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The synth shop is located above the accessory shop in Traverse Town. You'll need the trinity ladder (green) to access it though. You can synthesize rare items, accessories and weapons using a specific amount of synthesis items that you've collected throughout your journey.

Item Requirements Effect
Item Synthesis
Cottage Bright Shard(x2)
Blaze Shard(x2)
Restores party's HP & MP to full.
Elixir Blaze Shard(x2)
Frost Shard(x2)
Thunder Shard(x2)
Mythril Shard(x4)
Restores 1 character's HP & MP to full.
Mega-Potion Blaze Gem(x1)
Frost Gem(x1)
Thunder Gem(x1)
Mythril Shard(x2)
Restores 30 HP to each party member.
Mega-Ether Blaze Gem(x3)
Frost Gem(x3)
Thunder Gem(x3)
Bright Shard(x5)
Bright Crystal(x1)
Restores 3 MP to each party member.
Megalixir Bright Shard(x5)
Bright Gem(x3)
Bright Crystal(x1)
Shiny Crystal(x1)
Restores party's HP & MP to full.
AP Up Spirit Shard(x3)
Spirit Gem(x3)
Raises character's max AP by 1.
Defense Up Lucid Shard(x5)
Lucid Gem(x3)
Lucid Crystal(x1)
Raises character's max Defense value by 1.
Power Up Power Shard(x5)
Power Gem(x3)
Power Crystal(x1)
Mystery Goo(x1)
Raises character's max Strength value by 1.

Accessory Requirements Effect
Accessory Synthesis
Energy Bangle Power Shard(x2)
Frost Shard(x1)
HP + 3; Def + 1
Power Chain Spirit Shard(x2)
Power Shard(x2)
Str + 2
Guard Earring Spirit Shard(x2)
Thunder Shard(x2)
AP + 3; Def + 1
Dark Ring Lucid Shard(x2)
Bright Shard(x1)
Mythril Shard(x2)
Def + 3; Dark damage -20%
Angel Bangle Bright Gem(x3)
Spirit Shard(x3)
Power Shard(x3)
Def + 2; HP + 6
Magic Armlet Blaze Shard(x3)
Thunder Shard(x3)
Frost Shard(x3)
Enhances magic & summon power; MP + 1
Golem Chain Power Gem(x1)
Lucid Gem(x1)
Power Shard(x3)
Def + 1; Str + 3
Master Earring Lucid Gem(x2)
Spirit Gem(x2)
Lucid Shard(x3)
Def + 2; AP + 4
Gaia Bangle Power Gem(x3)
Power Shard(x5)
Bright Crystal(x1)
HP + 9; Def + 3
Heartguard Power Shard(x3)
Power Crystal(x1)
Spirit Shard(x3)
Def +4; HP + 3; Dark damage -20%
Three Stars Blaze Shard(x3)
Frost Shard(x3)
Thunder Shard(x3)
Shiny Crystal(x1)
Def + 3; Fire, Ice, & lightning elemental damage -20%
Rune Armlet Frost Gem(x2)
Thunder Gem(x2)
Blaze Gem(x2)
Def + 1; MP + 1
Titan Chain Spirit Gem(x3)
Spirit Shard(x5)
Lucid Crystal(x1)
Str + 4; Def + 2
Atlas Armlet Orihalcum(x3)
Shiny Crystal(x1)
Mystery Goo(x1)
Def + 2; MP + 2
Crystal Crown Power Crystal(x3)
Lucid Crystal(x3)
Bright Crystal(x3)
Shiny Crystal(x3)
MP + 1; AP + 3; HP +6; Def + 2; Str + 2. Enhances magic & summon power.
Ribbon Bright Gem(x5)
Blaze Gem(x5)
Frost Gem(x5)
Thunder Gem(x5)
Def + 3; all elemental damage -20%
Ultima Weapon (Keyblade) Power Gem(x5)
Lucid Gem(x5)
Mystery Goo(x3)
Thunder Gem(x5)
Str + 9; MP + 2

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