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"Dragon evocation" is the collective name of the dragon powers/summons Ryu gets from the dragon gods, such as "Onslought" and "Rainstorm". In order to get one of those spells you must meet with specific dragon gods at certain points, located at secret places all over the world. You get the first evocation spell, Rainstorm, automatically near the end of chapter 2, so you can't miss that one. These spells are rather useful against both groups and strong, single enemies. Although you can only use every evocation spell once, and you need to rest in an inn in order to get it available again, they are really helpful at hard times. Evocation spells don't cost Ryu any AP either.

Name Meaning Evocation
[ - ] Dragon Names, Meanings and Evocations
P'ung Ryong Wind Dragon Rainstorm
Ni Ryong Mud Dragon Mud Flow
Cho Ryong Grass Dragon Healing Wind
Sa Ryong Sand Dragon Onslaught
Su Ryong Tree Dragon Holy Circle
Hae Ryong Sea Dragon Flood Tide
??? Rock Dragon Fulguration

Where to Get

Note: The dragon gods can only be acquired after the scene when Deis summons all the dragons to the shrine, and where Ryu gets the power from the Wind dragon (Rainstorm attack). You'll get a dragon's power when you answer "Please help me!" after they ask "dost thou seeketh my power?".

P'ung Ryung (Wind dragon): Is gotten automaticly near the end of chapter 2.

Ni Ryung (Mud dragon): Go to the "?" area north of the dam.

Cho Ryung (Grass dragon): First, go to Tarhn's place and talk to her, she'll tell you the "Shining bird" will bring you to the grass dragon. Next, go to the plains, and keep walking to the big rock until you see a bird emanating a white light (the shining bird), follow the bird and eventually it'll bring you to the grass dragon.

Sa Ryung (Sand dragon): Enter the sandflyer route Shikk region >> Shyde or Shyde >> Shikk region. In the center of the bottom of the map you'll see a small area. It can be reached, by jumping from a sandberg with the sandflyer and to land in that area, you'll be brought to a small patch of land where the Sand dragon is standing near an oasis.

Su Ryung (Tree dragon): Between Shikk and the checkpoint there is a place where an "?"-mark always shows up. Examine that place and you'll enter a road. When you walk along the road a bit, there'll be a branh in the road, take that path and a new "?" area appears on the world map. enter it and you'll arrive at an area where the tree dragon resides.

Hae Ryung (Sea dragon): Very hard to find! Get on the boat in Shikk and go a little towards the last/top direction of Shikk. There's you'll see a patch of shallow sea and a bunch of rocks around it, examine everywhere around that shallow patch of water. I've finished BOF4 about 4 times now, ad everytime the Sea dragon was on a bit different location, so it probally changes a little everytime. It's always found at the patch of shallow sea though.

??? (Rock dragon): Probally the last one you'll find. Near the exit of the river south of Chiqua, there's a man sitting which will talk your ears of your head. Talk to him. First, talk about dragons, next, tell him you've seen them, then, tell him they can look like anything and finally, tell him that they an even look like grass and rocks. He will now tell you that he saw "something like this" in the southwest of your current location. If you did this, a "?"-mark will show up on the worldmap, where you can meet the Rock dragon.

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