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Breath of Fire IV Logo


Breath of Fire 4 begins with our beloved Wyndian princess Nina and her companion, Cray, who seem to be searching for Nina's lost sister, Elina. When traveling through the desert on their sandflier, they are attacked by a dragon, and crash somewhere near the edge of the desert. Someone needs to get parts to fix the wrecked sandflier, so Elina opts to go and find some.

Not long after she leaves for the town of Sarai, she notices a big crator which seems to have been made by a dragon. After Nina has a close encounter with a dragon, she meets a young man who suddenly appears named Ryu. Ryu joins Nina in her search for ship parts, but it seems that there is something mysterious about him...

The empre soon opens a hunt for Ryu. What would they want with him? Meanwhile, another power has awakened, another dragon...What might suddenly be wrong with places all over the world? And is the empre starting another war? What is the meaning of the dragon powers awakening? You will soon find out...

All information in this section provided by Tuvai.

Breath of Fire IV Information

Breath of Fire 4 Box Art Breath of Fire 4 / IV / BoF4
Developer: Capcom
Systems: Playstation / PC
Medium: CDs

BoF4 Japanese Release Date April 27, 2000
BoF4 American Release Date November 30, 2000
BoF4 European Release Date August 3, 2001

Breath of Fire IV Pictures

BoF4 Image BoF4 Image
BoF4 Image

Table of Contents

Index - Standard information on Breath of Fire IV. Includes box-art, release information and synopsis.

Game Guides - Having trouble with Breath of Fire IV? Search through our extensive database of game guides.

Armor List - Stay alive with the best armor Breath of Fire IV has to offer.

Characters - Breath of Fire IV introduces a whole new set of characters. Find out all about them.

Dragon Evocation - For all your information about finding and using dragons in Breath of Fire IV.

Dragon Meditation - Learn all about Ryu and Foulu's ability to change into dragons in Breath of Fire IV.

Fishing - A popular Breath of Fire IV mini-game, the fishing quest will help you acquire rare items.

Gameshark Codes - Need a helping hand with Breath of Fire IV? Look no further.

Maps - Breath of Fire IV takes place in a vast, expansive world. Find the way with our maps.

Monster List - Each Breath of Fire IV monster has its own strengths and weaknesses. Look here for more information on all of them.

Skills - Breath of Fire IV continues with its skill system. Look here for more what skills characters learn, and when.

Tips & Tricks - Stuck on a part of Breath of Fire IV? Let us give you a hand.

Weapons List - Never miss a hit with our full list of Breath of Fire IV weapons.

Wills - Close to death? That's alright...check our Breath of Fire IV's will list.

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