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Breath of Fire IV has several little things that you may miss if you don't look out for them. As such, here's a list to watch out for to find out / earn some pretty cool things. If you have a tip or trick you'd like to add to this collection, .

Tips & Tricks

Meeting Teepo and Rei (from BoF 3)

Very late in the game, in chapter 4, you can see Teepo and Rei! When in chapter 4, use shift to go to the "?"-marked moutain near Check where Ryu went Kaiser for the first time. Now there should be a different theme than before when you enter the mountain. Walk to the ruins and you see Teepo and Rei standing behind some treasure chests (when you meet a group of enemies called "Trunked", escape!). when you talk to Teepo he will give you the "rusted sword", which will later change in a Royal sword when you have killed 1000 creatures with it. When you talk to Rei he will just try to sell you some stuff (he's like a shop), most of it is just garbage anyway.

Infini dragon

There is only one fight in the entire game where you have the oportunity to use the hidden Infini dragon. It's the last struggle with Foulu. When you meet Foulu, Ryu fights him mano o mano, just morph Ryu into a Kaiser and you'll be fine. After that fight, Foulu will have some talk with your party members. Eventually Foulu will ask Ryu to emerge. This si the point where you have to make a vital decission. There are 2 options you can choose: "Maybe so" and "I don't know...". If you choose "I don't know..." Ryu will reject Foulu's offer and you will fight the Tyrant and Astral dragon later. But, if you choose "Maybe so", Ryu will emerge with Foulu and they change into some gold-haired Foulu. There will be some talking and later you will be controlling the gold haired Foulu, in a secret dragon form, the Infini dragon! You will now fight the remaining 5 party members with this Infini dragon, and it's too easy! The Infini dragon can use all the levels of all elemental magics, he has a new powerfull spell called "Soul rend" (which never misses) and he can use the Tyrant's "Dark wave". The Infini dragon himself looks almost the same like the Tyrant though, only some color changes like a gold head and an almost white body. Enjoy beating your friends!

Game point boost

Game points play a pretty important role in Ryu's dragon's strenght. At specific numbers of game points some of Ryu's dragon forms evolve to a more powerfull form. Game points are earned at all those mini-games, like the wild water rafting at Mount Ryft and the fishing game. Game points aren't earned very easily, and most of the games ae harder than you think. However, there is a way to easily earn a lot of game points! When you have a sandflier which you can control (in chapter 3), there are 6 different routes you can take: Shyde - Kyoin, Shyde - Shikk region, Kyoin - Shyde, Kyoin - Shikk region, Shikk region - Shyde, Shikk region - Kyoin. At all these courses you can earn game points as well, and a lot too! You must finish every route as soon as possible, and do some stunts over those hills as well (you can use the hills to take shortcuts at some routes as well). When you do it good enough or you beat a new record with high numbers, you'll earn a smack of game points! In total, i got 22000 points when i took all the courses a few times.

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