limitation. Remember that it's going to be released on 2-3 DVD dual-layer which gives about the same capacity as a BluRay so just to cut off this argument you ps3 fanboys

  45. Untitled
    RR | August 31, 2009

    Ps3 is not more powerful i dont see which specs you have been looking at? the xbox3 360 has a better GPU (graphics processing unit) than the ps3 and the ps3 has a slightly better processor, all blu ray lets developers do is more more content on one disk and maybe arguably better quality because of space, but it is nothing to do with a supposed 'ps3 power' which doesnt exist.

  46. to io
    wickedkarma | August 31, 2009

    haha wow read it becuz he says twice they are maxing both xbox and the ps3 versons so yeah stfu and buy or dont buy it they wont care becuz other people will...... i hate stupid people ..... waa waa waa ps3 is better blah blah blah whatever in certain terms maybe and by the way those exclusives that u say wouldn't run on the 360 ...... they would becuz there are games that look better on the 360 and last alot longer..... metal gear took two days are you joking .....besides 2 to 3 years it wont matter another console war will be gearing up

  47. Xbox360 >>>> PS3
    domini | August 31, 2009

    Xbox360 = 500 million polygons per second.

    PS3 = 270 million polygons per second.

  48. epic fail SE
    vx | August 31, 2009

    yet again a game that could have benefit from the power of PS3 , but thanks to xbox-dvd limitation quality suffers and downgrade.
    SE destroyed the beauty of FF just after the 10th (FF10), and i was really hoping that FF13 will get me back to the serious but it just looks like an average jrpg nothing more nothing special

  49. Untitled
    JJ | August 31, 2009

    I dont really think its had a downgrade - not a real one anyway. i believe them, if the downgrade exists its because of ps3 and xbox, not just xbox

  50. oi
    dylantalon | August 31, 2009

    a lot of people have seen killzone 2 , uncharted , gt 5 pro. mgs 4 and other ps3 exclusive games so we know the ps3 is capable of game technology that's not possible on the xbox 360. multiplatform games are always below ps3 exclusives in terms of quality . if ff13 is made to be the same on both console then i wont buy ff13, i dont like that since the xbox has less hardware power and uses dvd 9s then the ps3s counterpart game will be made to the xboxes specs. i'll get ffvs 13 if its still ps3 exclusive . i love graphics and im an audiophile so i prefer to get ps3 exclusive games . i have an xbox 360 also but its my 6th one and it still not working correctly which is one reason i stop supporting it, alongside paying for xbl, and the games arent of the quality of ps3 exclusives interms of visuals, physics and sound. xbl/psn- dylantalon

    ps. the talon stands for talented

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