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Gummi Ship From this screen, you can select your world destination and access the gummi garage. Choose you destination with the left analog stick, then press the X button to depart. Press the TRIANGLE button to view a selected world. Press the O button to cancel. Press the SQUARE button to access the Gummi Garage menu.

Gummi Ship Firing lasers, using a net, and so fourth all consume power, which decreases the gummi ship's power gauge (PWR). The armor gauge (ARM) decreases when the ship crashes into obstacles or enemy ships, or when it's hit by a enemy. If the gauge reaches zero, the world selection screen appears. The charge gauge (CHG) appears when the ship is equipped with a Haster-Gummi. It falls to zero when boosters are engaged, and then recharges over time. The shield gauge (SHD) appears when a Shield-Gummi is equipped. When the Shield-Gummi deflects attacks, the shield gauge decreases instead of the armor gauge. However, the armor gauge decreases if a ship equipped with only a frontal shield takes damage from behind.

Gummi Ship As you travel along, some enemy gummi ships will attack your ship. As you advance towards them, you can either evade or destroy them with your weapons. We recommend destroying them, because enemy ships drop useful items when they are destroyed.

Gummi Ship Destroying obstacles and enemy ships yields items. Simply touch them to acquire them. To pick up items out of reach, equip the ship with a mechanical arm (Drain-Gummi) or net (Osmose-Gummi).

Gummi Ship Upon arrival at your destination, you can choose different landing points. (This option is not available on your first visit to each world, however.) Press the up or down directional button to choose a location, then press the X button to disembark. Each world's list of landing points will grow as you find certain save points throughout the world.

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