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During fights, characters deal damage and lose HP / MP. Some battles are easy, but there are also tough ones. Sometimes, one of your characters gets severely wounded or even KO-ed. However, sometimes, when a character is near 0 HP, s/he will perform her / his "Will". A Will is a power that characters automaticly perform when they're near death. Some characters need to be placed on special positions (I.E. front row) in order to get them to perform their "Will" when they're near 0 HP. Here is a list of character's Will's and their Usage requirements.

Character Wills



Ryu does not possess a Will.


Will name - Cheer
Will use - Heals all party members in the front row a little.
Usage requirements - Nina needs to be placed in the back row in order to perform "Cheer".


Will name - Assist
Will use - Attacks random enemy with rocket punch.
Usage requirements - Ershin needs to be placed in the back row in order to perform "Assist".


Will name - Cover
Will use - Takes damage of any other character when attacked.
Usage requirements - Cray needs to be placed in the front row in order to perform "Cover".


Will name - Strengthen
Will use - Scias screams "You will feel my blade!" and charges up, increasing the attack power to almost the double of the normal ammount.
Usage requirements - Scias needs to be placed in the front row and at low-HP in order to perform "Strenghten".


Will name - Revive
Will use - Ursula keeps out of KO-ed status with 1 HP.
Usage requirements - "Revive" can only happen if Ursula doesn't have any more HP left.

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