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$168 price increase for 'Lightning Pink' FF13 Console

AP | December 7, 2009

Fans who wanted to order the 'Lightning Pink' Limited Edition Final Fantasy XIII PS3 console have been told they'll have to pay $168 more than initially advertised.

The only major website offering import preorders of the Lightning Pink FF13 Console NCSX has emailed fans who preordered the Lightning Edition Playstation 3 to tell them that the price has changed due to changes in the allocation of the consoles by Square Enix.

Square Enix told retailers over the weekend that they are only selling 4 Lightning Bundles to retailers for every 100 copies of Final Fantasy XIII purchased - meaning demand - and price - has risen sharply.

The Lightning bundle includes a special edition PS3 console with a unique design and a copy of FF13 and originally retailed at $529.90.

Fans who want to keep their orders will have to pony up around another $168, raising the overall price to $698.77.

Final Fantasy XIII is out in Japan in ten days and is out in the West in March. If the waiting is too much for you, you can preorder the game alone - which is much cheaper!.

Stick with us at UFFSite for our import impressions of FF13 - but in the meantime, why not check out our FF13 Product Guide and sign up to our RSS Feed and Twitter for the latest FF news!

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