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Final Fantasy XIII Imports "The Best this Generation"

AP | December 6, 2009

Import Preorders for Final Fantasy XIII are "the best this generation" according to an employee of Import specialists Play-Asia speaking to UFFSite.

The employee, who wished to remain anonymous, told us that Final Fantasy XIII has "far outdone the other big Japanese releases this year."

"We saw a lot of imports for Bayonetta too - especially after Famitsu's score - but over the last few weeks FF13 has gone on to outdo that significantly."

Bayonetta is out in less than a month, which goes a long way to explain why less people would preorder that - but our source goes on to insist that FF13 has outdone every other title since the release of the PS3 and Xbox 360. The Japanese release is region free, making it easy for Western players to play.

Final Fantasy XIII is out in Japan in around two weeks and is out in the West in March. If the waiting for you is too much you can add to FF13's Import success by putting down an Import Preorder.

Stick with us at UFFSite for our import review of FF13 - but in the meantime, why not check out our FF13 Product Guide and sign up to our RSS Feed and Twitter for the latest FF news!

  1. Untitled
    Anonymous | December 6, 2009

    Atm there is no confirmation about if it have or not subs... so ppl will have to wait till release or an official notice from SE..

  2. Untitled
    Anonymous | December 6, 2009

    "theres no english subs so no point in pre-ordering u dumb ass's"

    'If I dun unerstand it, its shit.' Yeah, keep making yourself look like a dumb hick and spread the stereotype that Americans are ignorant of anyone but themselves.

  3. whatever
    almer | December 6, 2009

    i love ff series with original voices ...its just that i wouldn't understand a thing if there are no subs....and besides people are saying theme song isn;t important ...dude ur wrong basically it's the heart of the the emotions would roll out in the game....and why would they change the theme song ..idiot editors

  4. Western Version Will Not Be Inferior.
    David Macphail | December 6, 2009

    To the guy complaining about the English theme song - do you really think the theme song is going to ruin the entire gameplay??? How stupid are you?

    The only time you'll hear that darn song is at the "Press Start" screen, during 1 or 2 at most of the cutscenes and then as the credits play at the end. That hardly means it's going to ruin the entire freaking game, get a grip!

    Besides......i actually thought the song was quite good.

  5. Untitled
    Anonymous | December 6, 2009

    @4 Has it not occured to you that some of us can actually understand japanese huh? Just because you can't enjoy anything japanese without subs doesn't mean everyone else cant either. Think before opening your foul and oversized mouth.

    Anyhow, preordered too ~ cant wait

  6. ffviii-first-game-playingT.T
    vamp1cloud | December 6, 2009

    the only thing broke my heart is no any song for nobou uematsu, at least let the theme .

    i cant imagine ff without nobou

  7. No English Sub?
    Edito | December 6, 2009

    No english sub? there is no point in pre-ordering and the western version will be inferior because of Leona Lweis tsc square damn u... putting that B***** doin the theme song...

  8. Untitled
    Anonymous | December 6, 2009

    @1 did you ever think maybe that the importers actually speak Japanese.

    People are hungry for a new Final Fantasy, Of course alot of people are gonna import this and with Japanese companies always throwing in alot of extra stuff it will make it sell alot more

  9. Untitled
    Anonymous | December 6, 2009

    theres no english subs so no point in pre-ordering u dumb ass's

  10. Untitled
    Anonymous | December 6, 2009

    preordered mine!

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